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Topic: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

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In this thread Silent's adventures will be followed for some time before (somehow) rejoining the normal forum medium. Posts here are events after the end of IK arc and before / up to the PMD-R arc.

Subspecific threads

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Ranger-2 and PEFE HQ

* 8029 - Sending invites to Shahinne's birthday party picnic

* 10687 - Locke meets the GS Celebi
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* 11369 - Planning for future forms of Evolution
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* ...

* 11471 - Dintel, using Silent's card, takes a couple of mons to visit the Slateport Oceanic Museum
* 11491 - Crow's mons tele-meet SIRI
* 11497 - Belaved Valentine's Post
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* Induction into the Velvet Room
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Galar 2020


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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Somewhere in Johto

(after #152782)

Silent is training Python with some help from Maekrite, the two Pokémon practising Poison stings, when Silent's PokéGear rings. The researcher checks it up, it has (at least) one message.

"...Guys?" He asks. "...Do we know a Shiny Salamence by the name of Gino?"

Python simply hisses and goes cling to Maekrite's leg. The Nidorino thinks for a moment and shakes his head.

Maekrite: <...No, not that I recall. Perhaps we could call somemon else and find out.> -- shakes leg -- <Come on, let go...>

"You are right... perhaps I can try to contact someone later."

Silent starts checking his Pokégear and thinking about the visit to the PMD world. He wonders what kind of trouble did the group get into so as to require a multiversal travel (the AU was threatening situation enough). He also decides to keep the destination of the travel a secret from Maekrite for the time being.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After #152795)

Silent checks his Pokégear for another message. "Ah, it says it's a friend of Umbra's... what's this about posts? @_@"

Maekrite: <What? Do we get to do something?>

"I don't know yet..." Starts scrolling through his contact list. "Perhaps it could be good for us to get out of... wherever we are, and try to get in touch with the others."

Maekrite: <Yeah, I'd welcome a battle. And I miss lil'Shahinne.>

Python: <...Screentime!>

"Fine, fine, I shall see what to do about it. After you two are done training."

With that the two Poison mons return to their little skirmish, while Silent goes tidy up the campsite.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Somewhere in the Johto Safari Zone

(before #153313)

Algira is flying around, following a Mothim leading her between the mountains and forests installed in the Safari Zone. The Masquerain makes her hurry apparent by flashing "warsigns" every once in a while, which, since the Mothim flies ahead, he can't see.

Algira: <...Are we there yet?>

Mothim: <For the 32th time, no...> - looks around and flies higher - <And please don't distract me, or I'll get lost too.>

Algira "hmphs" and continues following the Mothim as he crosses above a hill to reach the next section of forest. She wonder who the heck, and most importantly why, would arrange such a weird system for the physical connection between the various habitats. Perhaps a distraught employee from somewhere, angered at not making it all the way up to the design for PEFE habitats, Algira thinks.

As the two Pokémon reach the next section of the forest, they can hear various buzzes of annoyance; Algira uneasily flies around the place until she sees Mothim go rest on a branch atop a tree, she following orderly.

Mothim: <I'm assuming that is the Volcarona you are looking for...>

Algira looks down from her perch to see a big Volcarona fluttering around, dancing in a small space while six Beedrill confront him, trying to prevent the fire moth from reaching a honeycomb.

Random Beedrill #1 -tries to stab Helios: <...No way we are letting you! We just took this place from the Combees in a fair, bloody raid!>

Helios: <Okay, look, one, that's just /mean/. Two, I just want to taste a little bit...>

Random Beedrill #3: <Heck no. We've heard about you and that dirty Masquerain, big moth. Go away, or else.>

Algira -bats her wings, a bit worried: <...What did he get himself into?>

Mothim -does a sorta-shrug: <I'm paid to not know.>

Random Beedrill #5 -menacingly flies above Helios: <...all feel uncomfortable! Heck, I'd rather spend some time with those pangolins...>

Random Beedrill #3: <Let's not miss the point!> -- points stinger at Helios -- <You and the attention-calling overgrown Surskit, out. This honey is for us.>

Helios heats up the environment a bit and hovers up to reach the Beedrill above him, forcing him to step back to his group. Helios flies a bit higher and the six Beedrill start spreading around. From the taken honeycomb, dozens of extra Beedrill start appearing.

Helios: <...You are talking about Algira that way.>

Algira quickly flies down to where the group is, flashing some warning signals; she is careful enough to not fly too close to Helios to not leave them both surrounded.

Algira: <Leave them be, Helios. Let's go back to someplace where we are not lost.>

Random Beedrill #1: <Yeah, go away,> -- points stinger in random direction -- <and don't come back.>

Helios -looks up to the sky, noticing it is late, then looks at Algira: <I guess you guys shall live for a bit longer...>

Helios overheats the air around him even more than before and lets out a loud buzz; the air is heated enough that some of the nearby Beedrills have their wings singed and are forced to take down. Before the back rows can react, Algira flashes some intimidating patterns and releases some paralyzing spores on the Beedrills who have landed.

Helios: <Not too long though.>

The two Pokémon turn around and fly away, most of the Beedrill too scared and worried for their teammates to pursue for anything more than a short distance until the Volcarona and the Masquerain are out of the thicket. Some of the Beedrill start getting nervous that they have no way to treat the burns of the fallen comrades.

????: <...Ahem.>

One of the Beedrills looks up, where the Mothim, still there after watching all the action, is holding a small bag.

Mothim: <...I happen to have some medicines. Of course, I'd have to be compensated for the use of such a large amount.>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Johto Safari Zone

(after #153314)

Tagg finds Algira and Helios flying around some trees.

Helios -turns to Tagg: <Oh... we are going somewhere?>

Algira dances around for a moment and then hovers near Tagg, giving off a slightly confused pattern.

Algira: <So you need Helios back, uhm...> -- looks kind of perturbed -- <For how long are you leaving?>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Johto Safari Zone

Algira pretty much only listens to the "mon only world" part, wondering how that works. She lets herself hover around freely while she thinks for a moment., then decides to address Tagg and Cobalt. 
Algira: <Wait, you mean like, a place with no people? Whatsoever?> 
Helios: <I guess you could come with us...> 
Algira -shies a bit: <Uh, perhaps I should wait for my Trainer... I mean, I was supposed to spend some time with you here.> 
Helios: <I had fun...> -flies over to Tagg. 
Algira flies up to Helios and smooches him, then flies up to Tagg and hovers around Cobalt, flashing vivid patterns at him as she thinks back of the conversation with Celestia. 
Algira: <I guess I should stay here and wait for my Trainer... I should be with Helios too, but... I'm really not sure.>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Johto Safari Zone

(before #153337)

Algira examines the information she has got from Cobalt. She rolls her eyes at the "wish it really hard" part but admittedly finds it romantic. She only has to wish to be with Helios strong enough. 

Algira -to Cobalt: <That was a trip... thanks, I guess.> -- turns to Tagg -- <Then I ask you to take care of Helios, Tagg. I mean, I know that you will, but, I guess,> -- blushes a bit -- <I don't want to have to get used to not being around him now.> 

She flies back and dances around slowly a distance away, her goodbye signal for Helios, to let him and Tagg go their way.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Johto Battle Park


After letting his mons rest at the lounge and play for a moment with some other Pokémon, Silent and Maekrite (yes, he's gonna be PINK here) head to one of the transfer terminals to rearrange their team.

"I think I have given Shahinne enough time to spend in the city, but I'm not sure if I should bring only her along of the three..."

Maekrite: <Three of six...> -- raises a paw.

"...Yes. I should look for an alternative. Perhaps fetch Ichtacya back... and then most likely fetch Roc back and see if I can also recover Algira and Helios..."

Silent makes his way through the menu and starts moving some mon icons all around, trying to find out a good alternative arrangement for his team. As he does so, a mail notification popup appears in his screen.

"...A message?"

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to Luke's post)

Silent finishes reading the message, while Maekrite observes a Espeon :3 icon and smiley appear in Silent's box.

"...and tell your Pokémon me and your team said 'Hi'"...

Maekrite -to the screen: <...Hi!> -- growls.

"So, look at this, Sol asked to transfer to us. What do you think about this?"

Maekrite: <Oh, Ichtacya will love it. And I think Dintel will, too...>

"That means one more mon to fetch... so I guess I'll be bringing Ichtacya as well, that makes five with Dintel and Python."

Silent composes a message for Luke, thanking him for the advance notice and promising to make sure Sol gets some interesting books to read. He then reminds himself of something and adds an extra line.

Also, did I ever handed to you Sol's copy of "The Market of Meritocracy: What to Value When Everyone Can Have a Rattata"? I don't recall having seen it at PEFE... Let me know if by any chance she had it. Tell Woolly and the others hi from my team (or "oh hai" in the case of Dintel).


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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Battle Park Pokécenter

Silent finishes arranging his team listing as he is talking on the phone to PEFE Goldenrod.

"...well, that's very good that she gets along with Dana and that she takes care of... whatever happened at the Lounge, but I'd really like to have her back, please, Zukov..." -- listens to the other end of the conversation -- "Just tell her what I told you, that'll pick her interest."

An indicator appears in Silent's box.

"OK, I got one of the three. Now please, take care of that and get me someone to talk to in the Safari Zone. I'd like to get Algira back and I should return Helios to Tagg."

Maekrite goes to the transport machine, where after a "do de doo~" a Pokéball materializes. Along with a pile of books.

"Aaaaah, there we find the little Eeveelution..."

Maekrite glares at the pile of books, then picks Sol's Pokéball and opens it, materializing the Espeon that was formerly Luke's.

Sol - tilts her head, stretches: <Good evening~ I am finally here...>

"Evening, Sol. I guess this is the official welcome to the team."

Silent goes pet the Eeveelution, who purrs for a moment before opening her eyes wide and staring at Silent.

"And don't worry, because I'm going to make sure you get to read many books..."

Sol's tail twirls for a moment and she stares at Silent more intensely, making the researcher feel a bit unconfortable.

"...Sol? What's going on? You remind me of my RL!cat..."

Sol -narrows eyes: <Ok, I know something weird is going on...> -- she looks around and focuses her psychic power -- <Not just you, but everything!>

"...Oh? What do you mean?"

Sol: <Don't pretend! I know... "something" happened!> -- points at Silent -- <Your text box is different and uses a different syntax!>

"...Wha? @_@"

Sol opens her muzzle again, blinks and stares at her paws.

Sol: <Oh noes! It's happened to me too! AGAIN!!!>

She turns tails and rushes to hide under the nearest chair; there she hisses at anything that comes nearby for a moment, while psychically scanning her surroundings. Silent simply stares at her, confused...

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Battle Park Pokécenter

-One *blip* transportation later...-

A :3 icon appears in Silent's team listing, then a Leafeon♀ pops out of her Pokéball. She stretches and waves her leaf, then goes greet the others. <Hey, I was missing you already!> she announces as she goes rub against Silent's leg. <Thought I was going to die of old age watching that door...>

"We've missed you too, Ichtacya..." Silent pets the Leafeon then gives her a berry. "I guess you'd rather enjoy more time with the team."

Maekrite -walks in: <Besides, we got a new member. She's kinda grumpy though...>

Ichtacya: <...Oh?>

Ichtacya turns around, tilts head as she watches an Espeon hidden under a chair, tail twirling. Ichtacya recognizes the Pokémon and goes greet Sol with a hug.

Ichtacya: <Hey! How have you been...?>

Sol -sighs: <Uhm... f-fine... Everything feels different, I'm kinda nervous...>

Ichtacya: <The nerves of joining a new team?>

Sol: <...No, this is different.> -- narrows eyes at Silent who walks around.

Ichtacya releases her hug and lies besides Sol, twirling her tail as well. The two look at the world around them for a while, Ichtacya wondering what does Sol see that could be strange. After a moment, the Leafeon settles for a soft growl and pointing her muzzle in the direction of the food bowls.

Ichtacya: <Hey, perhaps something to drink will make you feel better. Wante me to bring you some [milk]?>

Sol -shakes head: <No, no [milk]... milk will do.>

Ichtacya: <But I just said...> -- tilts head.

Sol: <Some milk... please?>

Ichtacya nods, lifts herself from the ground and decides to go fetch a [milk] bowl for her new friend.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

After gathering a temporary team comprised of Maekrite, Dintel, Sol, Ichtacya and Python, Silent sets off the Pokécenter and heads to the east towards Ecruteak, with plans to fetch back Algira, Helios, Roc and probably Lileep and Shahinne  as well as the Copahue/Harriet couple for their trip.

Well, not all of them, at least two. And not for too long, since there's travel plans to be done. Weird travel plans...

(See all of those nifty colors? big_smile )

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Ecruteak City

Silent arrives to the city, tailed by two Eeveelutions.

Ichtacya: <Yes, because she is so cute and really, why wouldn't I want to lick her?>

Sol -tilts head: <It's kinda bad education to lick cute Rattatas like that, I guess.>

Ichtacya: <Nope, she was happy :3> -- waves head leaf.

Not much to say about that, Sol simply nods and then walks faster to catch up with Silent, who is heading to the local Pokécenter. However he takes some random detours on the road to look around and Sol enjoys the free wandering. She took notice of some changes around the city in the last few months and this has now caught more of her attention as she wonders if someone might have written an interesting book about it.

The Espeon's attention is cut short when Silent turns at another corner and reaches a house where a single Flareon can beb seen sitting in front of a signpost. The Flareon happily :3s at any passerbies. Sol narrows her eyes at the sight of the mon.

Ichtacya -catches up: <Uhmmmm.... it's not him, right?>

Sol's jewel lightens up for a moment, and the Pokémon's eyes turn greenish in between a couple of blinks.

Sol: <Nope... But damn it brought me memories...>

Silent walks past the house and then Ichtacya and Sol walk up to the signpost.

The Dancing Kimono Girls ~and their Eeveelutions~

Now with Leafeon and Glaceon!

Sol: <....Oh! This will be fun!> -- meowpurrs.

Tame Flareon -walks in: <Hey, eeveelutions! You are very nice!>

Ichtacya: <Hello there~> -- goes nuzzle -- <You are a nice Flareon!>

Tame Flareon: <Thanks... I work here with my [family], you should meet them~>

Sol tilts her head at the Notice This effect but refrains from commenting about it because, really, the Flareon is most likely not at fault (glares at Silent through the fourth wall). Then she takes a sneak peek inside to see a Glaceon and a Jolteon practising some loops.

"...Hey, girls!"

Ichtacya turns around to see Silent has walked back and is now keeling besides her. She raises her paws to give her trainer a closer smile. Silent takes a look to see Sol paying attention to the events inside.

"I guess you'll want to enjoy the show. What about you staying here for a couple of hours while I work out things at the [[Johto Safari Zone]]?"

Sol's ears perk at the Notice This effect; Ichtacya meanwhile wastes no time, rawrwoofs and licks her Trainer.

"I'll take that as a yes..."

Silent walks inside to pay for two mon tickets for the next show while Ichtacya returns to talk with the Flareon.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Ecruteak Pokécenter

Silent is on a videoconference with the Johto Safari Zone area customization manager, who is explaining some stuff about mons who have been fetched to Silent. After a couple of minutes of talk, a Pokéball materializes in the machine Silent's side of the conversation.

"Hmmm... I was expecting two of those... one is a friend's. Are you sure this is the only mon?"

Manager: "Yes, yes. The three psychic mons relayed the message and only this [Masquerain] approached us."

"Hmmm... Tagg is gonna kill me..." Picks the Pokéball. "I'll check some other things and call you back, thanks for everything."

Silent hangs up and sends out Algira outside of her Pokéball. The Masquerain flutters around and smooches Silent, then rests on his palm as he asks her where is Helios. She explains, with a hint of sadness, that he departed with Tagg and his group for the mon-only world visit. She then asked for some noms.

A moment after, Silent watches as Algira dances around a syrup bowl, a dead Burmy lying by the side.

Algira: <...had a great time! Besides Tagg said he'll take care of Helios so I'm not that worried anymore...>

Silent checks his Pokégear's calendar.  "Well, with any luck we can reach them after Monday..." Sighs. "So... how are things going between you two?"

Algira sips some syrup and flashes some content patterns, then hovers in front of Silent.

Algira: <Oh they are fine. I met his mom... that was kinda weird...> -- looks uneasy for a moment, hovers away.

"...Uh. Kinda fast if you ask me. What, something bad happened?"

Algira: <N-no. She just wanted to make sure we wanted to be together. She said Volcarona and Masquerain are too different.> -- buzzes something and goes perch on Silent's head -- <I'm... not going to live too long, you know?>

"You shouldn't worry about that kind of stuff, Algira..."

Silent sighs then pets Algira and picks her to place her down on her syrup bowl. Then he lets her nom, looks at her for a moment while thinking back to some of his old mons, and lies to rest for a moment.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Cherrygrove City

Silent walks around the city with his team as they let time pass before going to New Bark to have a quick talk with Elm. He takes a look at Roc who is perched on a signpost, arguing with Sol on how to deal with annoying old geezers who try to give forced tours to young trainers.

After a moment, Ichtacya comes around prancing and pounces on Sol. <Come, let's go watch the sea!> she calls eagerly then drags the Espeon away despite her complains. Roc narrows his eyes at the duo and yawns. Silent also watches the scene, Dintel on his head.

<Do they have to do that?> he asks, tapping his Trainer's head. <There's the sea and... *blinks* all that water.>

"I know you don't like it, Dintel, but they do... I think.  What about you, Roc?" Silent asks as he looks up the signpost. "Want to go explore around while I make that videophone call?"

Roc<No, thanks...> the Staraptor answers flatly, then starts preening his feathers. <I'm very comfortable here. Come back for me with some food when you are done.>

Silent raises a eyebrow then decides to leave the Staraptor alone. "He has been unusually reticent to fly around these last few days... perhaps he is tired..." Silent thinks as he walks away.

Meanwhile, Roc enjoys the sight from his perch, remembering how cramped he was up to a couple of days ago...

PEFE Goldenrod – Lounge Room; Some Days Ago

The lounge at PEFE Goldenrod is empty except for two mons, as it has been in the last few days (which admittedly sometimes look as more). On the sole couch in front of the TV, which has been muted for the last couple of hours, there is a Staraptor nesting, enjoying the shadow the back of the couch provides. The door to the kitchen opens and in walks a Nidorina with an annoyed expression, dragging a food bowl.

Inka climbs to the couch, to which Roc reacts cocking his head, then trying to Peck her to preserve his space. The Nidorina steps back, sits on the couch and hisses, then the two Pokémon stare at each other.

For a long while.

What was going on on each one's head would not be a mystery, each one wanted absolute tenance of the couch in front of the TV. And while the two Pokémon stood motionless uneasily sharing the room, it was clear that the couch was only enough for one.

Inka: <I've already thought of a plan. I'm going to get you off my couch.>

Roc: <No, thanks. I'm resting well here.> -- yawns -- <Besides, your plan will fail.>

The bird cranes his head but then returns to his rested position, albeit his wings only barely stretched. The poison rabbit sits back, ears flared and spikes up.

Inka -bares a fang: <...Will it now?>

Each Pokémon the focus of the other's senses, hazardously close to each other in the small piece of territory under dispute. Inka's hearing focuses away for a split second to check that the window going to the outside is still open; in the same split second, Roc's sight deviates a couple of degrees to check that the kitchen is still accessible and that the two bookshelves in the room are filled with stuff.

Inka: <I think it is time for you to leave then...>

Roc: <I don't feel like leaving. This is a fine perch.>

Inka -bares teeth: <You could stand to check up on your chick more often...>

Roc -frowns: <I know when she is not OK.>

The two Pokémon stand in their places on the couch, in silence, only moving a bit and leering at each other every once in a while. However, as time passes, they both grow more uneasy in their positions; Roc certainly has not seen his chick for a while and Inka certainly has not seen her mate and family for a couple of days already; and both of them have been spending most of the time in the last few days in the lounge, trying to assess dominion over the couch.

The Staraptor bats his wings violently a couple of times, the Nidorina hisses and swings claws around as well, then they fall into silence for a couple of minutes and repeat the routine.

Only each passing time they leer at each other less patiently.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Somewhere near Goldenrod City – just a moment ago

Out of the city, there is a road that follows the Magnet Train railroad to the east, for maintenance, travelling to Greenfield (yes, it's an anime location, deal with it) and stuff. But today, and for no particular reason except that they kinda sorta felt like it, an entire Mareep flock is marching right out of the road towards a clearing where they can graze. Some Nidos, Rattatas and Pidgeys look around, mostly amused.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this)

East of Goldenrod

The day is beautiful and there are no Charizards in the sky whatsoever... so the Mareep can enjoy some grass and chitchat.

A curious Pidgey approaches Woolly and Yarn.

Curious Pidgey: <Oh, are you Mareep, coo?> -tilts head -- <Because there are no Mareep around here...>

Meanwhile a couple of Nidos look with interest from a ledge, smiles as they also chew some grass.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to this)

The Pidgey listens to Woolly and strikes conversation with her.

Curious Pidgey -flies around: <Oh that must be very nice if you live around... around...> - beat - <...wherever you said that place is. I have never flown outside the forest, you see...>

Meanwhile, the Nidos wave a oh hai back and return to their own grazing, although some of them can be seen whispering something.

A Rattata walks up to one of the random Mareep, looks around and explores. Soon other Pokémon join the group and try to give them a more or less warm welcome.

Curious Pidgey -lands besides Woolly: <.... oh... and what is a Charizard? Is it something that eats mons? I heard this story once... a terrible story...>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

The Pidgey listens to what the Charizards do with the Mareep when they catch them.

Curious Pidgey: <....>

The Pidgey's plumage  blisters and the bird gulps.





The Pidgey kinda sorta goes into cardiac arrest.

Of course, the other Pokémon grazing around don't notice and they all just do their own thing, namely nomming grass. However, a couple of male Nidos can be seen arguing over something above.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

The poor Pidgey waves a wing with some difficulty, struggles to speak up.

Heartstroking Pidgey: <I'm... f-f-f-fine... not used to... to...> -- eye twitches -- <oh my...>

The Pidgey falls over to the side and gasps for help.

Meanwhile, far from there, while two Nidos have started fighting over something, another one dashes in and gets closer to the other Ampharos looking up at them. After a moment, he notices Yarn lying against a tree and walks up to him.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

The random Nidoran sits in front of Yarn.

Pink Nidoran♂ (yay for redundancy!) lv 12 -tilts head: <Hey! A-are you an Ampharos? My mom says they only live to the other side of the mountains...>

Heartstroking Pidgey: <...AAAAAAACK!>

The Pokémon jumps in surprise and then falls to the ground flat; however, he is still breathing, if a bit hard, and blinking. In a couple of seconds he begins calming down.

Curious Pidgey: <....Uh.... uh...> -- coos -- <That was so close. I saw my life flash before my eyes... mind, there was not much about it...> -- starts sobbing.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

PEFE Goldenrod – Lounge Room; Some Days Ago

The two Pokémon stare at each other, they narrow their eyes and lean slowly towards each other just a bit. The Nidorina snorts, flickers her ears. The Staraptor wriggles a bit in his makeshift nest, swings his crimsom-tipped crest.

They fill their eyes with the sight of each other's stare, thinking of what is about to come.

«His advantage: wider and higher reach; my advantage: mobility and availability of techniques.»


Roc waves crest, bristles chest plumage attempting to Intimidate Inka; she spreads arms, lunges at Roc, left arm aimed at the Staraptor's wing, Roc blocks with beak then pecks at the Nidorina's head as he stands up; Inka resists, continues attack with right arm; Roc shifts body weight to the left, moves closer to Inka's arm- «Here comes the response...» -causing Inka's arm to bump on Roc's chest ahead of time without necessary impulse.

Roc spreads right wing to slap at Inka, she retracts arm, jabs at Roc, who cranes neck and pushes forwards, slamming at Inka, she has to step back;- «savage yet experienced...» -Roc's wing slides in a diagonal cut, Inka paw blocks, allows wing to brush overhead, she falls to the right side reaching the back of the couch; Roc dives in for a peck, grazing the Nidorina's head. Inka falls belly to the couch, pushes herself closer to Roc, he lifts head for a lateral swipe, has attack aimed at his belly, blocks with a swift talon motion.

Roc attempts hallux attack at higher ribcage; from a Growl, Inka rolls on her back, raises back spikes at Roc who, sensing cryoenergy charging on the Nidorina's paws, smacks her flank and fans retrices out to speed up steering.- «With thin beak and no alula, all manners of attack require folding or curving...» -The bird's crest waves when he propels himself to tackle Inka, interrupting collection of Ice-type energy, she stumbles near TV remote then rebounds away, arm up high to try and swipe downwards at Roc's crest.

Roc cranes neck away, takes impact in chest feathers; slams Inka with left wing, spreads it up, Inka takes ground half turned away, flattens ears and swipes back, has view blocked by wing, swings secondaries away with paw, curls to spread poison stings at low range; Roc anticipates with beak strike at Inka's muzzle; Inka yells, drags herself forwards and attempts a Bite at the bird's belly, Roc hops back, right-wing slaps the Nidorina, attack is blocked by palm slash.

Roc takes advantage of position, arches body and leaps ahead at high speed, slices down, unfolds left wing blocking Inka's view as she endures and moves aside, completes motion with forwards-up slice of same wing, carpal joint hits Inka's face, completion of Aerial Ace; Inka steps back, walled by Roc's wing...
...tries to brush bird feathers aside...
...lifts muzzle to clamp wing joint and margin...

Inka, still sitting, rests her forelegs on the couch and raises her ears, assuming a more confrontational position; Roc tilts his head at the Nidorina in front of him, then spreads his legs a bit.

«Come now...» -the bird straightens his head and draws a faint smile- «you really think you are the only one who has thought out this skirmish?»

The Staraptor folds manus, shifts weight...
...traps the Poison Pokémon's arm forcing her down...
...forcefully pulls retracted wing closer, clutching the Nidorina with it,- «Trap arm, target weakness...» -the Nidorina bristles her back spikes in anticipation of pecking, Roc instead slams kidney area, the Nidorina endures the hit, tries to hop away; Roc aims talons at Inka's gut, lifts himself and kicks her, forces her to back off.

At the moment of a wing bat to gain thurst in Inka's direction, she half-flips on forelegs; Roc evades hindswipe to the face, retracts talons to Pursuit the opponent now forced to regain high-ground,- «neutralize lateral attack with swings...» -hits a couple of times aiming for neck and arms, avoiding Poison Points; Inka raises arm to swipe, Roc diverts arm with beak, next attack left side downwards, Roc bats wing at arm to prevent building of momentum; retorts with a pluck, avoided barely, Inka counters with front upwards slicing, evaded, then step forward with cross right, blocked with wing fold, outwards slice aimed at wing, cancelled with a peck to the elbow, finally an attempt at a bite, also blocked with beak move.

Inka hides paws together, covers room with head, pushes upwards before the bird can take advantage, Roc steers away and retracts left wing encasing it in Steel type energy,- «Ah there we'll find the technique passed down to the chick...» -Inka lifts arms, spreads small poisoned needles around, Roc turns down to the couch, one leg back, blocks most needles with steel-encased wing, tackles Inka's exposed head.

Inka flinches, hunches over and leaps, Roc blocks the bite, wingslaps; Inka pushes wing, swipes at Roc's chest, he answers trying to pluck her ear out, Inka lenas forward, attempts to push horn at Roc's head; Roc flaps, lifts himself to move back, Inka swipes up at wing joint and hops back.

Roc sees Inka arc up, fans rectrices to speed himself up with psychic power while Inka hones claws. Incoming Sludge Bomb, countered with Quick Attacks before Inka can fire; Inka uses the momentum change to swing and slash at her own attack with Electric energy, exploding the bubble and spreading poison all around;- «Unorthodox...» -she slides trying to reach Roc, he thursts  out of the way and swirls to dull poison effect with secondary feathers, bats wings up releasing a ghostly wind to keep the Nidorina and the poison at bay.- «... but overreliant... now, allow me to reply.»

Inka stands against the strong wind, fires some poison stings; Roc allows himself to fall then leaps aside to evade, lifts again talons retracted, Inka shields herself with an arm; curved left wing slash with slanted margin, blocked with poison-charged swing; right wing hook to the shoulder, followed with Quick Attack at upper chest, peck at ear forcing the Nidorina's head down, counters with back arm upper then a swipe at throat; Roc then fans wings out blowing out weakened feathers, greatly difficulting the Nidorina's motions. The Nidorina spreads arm, takes talon blow to the gut to clamp the bird's legs, Roc reacts with wing hook, Inka leans to the side, Roc following with wing slice from the other side, blocked by attempt at a Crunch, flaps and lifts talon breaking the Nidorina's balance, lands a wing cross at upper abdomen, kicking her back; Inka rolls and flattens against the end of the couch while charging Electric energy,- «Offensive dulling out, try other vector of attack...»

Roc lifts himself to fly backwards and gain some room as Inka swings from flank side forwards, blocked with talon lift. Roc swipes with left talon, cutting Inka's attack, lowers himself for right talon straight at belly and wing slap to the head, second blocked with arm swing, Inka pushed back towards the edge of the couch. Talon jab at face blocked still forcing the Nidorina to step back, she blocks hallux swipe from same leg by clamping paws together, jointed swing up at belly pushing Roc up then jointed left arc at face, answered with talon grab at elbow and downwards wing smack. Charged electric power in paws for an elbow hit then outwards slice, grazing wing, left hook stopped by peck followed by wing cross and talon swipe at leg; Inka is knocked back meeting the end of the couch, Sludge Bombs again which Roc blocks by folding wings in front of him...
...spreads out primaries and folds manus just in time to have them dug...
...by the Nidorina's claws in an effort...
...to regain ground...

«As I feared, loss of room and attack power makes resistance untenable...»

The Nidorina digs her claws on the Staraptor's plumage as much as she can, her own body weight pulling her off the couch while the Staraptor holds his place, wings folded...

Roc and Inka are still leering at each other, the bird's mantle and underwing feathers all puffed out, while the Nidorina's irises glow red and her claws are dug on the couch...

«Let's not waste each other's time...» -the bird resumes his resting position- «we both know how this ends...»

The Staraptor pushes his wings outwards only a bit...
Inka loses her grip on the couch and falls to the ground below, while the Staraptor...
...wings extended, looks down and then steps back...
...to resume his resting position...
...staring at the TV...

Inka stiffens her ears and growls softly at Roc for a while. After a while, she sighs soundly and turns around to grab her food bowl from the ground. As she faces away, Roc allows himself to gulp. The Nidorina's expression switches to a sort of contentment as she lifts it and pulls it to the seat, to whatever precious space is still available. Roc tilts his head at the Nidorina and, for no specific or obvious reason, decides to move just a bit to the left.

After a moment, Inka moves the food bowl nearer to the other edge of the couch, leaning it against the armrest, and climbs up to back of the couch to lie across it, ears perked up, she turns to watch the TV. Roc looks at her for a moment, then returns his attention to the TV and pecks the mute button on the remote to unmute it.

The two Pokémon stay there, watching a documentary on migration patterns. The host starts by commenting some of the recent migration trends detected in Angelan Marill and Mareep who have been moving towards Unova...

«Let's have it your way for the moment, bird... otherwise we'd risk the food bowl and the remote...» -Inka smiles slyly as she watches the remote under the bird's grasp.

«...Beats having to actually move out of this seat to defend it, I guess...» -leers back at Inka for a moment- «...considering I had not factored your alternate timeline training in my plans...»

The Nidorina loses her grasp on the couch...
...falls towards the ground below, clings...
...upwards-kicks couch with heightened Strength; the Staraptor, surprised at last, almost loses balance, looks down at the Nidorina leaping to safety; he fans out wings and rectrices to take off before the couch rolls forwards out of momentum.

Roc raises his sight, collects pinions and folds wings as Inka has rolled sideways and dispatches barrage of poison stings, Roc flaps down, manages to glide a short distance, takes poison stings on midwing feathers to dull damage; he tilts tail, dives forward to escape the falling couch, Inka slides on the ground and stands up, fires Ice Beam longitudinal to the couch.

Roc thursts himself away to outrun the Ice Beam arc, almost collides with the back of the falling couch, has to wing slap it away; swirls back to notice Inka climbing up the TV set and firing poison stings his direction, flaps to elevate, tries to steer towards the kitchen door and turns back to spread out air slashes as Inka charges up a Water Pulse and holds it in front of herself, she leaps from the TV set to the fallen couch crashes Water Pulse against it to dull some of the air slashes, which results on the couch being torn.

Roc speeds up to circle the area and release tracking energy stars when he sees something being flung in his direction, steers away evading a piece of the couch, Detects incoming Thunderbolt, brakes and flies back towards the window as the attack goes past him and crashes into the wall, then he looks down to see Inka leaping at a wall but not the couch. Blinks, cocks head to see a shadow below, steers away just as the rest of the couch falls down past where he was...
...turns head to the wall to see Inka propelling herself from the wall with tremendous Strength... grabs him before he can react...
...clamps his wing with and Crunches flank, circle-throws him as the two fall down the window...
...to the street below, in a makeshift earth throw...

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Entrance of Goldenrod

Silent walks into the city followed by Sol and Ichtacya. Maekrite is some distance away, talking to a couple of Nidorino. The human and the two Eeveelutions walk around with the two Pokémon discussing where to go to begin with.

Sol: <...We should go to the PEFE building. We can get many books there.>

Ichtacya: <...We should go to Rex's house! We can see our friends there.>

The two Eeveelutions walk up to Silent and look up with their best :3 faces, prompting the trainer to raise an eyebrow. He sighs and decides to walk more or less aimlessly for a while as he figures out how to not disappoint any of the two.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to this)

Silent walks around trying to distract himself as he walks in the overall direction of plot. Ichtacya and Sol are still discussing where to go when Maekrite catches up.

Maekrite: <Hey, turns out some Mareep appeared out of nowhere, and there was a Murkrow murder infighting not too long ago; that's kinda the big news around here...> -- looks nervously at the two Eeveelutions -- <Uhm... what happened?>

Ichtacya: <I'm just making sure we go see Rex!> -- waves leaf.

Sol narrows her eyes and twirls her tail then rushes ahead, with Ichtacya soon following. However before they start arguing again, Maekrite notices something in the distance.

Maekrite: <...Hey, isn't that Rex?>

Sol: <...Oh? Whoa! Talk about plot convenience!>

Ichtacya shrugs then looks ahead to see a young man with a brown Skitty on head. Of course that's got to be Rex, and Jemma is with him!

"Come on, guys, let's go say hi."

The quartet walks in Rexs general direction, Sol and Ichtacya waving tail / leaf and meowing / woofing in greeting.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to this post, and also, lol @ random Zoroark. Trick sure has to be costly~)

Silent waves a hand at Rex. "Hello, Rex... How have you been? Is your mom still angry at me?"

Maekrite -growls up: <Hey! Hello! How is Pierce doing? And what are you up to, Jemma?>

Sol -frowns at Maekrite: <...That coloring still works here, too?> -- shakes head, sits besides Rex -- <Oh hello... I'm... not sure if you recall me... I'm Sol :3>

Ichtacya meanwhile starts running circles about the duo, playfully growling at Jemma every once in a while.

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