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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Roy: Studies find that if you write down what you're worried about it can help you calm down.

Sunny: *Writes the word "everything".*

Source: Tumblr

Sylveon: Are you gay, straight or what?

Ammy: I’m definitely what.

Source: Tumblr

Colton: I'm stressed because I drink too much, and I drink too much because I'm stressed.

Colton: It's a vicious cycle...

Colton: Pounds an entire 40 oz.

Colton: That took years to perfect!

Source: Garfield

Julius: If I wanted to be a dick I’d sit in a hammock, shave my head and spit on a lingerie catalogue.

Source: Zero Punctuation

Gail: Indigenous species in Galar can be real aggressive, so it's important to take necessary precautions when approaching them.

Gail: Blasts an air horn in a Cramorant's face

Gail: Get fucked!

Source: Vine

Roy: In the beginning, the Universe was created.

Roy: This has made many peoplemons very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

Source: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Colton: I keep having nightmares that I turn up at work and then suddenly panic as I realize -

Julius: That you're a Lycanroc?

Colton: That I'm in a crowded room!

Source: xkcd

Sylveon: Who do you have to look cutely at to get a dry martini around here?!

Source: Family Guy

Julius: The 2012 apocalypse was a hoax but has anything felt real since?

Source: Twitter

Anyone Absent Controls, Really: When I think about my worries and I think about my strife,
Here is what I simply say~...

Whoever: infernal demonic screech

Source: Thomas Sanders

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Halis got locked out of their house during their party.

Halis: I don't even know how that happened. Well, I have no choice. I'm gonna have to tunnel back in!

They transform into their monform and digs. They emerge on the other side.

Halis: Okay, everybody, don't panic, the host has returned.

Suddenly, guests, led by a drunk AF Lucius, are hopping around the room in a conga line. They hop on Halis and send them through the hole they dug.

Halis: I can take losing the topic cards and the phone in the punch bowl, but I was supposed to lead the bunny hop! This is a bunch of binacles! I'm breaking in!

Halis takes a pick-ax to cut the door but a bright light shines at them. It's Officer Jenny and Thierry.

Thierry: Well, well, well. What do we have here? A burglar lopunny. Why do they do it, Jenny?

Officer Jenny: I don't know. It's probably how they gets their kicks. You criminals make me sick.

(Source: Spongebob Squarepants)

(Gaia and Jackal are in the middle of a spat while they watch an episode of the Aurabolts cartoon that portray Gaia as in the right. They were previously planning something that will change the future of the Aurabolts' leadership.)

Gaia: How about we forget the plan, hmmm?

(As Jackal tries to get a word in, a nearby warehouse bursts into flames. Out of it emerges a large FutureLugia and Dr. Tonio, brandishing her robot arms and cackling like the supervillain she is.)

Gaia and Jackal in unison: <GIRLISH SCREAM!>

(Also, the Future Lugia begins to stomp around, kicking Phantom like a hackey sack in the process. He survives unharmed.)

Phantom: I'm okay! <stepped on> I'm still okay!

(Source: The Road to El Dorado)

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

CW: Swearing.

Ian: ♪So, now you know it was all a big show. She played you for a fool and I fucked up the line.♫

(Source: UnderFail the Musical, Man On the Internet)

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Izaya: Think, Orihara. Maybe something the J-Team said will give you some type of clue.

A thought bubble appears, featuring Silas.

Silas: Remember, licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets.

That thought bubble disappears.

Izaya: No, not that!

Another thought bubble, this time with RP!Pent, appears.

RP!Pent: You'll never guess what I found in my sock last night! Go ahead, guess!

The Pentbubble disappears.

Izaya, repeatedly: No, no, no!

Hey its Ever.

Ever: It was his hat, Dr. Tagg! He was number one!

During a raid in Macraul manor, while Des confronts Sylvestra and David, Des has intrusive thoughts.

Des, mentally: Don't be intimidated, Desmond. Try to imagine them in their underwear.

He promptly imagines the Macrauls as hot underwear models who just oiled themselves up.

Des, mentally: OH NO THEY'RE HOT.

Source: Spongebob Squarepants

The Aurabolts are engaged in a big superhero battle against an empowered Dr. Tonio and her robots. She, however, is cut off from the rest of the team by Gaia. A showdown is about to ensue.

Dr. Tonio: Enough games, darling! You think a pack of costumed clowns can...

From Gaia's perspective, however, Tonio's voice is barely audible.

Gaia: [trying to make out what the flip she's saying] Wait, WHAT?!

Dr. Tonio: ...you will beg for mercy as I feast on your heart. Slowly...

Gaia: Are you making some, like, big, villain speech right now or somethin'? You're like a mile away from me right now, there's cars and trucks-

Dr. Tonio: I will have the world in the palm of my hand...

Gaia: All I see is mouth-movin', I don't hear any-

Dr. Tonio: Only I have the power to unleash...

Gaia: Ah, whatever, screw it!

Source: Shazam!

Sphinx: Oh, you're a villain alright. Just not a super one.

Domino: What difference is there?

Sphinx does an entire opening number with pyrotechnics, projectors, smoke, and lightning, while Back in Black plays.


Source: Megamind

Shutter: Tommy, there is a giant hole in the sky and no one seems to care. There should be an angry mob out there.

An angry mob runs past the window. The Geo Soc team look outside. Tommy then looks at Shutter.

Tommy: Wow! That was great, psychic friend! Now say, "Money should be falling from the sky!" Say it! Say it!

The J-Team infiltrates Macraul Manor. RP!Tagg and Ever are part of the distraction team and are disguised as... guests. Flamboyantly dressed guests in noble attire. They meet Ludovic, who is greeting all the guests as they enter.

Ludovic: Uh, may I help you?

Ever, in an over-the-top accent and a pretty pageboy/crinoline dress: I think-a maybe you can. This is the Count Richard von Namespace. Formerly, Count LaBelle! Where are the trumpets? We were promised trumpets to announce the Count's arrival. Beat me until you are happy.

Tagg bitch slaps them all stoic-like.

Ever: He's happy. And I'm not feeling too bad myself.

They try to get in. Tagg is visibly annoyed by the plan, but tries to keep a stoic, straight face.

Ludovic:  Uh, I'm afraid you're not on the list.

Ever: What? Once again.

Tagg slaps them again. Harder and of believably visible annoyance. He still retains a straight face.

Ever:  Fine! We will go! You will explain to your family why were not able to attend your little luau... your barn dance or whatever this is. But we are leaving! In a huff!

The two make a dramatic exit pose, but then Ludo fidgets.

Ludovic: No, no! Go right in!

As Multiman drops the hammer on Izaya.

Izaya: No, wait! Please listen to me! You can't do this to me. This job is my LIFE! It means everything to me! You don't know what I've done to get here!! The lies I told. The lives I've ruined....This isn't helping me.

Source: Robots


Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

*Izaya screws everything up for the J-Team after the Macraul Raid.*
Voyd:Ah! Hi! Yes, I know, Merlin is missing, I KNOW!! I KNOW! Izaya, you're a dick, I get it! Remind me to punch you in the face ten times more than usual!

Shizuo: All in all, the lights may be blaring, but I'd like to think about the red hot burning love that I feel in my heart for you...
*Izaya falls over, gets the stuffing beaten out of him by a number of the J-Teamers, and then yeeted through an Ultra Wormhole*
Shizuo: YEAH-HAHA!! Boopa-doopa-doopa-doop! I don't love you at all!

Source: Markiplier

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

After a very confusing set of circumstances, Carmilla leaves the Stormchaser slowly and dramatically, holding a person in the sheets in her arms.

Carmilla, in a mysterious and seductive voice: You will be my bride throughout eternity. We'll share the endless passion of immortal love.

Ever: Oh, I can't wait!

Carmilla stares at them in surprise.

Carmilla: Not YOU!

She takes Ever back inside in a hurried and clearly annoyed place and drops them nonchalantly. Later she comes out again with a brainwashed Brie.

Carmilla, in a fast and annoyed tone: Youwillbemybridethroughouteternitywe'llsharetheendlesspassionofimmortallove.

Source: Dracula: Dead... and Loving It!


Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes


Ian uses his telekinesis on a nearby Pawniard, lifting it into the air.


Ian telekinetically throws the Pawniard at RP!Pent, who sidesteps out of the way.

Ian: I'm... out of knives...

Source: Undertale

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Elton: <Rain goes to plants, plants feed Pokemon, plant-eating Pokemon feed Pokemon-feeding Pokemon, and humans feed Pokemon corn and inject them with hormones until they can barely walk anymo-->

Kim: Elton?

Elton: <Yes?>

Kim: How does all of that relate to rain...?

Source: Thomas Sanders, Sanders Sides, "Learning New Things About Ourselves"

Paul: <You know, Dio, I was thinking. You know, I mean, we've done a lot of touring, sold a lot of CD's, you know, and I really think that we need- it's really important that we remain humble and grounded, and not let the success go to our heads, you know what I mean?>

Dio: <Yeah... Paul, you know I've been thinking about that too, and uh...> (then, sticking his tongue out while doing "rock horns" with his claws) <SCREW THAT! WE'RE THE GREATEST BAND EVER~!>

Source: Psychostick, Sandwich, "A Lesson in Modesty"

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

The J-Team confront Rainbow Rocket Multiman and... Rainbow Rocket Aphrodite?

Alt!Aphrodite: When a supervillain gets deposed, and thrown into the DOC...

Alt!Multiman: Oy vey!

Alt!Aphrodite: His wife is thrown in right beside him, under key and lock. So to avoid a situation with such limited appeal...

Alt!Multiman:  Me and Mrs. Univyse, we struck a little deal.

Alt!Aphrodite: We told everyone around us we had split.

Alt!Multiman:  Yes, we were through! So, if Doc Richard hauls me off, he wouldn't get her, too.

Alt!Aphrodite: There's that and then there's also tax advantages, of course.

The Multimans: All the convoluted reasons we pretend to be divorced.

Source: Tales from the Resistance: Back to the 2nd Dimension


Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Diantha: Wow, is this banana hat for some cool tropical dance number?
Ian: We're trying to come up with some exciting camera angles for the big chase scene, so we strapped the camera to a starving Rillaboom.
(The Rillaboom screeches angrily and starts to chase Diantha. The movie camera cuts to static.)
Ian: Heh heh... Sorry the Rillaboom cam didn't work out. We're gonna try it with Umbra this time!
(Umbra fixes his Ghost Lord helmet, with the camera attached.)
(Ian hands Diantha a sub sandwich)
Ian: Now, take this sandwich and remember... Umbra hasn't eaten lunch yet..
(Umbra imitates the Rillaboom and chases Diantha, to the same result.)

Source: Phineas and Ferb: Lights, Candace, Action

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Kim: I promise, things are going to be better this time.

*later with her team*

Dalt:helo frends


Orwell: It’s goodwise to be introd, Colkarev.

Colton: Dammit, Kim! This relationship cannot be built upon a foundation of lies!

Source: Sword Art Online Abridged

Colton (Narrating): Ever since I got used to the nightmares my subconscious has had to get creative.

Gale: Please don’t wake up. I don’t want to die.

Source: xkcd

Colton: I’ll keep all my emotions right here, and then one day I’ll die.

Source: John Mulaney

Julius: Everyone in the world plays hide and seek. Winner gets a hundred million. Where do you hide so no one will find you?

Colton: You guys are getting paid?

Sources: Reddit/We’re the Millers

Roy:If you’re having a tough day try taking a deep breath.

Sylveon:That way you can scream longer!

Source: Twitter

Colton: I see. He must be trying to lull me into a false sense of security! Joke’s on him; I’ve never been secure and I won’t start now!

Source: Epithet Erased

Lissa: Hey, gimme your lemonade, I wanna get drunk.

Lissa: This is hard, right?

Colton: No, I just buy the lemonade with too much sugar.

Lissa, dumping a flask’s contents in: Well, nothing a little vodka won’t fix.

Source: Tumblr

Kim: You gotta come out tonight; you owe me for leaving my party!

Colton: I was tired.

Kim: You were my ride!


Colton, to anyone he wants to be friends with: Hey, don’t leave! I’ll buy you a beer! You want Original Piss or Piss Light?

Source: Psychostick

Jester: You said you have a list of enemies?

Colton: Yep, here you go.

Jester: Hang on, this isn't a list of enemies. This just says "eat... dog treats... in he-"

Colton begins shredding him with Night Slash Claws

Jester: OHHHHHH-

Source: Oversimplified

Helmsman: Hello, double battle?

Julius: Double battle machine broke.

Helmsman: Understandable, have a nice day.

Colton: Forgive me for being cynical, but if you don't, you likely don't know me.

Source: Zero Punctuation

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Brie: So even though the kid deserved it, I'm gonna have to beg and grovel and completely debase myself?

Ever: And Lucius will show you how it's done.

Source: The Nanny

Lucius returns home to Liam's place. For some reason he's dressed in army clothes.

Liam: Lucius! Thank Arceus you’re back. There’s no shame in being a coward.

Lucius: A coward? I’m not a coward.

He holds up a vested popplio plushie.

Lucius: Would a coward have this?

Source: Arrested Development


Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Locke: -gesturing to where his house once was- This is where my parents disappeared, Alli.

Alli: Cowabummer!

Sauce: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/this-is- … ie-raphael

My girlfriend is a Volcarona, your argument is invalid.

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

RP!Umbra does an exceptionally extra heroic sacrifice for the J-Team. Everyone on the Stormchaser is just stunned.

RP!Tagg: Well, I suppose that is the end of the Ghost Lord.

Suddenly, RP!Umbra appears in a flash, manifesting alongside a polka band. He's wearing Tracht.

RP!Umbra:  Au contraire, herr doktor! HEEEE'S BAAAAACK!

The band starts playing.

RP!Umbra: I'm forgiven. Giratina has taken me back. I'm immortal again.

Pent: Swell.

RP!Umbra, to everyone: Don't Fret. My good fortune is your good fortune.

Suddenly, Kai is fawned over by scantily clad women.

Kai: I don't need your fantasy women.

RP!Umbra: Oh, you're so stolid, Kai. You weren't like that before. Very well.

Suddenly, Silent is fawned over by scantily clad women dressed as sexy nidorans

Source: Star Trek TNG


Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Evelyn: Ooh, a puppy!

Ian: Oh, careful honey. He has a knife.

Zacian (Crowned Sword Form): <Huh, what? No-no I don't.>

Source: asdfmovie 6

Ian the Pikipek (Over comm-link in a helicopter): Oh, Jackal! Oh, how's it going? Uh. Yeah. Oh. Uh. Oh, I see, huh. Yeah uh, I'm flying right now actually, where, uh, where are you? Hmm, the Wall. Yeah, I think I've heard of that place. Actually, I'm, uh, I'm pretty close. Yeah, uh, I'm on a mission but, uh, I should have some time to swing by. Yeah, just try to get outside and I'll, uh, you know.


Ian the Pikipek (Over comm-link in a helicopter): Hey, so, uh, I see the Wall. Oh, you're outside? Nice! I think I see you. Yeah, there's a guard in the way. I've got this. Yeah, it will be just like the old times.

Ian the Pikipek (Over comm-link in a helicopter): I got the perfect plan. ♪This is the greatest PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN~♫

Ian flies the helicopter into The Wall, crashing into Jackal and the Guard.


Not again! You should know better!

Source: Fleeing the Complex

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Hunter's Guild Official Diva Singer
The Hunter's Guild!
They'll lure you with dreams of power and wealth.
Beware the Hunter's Guild!
Their twisted twin obsessions are their passion for the hunt and their employees' health.
They'll welcome you into J's lair, like the nobleman welcomes his guest.
With free dental care and a stock plan that helps you invest!
But beware of their generous pensions, plus three weeks paid vacation each year.
And on Fridays the lunchroom serves hot dogs and Eddisburg beer!
They love [German] beer!

Source: The Simpsons

Taipan's Pokemon are on patrol, watching Delta's secret identity get awarded for being "tough on crime."

Asterion: Ugh, what a pig.

Mistress: I'm right here.

Source: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Jackal briefs the Aurabolts (and a rookie) on a potential threat of their new mission...
Jackal: Okay, Aurabolts. We have to be careful... Someone here is possessed by a Noctowl.
Ian the Pikipek: Who?
Jackal: That's the thing, we don't-
Everyone stares bug-eyed at Ian the Pikipek...

Source: TikTok (I can't believe it either)

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Sylvestra: Ahaha! After 2000 years, I'm still free. Time to collect Earth!

Source: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

Lowell: Oh, my God! Those balloons are gauche! I'm not hosting a free-for-all for a bunch of J-Teamers, who are going to eat off the floor with their hands! WHERE ARE YOUR ELEGANT BALLOONS?"

Source: Paul F. Tompkins, https://soundcloud.com/paul-f-tompkins/elegant-balloons

44 (edited by AnimeboyIanpower 2020-09-20 22:55:05)

Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Evelyn: My life's in the hands of an idiot?!

Ian: (in reference to himself and Kim) No no no no no... TWO idiots...

Source: Unus Annus

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

In a Galarian Chip Shop, Upton has ordered a massive amount of fried food.

Beck: So much unhealthy food is seriously dangerous for you.

Upton: Mr. Beckett, let me tell you something about how I like my food.

Upton glitches a mic from hammerspace.

Beck: Is there any way we can skip this--

Upon clearing his throat, Upton begins to sing in a beautiful man voice.

Maybe you didn't hear me...
When I asked for all those fries!

Beck: There's a line forming behind you, mate--

I assure you, I spoke clearly.
I said yes to super sized.
Spicy wings, and some onion rings,
With torchic nuggets on the side

Inexplicable Backup Singers
Torchic nuggets on the siiiide

I prefer all my food FRIIIEEEEED
I prefer all my food fried.

Source: The Amazing World of Gumball


Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Kim: Okay, kid. We want answers. Why did you resist a police officer?
Ian: Why are you police officers?
Colton: I blew up [Malaysia].

Source: Johnny Test


Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Kaylan: <Well, hey, marshmallow man!>
Kaylan: ( as marshmallow ) <Hi there!>
Kaylan: <How do you plead?>
Kaylan: ( as marshmallow ) <Guiltyyyyyy~!>
( Kaylan squishes the marshmallow with his foot )

Source: adsfmovie13

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Ammy and Colton are at a lame amusement park!

Ammy: The Thrill Coaster, a heart-pounding adventure aboard a speeding train of fun and thrills. Are you scared?

Colton: You've got to be joking.

Ammy: Good. Let's take a ride.

They hop aboard the roller coaster as lame carnival music plays. Colton remains emotionless the entire time.

Ammy: Were you terrified?

Colton, deadpan: Not really.

Ammy: Oh.

Source: Amagi Brilliant Park

Ever fell into an open pit and was yelling for help. And who was there to the riveting rescue, why, no other than...

Apple-A-Day: It's all right, my good enby. Fear not! Apple-A-Day has arrived!

After a few pre-rescue shenanigans...

Apple-A-Day: Alright! Alright! What's the problem?

Ever: I fell in this hole! I'm trapped!

Apple-A-Day: Fine. Hold on. I'll come and get you... what's that smell?

Apple-A-Day sniffs the hole and realizes that Ever fell into a utility hole to the pipes below. Ech.

Ever: I think I fell in the sewer!

Apple-A-Day, in disgust: Ugh! Can't you climb out?!

Ever: If I could climb out, I wouldn't be yelling help now, would I?

Apple-A-Day: Well, you could've at least yelled "Help, I'm trapped in a sewer!"

Ever: What would that have done?

Apple-A-Day: It'd save me a trip.

Ever: You think you can get me Arachna-Guy?

Apple-A-Day: Arachna-Guy? What would you need with him!? I'm a superhero aren't I?

Ever:  I don't know. Are you?

Apple-A-Day: Yes! I told you "Fear not! Apple-A-Day has arrived."

Ever: Oh, I thought that was a joke.

Apple-A-Day: A joke?!

Ever: Yeah! To keep me from focusing on my horrible pain.

Apple-A-Day: Yes, it's not a joke!

Ever: Good. Because it didn't work.

Apple-A-Day:  Look, I'm going to throw a rope...

Ever: A rope? I thought you were gonna go get me?

Apple-A-Day:  In the sewer?

Ever: Vulpecula would do it.

Apple-A-Day:  Well she's not here.

Ever: Well, could you go get her?

Apple-A-Day: Look, just grab into the rope and I'll pull you up.

Ever: Maybe you should get the squirtle fellas with the bandanas. I don't think they'd mind the stench here too much.

Source: Freakazoid

Piku-chan doesn't want to take a bubble-bath. Ian is having none of it. He circles his hands.

RP!Ian: I am now going to assault your mind with subliminal messages

What follows is a stream of images passing through the pikachu's mind. A bath tub. Poke-soap. Water. A farm girl doing a very awkward funny face. Following that last one, Ian pauses.

RP!Ian: Sorry you had to see that.

Source:Spongebob Squarepants

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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Evelyn arrives on the scene as Ian prepares to do battle with Salem and Izaya.

Evelyn: Oh, Ian. Are you busy?
Ian: Busy? No no, my love. I'm only standing here with Salem and Izaya, the most dangerous villains in the world, and we're playing "Let's Pretend!"
Evelyn: -jumping up and down excitedly- Oh boy! I love Let's Pretend!
Izaya: Yeah! Let's Pretend!
Izaya proceeds to point at Ian.
Izaya: Let's pretend he's on fire!
Salem: Yeah! Put out the boyfriend! Put out the boyfriend!
Ian: Yeah, nice try, Die Hard the Hunter, but it won't work-
Evelyn then lifts Ian psychokinetically and slams him back and forth against the ground.
Evelyn: Put out the boyfriend! Put out the boyfriend!
Izaya: 4 out of 5 dentists say that it's time for us to get out of here!

Much later...

Ian gets a steamroller dropped on him...

Ian: -in pain- This is the SECOND most-painful moment of my life...
Evelyn: What was the FIRST most-painful?
Ian: -in pain- "Put out the boyfriend! Put out the boyfriend!"

Source: Darkwing Duck

Evelyn: A good magician never reveals how a trick is done. An evil magician never leaves any evidence that there was a trick in the first place. So which am I going to have to be today?

Source: Girl Genius


Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Colton's Pokemon Team:

<You're making things up again, 9-Volt>
<You're recklessly warping the words of Arceus>


You can't just say what you want, 9-Volt

<Come on, Personas...!>

All except 9-Volt:
<You're digging yourself a deep hole>

<I'm making things up again, kind of>
<But this time it's helping a dozen people!>
<It's nothing so bad because this time>
<I'm not comitting a sin just by making things up again!>

Source: "Making Things Up Again," The Book of Mormon