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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Roy: Studies find that if you write down what you're worried about it can help you calm down.

Sunny: *Writes the word "everything".*

Source: Tumblr

Sylveon: Are you gay, straight or what?

Ammy:I’m definitely what.

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Colton: I'm stressed because I drink too much, and I drink too much because I'm stressed.

Colton: It's a vicious cycle...

Colton: Pounds an entire 40 oz.

Colton: That took years to perfect!

Source: Garfield

Julius: If I wanted to be a dick I’d sit in a hammock, shave my head and spit on a lingerie catalogue.

Source: Zero Punctuation

Gail: Indigenous species in Galar can be real aggressive, so it's important to take necessary precautions when approaching them.

Gail: Blasts an air horn in a Cramorant's face

Gail: Get fucked!

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