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Topic: Bitty's Death Battle Royale!

(TW: Death, in various gruesome ways)

The Rules

- The battlegrounds, whatever form they may take, are at a cosmic ley point where any combatant may draw their abilities from any plane they have experience with. All elemental types are boosted to the level that an Aura Nexus may provide, so that every combatant may fight to the peak of their abilities.

- Every combatant has access to any tools and resources they have ever been in possession of, and can pull them out of hammerspace at a moment's notice. A costume change will still require time.

- However, they do not have access to outside allies. Each human combatant may have a team of six Pokemon, and no more, out of any that they have ever been bound to by the Vow in their history. These Pokemon can be declared individually at any point, with an immediate cutoff once the sixth one has been declared. Any entity capable of autonomous thought is required to be of this category, and cannot be considered a tool (e.g. Honedge) or resource (e.g. mooks).

- Internal alliances between combatants are permitted, but the royale will not end until only one human combatant and/or what remains of their team of six are left standing.

- Pokemon Centers and Pokemarts are present for the sake of healing between combat encounters. They do not grant sanctuary.

- The battle's result is not predetermined by statistics; the decisions characters make can change the outcome just as their actual abilities in combat. This is a scene, not an analysis.

- The combatants of the battle royale are consciously aware of the rules by which the battle operates, to the letter.

- Pragmatism overrides sentimentality.

- There are no death wishes.

- Loopholes are encouraged.

Let the games begin!

-The world fades into a city. Not the sprawling expanses and skyscrapers one might associate with, say, Castelia, but large enough that nobody can quite see each other yet.-

-Of course, that's not for long. Vierr Qualtis's immediate first action is to close his eyes, and tune in with the Nexus around him. His senses stretch out around the area, and one by one, he becomes aware of his opponents. Kai, who has already sent out Spectrum, declaring her as their first team member. Skye, taking to the sky in Skarmory form. Diane, taking watch at the top of a building. Alyssa, merely wandering, taking in her surroundings. Rose at the Pokemon Center, checking her PC boxes to consider her team options. Scarlette, declaring Gus on her team immediately. And Mason, who already seems to be trying some illusionary bullshit.-

-Pff. As if Dark-type illusions had a chance against a pan-Auric in a Nexus.-

-Who Vierr doesn't pick up on is Echo. Her Aura Jammer is, of course, active, keeping her away from prying senses, and she's blending in with the faceless, undefined crowds. No action yet -- only observation.-

-Vierr picks his target, and starts advancing through the city.-

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Re: Bitty's Death Battle Royale!

Rooftop Rendezvous

-Skye finds somewhere to land, on the roof of an apartment complex. She crouches down at the edge and looks down at the street below, shifting to human form so that the streetlights don't reflect off her feathers and draw attention to her -- too late, it would seem, because another set of wings descends beside her, similarly shifting to a humanoid form.-

Diane: Hey, sweetie. Looking for someone?

-Skye doesn't turn her attention away from the street. She's quiet for a few seconds.-

Skye: ...You shouldn't... be here. You can't be the first one I hurt.

-Diane's expression falters slightly, but she steps closer, crouching next to her.-

Diane: I know that. Neither one of us wants to hurt the other. I was, y'know, hoping that we'd play the alliance card because of it.

-Skye shakes her head.-

Skye: You know the rules. If we make it to the end together as allies, we'll have nobody left to kill but each other.

Diane: Unless we've got a loophole~

-Diane grins, though it falters as Skye continues to keep her attention toward the street.-

Diane: ...Listen. Technically, we're both here as human combatants, right? But we're also both Pokemon. And technically, we've both, at one point or another, registered each other as the other's team member, for Pokeball safety purposes, right? So one of us can declare the other. That way, once we make it to the end, we're together and we stay together.

-Skye sighs, a hint of frustration welling up in her voice.-

Skye: I know that. I thought of that too. But there's no way just the two of us would make it out alive. They're all expert trainers and Aurics and survivalists, and we're just... us. Sure, we've got the experience, but we'll never have the numbers. So it's best if we both find someone else, so that we can both hope that we never have to be the one to kill the other.

-Diane just stares silently. After a moment, she follows Skye's gaze, down to where a shock of red hair can be seen making their way onward.-

Diane: ...You were planning on joining Kai's team the same way, I guess?

-Skye nods.-

Skye: It's... my best bet. I know them as a trainer more than anyone, even beyond them being my family. Pragmatism over sentimentality.

-Diane stands up, gaze distant as she processes Skye's decision.-

Diane: ...Right. Pragmatism. You'd have been better off not letting me know, then.

-Skye's eyes widen, but she doesn't get a chance to react much more than that as an obsidian blade sinks into the back of her neck, and she topples over the edge.-

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Re: Bitty's Death Battle Royale!

Contingency Plans

-A low, hazy fog hangs in the air throughout a neighborhood in the city. Within it, in a seemingly abandoned warehouse, Mason is crouched down, focusing. He exhales, and opens his eyes, looking around at the haze around him.-

Mason: ...That should... be enough. For now.

-He wipes the sweat from his forehead, and releases a Poke Ball.-

Mason: Corrin.

-The declaration is made, and Corrin appears from where the Poke Ball is tossed. She glances around at the haze.-

Corrin: <...Is this something you did?>

Mason: Yeah. We call it Twilight. Back when I was still living at home, Sinnoh was covered in it at one point, and... well, I was still myself, but most people who weren't especially close to me were turned into wisps. I was only able to mess with it a bit at the time, but it's tied to illusions and barriers, so... it's kind of my wheelhouse, as long as I'm tuned into the Nexus.

Corrin: <I see... so it's protecting us, then?>

Mason: Ideally. I'm buying us some time to figure out a game plan, and what we have at our disposal.

-Corrin nods.-

Corrin: <Right, okay. This... place, I guess, has a connection to the Metaverse, correct? So, I have access to my Personae.>

-As she says it, Yato-no-Kami manifests behind her in a swirl of blue flame.-

Mason: ...Useful. But I also chose you for the other side of the cosmos you're involved with. Y'know, before you came to our universe.

-Corrin blinks.-

Corrin: <Does this place's reach stretch that far?>

Mason: Xerneas, I hope so. If you can control your old dragon form, that would be an incredible advantage for us.

-After consideration, Corrin reaches back and pulls a Dragonstone out of hammerspace.-

Corrin: <Let's hope it works.>

-She clutches it, and in a flash not unlike Mega Evolution, her Hakamo-o form shifts into her familiar feral dragon form. She claws at the concrete floor.-

Corrin: {...I had almost forgotten what this form felt like. It's been a long time since I've had control of it.}

Mason: Control's what we need. Can you stay here and stand guard?

-The dragon tilts her head in confusion.-

Corrin: {I can, but over what?}

Mason: Over a contingency I'm going to leave here.

-Suddenly, his body is cloaked in Obscura. His breath catches, but he grits his teeth and focuses, through what appears to be a lot of pain. He staggers toward the wall to steady himself, wisps and sparks coursing through his body.-

Corrin: {Mason...?}

-Mason clutches at the shadows running through him, and with an agonized gasp, yanks them out of himself. He throws to the floor what appears to be a perfect double of himself.-

Corrin: {What the hell--?!}

-Mason takes a few breaths, before looking at Corrin.-

Mason: ...Remember what I told you about the last time I made one of these?

Corrin: {You-- you've made solid illusions before! I thought that-- these-- were made the same way, but more!}

Mason: I didn't get it right the first time! I needed to make sure everything was exact!

-Corrin stares at Mason, then at the comatose copy collapsed on the concrete.-

Corrin: {...Is it gonna wake up?}

Mason: Listen, it's a long shot, but I'm banking on it waking up if I die, through some weird loophole BS.

Corrin: {You're banking on-- did you really just spend that much energy for a plan you're pulling out of thin air?}

Mason: You're allowed to say "pulled out of your ass", you know.

Corrin: {I can't say something so crude!}

Mason: You just said "what the hell"!

Corrin: {That's completely different!}

Mason: ...Corrin, can you say 'fuck'? Are you able to say 'fuck'?

Corrin: {Why is this a question?!}

Mason: Isn't Blazing Sigil like, rated T? That's basically PG-13, so that means you can say 'fuck' once, right?

Corrin: {What are you even-- it's called the Fire Emblem!}

Mason: Whatever!

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Re: Bitty's Death Battle Royale!

Iron Diplomacy

-Alyssa is scared.-

-Not simply because cities are emphatically not her favored terrain. Ranger jokes aside, the fact that she is a Pokemon Ranger -- in training, nonetheless -- means her ability to defend herself is mostly limited to survival, and low-grade hunting. Against Aurics, former supervillains, and trainers literally Leagues above her in experience, the dangers of the wilderness are comparatively child's play.-

-Vow bonds. She's formed so many, and yet forgotten most of them. There's... a few which she could call on, which may offer some form of a chance, but they still pale so much in comparison.-

???: Aha, Alyssa! Just the girl I've been looking for.

-Alyssa yelps, whirling around to face the voice addressing her.-

Alyssa: A-ah! Dew, stand guard!

-As she is declared, Dew the Samurott bounds in front of Alyssa, brandishing a seamitar in a defensive stance. The individual raises her hands in a show of non-aggression, though the dog next to her does likewise step in between them.-

Scarlette: Hey, hey, hey, hold on a sec. I'm here to negotiate.

Dew: <Psh. It'd be a cinch to trim the competition a bit, so if yer serious, you'd better not try any funny business.>

Gus: <I don't think that would end well for anyone here.>

-Alyssa's hands twitch.-

Alyssa: ...Negotiate. What do you want?

Scarlette: An alliance, duh. We can have each other's backs 'til the end.

Alyssa: The end. Where we inevitably have to betray each other.

Scarlette: Look, you don't have to remind me of that, we all know that. But that won't be necessary if we both get stomped before it comes to it. I know that we're outclassed.

Dew: <How humble. Comin' from a League champion, too.>

Alyssa: Didn't you fight a... some sort of Mythical, and beat it?

Scarlette: Sure. That's how you know I can offer you a chance. I was trained by Team Iron to take down gods, after all. And there's a few of those I'm certain we're gonna end up meeting. I've got the tactics we're gonna need, but you have an arsenal uniquely specialized to stand a chance against the ones we'll meet.

Alyssa: ...I'm sorry?

-Scarlette begins walking to the side, somewhat circling around Alyssa to keep distance without having two Pokemon in the way of her monologue.-

Scarlette: I'm sure you know Rose's deal. She's got a Heatran she could declare, and I have no doubt she's gonna do it. And I think Kai's bond with that little Ho-oh is strong enough to invoke, too. Now, what do they have in common?

-Alyssa frowns.-

Alyssa: They're Fire-type.

Scarlette: And you have an affinity for water. If we're gonna take down those two -- especially an ancient Heatran -- our best bet is to drown it out.

Dew: <Pretty stupid of you to just throw that advice out, ain't it? We could take it and run with it.>

Scarlette: But you're not going to, because you need someone to cover your weaknesses. A team of only Water-types is gonna be countered pretty easily, no matter how many of you there are. And besides...

-With sufficient distance from Dew, she pulls out a pistol with a Team Iron insignia on the side, pointing it at Alyssa. Dew and Alyssa's eyes both widen.-

Scarlette: Like you said, it'd be a cinch to trim the competition. One false move from either of you, and I see how the Team Iron Security Department's marksman training holds up.

Alyssa: You had a gun the whole time!?

Scarlette: Part of the field kit, pal. We were aspiring godkillers, why wouldn't we have the tools to kill someone lower than that on the food chain?

Gus: <We could end you, and whatever team you were hoping to come up with, right now, and then bank on keeping a low profile until the resident gods tear each other apart. But we're giving you a chance to make it to the end, and perhaps some time to come up with a plan to take us out afterward, if you feel lucky.>

Scarlette: Doesn't that sound nice?

Alyssa: ...

-Alyssa trembles, but nods.-

Alyssa: ...Okay. I-I accept.

Dew: <Mark my words, you twisted freak, I'm gonna personally take yer head off yer shoulders once we don't need you anymore. But we'll work with you.>

Scarlette: Great! I'm looking forward to our partnership.

-Scarlette puts the gun away, and gestures for Alyssa and Dew to follow her. She waits for Gus to keep an eye in between them again before she finally looks away, and Alyssa shares a grimace with Dew before tailing the others.-

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