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Re: Things

I'm not actually replying to any post in specific in this one, but mostly bringing up a number of temporary "quality of life" issues that we could discuss and work on.

Temporary Sign-up Closing

Now, the thing is, we are starting a new arc, one that would be expected to have a fair share of multi-franchise weight if things go well and that does not necessarily follow a plot known beforehand (as in, we are not following any of the games). As such I was wondering if it could be of convenience to close Sign-ups for short time, I am thinking in the order of a couple of weeks up to a month.

The reasoning for this proposal goes with a number of issues. First, I feel the Entralink Arc is not exactly a good time to welcome new people into the RP, as this part of the arc and the year tends to come with different expectations than we usually run wit. There's the festivities part coming up soon though at least in that front I'd guess everyone will be busier, but it's still a factor. Another thing is that people trying to join in now might end up requiring more attention than we can spare during the first part of the arc, potentially leaving a new member dangling without us noticing.

There's another issue behind things about how the RP is being sold or advertised to people and how we have to take good care that people who come come in for a "Pokémon RP with other stuff sprinkled in" and not "multifranchise mayhem with some Pokémon sprinkled in", among other perceptions, but in PMs with other people I agree that that is a thing that requires its own line of discussion.

Now, I don't assume that people will try to join specifically during the early part of the arc, but having Signups closed while we figure various things out well takes some weight off from both ourselves and applicants without demanding too much from anyone. That's why I was thinking of closing temporarily here, and not later during the arc or in a next arc at a time we might be wanting more people but not be in good condition to take them in.

WAAPT Services Census

Another thing that has come to mind is that, with time, we have acquired a number of new players and expanded our services. But we don't have much information about who is using what services, or why.

Like, what if we could start the next year knowing "hey, Member X never got their wiki account, what if they need / want one?" or "Hey, I, DIO! Member Z, never got to use my tropi.us account, I forgot the password and the login even!" To be fair, we are spread across a TVT thread, a wiki, a forum, a Mumble, a Discord, and who knows what else. It'd be nice to know if anyone has problem with them.

So I was wondering if people were okayish with the idea of running a small census of WAAPT services during the upcoming weeks, if only to help bring some things up to speed for the people who are missing their X / Y / Z account.

Receiving thoughts, as usual.

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Re: Silent's Discussion Posts

re: Signups Closing

Notes taken regarding the idea, as well as holding that secondary, separate conversation at some point.

And now,

re: Evan Septimius

aka Bit's proposal for an adaptation of Ben 10.

Before anything else:

>not naming him Evan Seeben

(from Seeben... get it? SeeBen? ...Okay I'll go now)

But hey that's still good that he has a family name related to his number tongue

Now, while the idea of a Ben 10 inspired arc I feel can fit pretty well with the tone of the RP given the kind of humour and pacing that I remember both the original series and AF having - and stuff like the Inconvenient Times, of course! - I do am quite concerned about the involvement of a specific factor.

Why yes, the Omniband.

Quoting what I discussed with Bit previously (and fair note, these concerns are being dealt with; we'd still like to gauge a lot more opinion than a sample of two tho), it basically boils down to the following:

we already have the Armbands which allow a human to replace a Pokémon where Pokémon is concerned, but the Omniband goes even further and, at least the way I feel about the franchise, flies in the face of everything that is humans with Pokémon. With an Omniband, the human not only replaces a Pokémon but replaces six or more at a time, and even the whole concept of a Trainer and Pokémon team. So while I could see it being a thing, I wouldn't really be comfortable with it existing past the media arc.

We definitively feel it is a thing to bring up as we have quite differing perceptions on the RP in a broad sense. I feel like this needs a strong check in order to pass, likely stronger a check than other things we have done before, because I can't really see well where this can lead regarding my previous concerns about not making the RP "Justice League" or "X-Men" instead of "Pokémon". The Omniband does also have an element of allowing a human to functionally replace a (any) Pokémon in a context in which a Pokémon character could just as well be doing the same work (or IMO even better) and it also makes it so in that the Pokémon character the sample is taken from is, narratively speaking, reduced to the role of an inanimate transformation trinket; in this way, I do get some minor ReBurst vibes from this. That said, and once again quoting myself,

i would 15x times prefer to see the RP adapting style and things from like the Ben franchise, with its kind of humour and plot devices, than [from] something like the X-Men

And there are a good number of reasons for that. Did I already mention the kind of lightheartedness and humour with the inconvenient moments for transformation, or why the conflict of each episode happens? But that's not all. Ben 10 as a series concept always seemed to me to have a stronger focus on "what can the characters do" (to solve the Problem of the Day) than eg.: 90's Marvel's "what things can be done". There's also that things like powers in B10 are better defined mechanically than in stuff like DC, let alone Marvel. So working out the mechanics and adapting stuff is both easier and leaves less things out.

(Bit has made a fair point over IM that stuff like Aura is more Marvel-esque in the RP already than a Ben 10 adaptation would be due to a number of iffynesses in its design, to which I agree, so that does give our discussion some more specific tints that might not be well perceivable from the outside)

So basically I would like to see this, and I do trust that a veteran like Bit can pull something like this out well. (That not be taken as a statement whether Bit is old tongue ) But at the same time not that much as to give this a pass without checking that we don't further damage what I consider one of the main tenets of running a Pokémon RP. In particular if there's any open vehicle by which the Omniband itself would continue to be a thing past the arc.

Now, assuming this goes under a good check for balance and passes, I do have a number of concerns and suggestions regarding the mechanics and stylstic elements proper of the arc.

To wit:

* Transformation as Clone or Mold?

I would like better clarification on whether upon taking a sample of a Pokémon specimen, Evan will become a clone (or such) of that specific specimen -with all the implications re: identity and stuff- or merely a more generic "Evan but as a Pokémon". I think upon further posts this has mostly been solved, am mostly waiting for the operative word.

* The Omniband is a thing and turning into Pokémon is a thing, but... how will we define what moves will Evan be able to use? And how will Moves work with the Omniband in general.

My current idea is to take a light jab at ourselves and the Pokémon franchise and make it so that it functions like sanctioned battles: upon transforming, Evan has access to all the moves that the "cloned" specimen knows, but is still limited to only using up to four (4) (cuatro) at a time (ie.: until the transformation wears out). It can even serve as a worldbuilding point depending on why does the Omniband exist IU. Plus it can lead to Even more Plot (In?)Conveniences!

* Where is (the equivalent of) Granpa Max?

Come on it's Ben 10. It can't be a Ben 10 thing without Granpa Max. And if so what kind of involvement will the character have?

* Ditto re.: will there be a roadtrip? @Tangent: Evan's Bizarre Adventures: Portal Chasers!

* What Pokémon are out of bounds for transformation?

I'm gonna go with the simple and obvious choice here: all Legendaries, of course. Also supporting disabling Ditto because of the obvious reasons, and suggesting also disabling Type:Null due to its special Legendary-class clause.

* Transformation Duration

Bit already posted this in a further D!post so I think this is mostly covered from my perspective, except pointing out in case it wasn't done before, that the number of posts for the duration of the transformation can be changed via prearrangement between the involved players, I think.

* Transformation Slots

While this might have appeared to be obvious in hindsight, I am presuming the Omniband can only store one sample of each of the seven Sampled Species? Meaning, no seven (potentially somewhat different) Staraptor transformations, no matter how cool and rad would that be.

Anyway, that would be my input for the moment. Bit and I would welcome more commentary on this matter.

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Re: Silent's Discussion Posts

re: Omniband

Taking replies from Bit's quote and exposition.

I pretty much agree with the entirely of the ideas re: how to bring up GRANDPA MAX™, as well as the listing of Pokémon the Omniband can not grant TF of. I think the idea of bringing up a Type:Null Pokéform for [KEVIN ANALOGUE], if any, can work and fit pretty well if we can find a justification that is workable and - more specifically - if we find the character something important to do with it.

(My "broad strokes" proposal is that the Type:Null Pokéform for [KEVIN ANALOGUE] could be a vehicle to give a Type:Null to a universe that doesn't have any, as [KEVIN ANALOGUE] would comprise the starting sample. That would give something both abstract and "heroic" to do with a Type:Null without actually using the Legendary, and it could be a means to have a Type:Null created out of good intention and good science rather than more egoistical experimentation, but we'd have to check how to do it from an in-universe perspective in the affected universe because we'd have to be dealing with stuff like Pokémon cloning. inb4 Or a helpful Mew)

Doing stuff with the Omniband in a manner involved in the Main Plot I guess could be okay; I am still however going to be concerned with the device itself lasting more than whatever its immediate required narrative impact is, but it does allow us to space and adjust things better than a media arc would do, true thing.

re: AAAAHHHLIMITAH POWERRRR!!!!!! Infinite Energy

aka http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?di … 1335#33372

...Admittedly I am going to say I kind of... assumed that that was a sort of already the case. It only makes some sense considering that things like Infinite Energy and Mega Evolution could somehow be linked...

On a more mechanical sense I'd expect that humans are able to produce, but (for the most part) not store, Infinite Energy even if in such a small quantity. Moreover since the energy humans use or produce is not filtered by things such as types (eg.: draconic energy potentially bouncing off or interacting in near-inert ways with Fairy types), it would be easier for humans to produce Infinite Energy than it is for Pokémon; it0s just that the resulting energy is too little to do something with it unless it is instant use, like when triggering a ME.

But yeah, overall I'd say humans should be able to produce trace amounts of IE.

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Re: Silent's Discussion Posts

re: J-Dan

aka http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?di … 1338#33435

My largest concern stems from this:

Sarah — an already grief-stricken individual — rallied up as much of the J-Team as she could to put an end to Cipher once and for all, using her super-empathic powers granted by her Heart of Gold to sway anyone who wasn't completely set in their morals one way or another.

(emphasis added)

I am, out of various personal concerns, touchy about these kinds of plots involving the ability to mass-thrall people (or worse). So I'd like to have more conversation regarding the various thresholds and conditions in-universe to see this work. Other than that, I pretty much like the idea, as it seems to be a practical and expectable way to play out a conflict within the J-Team without having to shake the meta status quo of "player characters allied with evil don't mingle well with the playerbase", so kudos on coming up with the idea.

Now, from what I am seeing this involves Ho-Oh having been offed by you know who, however, in this case I am thinking, if RP!Silent was to be involved, he'd very likely have a hint, or be able to fetch evidence, that the official tale of how Ho-Oh died is wrong or at least suspect. After all, Maekrite is a Ho-Oh EX-branded.

(Do we care to solve the question, speaking of, of if EX branding dies with the brander or is somehow transferable / returnable or else what happens to it? I don't think any other character but Spectrum is affected in the current scenario, but it might be of further interest.)


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Re: Silent's Discussion Posts

re: Vampires

aka: this proposal and the conversation following.

While I have given some input before on the matter, it has been quite disorderly due to IRL getting on the way. So I'm gonna repeat some points.

I am, in general, fine with the idea if applied in an also in general sense. It just feels like it is the kind of thing that can perfectly go well if other as-well-common things like weremons have been able to been adapted. I'm not like, eager to have vampires in the RP, but I don't think that's because they can't work or that they don't fit. My concerns are more mechanical in nature, I guess that's kind of usual.

Brief of concerns:

* I agree with logical extension of concept. Vampires as life-drainers make lots of sense when we have lots of other things that interact with a concept of life energy, even if that is still a bit more abtract than I would like.

That said, I would rather keep it at the threshold of a logical extension and not overdevelop the concept to the point it takes a definition of its own (we'd know because, I think, it would feel like "a completely different thing that we call vampirism because we lack a better name"). In particular, it needs to remain tied to the nature of Pokémon in the sense that this needs to take place in a Pokémon world (though  of note I would not say it has to be related to Pokémon themselves specifically; it could very well have come to be something related to eg.: the Bittercold if it had been developed from a completely different angle).

* I do have the concern of if the whole Vampire thing does have to be Aura-related specifically? In particular because Infinite Energy, a different facet, is also mentioned. I would rather keep tabs on Aura feature creep while we still can, and I don't see a leading reason why vampirism would have to be tied to Aura *and* IE versus other forms of life energy. Though I also have the "reverse" concern that having it tied to only IE would likely be worse, as it is already a much less defined concept.

* I am totally okay with thralls not being a thing because of both my own personal concerns regarding stuff like overwriting personality / identity as well as the issues that kind of thing would bring up within the playerbase. Also, would rather vampires not sparkle; the effect of them being very gay and very pose-prone should be enough.

(Plus, to be fair, on a matter of practicality, them sparkling would kind of defeat the stealth needed to attack their victims, but that's a whole different issue)

* Agree with Jojoposing, I guess that's kind of a given. (How is that even portrayed in writing btw? Asking here the players with more experience with the stuff tongue )

* what happens to victims? The thing with vampirism described as draining the life energy of things is that, well, live things probs need their life energy to live. Also there's the whole farming of humans / mons as stock for lifefood which is already a concern of its own. We probably need to hash out what would happen to both PC and NPC victims before we start liberally having stuff happen to them.

In particular, there needs to be a cure and or some form of resistance / immunity. And whether a character is inflicted to vampirism or not should not be forced IMO.

One thing that does come to mind would be that in the least the more mechanical or inorganic Pokémon should be either immune to the effects of vampirism (but can still have their life energy drained off them since IE is a thing) or have an intrinsic trait related to their inorganicness that makes it very difficult for vampires to track them down or take them down.

Another idea that comes to mind regarding that is whether vampires can drain life energy from a Substitute, since I don't think we have a that well defined idea of how Substitute operates but it has to at least be good enough to fool an attacker and or taking their hits on its own, which means it needs to have some sort of level of automation or at least lifelike response and decision-making. Meaning they are kind of... one time ambulatory life energy tanks tongue

* Regarding the victims there's also the issue of what happens to the attackers. Since their situation does involve either attacking Pokémon to consume them, or attacking humans outside of the range allowed in a Pokémon battle, I am going to guess that Vampires' activities and probably their very existence is considered to be Fair Game™ / not protected by The Vow's terms? Among other things, simply because the above ideas of "consuming" plus their viral / contagion element would place any Vampire at the same position of a Manslayer / Vow Breaker.

Some of those points are already partially addressed at chat discussion, but I would like a more formalized definition of capabilities, thresholds and narrative consequences thereof.

In an almost tangential manner, the whole idea of Infinite Energy being used to rejuvenate and lengthen one's lifespan does bring up an interesting twist on things... Infinite Energy-based beauty treatments. I mean, if Vampires exist and they eventually are or were examinated scientifically, a development like ths is likely to come out. In particular since we have decided that humans can produce minute amounts of the stuff.

On yet another matter, the Vampires proposal also brings up an addendum proposal for a Ghost-type Leech Life-like move. Quoting from the D!post itself:

I was thinking it would be specifically on par with Giga Drain, Horn Leech, and Drain Punch, in that it's a 75 base power move that recovers half of the damage dealt. The big questions are what it would be called, and whether it's a physical or special move; I'm leaning Ghost-type, physical (+ contact), and heck, it could even be a biting move. Soul Bite, maybe? tongue

My personal thoughts are since this would be kind of the "defining" move of life leeching, it should feel like it is more dangerous but also more readily accessible. Giga Drain level of stuff is a bit too strong for my tastes (better to have a different, "Dementor Kiss" like signature move with stronger mechanics but kept as signature IMO). I would say that the more "generic" life leech move should have mechanics closer to Mega Drain but with the added effect of something like, say, an increased Critical chance, or an increased recovery ratio. I agree it should be a contact move, but I don't really have a good idea if it should be Phys or Spec.

That way, a more Signature-esque move could be designed with stronger and stricter mechanics, I am thinking something like a Giga Drain but with 85-90 BP at the cost of a somewhat lower recovery ratio (35-45%?).

But overall, any generics that make a Leech Life-like move feel more general and not too overdone would be nice. In particular I think it needs to be not powerful enough but at the same dangerous or risky enough for the target, that it evokes the idea of a slow but sure "death" (well, faint).

That would be my take on the leech life-like move issue.

And those would be my ideas on the current vampirism-related ideas general.


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Re: Silent's Discussion Posts

For a Completely Outsider Thing

(as in, proposal for the Outside Context Boss Ability

Sounds quite sensible actually, although I am wondering why do we need an actual Ability for this and not just a statement of design. But from what I read it balances out quite well. I would give it a go given a couple of adjustments / conditions:

* The ability attempts to retain 1-to-1 mapping in preserving the degree of weaknesses (and resistances, for symmetry). Meaning, if a Pokémon boss would normally have 2 4x weaknesses and 1 2x weakness, after Outsider is applied it still needs to have 2 4x weaknesses and 1 2x weakness. More than anything else, this is to help balance out the applicability of other kidns of weaknesses compared to type, such as "weak only to steel blades", but still, it'll only mostly make sense when remapping weaknesses to types.

* The ability is restricted in its distribution to -and only to- one-off bosses that are "done" after the battle. In particular, it should not be accessible to an NPC that takes position in the plot as a boss and would after that become a recurrent NPC. (Of course, the boss keeping the ability between "phases" of the battle should be possible)

Other than that, I do have a suggestion that I feel helps keep the balance of going "into" a fight with a boss:

* Outsider would be allowed to stack with abilities that affect only the opponent. For example, Outsider would not stack with Levitate, which modifies the weakness chart, or with Soundproof which adds immunity to a "trait"; both those abilities are self-boosts (or detriments). OTOH it should be allowed to stack with eg.: Intimidate, which only affects the opponent (and does so once) or Drought (which changes an environmental factor during the battle). What are your thoughts on this?

re: Back to the Future

aka: Phayza's proposal

Where are the Pokémon in this? Also, how is this going to work to going back to eg.: previously posted times in the RP, where we should not be modifying stuff?

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Re: Silent's Discussion Posts

re: Robots

(Since that was finally brought up)

Like I've said before in chatroom, my position is that robots, in and of itself, is not the issue. There are a number of subyacent issues, Tangent for example mentions scope, for me it's mostly (de-)adaptability and scale. And, as my usual position is, that it should always be Pokémon on the forefront - and I don't mean simply the fights.

But perhaps it is worth to examine a bit the history of why these things are a problem. See, the conversation about the growing focus on things like robots or space has been going on for a while already, it's not like the position about them switched from positive to negative just now, but I guess only now it was that it built up enough of a weight to actually become an issue that has to be discussed. I'm sure someone will come up and explain the Tale of 49, as well as other Big Tales of Derailment that we have faced; needless to say, they have left a sour taste in our mouths regarding how far is going too far when allowing this RP to kinda try and be about anything.

Since this is a matter that required a good amount of talking that that might actually lead me to write an Essay in the future to complement Every's Essay, I think I will just focus on the points that I consider driving.

* This should be an RP primarily about a Pokémon world. That does not mean we can not have robots and virtual maids (the canon has both, mind; cyborgs I'm not sure), but it means the design of all those things has to consider that the world itself runs on Pokémon. For example a good call would be having the "remote bodies" of sorts that can be run by a Porygon, or a scifantasy golem companion using Golett design as a base (they are canonically artificial after all). A bad call would have this technology be uplifted to the point that it completely surpasses Pokémon, such as being undetectable to undistinguishable to them. That has a meaning and impact on some of the things I mention below.

* One of the problems that has been seen regarding the overall ideas of robots and space stuff is the problem of tone. And with this I don't mean "grimdark" or "owww the edge", but rather tone as in "sounding like a Pokémon thing" when discussing it - including such things as the issues that would come from discussing a Skynet (something that actually took place in the chatroom, and was not distinguishable as a "joke" because it was never pointed to be such in an RP discussion topical channel - which is yet another subject I'll have to plant my foot on later) or "overshilling" some of the robot things to the point of making them sound like they'd solve every problem and surpass Pokémon in any criticism that is brought up.

* There is an actual more on-metal (snerk) thing about tone that others can discuss better than me, I think. It has to do with what things such plots should be able to achieve.

* Another problem is scale and the applicability it has.  Here it has more to do with how much the subject matter injects or impacts on other things or stretches attention in the RP. Space Ampharos, for example, are a thing IN SPACE and can totally be a thing and it works, but one of the big reasons why it works is because they don't really inject on other (space or not) related things on the RP or weigh them down. Things dealing with Space Ampharos do not have such a grand scale that it would feel like everything from the atmosphere upwards could be impacted by them. With or without Space Ampharos the RP remains largely the same, which is something I'll discuss under de-adaptability.

* Another reason why Space Ampharos work: they are just a silly thing that does not need to depend on particular rules of the universe because they barely impact anything. They are not hard science or hard fantasy (at some points they almost don't even qualify for low fantasy). Trying to import hard scifantasy things into the RP causes problem when one wants to follow them with the same degree of scifi-hardiness, because the world we have simply does not work like that. Now, that does not mean a blanket going for the opposite: one of the big things the 49 case was was, precisely, extremely low scifi. But "hard" is much harder to adapt with tone, hence the name. And it has good reasons to.

* And now, de-adaptability. A term I just coined up (I hope), and basically is the converse of adaptability: how easily can we filter out something that was brought into the RP without damaging the events and plots it was brought for. It is, for me, one of the big tests to run when deciding on the ability to import a media arc and it essentially relates to the idea that once that plot line ends, the RP has to be able to return to normal function with the things that were brought up not necessarily disappeared, but at least certainly faded into the background in an unobstructive manner.

For example: making infiltration robot technology serialized to the level that it could be available to the general public, for example, would completely break the inmersion in a world that can not ignore this development: it breaks everything. Keys has such a thing going on for example with an universal Monese translator and, being aware of these issues, it was designed in very specific ways: it was to be a PEFE test, run-on during the RP, carried out in the background, and not ever producing a satisfying in-universe result until we ever deem it appropriate, but still being able to produce good enough intermediate results that it can be used as a side thing in plots.

In the past for example I rejected some plots about mons who would go to regions and infiltrate the wild colonies there precisely because it would have broken stuff I have for the Goldenrod colony in irreconciliable ways. So that's a good litmus test.

* Which brings me to an issue about most both soft and hard scifi: serialization. If a breaking technological advancement can be mass-produced, then it breaks immersion to try and return to the RP as it was overall-normal before it. Like I said above, it could not be ignored. It is basically about technologies that, were they available, would change everything. So design of the idea has to consider not only how to avoid it becoming a problem in the future, it also has to solve the issue of why was it not already a problem in the past. It is one of the reasons the Pokefutures backstory plot goes as it does, which basically leaves us the various hooks with "we have to deal with this formerly *confined* Pokefutures remnant".

Now, I'm leaving those subjects mostly for the discussion that is going to have to be had. As for the matter at hand:

* This world is a Pokémon world, meaning Zeerust is in order. We have 1600s-tier farms a couple days walk from the high-tech drone-driven city of LaRousse, and that's canon. Raising a blanket moratorium of any kind on robot stuff is counterproductive from that and some other angles.

* Robots and cyborgs themselves is not the issue; stretching their capabilities and importance so as to eclipse or replace other things in a work that is not a hard scifi Space / Michael Bay thing, is.

* More than limiting the abilities the robots / androids / etc can have, which is something I had the understanding that it is something was already overall going well, what interests me is limiting the influence the robots can have past their arc. In particular the inflitration kind. As per the various points above: once the arc ends, the world needs to return to being able to run under the idea that this is not a Gattaca or Michael Bay Transforers dystopia.

* If we want to go with limiting the robots / androids / whatever, the key idea I'm for in is since they are built for infiltration, they share the weaknesses of what they are trying to imitate (where possible). A big point for me is that infiltration robots can not be completely or largely undistinguishable by creatures as varied in sensory ability as Pokémon -and even then, remember this is a world where 10 year old children are sent out to the world with Everything Sensors-. I for one would have a very hard time believing that all of Roc (hypersensing bird), Zecora (psychic), Foudre (feline vision), Maekrite (good hearing) and Pandinus (chemosensitivity) would not be able to sense something wrong with the guy back at the corner.

Other thoughts on the matter would likely come later.

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Re: Silent's Discussion Posts

Re: Signups

There's lot that I have said and can still say, but I think I want to point out two basic things.

* We should ask for something. We can not really test that people have reasonably read the Essays except with a written test, administering which would be going quite overboard; but the idea is still to have a recognizable procedure by which we (at least try to) get people informed.

* As Every has pointed out, the information in the Essay is not really testable in a quick way in a Signup. But an indication of having read the Essay is at least a commitment to respond to it. IMO, part of what is being asked is that the signee can have the modicum of deference to follow simple instructions or guidelines when they are told to when they are useful to them. And it is a deference to the community as a whole, as the first time something bad happens, we can and should be able to tell the person "hey, you had this document as a guideline".

* For what little we ask, what we are asking is almost almost almost the absolute minimum. The only way we can ask people to do less is if we ask them to find one word instead of two, really.

* As a person, I'll always maintain that we should do more than ask (or do) the absolute minimum, but that is a subject for after the specific issue of discoverability as pointed out below is well discussed.

* I agree much that a good part of the issue is discoverability. The words should not be overly hidden - heck, probably not even minimally hidden. We are not trying to test for noneuclidean thought function. If they are to be done more visible, I very much agree with that. (Just not to the extreme of the use Microsoft Word wordart of a <BLINK> tag, I guess)

* Down the line, we are evening the ground for fairness. When thinking deeper about it, it's not too much different than just clicking next on an EULA-that-noone-ever-reads in that sense, so I guess if anyone can come up with a better idea that is not absolute overkill but is also not a free-pass, I'm Nido ears.

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Re: Silent's Discussion Posts

re: Signups (2)

@Tangent: Merely providing a link to the Essays does not prove access, merely availability (and from a technical standpoint not even that). I can search for the page in google for example and just copypaste the link, without ever actually visiting the page. Moreover, I could save the link and publish it in a public pastebin for everyone who wants to sign in to access.

It's not the best thing to take as a measure for reading and not much else either, but at least it is a task we can simplify, I think the suggestions so far about moving the codewords to the end might make the most sense.

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Re: Silent's Discussion Posts

re: "How am I doing?"

aka Umbra's post

I think you are doing fine. I mean, it's a really big thing of an Arc! I can see people are doing lots of things and bringing in ideas so far doesn't end, which IMO is a very good indicator.

Since we are rating in Dunsparces, I'll give it HGSS!Dunsparce Dunsparces.

Half jokingly half serious, you maybe should, like, as a GM poke me to post more I guess but that's me also being hypocritical tongue

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re: Status

I usually don't do this but.

Some of you might have noticed I am less present in the chatrooms than usual and that I'm not showing up in Discord as of late either. There's a good reason for that.

Winter has been stressful, needing me to wake up earlier and get back home later due to weather. Work has been stressful now that I am moved to another position to hold the fort in Backend while the company is "undergoing some re-structuration" (yeah, you can freely guess what is that codeword for). So I don't have that much "spare" time at work either. Chronic treatment has not been stressful, in fact it brings good results and it's much welcome, but it is still noticeably tiring. Home is tired because of all of the above.

Alas I don't have a solar-powered fluffy ball of paws, overlording and anti-stress.

Anyway, I've chosen to cut down on the amount of things I'm focusing at a time so that I can survive this winter more productively. There's writing contests, company re-structuration and a number of other things I have to deal with and I can't, for the time being, multitask as well as I used to. I'm still available over tropi.us IM if needed, and if pointed to at things I can go take a look later, but for the time being most of my presence in the chatrooms will be limited to administrative matters.

And or sharing cat pictures and memes. That's the kind of things that helps be less stressed.

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re: Mode

Announcement that starting today and for the duration of the week I am officially in Writing Contest Mode. That means that from my usual schedule of "any time I'm around", consulting hours are moved to between 8 and 5 every other Thursday. No cookies for getting the reference. It also means I am looking for one or two, tops, candidate beta readers / reviewers for a crash check on Thursday night the latest.

No, I don't know yet what will the story be about or how much will I try to put into it. That's for tomorrow me after lunch to figure out. Expect Pokémon tho.

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Battle Bond

As in this post

In general terms I feel adding (to a move that doesn't have) or removing a secondary effect as a modification would be OK but I still want to know what the move in question is and the changes proposed, since we seem to want to examine this in a case by case basis anyway.  In broad scope, basically mirroring what Bit says.

Since these kinds of changes are per-specimen rather than a broad scope mechanics change, two factors that I will also consider are that:

1.- as with other per-specimen specifics like say Shadow Pokémon, their usage in Gym Battles / league battles, as well as inter-player battles, is restricted to previous public agreement between the parts (in the case of gym leaders, that mostly means in-universe agreement or some sort of license).
2.- as per usual, the modification is first checked for balance OOU, but I guess that's a given. It'll also help document what characters have what specific variations.

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Re: Mars

aka: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?d … ment-34046

we want Opportunity back

Since I was the one to raise the original concern, it's about time I caught up.

The concerns that were raised up mainly went on two facets:

* Avoiding drastic changes to the worldbuilding on a largely uninspected (by canon) aspect of the universe. Exploring and constructing Mars is not too different than exploring and constructing a fanon region but it does open up far more holes for us to face some.... hit-and-run "worldbuilding"-close-quotes that then we have to either retcon or hastily fix.
* Keeping, where possible, the RP focused on what it should be: about Pokémon Trainers doing Trainer things, and avoiding a focus on a Space Race that changes the topics too much.

On both accounts I feel a general response to satisfaction, and Silence agreeded that a D!post would help make sure that we were all communicating on the same page about what were the issues we had, since each mod has different focuses and hence different concerns.

Limitation of the scope and timeframe of missions is, for me, for the most part okay. I still think the trips from and to Mars is quite too quick (3 days compared to an expectation of a 1-2 weeks range), in particular considering that there's already plans for Mars hotels (disregard, miscommunication) ; but if this is not a speed-up available for everyone in the RP it should not be a problem.

Porygon-manned missions only mostly make me wonder if they feel too alone out there but there is already a bit of nice conversation about that.

Regarding the worldbuilding aspect, I think the general note here covers things mostly well:

I don't think we'll need to worry about regional mons and alien mons, the only aliens we need to worry about are already canon and are more often than not just visitors to our solar system. The last Mars mission had fossils of sorts to imply that Mars may have once held life or something approaching what we currently consider life before something went wrong.

Keeping potential planetary variants out of the picture is sane for the time being, and that kind of stuff requires a much more planned Discussion, even the stuff that is already grandfathered such as Space Ampharos we ought to be more planning and conservative with; but at the moment I do not foresee issues.

I feel like interplanetary variants of stuff that is already canon interplanetary (Deoxys, Clefairy, Solrock/Lunatone, etc) is an interesting prospect to land more thought into, in particular for more scope-limited Media Arcs, and does not cause strong changes compared to what we already have.

Fossils? I don't mind them, I like the implications; so long as there's no lead to actual revivification attempts (yet). Can serve well for side arcs / character histories, also to goad GF Spy into doing more things (I know you are out there, pun intended). I also don't mind an RP-led mission to either rescue Opportunity (and Spirit, too) or to dome the location to later make it into an in-universe museum project.

Other mods might have stronger and stricter concerns regarding how much Space Race is too much so I'll wait for more input from them.

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On Side-line maybe-canon things

So, I took the liberty of writing a PMD: Gates to Infinity one-shot where Firuz, that intern from back when I was more active, got Isekai'd to the world of the game and has to deal with plot and stuff (those of you who remember the character are probably laughing now).

While this is intended to be Suocéverse, I was wondering, under suggestion from Tracer, if there was a chance to make this also canon or semi-canon to WAAPT. How? Well, the easiest way without breaking anything is that either OU!Firuz or Otherverse!Firuz is the character who gets transplanted into the Suocéverse PMD. (I'm more partial towards OU!Firuz since the Otherverse!interns don't really have that "working for Silent" karma that the OU!interns have).

Complementarily, it could also be considered a "shared history" with PMD-A, in the sense of "this could also have been how things went in PMD-A" until something comes up in WAAPT Arcs that supersedes it.


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