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Topic: Umbra's Sun And Moon Demo Liveblog!

Hello all! This is a sequel to this little number I did for the ORAS demo and a prequel of sorts to the one of a different flavor of Sun proper I'm doing on Tumblr. Two notes:

1: It's highly recommended you read the ORAS demo one or refresh your memory on it if you already have; it happens to be actually relevant to this one.

A: As before, this baby was written live as I played the demo, with me alternating between playing and writing as I went!

With that, hope you enjoy the show! I certainly had fun writing this!

-the curtains open on Solgaleo and Lunala-

Lunala: Greetings, humans and lesser mons!

Solgaleo: Has it really been two years?

Lunala: You thought the adventures of the great Steven stalker Umbra were over when he was ruthlessly DENIED...

Solgaleo: But his adventure has continued! From Hoenn all the way to our very own ALOLA!

Aformentioned Alola

-cut to me sitting in a house in Alola, sobbing-

Solgaleo: Two years later, our dubious hero still hasn't gotten over the rejection of his beloved crush!

Me: Stevie WHYYYYYYYYY -cartoon fountains of tears-

Lunala: But things change when he receives a mysterious package from across space and time...

-I walk outside still trailing the fountains of tears until I see my mailbox has something in it-

Me: ...H-huh?

-opens the mailbox to find a Pokeball and a letter; reads the latter and my mood brightens-

Someone sent me a Greninja!

-looks quizzically at the letter-

But they never signed their name... For some reason I feel they might be a Kutcher or a Williams... or maybe a Tarji!

My Mom: Sweetie, we have to go!

Me: Coming!

-Grabs the Pokeball and runs-

City Hall

My Mom: Hey Umbra! Did you know that when you greet Alolans you say "Alola?"

Me: Wow, so the TV shows and movies and video games weren't lying to me! big_smile

-My mom talks to the receptionist a bit and turns to me-

They're doing the paperwork for our move from the Kanto region... We should-

Me: Run around unsupervised? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

-I start exploring the city hall-

I can run around in actual circles here! Whee!

Nearby Machamp: <Kid, I'm trying to watch TV! You make a better revolving door than a window!>

-I move towards the door only to be AMBUSHED...-

-By a dark-skinned teen in a black t-shirt and orange backpack-

Hau: Hey, is your name Umbra?

Me: Indeedy it is!

Hau: -grins- I'm Hau! Nice to meet you! I'm glad my grandpa demanded I see you in City Hall - he said he heard you were weird and creepy, but you don't seem that way at all!

Me: Golly gee willikers thanks! I never get that!

My mom: (A chapherone, perfect...) Hau, keep a tight lea- er, take good care of Umbra for me!

Hau: Nice to meet you, Umbra's mom!

My mom: Yes I am! Alola! Now get him off my ba- er, go exploring!

Hau: Ooh, that sounds like a great idea! I'll show you the cool stuff, Umbra!


-Me and Hau run out; My mom waves wildly before looking around wildly-

My mom: Now where are those Alolan pineapple cocktails while that pain in the ass is gone?!



-Me and Hau are walking around chilling with ice cream when SUDDEN TEAM SKULL-


Me: ...OK, that joke really is getting old.

Team Skull Grunt A: (Tom, I told you not to use that one!)

Team Skull Grunt 1: (But it's a classic, Roger!)

-Hau, meanwhile, is terrified-

Hau: Aaaaah! It's Team Skull!

Me: Team who?

Hau: Team Skull! They're always going around stealing Pokemon!

Me: OK, that's not so ba-

Hau: And they're agents of the Dole Pineapple company!

Me: ...

-expression grows grim-

OK, now you fucks are going down.

Team Skull!Tom: We're not bad, just hard...


Team Skull!Roger: ...Just give us your fucking Pokemon.

Hau: I actually get the spirit of this franchise! Pokemon are our friends, we can't just hand them over to total creeps!

-The Pokeball of the Greninja twitches-

Team Skull!Roger: Fine. Tom, we're beating these guys up.

Team Skull!Tom: Woohoo!

-Battle Start!-

-Tom sends out a Yungoos, I send out the Greninja-

Greninja: <Alright, let's->


<Wait, where the hell am I? It's crazy hot here! What the hell did A->

Me: Hi, new friend! We'll be best buds...


Greninja: <WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!>

Team Skull!Tom: Come on, let's get going!

Yungoos: <Yeah, I haven't had lunch!>

Me: Alright! Greninja, Water Shiruken!

Greninja: <Fine...>

-KOs the Yungoos immediately-

Team Skull!Tom: -frozen in shock- Too fast...

Team Skull!Roger: -Has similarly been beaten in short order by Hau- Aggh, fuck! Don't think you're done! We're telling "big sis" about this and then you're BONED!

Team Skull!Tom: Roger, that pun was terrible.

Team Skull!Roger: S-shut up!

-they flee-

Hau: Woo! We don't have to be scared as long as we've got our Pokemon!

Greninja: <I still need to know what the hell is going on here.>

Hau: Come on! We gotta go to the Pokemon center and heal everybody up!

-We all head off...-

-But not before I give Greninja a concerned look-

Pokemon Center

-I head in, heal my Pokemon, and talk to Hau-

Hau: I'm not sure where to go next?

Greninja: <Kalos, maybe? This place is weirder than expected.>

-I talk to the cafe owner-

Cashier: The owner should be back in a month.

Me: I don't know why this seems cosmically significant, but it does.

-heads out; me and Hau are ambushed by a guy in an ab coat-

Kukui: Hey Hau! Who's-

-Sees me and that I'm staring at his abs, screams, and turns away to hide them-

Oh, uh, it's that Umbra guy... H-hello...

Greninja: <First Sycamore, now this guy... I don't think I'll
ever get human standards of attractiveness.>

Hau: Yeah, this is Umbra! He moved here from Kanto! All the way across the ocean!

Kukui: (And I thought that ocean would keep the guy away)... Er, that's pretty cool! The name's Kukui, Umbra! Please do not solicit a full name, address, or phone number.

Me: You got it, Gorgeous Abs!

Kukui: -cringes- Yeah...

Hau: Kukui's researching how to put on the mo-

Kukui: POKEMON MOVES! I'm researching Pokemon moves! I let them hit me to tes-

-falls silent-

Hau: Hey Professor, you should train Umbra!

Kukui: WHAT?! Where would you ever get that ide-

Hau: We just ran into these Team Skull thugs and things got intense!

Greninja: <But I beat that Yungoos in->

-suddenly also falls silent-

Kukui: Well, for Ha- er, both your sakes, you should be ready if those thugs go after you again... How about you try a trial to make yourself stronger?

Me: Hit me with all you got!

Kukui: Er, totally focused on it before I tell you what it is? ...Respectable. Just make sure you don't get Focus Blasted or something.

-clears throat-

Trials are a tradition we have in the Alola region. Young adults go through them to improve as Trainers and to bond with their Pokemon. Just meet us at Ten Carat Hill to get started.

Me: Yippee!

Hau: I know you and Greninja can do it, Umbra!

-runs off, Greninja follows, but not before staring off after me a bit, concerned.-

Ten Carat Hill

-Me, Greninja, and Kukui are at Ten Carat Hill-

Kukui: OK, OK, you know the basics, wild Pokemon jump out of the grass at you. Meet me further up the hill.

-he flees-

-I follow him, Greninja helping shake off some Pikpek and a local Youngster, meeting Kukui inside a cave alongside a Pikachu-

Kukui: Alright, the trial goes like this: There are two Jangmo-o and two Hakamo-o on this hill. Your goal is to photograph all four of them!

Me: All right!

Kukui: Take this Pokefinder camera; you'll need the pictures! (Keep it away from my abs).

-I do so-

Kukui: If it keeps you away- er, dedicated, have this Pikachu too.

Pikachu: <I'll keep an eye on him, boss->

-Is suddenly approached by Greninja-

Greninja: <Pikachu! You made it! Do you know what A->

Pikachu: <Who the hell are you? What the hell are you?>

Greninja: <...Apparently the universe likes taunting me.>

-I photograph a Jangmo-o, it attacks me but Pikachu takes it out. This is repeated with another, then a Hakamo-o Greninja takes out with Aerial Ace-

-I hear a particularly loud growl from the exit of the cave-

Greninja: <Er, maybe we should->

Me: Let's do thiiiiiiis


Greninja: <Kid, wait!>


-Sees a wild Hakamo-o and photographs it-

-Only for it to charge me and roar, glowing-

Me: Aaah, what the hell?!

Greninja: <I TOLD you!>

-Leaps in and attacks with an Aerial Ace-

-The Hakamo-o roars and summons a Rockruff, which Greninja KOs with Water Shiruken-

-Suddenly, the both of us start resonating-

Greninja:<What... This feeling... Again...>

Me: We're... We're in sync baby! IKU Z!

-Greninja is enveloped in a torrent of water and becomes Ash-Greninja-

Ash-Greninja: <You're going down.>

-Aerial Ace-

-The Hakamo-o does in fact go down-

Me: We did it!

Greninja: <Woo!>

-we hug-

-Kukui rushes out-

Kukui: Wait, you're not dea- I mean, you beat that Totem Pokemon, Umbra! Nice work with your team!

Me: Thanks!

Greninja: -leers-

Kukui: Well, you completed the trial, so I'll give you this!

-hands a Z-Ring and an Electrium Z Z-Crystal-

Once you have those, you can use really awesome moves called Z-Moves! (Hopefully that'll distract you...)

Hau: -runs in- Hey guys? Oh, hey, Umbra beat the trial, good!

-Team Skull!Roger and Team Skull!Tom enter after-

Hau: ...I may have realized I left my one Super Potion with you. ^_^;

Team Skull!Tom: Big sis, sic 'em!

-Plumeria stomps in-

Plumeria: ...THIS is that infamous creeper? -scoffs-

-attempts to walk off-

Team Skull!Roger: Wait "big sis"! You can't just let this guy get away with pulverizing us!

-Plumeria stops, then turns around with a sadistic grin-

Plumeria: Good point! I guess setting an example is a fun idea after all!

-She sends out a Golbat, I send out Pikachu-

Me: You ready to test that Z-Power out?

Pikachu: <I guess?>

Me: -Jojoposes- Z POWWAH!

-Pikachu fires off a Gigavolt Havok, obliterating the Crobat-

Plumeria: ...I'll hold that loss.But hmph! Don't expect to get off easy next time!

-She and her grunts flee-

Kukui: Er... Pikachu, thanks for helping deal with that!

Pikachu: <No prob.>

-heads back to him-

Kukui: You certainly showed your best moves there!

Hau: Come on! Let's go eat some malasada to celebrate!

Kukui: Only if we split the bi-

-Greninja LEERS-

Kukui: ...Er, my treat.

-Everyone starts heading off; as they do so, however, Greninja approaches me-

Greninja: <Hey, do you realize everyone but Hau is talking sh->

Me: ...I know.

Greninja: <...What?>

Me: You must not be from around here. Or anywhere else I know of. "Creeper of Champion Steven Stone runs rampant!" "His fellow victim May tells all!" "Steven Stone refuses to comment, further incriminating the creeper!" It was international controversy, made the rejection sting further, and now everyone hates me. Even my mom. I had to flee to Kanto, then to here, but there was no escape from it all. It's... Been a rough two years. Rough keeping up a happy, still-kinda-creepery act though it all too.

Greninja: <Wow, geez... And I thought I had it bad...>

Me: ...You too?

Greninja: <Yeah...>

-sighs, sits down-

<Back in Lumiose I was always picky about finding a Trainer... Never got along with the other Froakie... But then I found this kid named Ash Ketchum... He clicked with me, he was a lot like me, and we traveled through Kalos and had great adventures with good food, bad laughs, and nice friends... And when I evolved to Greninja I got to Battle Bond with him just like I did you!>

-he starts tearing up-

<But... Then I had to leave Ash... I-it's still fresh in my mind, I don't wanna talk about it...>

-I hesitate, then hug Greninja-

-he hugs back-

Me: It's weird... Our Battle Bond, it must have been over how broken we both are...

Greninja: <Y-Yeah...>

Me: ...And that's why... I'm sorry, I don't think I can be a good Trainer for you in the long run. I don't think our issues will help each other much as well outside of that...

-Greninja hangs his head-

Greninja: <All right... I... I just hope you're OK...>

Me: I've got Hau... I'll be alright with him.

-smiles at Greninja-

But I do know someone you can find a more secure home with.

Greninja: <...Who?>

Me: Her name's Ammy. I know her from elsewhere, and she's moving here too. I can get her to you - I know she'll be a good fit.

Greninja: <Thanks... But when?>

Me: -smiles and winks- About a month from now. Trust me, it's cosmically significant.

-Greninja smiles back-

Greninja: <Alrighty then.>

Me: Oh, and, joke's on Kukui. Even with his abs Sycamore's still hotter. As is that Plumeria lady.

Greninja: -snickers- <You humans with your standards of attractiveness.>

-We keep heading off together, but with our arms wrapped around each other's shoulders-

The theatre

Solgaleo: <And that concludes our tale!>

Lunala: <How do you feel about the show?>

-it is then revealed the front row seats are occupied by Steven and Wallace-

Steven: ...Well. Now I feel horribly guilty.

Wallace: As you should!

Steven: Hey! Don't rub salt in old wounds! Especially with how I screamed at that new outfit of yours right after!

Wallace: -gestures to himself- Hey! Don't tell me this isn't fabulous!

Solgaleo: Hey, you two don't blame each other! Blame Groudon and Kyogre for making a spectacle of the first time at all!

Lunala: Er, Solgaleo? They're right there.

-indeed, Groudon and Kyogre are sitting to the back of Steven and Wallace-

Groudon: What was that, punk?

Kyogre: Dearie, you're going down.

-Steven and Wallace pale and flee as the Legendaries enter an all-out brawl-




-Tom and Roger have taken off their Team Skull masks-

Roger: Tom, are you sure that plan to get Ash's Greninja to a new home is actually going to work?

Tom: Positive!


And I've got no bones about it!

Roger: TOM


My girlfriend is a Volcarona, your argument is invalid.