Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Things the denizens of the WAAPT Multiverse must've said at some point... or not.

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Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Post by JG-says-things-and-stuff »

Incorrect quotes, as we know, are applying lines of dialogue derived from other narratives (be it series, movies, online videos, or Tumblr text posts). As we also know, WAAPT works in such a way that, eventually, our players often end up just skipping the middleman and outright making a whole quote reference in the RP itself, and boy howdy are there plenty.

So why this thread, then?
  1. Sure, the tone of the RP lends itself well to these becoming canonical references (Arceus, I've been doing a ton of them), but it's easier (and just as fun) to do a sandbox version of incorrect quotes.
  2. It's generally a lot faster to dish out dialogues involving multiple characters (including those that don't belong to us) in a dedicated incorrect quotes sandbox.
  3. Some incorrect quotes hinge their funny on "out-of-character but not quite" moment that do not readily fit in the RP canonically, but are somehow in line with the character.
    Lucius: Ever's gone, so while they're out I'm going to cut the sleeves off of all my shirts.
    Kai: Why?
    Lucius: They're pretty much 85% of my impulse control.

  4. Some quotes get their funny by applying it to the last character you'd expect.
    Silas: Mr. Petersen? I don't feel so good.

    (Source: Avengers: Infinity War)
  5. Multiple quotes can be said by multiple persons, but see below.

  1. Always quote in good faith. Do not, under any circumstances, use an incorrect quote to snipe passive-aggressively at someone. I will leave it up to the mods to dispense with the appropriate penalties. Grandfather clause applies to the examples below, but moving forward, incorrect quotes attributed to a character should ideally be done with their tacit approval, or at least congruent to a type of humor they typically find acceptable.
    1. If you've made an incorrect quote before elsewhere prior to this thread being created, and the recipient responded to it positively, that counts as approval.
    2. ADDENDUM: Although overt permissions are not 100% required for characters, they still must correspond to the known preferences of the person. If you know a person has a pet peeve (toilet humor, etc.), do not tie it to their characters. As a rule, don't do something they don't typically like unless they tell you it's okay otherwise. When in doubt, ask permission.
    3. I do not need to explain why overtly racist, sexist, homophobic/transphobic, or otherwise discriminatory humor is not allowed by default.
  2. You are encouraged to spag these with others and their characters. They're fun.
  3. Politics restrictions as applied to the RP apply here. If you really want to get heavy handed and quote something controversially political, use a villainous character, preferably one you have the permission to use. Use only fictional examples here.
  4. Always cite where you derived your quotes and quote them accurately/verbatim, give or take a few ways to Pokémonicize/WAAPTify them and condense them as needed. Try to get a quote from the original source media as much as possible.
    Arthur: Macraumelot!
    Merlin: Macraumelot!
    Lancelot: Macraumelot!
    Guiscard: Macraumelot!
    Solaire: Macraumelot!
    Charolette: It's only a model.

    (One song and dance number later.)

    Arthur: On second thought, let's not go to Macraumelot. 'Tis a silly place

    (Source: Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
  5. It's okay to repeat a couple of quotes every once in a while, but don't spam the entire thread with the same quote from Brooklyn 99 in rapid succession. A conservative estimate would be to wait at least two page's worth of incorrect quotes before repeating one.
  6. We have teenagers here. Keep it PG-13.
  7. Feel free to incorporate the quotes from here into the RP itself.
Check out the original thread here and the temporary doc here.

Happy incorrect quoting, everyone!
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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Post by JG-says-things-and-stuff »

In his hidey hole, Whitt sulks about the J-Team while nursing his wounds.

Whitt: They're probably saying I'm the biggest jerk they've ever seen in their lives. Probably trying to think of something evil to do to me.


Aislinn: That guy's the biggest jerk I've seen in my life.
RP!Hoops: Let's think of something evil to do to him.
- Source:George of the Jungle
Delta: Listen, we're not just doing this for money. We're doing it for a shitload of money!
Principal, her last words: So, Iridium, now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb
- Source:Spaceballs
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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Post by AbsentCoder »

New Year's Eve, 2020. Roy and Sunny are in Kendall's apartment, Sunny holding an egg.

Roy: Oh no, we're having a child.

Sunny: Don't panic, don't panic, don't panic...

Roy: Parenting can't be that hard. Let's just do what comes naturally.

Two years later.

Sunny, holding another egg: Aw, hell.

Source: XKCD, Natural Parenting
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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Post by JG-says-things-and-stuff »

Principal: Adelinde, You have failed me for the...second...or, was it the third time? No biggie, you've got a few more times before I really get mad!
Source: LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles - "Raid on Coruscant"
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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Post by Goldenheart388 »

(Benny is on a stage designed to resemble the Garden of Eden, dressed as Adam and wearing nothing but a fig leaf, with Ananpi speaking from offstage.)

Ananpi: <Since the dawn of time, Pokemon have had trouble figuring out what to wear. It began... well, it began in the very beginning, chuu~!>

( Cue Frida coming in from stage left, off-stage: )

Frida (OS): <Benny, you're wearing... that fig leaf?! Again?! Are you kidding me?!> ( she scoffs ) <That is so tired!>

(Before Benny has a chance to say anything, enter Ananpi bouncing on stage from stage right, wearing his trademark Pikachu makeup and fake Pikachu tail. Benny looks down in confusion.)

Ananpi: <And so Pokemon fashion was born, chuu~!>

(Source: Off the Cuff: The Essential Style Guide for Men (...) etc. by Carson Kressley (of 2003 Queer Eye and RPDR fame))
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Re: Incorrect WAAPT Quotes

Post by JG-says-things-and-stuff »

One of Gaspard's enemies reveal that he has taken out one of his toys from their boxes.

Abilene, gasping: You removed it from its original packaging!

Gaspard, gasping No! It's no longer a collectible! Oh! Oh!

They both writhe in pain.
Source: The Simpsons - "Treehouse of Horror X"
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