Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Cambria goes at Odin's team with an EQ.

Ichtacya: <...Eeeep!>

-And leaps onto a small Reflect disc Sol left on the ground, shuddering at the power of the seismic waves.-

-Noticing Selene used Protect instead-

Ichtacya: <...Why can't I do that? >_> >

-Meanwhile Dintel is observing a random battle-

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

The battle continues and Cambria advices Ichtacya.

Ichtacya: <....I'll take note of that, thanks...> -- steps down and snarls at the Drilbur.

Sol -glares: <...These guys are mass-producing Shadows...> -- notices Seiene in trouble -- <Watch out!>

-to Dune and Ammy-

"If this guy is bringing more Shadows we might have an issue. You two, instruct the Eeveelutions in case you need something!"

Somewhere Else

-Dintel clings to a roof and observes as Tagg "chats" with Titan, decides he should get ready to help because Silent was looking for Tagg before-

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

With Ammy's group

Sol takes notice of the snatching of both Shadow mons, and leers at Odin.

-Silent meanwhile addresses him from behind-

"Now... If I were you I'd stand down. And answer some questions." -- turns to Sol-- "Sol..."

-Sol walks just a bit closer to Odin, ready to spring at him-

With Tagg's group

-Dintel tilts head as he watches Tagg and Titan fighting each other. He climbs down from the ceiling (no, he's not a Ceiling Dintel) and turns to Muddy-

Dintel: <...Tagg is fighting? Can we go and smack somemon else?> -- looks around -- <Have you seen [Maekrite]?>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

With Ammy's Group

-Sol notices Odin charging at Ammy and blinks, then her jewel light up and she notices that Dune is reacting slooooooowly!-

-What's worse, Silent's also reacting slowly-


Sol: <...Oh noes! I know this trope, I have to do something!>

-and, like a feline she is, she lunges at the Admin's chest, threatening to bite-

-Ichtacya, meanwhile, blinks at WTH is going on-

With Tagg's group

-Dintel merely sits the EQ shockwave, as it doesn't do much more han tickles to him-

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Phenac City

The various citizens were carrying out their daily routine when, all of a sudden, ninjas! Ciphers! A splinter group trying to secure an exit to whatever terrible fate of death that awaits then at the hands of Tagg, arrives in two armored trucks and a squad of hoverbikes; the various peons and staffers immediately start making their way towards the Mayorial House.

"We are Cipher and we are not just going to sit there and have ourselves killed! You want to come for us? You'll have to crush everyone else in your path!"

The leaders and the higher staff send out an assortment of Shadow Pokémon and other non-Shadow Pokémon being coaxed into assisting by various means, some of the Pokémon equipped with protective gear, comm gear and various other devices.

As a first measure towards taking over the Mayorial house, two groups of Cipher Peons split and take two different roads across town, each group comprised by a higher staff, three or four peons and a small assortment of Shadow Pokémon; while the rest of the troops stay behind to cause as much chaos and distraction as possible.

(Next post determines what squad will be fought by characters other than Every)

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Somewhere in Gateon Port

(Probably taking place concurrent to some events that will be posted later)

Silent's team is spread around fending off some Cipher peons who are trying to enter more Shadow Pokémon via a provisions ship. While most of his mons are battling around taking advantage of Sol landing them a surprise attack, a certain Lileep that under any rational and reasonable conditions should not be there... is there. Namely, anchored at the bottom of the ship and using Confuse Ray to induce the other mons around to attack the hull.

Ichtacya is battling outside, has a Peon pinned to the ground, after having cut his snagged Krookodile's hide to shreds, and is furiously trying to get information from him by shouting at his throat.

Ichtacya: <Where do I find your boss? Where did they take Maekrite? How many puppies have you kicked? WHY SHOULD I LET YOU LIVE!!!!>

Of course, it has not much more than an intimidation and peeing-in-their-pants effect because all the Cipher peon hears is:

Ichtacya: "Woof woof woof! WOOF WOOOF ROOOAARRRRR!!!!"

Sol meanwhile, deciding that such approach is obviously not going to work, goes for another route. She blasts a random Primepape with Confusion then leaps at him and pins him down.

Random Primeape: <...W-ww-what do you want? I will NOT you anything... I don't know anything...>

Sol: <You've been around... have memories...> -- and cat-stares at him -- <You do know... and you will tell me...>

…and proceeds to use an hypnotic stare on the Primeape


A moment later, a Shadow Lanturn can be seen submerging near the ship and suddenly the entire water acquires a Shadowy aura. Silent takes his cue and whistles to Lileep to get off, as a couple of Cipher peons try to make a grab of him.  Dintel is slashing and tearing at some Houndour and Herdier to keep the other people at bay.

And in that moment...


The entire ship is shaken and tilted as water enters the lower levels. One of the Ciphers looks down and sees their own Lanturn has Shadow Rammed the ship... 

"Dintel! Finish it off!"

The smaller Pokémon leaps closer to the edge and prepares to charge one of his Brick Breaks. A couple of Peons attempt to attack, only to be taken by surprise by the poison stings coming from Python, hidden somewhat in Silent's hair.

Dintel then appraaches the ship's stern and Brick Breaks it with great strength. A tremor shakes the entire ship that suddenly starts rolling to the broken side and the bow is elevated off the water.

The leaders among the peons see what is going on and are quick to sound the alarm.

Cipher Leader: "Rigth then... Abandon ship if you can!"

...and, of course, is the first to run away, while the rest of the people in the ship try to get out of there with their lives.

Silent recalls Dintel quickly and runs to the side of the ship, leaping to a small hard-light platform Sol has left there for him. From there and while the platform retracts to safe ground, Silent observe as the Cipher ship sinks. He looks around to see two other ships stationed there.

"Two to go. Ichtacya, Sol, keep their people from landing."

And the two Eeveelutions go ahead, ready with a Swords Dance and a Light Screen.


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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Somewhere in Orre, away from others, and quite a while ago

-Every is walking around, followed by his team-

It's nice to get some fresh air, right everyone?

Breeze: <Well, yes, but you don't actually seem to be in a good mood.>

I don't know what you're talking about. I'm fine.

Diesel: -has climbed up onto Every's back- <Yay~>


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

In an undetermined place that might or might not be Phenac City

Not so far from where Every is there is a tumult coming from the overall direction of the Mayor's House, and people can be seen amok in panic. A couple of vehicles with Cipher insignias can be seen rushing around the area.

???? #1: "Okay, send those Pokémon in and make sure to take the place!"

???? #A: "Don't let the officers get away!"

Sudden sounds of battle come from ahead as a group of Shadow Pokémon start charging across the streets very close to the Mayorial house.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

That Place, That Time

Wha- No! Not here...

-Every 's team takes battle positions around him-

No! I can't let any of them snag y-

Diesel: <Every, relax. We can take care of ourselves.>

-Every's team begins firing Special Attacks at the Shadow mons-


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Where Every Says

A couple of Peons and staffers take notice of Every's mons attacking; while they get a Shadow!Skarmory to spread some Spikes across the street, it comes a little too late and the Skarmory is fainted from attacks together with a Shadow!Sawsbuck that was nearby.

Cipher Peon #37462 -notices Every: "...Don't I know you from somewhere?"

Cipher Peon #12968 -annoyed: "Do you mind? We're rushing to take over this place!" - pokes partner.

A couple of Pokémon are sent out, including some (Shadow!) Nuzleaf and Klang, they start attacking Every's group with Energy Balls, Psybeams and (lame) Zap Cannons.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Hey, who even knows?

You don't know me from anywhere! And I won't let you do any harm to this city!

-Breeze throws up a Protect shield, while Marmalade uses Stone Edge to raise a cloud of defensive rubble. Meanwhile, Salamence and Spathi direct a series of Fire attacks at the Shadow mons, while Diesel attempts a Sing. Jab, not yet within range, begins Honing Claws-

Get away!


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Well, someone has to...

The Nuzleaf in the Shadow group notices Breeze Protecting and dedices to engage closer, rushing in in a rage and charging a Razor Wind. The other Pokémon are hit by Marmalade and Salamence's attacks but they manage to hold; they start catching Diesel's tune though.

Cipher Peon #37462: "...Gah! Status attacks! My nemesis!" -- groans, readies another Pokéball.

The other officer takes a look past the group and to the Cipher trucks moving in to their target.

Cipher Peon #12968: "Forget about it, go with everything!" -- and instructs the Klangs to go at Salamence and Diesel with Thunderbolts and Signal Beams (because they're Klang, they can't do much else in the current situation).

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Well, it certainly isn't me.

-as the Nuzleaf approach, Jab grins, and lunges at them with Ice Shards-

-Marmalade continues providing protection for Salamence and Diesel, but both still take some of the Klangs' hits. Diesel responds by swinging out a Brick Break, while Salamence uses Flamethrower coupled with Spathi's Fire Blast-

-Breeze, meanwhile, uses Grass Knot at clumps of mons, trying to trip them up-


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Uhm, then I'll have to Wikipedia this one

With the various attacks starting to take more effect, the Klangs are slowed down a lot from the Grass Knots, and are forced down to the ground and under Fire-type fire (you know what I mean… ). Still heavily constrained, the strongest of them attacks Salamence with a Thundershock.

The Nuzleaf who were attacking are hit by the Ice Shards and some of them faint, the others being forced to retreat; but the one aiming at Breeze still goes with it and manages to unleash his attack. Another random mon goes down from Diesel's Brick Break

Cipher Staff: "...Damn! That's a diverse team." -- to Every -- "We don't have time to waste with you! We are finishing this and then our own matters!"

The staffer sends some of the peons to Peon!Infiltrate the Mayor's house, and they take some of their mons away. The staffer stays to cover their exit in the meanwhile; he adjusts a small device in his wrist and sends out three Pokéballs. From two of them come out a couple of Shadow!Ursaring in chestplate armor, and from the third emerges a [Nidoking], also armored and with yellow stripes and marks across his hide.

Cipher Staff: "Time to test these experiments Ardos sent…." -- to his device -- "You three, wreck the place."

The Nidoking looks around and lets out a roar, then lashes with his tail tearing poles and posts off the ground. Meanwhile the two Ursaring move towards Every's group, one of them quickly firing a Hyper Beam at Spathi while the other runs the sidewalk for cover.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Oh well. It's probably not important.

-Salamence yelps at the Thundershock, but isn't badly hurt due to cotton and dragon scales. She responds by raking the Klang with a Flamethrower, setting Breeze's Grass Knot aflame- <That's for lightning! You could hurt people with that!>

Breeze: <We do have higher priorities right now, you know...> -winces from the Nuzleaf's attack, and retaliates with an UPROAAAAAAAAAR!-

-Every then notices the Nidoking-


-his legs wobble, and he seems about to collapse, but Diesel leaps back from the frontline to steady him-

Diesel: <You can't let this get to you! We need to fight!>

Right...I...Marmalade! Earthquake, keep it near the Nidoking!

-Marmalade flies behind Maekrite and stomps, using him as a buffer to prevent the shockwaves from reaching Every's team. Spathi, meanwhile, Does a Barrel Roll around the Ursaring's beam, and swipes at the bears with Dragon Claws-

-Jab, sick of staying behind, sprints out, aiming Night Slashes at the Ursarings' legs-


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Right, then we can take care of this mess

Every has a
Fateful Encounter!

The attacking Nuzleaf is hit by a wave of INSTADEAF!!! and falls to the ground twitching. Meanwhile most of the Klangs are set [aflame] by Spathi and Salamence's attacks; they start making mechanical noises and trying to squeeze their way out of the burning knots until they pass out from the heat, while the Cipher peons running away can only look.

One of the Ursaring notices Jab and cracks his arms; she is about to lounge in, but is forced to step back and yelps as Jab lands the Night slash on her mostly unprotected legs.

Shadow!Ursaring #1 -facinating eyebrows: <....Oh, a kitty...> -- snarls and and rushes with a Dynamic Punch.

Cipher Staff -to the Nuzleaf: "…Come on! Get on the Altaria! It's causing too much trouble!"

INSTADEAF!Nuzleaf: <....Whooo? What cobble? @.@>

The [Nidoking] meanwhile lashes around in the middle of the street and growls as he is hit with the Earthquake and momentarily loses balance. He reacts with shuddering and lashing about, as if feeling conflicted by the attack, then turns to look at Marmalade and growls at her. Noticing her airborne, he picks a random car from the street and tosses it at Marmalade's general direction, following with a [Sludge Bomb].

The second Ursaring meanwhile notices Breeze and Every, and rushes towards them from the sidewalk while charging Thunder Punch.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Jab: <Ha, too slow!> -hops up onto the Ursaring's arms, making slashes above its eyes and at its nose-

-Every, meanwhile, is still staring at Maekrite in shock-

I don't believe it...they evolved him...

-he doesn't notice the Ursaring, but Breeze does, and fires a Psychic at it to try and keep it from reaching Every-

-Marmalade, meanwhile, is hit by the car and pinned to the ground. While the car acts as a shield from the Sludge Bomb, she's not able to extricate herself-

Spathi, Salamence...help...

-the two dragons fly towards Maekrite, Salamence aiming an Ice Beam at his feet while Spathi goes to move the car-

-Diesel goes over to the INSTADEAF!Nuzleaf and X-Scissors it-


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Shadow!Ursaring #A -is hit by the Psychic: <…RAGH!!!!> -- shakes self  but continues running towards Breeze-- <No… No more head pain!>

The Peons meanwhile take advantage of the distraction to fetch some of their fallen mons before they can be snagged back, and they start making a run for the Mayorial house to Infiltrate™. The staff leader meanwhile observes the [Nidoking] fighting and warns him of Salamence's movements via the wrist device, while recording the battle.

"…and Ice Beam that bird back off the sky!"

The [Nidoking] is hit by the Ice Bean on the arm and roars, looking exasperated; then he turns to track Salamence by eye and dashes following her as he fires an Ice Beam, ignoring Spathi for the time being.

The Nuzleaf meanwhile is knocked out by Diesel's attacks, being too much in pain from the INSTADEAF to try and defend himself.

Back with Jab, the Shadow!Ursaring #1 growls out of surprise and pain and he struggles for a moment; he then feels the scent of his own blood and seems to enter a frenzy, he makes a quick move to try and grab Jab by the neck to crush him against the ground.

The sounds of skirmish from ahead can be heard as the Cipher engage the local authorities.

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

-Breeze is hit by the Thunderpunch- <AAAH!>

-barely able to remain floating, Breeze uses another Psychic attack, trying to fling the Ursaring back-

-Salamence, meanwhile, is hit by the Ice Beam, and fainted instantly-

No! No, no....

-Spathi, seeing the attack, lets out a roar of rage, and swings the chassis of the car at Maekrite- <You leave her alone!>

-Marmalade is still dazed-

-Jab isn't fast enough to get away before the Ursaring grabs him-


I don't want to do this...

-and flings a Snag Ball at the Ursaring, if only as a distraction-

-Diesel, meanwhile, joins the fight against Maekrite with a Silver Wind, boosting his stats as he goes-


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

The Shadow Ursaring attacking Breeze takes the full hit from the Psychic attack and falls to the ground, where he starts snarling and convulsing from the pain, rendered unable to continue attacking normally; he does continue slashing and ramming at imaginary opponents for a moment though.

Cipher officer -looking at the other Ursaring: "...Ursaring watch out!"

That other Ursaring, the one who was having some fun grabbing Jab, is too distracted to notice the Snag Ball. He has just landed a punch to Jab on the chest before the ball bounces off his head, and looks at it puzzled for a moment before being forcefully dragged into the device, Jab not included.

Seeing this the Cipher member turns to the [Nidoking] and tries to give him some commands.

"HEY!!!" -- the Cipher officer yells into the wrist device, causing the [Nidoking[] to flinch -- "Deal with this guy! The dragon for later!"

That Pokémon is busy dealing with a car to the face the usual way Nidokings deal with cars to the face, namely by swiping it away, single motion that turns it into a pile of broken metal rubbish on the pavement. He seems to be in pain and confusion from the attack and swirls his tail, growls at Spathi being out of reach. The officer is trying to direct the [Nidoking]'s attention towards Every and Breeze, without much success.

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

-Jab is sent flying by the punch, and is rendered unconscious-

-Spathi and Marmalade, who is now sensate, both use Dragon Breath at Maekrite's back, while Breeze uses Psychic and Diesel uses a second Silver Wind-

-Every, meanwhile, readies an Ultra Ball-


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

The [Nidoking] is still distracted growling and roaring at Spathi and is knocked back by the volley of attacks, crashing against a house. He shakes his head and tries to get up, lashing at the rubble all the while.

Meanwhile the Cipher officer tries to get closer to the Ursaring that is still free, albeit severely injured, attempting to apply a potion or something on him. He instructs the Pokémon to get up and attack Diesel. The Ursaring takes a good while to get up, as if attempting to refresh himself, and charges power for an Ice Punch, but it is clear that he's using just about the last of his strength.

The officer looks past the street to the larger attack going on and frowns.

Cipher Officer: "Oh no, we are not getting beaten that easy. Come on!" -- speaks to his wrist device -- "Get back on your feet and annihilate those Pokémon!"

And with that the ground starts shaking, after a moment the [Nidoking] emerges from the rubble, looking more irked than usual, and looks around aimlessly, searching for an opponent to Leer. However, he stops cold as soon as his eyes meet Every and starts growling menacingly.

Cipher officer: "...What's wrong with you? Attack them!" -- points to Spathi and Marmalade.

But the [Nidoking] ignores him and continues staring at Every with a deadly glare, slowly assuming an attacking posture.

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

-Every falls to his knees, staring back at Maekrite-

I'm sorry...-

-Diesel casually Brick Breaks the Ursaring, before leaping to Every's side. Spathi, Marmalade, and Breeze form a wall between Every and Maekrite, launching various Special Attacks-


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

The second Ursaring falls defeated by Diesel, but the Cipher officer is quick to recall him before he is snagged (back); then he turns to the []Nidoking] who is just standing there being efficient at looking threatening.

Cipher Officer: "...What's wrong with you? Follow my orders!"

The [Nidoking] sees the group of other Pokémon shielding Every and roars an unintelligible threat at them; then he attempts to shield himself from some of the attacks aimed at him with the debris from the house, managing to dull the effect of the attacks somewhat; when the ISO Standard dramatic smoke cover disperses, he charges at the group in Horn Drilling position while surrounding himself with Shadow energy.

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]


-Every's group scatters, Breeze flinging Every to one side-

Spathi: <Marmalade! We can't win this by fighting that monster!>

Marmalade: <If you're suggesting burning this town to the ground, I agree wholeheartedly.>

Spathi: <...I was going to suggest taking out the Peons.>

Marmalade: <That works.>

-Marmalade flies towards the Peons. Her wings take on a silvery sheen, and quickly become helicopter blades-