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Topic: Lina One-Shots (Now 100% more canonical!)

OK, this is my spot for posting one-shots about Lina's very long past. Like Tracer's one-shots, but unlike Villan Test and Ammy's Mons, these are FULLY CANON, and should be treated as such. Note that they're not in chronological order at all - different posts can jump between time periods at my whim.

Now, let's begin.

Somewhere on Pokearth, around the answer to our world's early 1900s

- A red-headed woman in aviator gear and several Pokemon are looking out at a city. -

- Having this... Condition of mine has its ups and downs. For one, you see a lot... -

- Several airplanes and tanks start approaching the city-

- ...Both good and bad. -

Chrome: -telepathically- Doubt those people will last long...

Lina: Not if we do something about it.

Chrome: How did I know you would say that?

Lina: -grins- You're psychic, silly. Now, back to buisness... Herbert, you take out those tanks.

Herbert: Yay, free food!

Lina: Chrome, you and Icarus help evacuate the civilians.

Icarus the Sigylph: My pleasure, miss Lina.

Lina: ...Me and Deathwing will take on the planes.

Chrome: You sure about this, Lina?

Lina: We've been through tougher, haven't we?

Chrome: ...Still. Be careful.

Lina: -nods- I will.

- Chrome's like a brother to me, and I'm like... whatever the Metagross answer to a sister is to him. It's only natural he's a little protective... -

- Lina whistles, summoning a Hydregion-

Deathwing The Hydregion: Oh boy! Do we get to blow more stuff up today?

- Lina hops on Deathwing, and they fly up into the sky-

-...But sometimes we both have to put that aside for a bit.-

- Lina and Deathwing zero in on a plane-

Lina: OK, Dragon Pulse that one!

Deathwing: -does so, blowing up the plane-

- other planes start circling around them-

Lina: Didn't expect them to catch on to us THAT soon... Deathwing, move up and Dark Pulse them all!

Deathwing: -shoots up and Dark Pulses several planes from above-

-Sure, it's not too pleasant in retrospect, knowing you blew people out of the sky... But somebody's gotta protect those people in the cities... -

Planes: -Start firing guns-

Deathwing: -dodges, then fires a Focus Blast, exploding a couple more planes-

Lina: OK, lead them to the ground!

Deathwing: -dives, bringing some of the planes down near the tanks-

Herbert: -lunges up at a plane and eats a wing, sending it careening into a tank-

Lina: Nice work!

Deathwing: -banks away from the city-


Decibel the Exploud: -blasts several planes with Hyper Voice from the top of a building-

Deathwing: -retreats into the nearby countryside-

-We didn't quell the threat completely... but we still managed to help... -

-Lina looks back at the carnage on the battlefield-

-And that's better than sitting back and doing nothing in my book. -

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Re: Lina One-Shots (Now 100% more canonical!)

Poke-England, sometime in the answer to the Georgian era

-Several people an their Pokemon are mingling at a social gathering. A red-headed woman in a fancy dress and her Metagross are among them. -

- I'm usually kind of a girl who likes getting her hands dirty in the literal sense, but sometimes you gotta suck that up and act like a "lady..." -

Random Man: -to Lina- May I ask you to dan-

Lina: -resisting the urge to roll her eyes- I'm waiting for someone, thank you.

-Even if it means putting up with total dumbasses. -

-the man walks off, miffed-

Lina: Why is every man in the room asking me to dance or otherwise flirting with me, Chrome?

Chrome: -telepathically- Isn't it obvious? I never really understood human reproductive urges... Not to mention the rather bizarre way you DO reproduce... On a more positive note, it's also likely because your hair looks good in a bun.

Lina: Gee, that makes me feel SO much better... >_>

-She quietly makes her way outside-

Lina: Best to get away from that stuffy party for a while...

-they walk further and further from the house where the party is being held-

Chrome: Are you sure we should be moving this far? I've heard this isn't a safe neighborhood at night...

Lina: Oh, we'll be fi-

-Chrome is suddenly slammed by a Tyranitar-

Lina: Hey, leave him alone! -tries to charge at the Tyranitar, but is held back by a Psychic-

Reunclius: Got 'er, boss.

- A thuggish-looking man steps out of the shadows-

- Even in times of formality, there's always some kind of shady underbelly.-

Man: Hey there, pretty. I wouldn't reccomend screaming, now... you'd be dead before anyone gets here.

-Fortunately, I have plenty of dirty tricks of my own. -

-The Reunclius is suddenly Crunched from behind by a Krookodile.-

Man: What the...

Tyranitar: -is Brick Breaked from behind by a Toxicroak-

Lina: -hits the man with a Shadow Ball-

Man: Ooof!

-he finds himself on the ground, surrounded by Lina and her mons, with the former pointing a Shadow Claw at him. -

Man: H-how...

Chrome: You sure you should be flaunting that? After what happened with...

Lina: Nobody's gonna believe this thug. Louis, search this crook. He's got to have some incriminating stuff on him.

Louis the Krookodile: Got it! -starts rummaging through the man's pockets, much to his horror-

Frasier the Toxicroak: -notices something moving in the man's bag- Eh?

Louis: -pulls out a badge looking like this: http://mmii.info/icons/DeoxysPrime/pokemon_TCG-psychicEnergy.gif - Found something!

Lina: Rrr... He works for that ghost cult... that's more than eno-

Frasier: -pulls a baby Absol out of the bag-

Lina: ...What were you doing with that Absol?

Man: I was going to drown it! Those things are bad luck, you know!

Lina: ...I'd beat you senseless myself, but it's hard to fight in this dress. Frasier?

Frasier: This is the best part of my day! -Drain Punches the man-

Lina: -picks up the Absol- Aww, poor thing... I ought to take care of you.

Baby!Absol: -mewls-

Lina: What do you think of adding him to the team, guys?

- Everyone nods-

Lina: I'll call you... Sirius.

Sirius: -mewls again and cuddles close to Lina- :3

Lina: :3

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Re: Lina One-Shots (Now 100% more canonical!)

Poke-Mexico, during the answer to the Age of Conquest

- A certain red-headed woman and her Metagross are hiding in the midst of some elaborate temples-

- As tough as me, Chrome, and all my other Pokemon are, there are some situations we get into that are pretty sticky.-

Chrome: Why did we stow away to here again? >:|

Lina: Because these people are prone to warfare and bloody sacrifices to Rayquaza and Ho-oh and the like.Which means death and despair. Which means ghosts. Which means ghost cultists and rouge ghosts.

Chrome: Yes, I know you like busting those, but this place is also home to powerful warriors, both human and mon!

Lina: Eh, we can handle a bunch of...

-they both hear frenzied battle cries-

Lina: ...soldiers. ._.

Chrome: They REALLY hate outsiders now… ._.

Lina: Damn Conquistadors. Why did you have to mess with my job? >_<

Chrome: Call the others.

Lina: -whistles-

- A Rhyperior, Onix, Escavalier, Feraligatr, and Charizard appear-

Emi the Rhyperior: I smell Braviary and Liepard warriors... and their mons.

Longinus the Escavalier: We can take 'em! Right guys?

Sarco the Feraligatr: I wouldn't be that overconfident, buddy...

Onix!Herbert: Can I eat them? :3

Komoda the Charizard: Charizard don't let their trainers become sacrifices! >:|

- a horde of human warriors in Braviary and Liepard skins appear with some Arbok, Fearow, and Scrafty, among other mons-

Lina: -extends a Shadow Claw- Let's go this.

-They fight their way through the warriors, Lina Shadow Clawing, Chrome Meteor Mashing, Komoda Flamethrowering, Sarco Aqua Tailing, Longinus Megahorning, Emi Stone Edging, and Herbert ...nomming. Finally, all the soldiers are defeated-

Lina: -panting- That... was a lot...

Emi: I smell more coming!

Sarco: Ah great.

- More Braviary and Liepard warriors can be seen in the distance. Suddenly, a shape swoops out of the sky and blasts them with a Dragon Pulse-

- Sometimes, when things get tight, you might as well have a little divine intervention. -

Longinus: Wow! That was so cool!

-Before they can get a good look at it, the shape zooms back up into the clouds-

Sarco: ...That was convenient. o_O

Chrome: Hrm... I guess Legends other than Shaymin CAN be useful...

Komoda: -waves at the shape- Charizard always appreciate the help!

Lina: Heh... Guess even their own patron Legendary doesn't always approve of their ways...

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Re: Lina One-Shots (Now 100% more canonical!)

Orre, about 15 years ago

-There was one tough spot I thought I'd never get out of. One where I thought I'd surely die from the pain. One where no one could save me.

-But thankfully, my mons proved me wrong.-

-Chrome and Herbert are outside what appears to be a fortified base-

Chrome: -to Herbert- <You ready for this?>

Herbert: -growls- <We're gonna save her.>

Chrome: <I will take that as a yes. Now then...>

-Immediately, they bash through the walls of the base and start slamming aside the scientists inside-

- Further in a few scientists get wise and send out a Shadow Tyranitar, Crobat, and Hariyama-

Chrome: -Pulls out a Pokeball and sends out a Shadow Drapion- <You. Can you help us take them down?>

Shadow!Drapion: <Can I tear them to shreds?>

Chrome: <If you wish.>

-The Drapion grins and pounces on the Crobat. Herbert slams into the Hariyama with Gyro Ball. -

- Chrome Meteor Mashes the Tyranitar aside and heads onward-

-Eventually, he reaches a central room, where a barely conscious Lina is suspended by various bits of machinery and punctured by various needles. Chrome immediately can sense she is experiencing incredible pain-

Chrome: <No... Lina...>

???: Stop right there!

- Chrome then notices a scientist pointing a gun at him-

As Cipher's head scientist, I can't let you take away our most valuable experiment!

Chrome: ~...An experiment? Is that all she is to you? Is that why you made her suffer?!~

-Advances to the scientist-

~You know, I was going to let you live. But now you've pissed me off.~

-His eyes glow. The scientist screams and clutches his head for several seconds before falling to the ground, still-

-Chrome scans for anyone else in the room. He senses a small presence hiding in  a cabinet nearby, but deems it to not be a threat-

-He then carefully removes the machinery and needles from Lina, and places her on his back before storming out. -

- He meets up with Herbert and the Drapion, who are surrounded by unconscious scientists and mons-

Chrome: <I got her. Let's get out of here.>

Herbert: -growls- <Let's.>

-He knocks out a remaining scientist with his tail and bashes through another wall, and they escape into the desert-

-Once they are sufficiently far from the base Chrome places Lina down and places a claw on her-

-Lina opens her eyes slightly and places a hand on Chrome-

Chrome: ~It's OK, Lina. You're safe now.~

Lina: Thank you...

-They saved me from torture, from one of the darkest spots of my life. And I am forever grateful-

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