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This thread is made to have as complete help documentation as we can for this forum, particularly for the custom syntax we've added, which can't be added to the standard help pages.

Standard help pages

The help pages builtin to PunBB are located here, and are also linked on the post box with the "You may use:" text:

These pages show the standard syntax that PunBB comes with, but additional syntax exists, as documented below


Accesskeys are enabled for the posting box. The accesskeys enabled are for (B)old, (I)talics and (U)nderline, (H)eader [style 1 below], and (Q)uote. They are activated via your browser's accesskey shortcut so it is something like, say, Alt+SHIFT+B or Alt+B for bold.

Header Style 1
Header Style 2
[h]Header Style 1[/h]

!! Header Style 2


Both headers produce the same code (a <h5> header) except for the visual style.

The TVTropes-like header (!!) covers ONE line of text and requires having a blank line on top of it. It cannot be used at the very beginning of a post.


The tags for colors are:

 [color=....]some text[/color]

Where the color is either an HTML color name, a HTML color tuple (#rrggbb) or a SVG color name, which you can check in This Listing.

color=salmon (yes, it is a color)


For spoilers, the tag "spoiler" can be used.

[spoiler]some spoilered text[/spoiler]

The effect is that you must hover over with the mouse to reveal the text.

For example: [spoiler]Hello World!


This one is more or less a standard, it's

[quote=source]...some text...[/quote]

Pokémon Message Boxes

This one is an addition that allows giving markup for game-event-like messages.

For example:

You learned Formatting!

The syntax is


, where the "msg" tag must be at the beginning of its own line.


Search Links

The syntax to link to a search term in the WAAPT Wiki is


which results in: Basket [wiki] .

If the term does not lead to an article, the search results are provided instead.

The syntax to link to a move, item or Pokémon in Veekun's database is


which results in: #vee:Tropius .

Veekun's search takes wildcards, so you can build a link that searches for all moves ending in "Slash":


: #vee:*slash

This post was compiled from posts by Silent in this thread.



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ping test

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EDIT: Since this seems to be already working stable...

After a bit of working and thanks to help from Tracer and or the internet, we now have more stylized message boxes. The format for using this is the same as the normal message box except you now add a parameter for making it work and choosing one of several styles that we'll be adding over the course of the next weeks:

General format:


This is still in the works, the goal is to at least add some styles from G1-G3 and some Final Fantasy themes. Further updates will be edited here.

(You can quote this post to see the code)

Message Boxes

Normal Messagebox Test

msg=pokemon_1 -- Pokémon Generation I boxes (still pending)

Welcome to the world of

msg=pokemon_2 -- Pokémon Generation II boxes

Your very own adventure is LOADING...

msg=pokemon_3 -- Pokémon Generation III boxes (still pending)

Which Pokémon will you choose?

msg=ff(n) -- Final Fantasy (n) box, from 1 to 11 (not all implemented yet)

Hello Gaia!

Hello Vana'diel!

msg=tsgreen -- Green traffic signs (still pending)

msg=bsod -- Blue screens of death (please use with care)
msg=winxp -- Windows XP theme

Critical Error

'systemd' was found. Too much stability.
Formatting server...
Bye World!

It looks like you are trying to post...
A shame, there is no more server.

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Alignment test:

Example of left-aligned text. Use left tag to set this style. Betcha you didn't think I was to do this because it's the default, or something.

Example of centered text.
As in, the text is aligned to the center. Use center tag to set this style. 

Example of right-aligned text. Use right tag to set this style. 

Example of justified text. Use the justify tag to set this style to a paragraph. Note this tag does not imply a judgment of value about the next, as in it does not mean the text is all ethical and rightful. Nor does it mean that it enjoys enhancements when attacked with Dark-type moves.
It only means it's justified.

I'm guessing at least Keys will be thankful for this. (example post by him: Letter to Silent)

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Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.