Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Cipher's Lab

Shahinne blinks at Crewe's urging.

Shahinne Clone #4195: <Well I did complete my task, your notification is served.> -- looks around -- <Okay then, I'll go. Bye!>

-and extends her wing past the cage's bars for whatever she can get as a hug-

With Ren and the others

The Real Shahinne senses the winds for a moment, then hurriedly flies away.

Harriet -shrieks: <Shahinne wait! We have to get you [safe]!>

-And the lil'bird flies towards…-

Where the Katas are

Just after this happens

Shahinne clone: <…Hey I told you I'm not-> -- and *poofs* out of existance.

…While the real Shahinne just enters the horizon line.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Earlier during the day
With Skye

Shahinne Clone #4197: <Okay... I'm going to wait patiently...> -- and still hops.

With the Katas

-The real Shahinne approaches and lands where the Shahinne clone was a moment ago. She looks around looking for any signs of it then stares up to the Katas-

Shahinne :3 -puffs her plumage: <What is going on here? Who are you and where is my messenger?>

PEFE, Holon branch

Shahinne Clone#4192: <Oh well then this is for you, ahem...> -- puffs chest as she addresses Hikari -- <I'm a [Notification Shahinne] and I bring news that the gentleman of name Ren is giving out Holon Transceivers for everyone in the team, isn't that nice~> -- points in some direction -- <He'll be at the Center.>

With Straw

Shahinne Clone #4190 -blinks: <...Really? Shahinne thought this was going to be hard work!> -- and cranes her head -- <You are still going to pet me, yes?>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Shahinne looks irked at the Katas's boast. That's expected, since she considers herself to be very proficent at shadow-images.

She looks up to some of them somewhat angrily, but since she's not a Staraptor yet and thus she does not have Intimidate, she just ends up looking cute.

Shahinne: <Says who? All I can see are some slooow red bugs that all look alike. So,> -- hops towards one of them randomly and gives a glare -- <Who's the boss of all… this?>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Earlier Today, Onu-Val Caves with Eskay and Skye

Shahinne Clone #4197 -flies around Eskay: <Oh! Oh! hey! I got a message because I'm a [Notification Shahinne]! This gentleman Ren says he has Holon Transceivers for all the J-Team, and for free! :3> -- lands nearby -- <And that's about it, I think~>

-and trills a happy note, her function complete-

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Earlier, with Eskay

Shahinne clone -to Eskay: <O-oh...> -- puffs chest somewhat disappointedly -- <...Well... at least I did it. Can I perch on your head until I despawn? :3>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Earlier, with Eskay

Eskay allows the Shahinne clone to perch on his head.

Shahinne Clone #4197: <Oh thanks~> --and flies to Eskay's head, then turns to Skye -- <Well, I'm only a Notification Shahinne.>

The clone starts ruffling a bit with Eskay's hair until she's made a bed for herself, then lies there.

Shahinne Clone: <♪~>

(Eskay's response)

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Earlier with Eskay

The Shahinne clone is now well protected under Eskay's hat and that way she'll last for a good while at least.

Some minutes ago, Today

After wandering around asking [questions] about scientists and stuff just in case, Silent returns to Ren's room accompanied by Lileep and Sol, to fetch a certain trio of birds.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Somewhere in Holon City

Silent is walking anywhere in the city with Lileep basking on top of his head and three certain birds tagging along.

Shahinne -proudly: <...And that's how I got this many [nuts]!>

"...Copahue, Harriet? I thought we had agreed to not overfeed Shahinne."

The two birds look somewhat embarrassed.

"She's not going to eat all of that bag alone."

Shahinne: <...But I earned it! It's mine!> -- flies around, just outside of Lileep's reach.

"...Fine, you can't eat all of it at once..." -- looks around -- "I should find something to do, perhaps go ask about Crewe..."

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Silent crosses paths with someone he thinks he has seen before.

Silent: "...Oh? Good evening. Haven't seen you before at the Center by any chance? I'm Silent. And this is my Lileep."

Lileep atop Silent's head -emits a gutural sound: <Ignore the human~ Ignore the human I say...> -- sways around -- <...and find me a Feebas.>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Cebu introduces herself and Nanako the Nidoran♀.

"Ooooh!" -- squees at the Nidoran -- "Whossssa Nidoran? :3" -- and leans over to see the lil'specimen.

Lileep meanwhile looks not understanding much, though waves around trying to imitate the movement of Silent's hair.

"Hmmm... looks very very young. How did you obtain this specimen if I may ask?"

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Cebu explains what she knows of Nanako's origins. Meanwhile Silent giggles at the Nido (not that he can avoid that) then carefully examines her paws.

"Fell from the sky... she's lucky that she didn't break her spine or something. Anyway, she still looks kinda like in a bad condition. And…" -- frowns as he notices the Pokémon's quills -- "would she mind if I examine a bit further?"

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Nanako flails when Silent tries to hold her, so he lets Cebu take her again.

Lileep looks with a bit more interest, as does Shahinne from above.

Shahinne: <She's very small! Where is her mom...?>

"Yeah, she looks like she's traumatized. I'm not really sure her parents are anywhere near where you stumbled upon her... Still..." -- and produces a Schrödinger's berry for Nanako to eat -- "I just want to check something. I presume she fell to your hands here in Holon?"

Silent gives the [berry] to Nanako then "intentionally" pokes himself with her quills on a finger while trying to pet her.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Cebu gulps at Silent. The researcher merely looks at his finger and raises an eyebrow.

Shahinne: <That's silly!> -- chirps nervously.

"It's okay, I'm fine. Been doing this for over ten years, my starter was a female Nidoran. However," -- pets Nanako's ears -- "even if I hadn't I would not be in trouble. It seems your Nidoran has no [poison], see."

-He then hastily writes some notes for Cebu on feeding and on probable diseases that could affect a Nidoran youngling.

"I'm guessing this is a Delta Nidoran. Would guess its Poison type has been substituted by another like Rock or Steel via breeding from one of the parents which is why she does not generate any poison. That means she'll be much vulnerable during the early part of her life."

-and hands over the notes-

"She'll require some careful testing, I'd suggest letting her scratch a natural Kecleon. If you ever visit Goldenrod I can check the [colony] there for ways to train her."

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Cebu rakes the notes and checks them, then asks about Silent's Nido.. He lets out a warm smile.

"Uhm, no, my Nidorina [retired] long ago." -- he produces his Pokégear -- "I have a Nidorino now, but he's, uhm… back at home, busy breeding."

Harriet meanwhile has taken care to cover Shahinne's ears.

Harriet: <Copahue, why don't we take Shahinne to see if we find any of the others?>

COpahue (Fearow♂) -blinks: <Sure, why not...>

The two pick Shahinne up and fly further into the building.

"Anyway, just in case anything happens, we should be able to contact each other. Give me your number and I can call you at random times to talk to you about my top percentage Nido, okay, bye."

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Conversation with Cebu continues, and Nanako returns to Cebu's shoulder. Lileep waves his tentacles as a sort of good-bye.

"No problem. You'll probably want to give her special food once you can confirm her type, and you'll definitively want to play with her a lot. Otherwise she'll end up [gruff and bossy] like my Nidorina." -- winks.

"Now if you excuse me, I'm here trying to find information about a friend..."

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

PEFE Holon

Shahinne, Copahue and Harriet hop around the building trying to look for somemons to talk to. Silent also walks some short distance behind, looking for the kitchen.

Shahinne -pecks Harriet: <Mom! I'm missing a clone!>

Harriet -sweatdrops: <Uhm... I wouldn't know what to do about that, dear ._.>

Silent ends up seeing Nico around first however so he goes ask him first.

"Hello? Do you work here and or know something about a 'J-Team'?"

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Nico responds to Silent, who turns to the Espeon to try and pet.

"Oooh an Espeon! How cute~" -- to Nico -- "Good thing you know. See, I'm looking for one or two of them who might have brought a [Sneasel] here."

Lileep -notices the dance: <Gracious attempt land-dweller but I shall bring forth the anger of the Queen of the Sea first, wooooosh!> -- dances and wooshes back and forth on Silent's head.

-to Nico-

"There's one of name Ren. Have you seen him, or someone named Straw perhaps?"

Nico explains that he hasn't seen them but that Crewe should be that way, so that way Silent goes.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

PEFE Holon branch

Silent and some of his mons are resting, with Shahinne noming some nuts she got from Ren while somewhere nearby Harriet and Sol are arguing about something. Shahinne enjoys her meal when suddenly a Shahinne clone lands besides her.

Shahinne: <...There you are!> -- bats wings, exasperated -- <I have been looking for you for four days!>

Shahinne Clone #4196: <I was busy...> -- yawns, roosts.

Shahinne -frowns: <Well at least you did find peoplemons to tell them about the Transceivers, right?>

Shahinne Clone #4196: <No. Found no one.> ^.^

Shahinne puffs her plumage, obviously displeased.

Shahinne: <You should have kept looking! Clone #4194 Mandy poofed to complete our task!>

The clone looks at her for a moment and raises a wing in defense.

Shahinne Clone #4196: <Relax! I made sure they get the message~>

Shahinne -blinks: <...Uh?>

Four Days Ago, at a Park in Holon City

"…And here we have a Starly, another example of Pokémon from remote lands that have tried to set foot here in Holon."

A young Starly is singing atop a tree as some cameramen record her to upload it to Youtube.

Local Starly♀: <I'm beautiful~> -- trills.

-Suddenly, another Starly approaches and looks down to the camera, then perches besides the local Starly-

Shahinne Clone #4196: <...Hey there. I'm a [Notification Shahinne] and I have to send a message!>

Local Starly: <...What? No!> -- puffs chest -- <This is my branch.>

Shahinne Clone #4196: <Relax, it'll just take me a moment~> -- trills.

Local Starly -blinks: <...That's my tone! I'm the beautiful one here!>

Shahinne Clone #4196 -looks the local down: <...No you're not.>

Local Starly: <...What?>

Shahinne Clone #4196 -looks the local down: <You are a bit thin...>

Local Starly -frowns. chirps exasperatedly: <Sure, speaks the light one. And your feathers are too pale.>

-The two Starlies continue having an in-depth conversation and arguing for the camera while the cameramen discuss what is going on; what they don't notice is that after a moment of conversation Shahinne sings a [notice] for members of the J-Team to go pick Transceivers at Ren's place. Hey, they're for free!

(Leads to this chain of events)

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Holon City

As if summoned by an extraneous force, Silent is walking around the city, a couple of his Pokémon on tow, instead of following his planned route as Sol demands.

Sol the Espeon♀: <...What are doing here?>

"Well, it is a nice day..."

Sol the Espeon♀ -frowns: <...But you were going to take us to [Cergus].> -- points to the trio of birds  behind -- <You said Shahinne needed some training...>

"Well yes, but… I want to find out more about what happened with those shady scientists."

Sol the Espeon♀: <...And that is not going to happen if you wander around aiml-...oh?> -- notices something in the distance -- <…Isn't that the gentleman Ren?>

Hearing that Shahinne approaches.

Shahinne: <Gentleman? That means I can get more nuts?>

Sol the Espeon♀: <No, Shahinne. You still have half a bag...>

Silent also notices Ren and what's more important to him (well, more or less) - a Nidoking!

"Woo hoo! Guys Girls lets go!" -- waves to Ren -- "Hello there!"

Copahue the Fearow -glides ahead: <...I'm  a guy...>

Sol tilts head as she approaches and notices a psychically-bound Jolteon.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Ren and his mons greet Silent as they can (because one of them is being righteously miffled).

Sol♀: <Nice to meet you, Una. I'm Sol.> -- purrs contently, then turns to Fulmen -- <Aaaand I'm going to guess this one mon is much of a chatterbox?>

-To Ren-

"Oh we're doing very fine." -- waves a hand -- "Don't worry. It was mostly Shahinne's doing. So long as she is having fun and she is learning things then I should be the one being grateful or her dad will pluck my eyes out."

-Shahinne meanwhile circles peacefully around the two, eyeing Fulmen every once in a while. Her adoptive parents perch near Ren as well-

Harriet: <Oh, it is you the gentleman with the transceivers, yes...> -- bows -- <Thanks for entertaining Shahinne.>

-Silent, noticing Rey does not seem very fond of the group, quietly asks Ren if he'd be allowed to pet him or interact with him-

"Don't worry, I have experience with Nidoran. I just don't want to intrude."

Sol -to Una: <Where are you from? I'm from the Dream World.>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Sol is more or less assaulted with a loooot of questions, while Silent and Ren are talking.

Sol♀ -blinks: <…Uhm...> -- blinks more, swallows -- <I-I guess I can see what you're talking about...>

-Still, to not be unnice, she turns to Fulmen and dedicated some thoughts to the Jolteon-

Sol♀: <Uhm... see, yes, I'm Sol, it is a nice name... my former Trainer gave it to me.> -- tilts head -- <Let's see, I'm an Espeon (yes, too!), I know Confusion, Future Sight, Light Screen and Reflect, mostly psychic moves and techniques for support… and you think my voice is nice? Thanks~> -- purrs -- <I don't get that too often.>

-And o_o's as she sees Fulmen get psych-gagged again.

Sol -flinches: <…I-I'm still listening the questions>

Meanwhile, Silent thanks Ren and turns to Rey.

"Here, let's go by that random tree..." -- to the  birds -- "You girls stay here and behave."

Copahue: <...I'm a guy.>

Shahinne is quick to perch on Ren.

Shahinne: <I have eaten many nuts! Are you going to give me any more?>

-And Silent walks away, motioning for Rey to follow, he also produces his bag of Schrödinger Berries-

"...I hope you like this one?" -- and gives one to Rey. -- "I see you are already a fully evolved Nidoran... how old are you?"

Meanwhile, with Una, Sol starts feeling a bit ill.

Sol: <...Please one at a time...> @.@

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

While Silent and Rey Veneno talk, Shahinne is offered a new recipe. She trills in anticipation and quickly picks some of the poffin to eat.

Copahue -frowns: <Uhm... Shahinne, say thank you.>

Harriet hops closer to Ren and ruffles her feathers.

Harriet the Honchkrow: <So, uh,… what happened with those scientists that you wanted to warn the others about?> -- looks away -- <Silent has been meaning to ask questions about that, but he's... busy.>

-In effect Silent is very busy paying attention to Rey and taking some notes, while the Nidoking noms-

-to Rey-

"…Uh... you are very young then for a Nidoran. But I can understand why Ren did it. I myself have a Nidorino who's fairly stubborn about not wanting to evolve further."

--He thinks for a moment --

"So you get to fight some good fights... anything besides that? Have you ever tried a [Contest]?"

-Meanwhile Sol is shaking her head off some of the mental questions still lingering in her head-

Sol -to Una: <It's okay... that should teach me. And you, what [interesting] things do you do? Silent takes me to libraries. He even bought an anthology of detective stories for me.>

-Shahinne continues to nom the poffin but she remains silent. If anything it should be an indication that she likes it, or perhaps she would have complained already-

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Una and Rey showcase Contest moves! And they're pretty!

Sol♀: <....Ooooooh~> -- O.O

Silent observes the Shadow Claw and looks content at the demonstration. He actually takes some moments before being able to register that Ren wanted to talk to him about that.

"...About the contests? Well... I wonder what that is." -- looks back to notice Harriet and Ren chatting -- "I'll make sure to ask him what's that about..."

Harriet looks pleased with the news, in the sense that at least she knows what is going on. However she does not like the rest of the news, at all.

Harriet: <...A Shadow mon? That's terrible... I... I don't think the others would sit by this well if they've heard about it.>

Copahue -inches closer: <...Remind me then that we should not let Silent take Shahinne to that nasty place. Or Roc will pluck all my feathers...>

Shahinne notices the conversation and after stopping her noms, swallows hard and turns to Ren.

Shahinne: <What's a shadow Pokémon?>

-And Harriet looks worried-

-Silent meanwhile continues talking with Rey-

"…Hey, uhm... I know you are, probably, not very keen on contact and all, but would you mind if I [try] your poison? I'll be okay I promise... Have had two Nidoran starters already." -- looks a bit embarrassed.

Sol -to Una: <That was really pretty, and it should call a lot of attention for the contests...> -- thinks for a moment and gets an idea -- <Hey... do you know Light Screen or Reflect?>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

At Una's question Sol radiates happiness (though not as visibly as a Morning Sun would).

Sol: <Well I do~ > -- :3 -- <Silent is very insistent that we should be unorthodox when we fight, so he has been teaching me how to cast those barriers using different [shapes]! Look at this - it requires some nontrivial focus...>

-And then she steps back a bit and focuses her psychic power to materialize a Light Screen, which slowly fades in and out until it takes the overall shape of a bifolial surface.

Sol: <Strange shapes help [confound] the opponent when they try to attack through it, but I'm sure you could find a use for these~>

Meanwhile, Silent gets some live venom from Rey Veneno's horn, he then carefully scratches the wound he still has from Cebu's Nidoran and rubs some of the venom on it; he is also 's quick but careful to taste it, and seems to lose himself in thinking and examination for a moment.

"…Well, it's a bit less acidic than usual, but it's not a bad thing." -- examines his scratch.

Harriet -to Ren: <...Perhaps I should call Silent back then? You said you had something for him.> -- to Shahinne -- <Come on, let's go.>

Shahinne rubs herself against Ren's head as a thank you gesture for the poffin, then flies after Harriet. Copahue just stays there, looking at Silent and Ren alternatively.

Copahue: <...Uh, hi.> -- looks nervous.

-To Rey Veneno-

"Uhm... about what you said before... mind if I ask some... more personal questions?"

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Rey evaluates Silent's question. Silent is quick to assert that he understand and respects that.

"Well... you said you are very young and evolved recently... I was wondering if you are bred already and if you have had the chance to learn the natural Nidoran movepool..."

-Copahue meanwhile tilts head and approaches Ren-

Copahue: <I guess I could give it a try...>

-and starts noming slowly, not without some difficulty as he is a long-beaked mon-

-Sol meanwhile observes Una's barrier shape and walks closer to it, excusing to Fulmen as he walks past-

Sol: <...Shouldn't we do something about him? That is not letting him talk...>

Harriet meanwhile lands some distance from Silent and Rey, and Shahinne circles above.

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.