Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Where The Wild Arbok Are

-Maggie takes the Schrödinger Berries and gives them to Schrödinger's Pokemon-

Maggie: "Yeah, I challenged him because-"

Damburst: <She was enraptured by my pure strength he second she laid eyes on me.>

Maggie: "Sure..."

Scouter: -to Ichtacya- <Sadly, no!>

Forgot we were searching for her...

"Welcome. Do you have some... b u s i n e s s?"

"Halt dein Höllesobst mir fern, Versucher." ~ jedesdummisel


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Where the Wild Arbok Are

Silent smirks. "Someone has a good attitude. That'll show them well." -- points to the Arbok, who look scared of the Gyarados and continue to recall their clutches to their hiding burrows.

Ichtacya: <Awww…> -- lies on the ground by Scouter -- <I could not let you know Silent had been captured because they captured me too!>

"Yeah, there were some… issues shortly ago. I think Python has it mostly solved."

The young Ekans rattles fiercely as one of the other Ekans in the clutch shows his newest catch, Python's little Bibarel egg, and brags around. The Ekans then rattles back, and the two Pokémon slither towards each other and then try to Bite (not bite) each other in a somewhat non-friendly way.

…Which the Arbok mothers around don't seem to find very pleasing.

"…Uhm, as I was saying, 'mostly solved'."

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Where The Wild Arbok Are

-Damburst notes the Arbok's fear and gives a satisfied nod-

Scouter: <It is alright!>

-Maggie notices what's going on with Python and the other Ekans-

Maggie: "Hm..."

"Welcome. Do you have some... b u s i n e s s?"

"Halt dein Höllesobst mir fern, Versucher." ~ jedesdummisel


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Where The Wild Arbok Are

Ichtacya listens to Scouter then sighs. She then notices the dwindling Arbok activity.

Silent meanwhile goes to sit as well.

"I was trying for ]Python to convince the Arbok to migrate, but that's going to take a while it seems. Hopefully not much-" -- checks his watch -- "the cargo chopper should be about to arrive already. Speaking of which," -- to Maggie -- "if you need a ride back to civilization that's your chance."

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Where The Wild Arbok Are

Maggie: "Hm..."

"We probably should get back and Python's mostly got a handle on things here..."

"Is it making a stop in Castelia?"

"Welcome. Do you have some... b u s i n e s s?"

"Halt dein Höllesobst mir fern, Versucher." ~ jedesdummisel


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Where The Wild Arbok Are

Silent shakes his head. "We're picking some stuff… hopefully some of the Arbok, then taking them to a temporary habitat in PEFE HQ. But the pilot can drop you in Canalave or in PEFE HQ and you can teleport from there. In the meanwhile you and your mons rest a while; I have to sign your Test papers."

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Where The Wild Arbok Are

Maggie: "Ah, alright."

"We'll get there from PEFE HQ, then."

"Welcome. Do you have some... b u s i n e s s?"

"Halt dein Höllesobst mir fern, Versucher." ~ jedesdummisel


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

A Timeskip Later

Silent and Maggie have walked a very short distance down from their mound to meet a PEFE helicopter that has just landed. Out ot the chopper comes Juanito with a couple of assistants carrying boxes.

Juanito: "Greetings, Dr. Silent."

"Greetings," -- waves a hand -- "how were these two arcs four months of vacation?"

Juanito -hands over some documents: "Mostly OK, except for the part where my wife nags at me."

Silent chuckles then moves aside to introduce Maggie.

"This is Maggie, who is running [tests] to become a new PEFE intern. Would you mind taking her to PEFE HQ and signing her entrance?"

Juanito turns and extends his hand to greet Maggie.

Juanito: "Evening... I'm Juanito from the Extractions Transportations Wing."

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Where The Wild Arbok Are, One Timeskip Later

Maggie: "Oh, nice to meet you."

"Welcome. Do you have some... b u s i n e s s?"

"Halt dein Höllesobst mir fern, Versucher." ~ jedesdummisel


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Juanito: "Nice to meet you too. Have any equipment to load? Because we're going to fly a bit tight, if we make good work today."

Up the mound the assistants can be seen luring some of the Arbok towards the boxes for transportation, with Python slithering nearby and trying to convince the wild mons to go with it. Some of the Arbok decide to emerge from their holes bringing in some food and Bibarel eggs.

Silent approaches Maggie.

"It's too dangerous to go alone. Take this!"

Silent hands over a
[signed testing form]!

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Where The Wild Arbok Are

Maggie: -to Juanito- "Just me and my Pokemon."

-Maggie takes the signed testing form-

Maggie: "Oh, thanks."

"Welcome. Do you have some... b u s i n e s s?"

"Halt dein Höllesobst mir fern, Versucher." ~ jedesdummisel


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Ten Minutes Later

After the assistants and Silent have managed to convince enough Arbok of boarding the containers (and of letting the Bibarel eggs go in exchange of other kinds of food), Juanito boards the chopper and signals to Maggie to board and take the left back seat.

Silent and his group of two mons plus Algira (who has been there the whole time, I swear!) wave their good-byes from the mound.

"Luck in your next test! And please send Umbra my greetings, I haven't seen him in a long time!"

Ichtacya: <Be seeing you at the headquarters sometime!> -- waves head leaf.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

PEFE Cargo Chopper

-Maggie boards, with Scouter, Chum, and Damburst having gone back into their balls-

-She waves back as it takes off-

Maggie: "Thanks!"

"And I will!"

"Welcome. Do you have some... b u s i n e s s?"

"Halt dein Höllesobst mir fern, Versucher." ~ jedesdummisel


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Somewhere in the sea

A couple of fishermen are doing their work, which comes in easily as their friend Charizard and his Trainer are scaring all the fish towards the nets.

Fisherman  #1: "It pays to have friends in so good terms with a Pokémon!" -- waves to the Trainer.

As the Trainer flies away, the other fisherman starts dragging the nets in.

Fisherman #1: "So, what do we do now? Do we return to Fisherman's Horizon Sea Worker's Edge right away, or do we try  a quick trade with one of the nearby islands first?"

Fisherman #2: "Whichever is fine with me." -- shrugs -- "These last weeks have been so calm. It's nice to see that everything in the world is going [absolutely fine]. No big villains, no big threats..."

The two Fishermen laugh for a moment and take a brief rest before resuming their fishing trip. It is a good thing for them and their skins that the sky is just partially [cloudy]...

Everything is good in the world…

Somewhere near Goldenrod

Shahinne is happily flying with other Starly that live around the city. Some of them are trained ones, and the others live by a nearby zoo. Copahue and Harriet watch from a tree at the National Park they're perched on.

Copahue the Fearow♂: <These days have been very good…>

Harriet the Honchkrow♀: <Yeah…> -- nuzzles the Fearow -- <You know, Shahinne is spending more time with others of her own species…>

The Fearow cranes his neck and looks at the Honchkrow quizzically.

Harriet: <She'll get some friend and or return to Silent's team…> -- sorta-shrugs -- <so, uhm... that might give us some time.>

Copahue -seems to catch on: <For ourselves...>

Harrier: <To talk about stuff...>

Copahue: <Yeah… Totally.>

The two birds nuzzle each other while keeping about half an eye each on the flock Shahinne is flying with. Then they forget more about her and focus more on each other.

Meanwhile, a good distance above, a sole Staraptor is effortlessly flying and watching. Partially hidden above the lowest layer of clouds, the Pokémon looks for an easy prey, not to nom but to stalk and practise his skills on. He can not let his abilities go to waste; neither Tagg or Silent would appreciate that.

The Staraptor eyes a shadow moving to his left. About as small as his claws. Must be a Pidgey practising the basics of updrifts. Perhaps the little thing could use an extra lesson on the hardness of life. Roc will be careful to not do damage. He knows hismelf wel enough for that.

The Pidgey barely sees it coming. First there is a screech that fills his surroundings and then a big, bird-like shadow that ominously flies past him. There's no time for much processing. The skies are wild, the Pidgey is alone and in risk. And somewhere inside, a basic instinct that has been sharpened since the earliest of times, before these birds had their present shape, kicks in.

Move, dive survive.

Like the countless ones who made your species across time.

Because the ritual of feasting is now and the menu is you.


Things are going the way they have to go.

Everything is fine in the world.

Somewhere in the Skies of the Pokéverse

At the lowest layers of the sky that lay wholly above any land, the winds run wild, carrying with them water and other compounds in the form of clouds. Among those clouds though, there is one whose composition makes it special.

Darker and denser than the others, it drifts around, aimlessly and powerlessly, spending its time in just waiting for good luck to strike. For months it has wandered, every once in a while gathering enough strength to alter its own course and replenish its physical structure from the fumes of a nearby volcano, to then resume its path, wherever it may lead to. So long as this path eventually leads to the saddened Fearow whose pain gave it life, the ashcloud will be content to endure its meagre existence.

It has been hard. Sometimes it gets stuck in a rainstorm that washes away most of its physical component - though, so long as the fear and the self-doubt remain, the ashcloud will live. Now, however, the ashcloud senses something nearby, a force that is capable of driving itself despite not possessing any particular physical material.

Could it be...?

The ashcloud musters enough energy to become self-driving and then it starts floating higher in the sky. A couple of layers above, the ashcloud begins to dissipate and spread around, until it eventually comes in contact with a strange force.

Ashcloud: "…?"

????: "…?"

The ashcloud's tendrils probe the shining, sparse and strangely coloured cloud that drifts away; the other cloud, strangely, also probes back, and its magical power ominously introduces itself to the ashcloud's emergent presence.

It was born way long ago, and for a specific purpose

Candice's Gym, Looooong Ago

A Froslass appears, obviously having been sent by the Trainer. She walks in and starts focusing her powers into a large greenish cloud forming in front of her. Then she starts calmly blowing the Ominous Wind away, and the greenish wind starts blowing away, tracking Salamence

But the purpose was done and the magical cloud was left to wander the harsh, cold skies of Sinnoh, which it fortunately managed to escape at some point.

…But then what?

It was just be dragged around, incapable of doing anything on its own, until it ran lucky enough to meet someone with power, hopefully an akin soul...

The ashcloud knew that feeling too well.

The two things started merging with each other…

They were swift to strike a deal.

Alone they are powerless and adrift. One lacks purpose, the other lacks direction. Execution without either one would be a meaningless task, doomed to failure.

But one could give the other power to carry out it task, and in exchange get a purpose and the ability to sustain itself.

The dark, dense ashcloud quickly merged with the magical Ominouscloud, and the two bare beings became one.

The ashcloud and the ominouscloud
merge into one!

They are one. And they comprehend...

The skies were cast darker for a moment, the winds grew wilder as if trying to escape the task of carrying this new being around. But nature abhors a vaccuum, and the winds from the North were quickly designated to transport this new being around.

The Ominous Ashcloud is born!

They were able now to deal pain and death under their own power.

In their continuous hunt for the Fearow whose sadness had given them life

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Somewhere in the Johtoan Forest

A not very random Nidorino is roaming and collecting herbs. He takes a look to the treetops above him, checking the time of the day - the dusk has just passed.

Maekrite: <...I better hurry. She will get angry if I don't ge-...?>

Suddenly the Nidorino notices a star shining very brightly. Before he can reorient himself or do much else, a pillar of blue light covers him for a moment.

After the light subsides, the Nidorino has disappeared.

Somewhere in Unova

A not very random Nidorino holding some herbs peeks out of a thicket near a beach, and looks around. He sniffs around, wondering where he is, and decides to head towards the beach to get a better sight of things.

Of course what he gets from that is that he's in a beach. But he also distinguishes some mons, the nearest of them a certain Lickilicky.

Recalling they are not really native to his area, Maekrite decides to go hail him.

Maekrite: <Uhm… Hello?> -- he asks with his voice a bit muffled, while raising a paw -- <You, down there?>

Sticy Lips: <Hm?> :?

-He turns and notices Maekrite-

Sticy Lips: <Oh, hello!> :)

Maekrite: <Hello, uhm..> -- he drops the herbs on the sand to talk better -- <sorry to disturb you, can I ask a question?>

Sticy Lips: <Oh?> :O --  <What is it?> :?

-Maekrite turns back to point to the forest-

<Well, I was walking through the forest and there was this blue light and now I'm... well, here. I can't find my path...> -shrugs - <Would you kindly point me the path to [Ecruteak]?>

Sticy Lips: <Sorry, I don't really know where that is from here.> :(

Maekrite stands proud: <Uhm... o-okay. It _is_  an important settlement though, what with Frithrah living there.> -- looks around -- <And Goldenrod?>

Sticy Lips: <Oh, I know where they are, just not where they are from here.> :O -- <By the way, who's Frithrah?> :?

Maekrite was about to pick his herbs up when he flares ears at the question

Maekrite:: <Our race's god. You... perhaps know him as "[Ho-Oh]"?>

Sticy Lips: <Oh, Ho-Oh. Yeah, I know who that is.> :O

Maekrite -sighs in relief: <Oh, that's nice. At least I'm not pestered about this everywhere...> -- points to his Poison Points.

After that he blinks and looks at the Lickilicky somewhat curiously as well. Sticy Lips notices Maekrite looking at him curiously and inquires.

Sticy Lips: <What is it?> :?

-Maekrite eyes himself and then eyes Sticy Lips as well-

Maekrite: <Well, uhm... it's just that where I live evermon knows who I am. Either you're not a local or I strayed very far from home... Anyway,>  he sits on the sand and attempts to look cute-polite - <I'm Maekrite. May I have your name?>

The Lickilicky puts up a very cute, cat-like face. <Oh, it's Sticy Lips.>

Maekrite nods curtly but makes patent that he means no ill will-

Maekrite: <So, a weird sounding name. I take it that you live alongside a human?>

Sticy Lips: <Yeah, I do. He's nice, even if he does have weird tastes in naming.> :)

Maekrite: <Well, my human has simpler tastes, though they're still strange.> -- chuckles nervously.

Sticy Lips: <Like what?> :O

Maekrite thinks for a moment.- <He calls a Sandshrew Dintel, what else would I know...>

After that Maekrite looks around and motions inquisitively for Sticy Lips to point him if they can walk around-

Sticy Lips: <Oh, ours calls a Sandslash Slashkreyd.> :O

Sticy Lips then notices Maekrite's motions and follows him-

Maekrite snorts- <At least that sounds much better, if you ask me. So...> -- looks Sticy Lips up and down -- <how goes your training?>

Sticy Lips: <Hm...> :/ -- <Well, but a bit different than it was before.> :/

Maekrite: <·_· Touchy subject?>

Sticy Lips: <Oh, no.> :O

-Maekrite nods and notices something. Meanwhile Sticy Lips continues.

  <...Well, kinda. Mostly I wish I could still help with Gym Battles and the League.> :/

Maekrite:  <Hang on, just a moment...> -- and rushes a couple of steps back to pick his herbs up.

Maekrite returns shortly afterwards and keeps up with Sticy Lips, paying attention to the part about the Gym Leaders. -- <You... can't?> -- He then notices some details in the Lickilicky's appearance- <I... I don't mean to intrude, but what are those blotches?>

Sticy Lips: <Oh, those.> :O --  <I got them when I got> -begins flailing his arms- <THE POOOOWWWWWWEEEEEEER~> -stops flailing- <or something.> :O

Maekrite -shrinks a little: <....POOOOOOOOWEEEEERR!!!!????> °.°

In a Movie Director's Imagination

Sticy Lips stands in a well-ornamented room inside a palace.


Back in Reality... You know what I mean.

Sticy Lips: <Yeah, or something. I have no idea what it is other than that I can't be in Gym Matches anymore.> :/

Maekrite nods knowingly and has a feeling of who (and what he has just met. He continues forward alongside Sticy Lips.

It seems this will be an [interesting] conversation...

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Near Humilau, Right After the Above Post

Sticy Lips: <Yeah, or something. I have no idea what it is other than that I can't be in Gym Matches anymore.> -- (;一_一)

Maekrite nods understandingly. <I see.... I got these too...> -- shows his Poison Points -- <from a dose of Frithrah's light. Can't fight in Gyms either.> -- seems to trail off -- <Got myself and my Trainer banned from some place…> --  ಥ_ಥ

Sticy Lips: <Oh *?> :O -- <You can't fight and got banned from somewhere?> :O

Sticy Lips shows more interest and prods Maekrite to tell him more about what happened. Maekrite sighs but then nods in a friendly manner.

Maekrite: <Well, there was this war… it was everywhere. It's a bit complicated, but I had to be given to my human and protect him from danger.>

<It was hard. We had to fight a madman who [corrupted] the deities of time for his own wishes... but we won.>

Sticy Lips: :O

Maekrite gets flashback eyes, then shakes himself back to reality.

Maekrite: <I saw a light guiding me home. I followed it. Got word that Frithrah wanted to see me and, when it happened, He branded me as His herald.>

Sticy Lips: <Does that mean that I'm a herald or something?> :O

Maekrite raises a figurative eyebrow as he scans Sticy Lips- <Perhaps. We may be a lot alike... Who branded you?>

Sticy Lips: <Oh, Thundurus.> :)

Maekrite stops for a moment to think about the name; he obviously knows it's somemon important, but for the love of him he can't recall anything specific.

Maekrite: <I-I see... I know it is an important god... one in a group.> -- swings a paw -- <I just don't know which one of them it is.> -- tries to remember -- <This is in Unova, right?>

Sticy Lips: <It is, yeah.> :)

Maekrite does the Nidoran equivalent of a whistle. <So you are like me! And Nadia, and Lake!> -- hops excitedly -- <Why were you summoned?>

Sticy Lips: <Oh, I had to help him and Tornadus find the [Reveal Glass].> :O

Maekrite: <…I take it that's something very important? Can you tell me more? It's for a book~> :3

Sticy Lips: <Oh, sure.> :O

And Sticy Lips begins a brief but energetic narration.

<...mirror that reveals the truth...> :O

<...allows Tornadus and Thundurus to transform...> :O

<...called Therian Formes.> :O

-Maekrite meanwhile nods and listens-

<...combined with some sort of song...> :O

<...forces of nature!> :O

Maekrite awaits for a moment, but Sticy Lips now remains silent. The two keep walking a dozen or so more steps without either talking.

Taking that as the end of the narration, Maekrite gives a gesture of contentment.

Maekrite: <Then hopefully what you have done is very good...> -- reminds of self -- <It is a shame you can no longer fight for your Trainer where he measures against other humans,
but I hope that he knows to appreciate the significance of this sacrifice.>

Sticy Lips: <I hope so too, yeah.> :)

Maekrite: <Well... it better the Task that has branded you is good for all. Wouldn't want to have oppose a ven atha ("akin heart").>

Sticy Lips puts up a more or less confused face, and Maekrite briefly explains the concept.

Maekrite:  <We share a duty.>

Sticy Lips: <Yeah, I see... I think I already met somemon like you [opposed] to me.> :(

Maekrite hums then remains silent for a moment. He shakes a paw.

Maekrite: <You follow two masters now. It is hard. But don't let it bug you. You still have to live a normal life...>

Maekrite observes his surroundings, looking nervous.

<I for example have to bring the grass back home, but I can't find the path.>

Sticy Lips -looks a bit more relaxed now: <Hm... Well, you're in [Humilau] now.> :/

<Maybe there's someone aound here who would be willing to Teleport you back.> :) -- <We have somemon on our team who knows Fly, but going to Johto would be a bit far for her.> :/

Maekrite blinks- <Humilau you say? I-I don't even know where that is…> -- looks a bit disheartened.

Sticy Lips: <Oh, it's in the Northeastern part of Unova, if you know where that is.> :)

Maekrite: <Okay, that I know…> -- sighs -- <I'm... not going to get back home before dusk it seems.>

The Nidorino mulls over the situation for a moment, being careful to not nom or break the herbs he's carrying. Sticy Lips observes for a moment.

Sticy Lips: <Sorry, I don't really know how to help.> :(

Maekrite -waves a paw: <Don't worry. I… I know to live alone, I can figure out a way...> -- thinks for a moment -- <Is your Trainer anywhere nearby?>

Sticy Lips: <Yeah. He should be around here somewhere.> :)

Maekrite nods, and a bit hesitantly asks if the trainer would have no issue with getting him to the nearest Pokémon Center available-

Maekrite: <I guess I can be easily teleported from there. So long as nomon asks about these...> -- points to his marks.

Sticy Lips: <He wouldn't have any problem doing that.> -- points to self -- <I can take you there too.> :)

Maekrite phews and thanks the Lickilicky. The two Pokémon then head in the direction of a Pokécenter, talking a bit more along the way.

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Near Humilau, after the previous post

Maekrite follows Sticy Lips around and the two engage in conversation.

Maekrite: <So if I understand all right, I'm in Unova?>

Sticy Lips -looks back: <You are, yeah.> :)

Maekrite looks still somewhat disheartened at the response. It is understandable. <That's, like... half a world away from Hlienes... home.>

Sticy Lips: <It'll be fine.> :) -- stops for a moment -- <Do you need a [hug]?> :3

Maekrite: <Uhm... I don't think-> -- remembers his last three or four weeks of life -- <Uhm… yeah, I could use one, actually.>

Sticy Lips: <Sure~> :3 -- <HUGGIE!> :3

With that little warning, Sticy Lips tongue-glomps Maekrite while projecting a feelign of joy.
The Nidorino is subdued by the tongue-glomp, manages to catch his breath.

Maekrite: <·_·>

Maekrite shudders and recoils at first, though reminds himself this is a gesture of friendship (or so he hopes!).

Maekrite: <Uhm... t-thanks fo-... fo-....>

He tries to speak more and clean himself but notices he has fallen [Paralyzed]!

Sticy Lips: <That's never happened before.> :O

Maekrite -shudders: <I-I know... it's ne-new for me as w-w-w-well...> -- shakes himself.

After a moment of shuddering Maekrite decides that the manly thing to do is to just shrug it off and continue walking, even if a bit slower. This time it is Sticy Lips who follows, even if common sense would indicate that it is Sticy Lips who should be pointing the way.

Still, after a couple of minutes, Maekrite sniffs something oddly familiar in the distance and turns to Sticy Lips with a gesture of relief.

Maekrite: <Thank you for showing me around… what now? Is your Trainer here?>

Sticy Lips: <He should be around, yeah.> :)

Maekrite: <Ah, good.>

Maekrite pushes the door with some difficulty (partly a family thing, partly being Paralyzed) and goes inside. Sticy Lips goes inside as well, stopping just shortly after the entrance. He just stands there while Maekrite sniffs around for the various mons and people, and expects that Sticy Lips eventually points to the Trainer.

Just a moment after someone appears. [Crow] approaches Maekrite and Sticy Lips.

Crow: "Oh, who's this?"

Maekrite of course issues a greeting rawr. <Uhm, I'm Maekrite.>

Crow: "Oh, nice to meet you."

Sticy Lips: <This is my trainer.> :)

Maekrite -sniffs: <…You scent familiar. Nice to meet you.> -- bows, then he turns to Sticy Lips. -- <Uhm… how do we explain what I need?>

Sticy Lips: <Oh, that's no problem. He understands Monese.> :)

Crow -assents: "I do, yeah."

Maekrite steps back out of surprise then looks up.

Maekrite: <Uhm… w-well... Nice to meet you.> -- tries to ease things with a :3 face.

Crow: "So, what's the problem you're having?"

Maekrite sits and scratches his ears out of embarrassment, and takes a moment before speaking.

Maekrite: <Well, uhm... I was in my forest. Near Goldenrod. Collecting food. Then a strange light pillar appeared around me and I was here.> --rolls eyes-- <Can't really say it was a... strange occurence.>

Crow: "[Interesting]..." -- kneels more to level with the Nidorino. -- "You need a way back there, then?"

Maekrite looks back at Crow and nods eagerly.

Maekrite: <I need to be back before the dusk, or my mate will get angry and hungry.>

Crow: "Alright..." -- thinks -- "None of my team knows Teleport, but I think I know some others who do."

Maekrite -happily: <Uhm, I shall thank you. A teleport would get me there in no time.>

At this very precise moment, a certani totem bird decides to make a surprise appearance.

Xatu -just appears: <You said you're looking for a teleporter?>

Maekrite was just cut short of asking Sticy Lips about his team's abilities when he is surprised by Xatu's appearance.

Maekrite -hops back: <...Aaaaaah!> -- blinks -- <N-not you!>

Crow -seemingly unsurprised: "Oh yes we are." -to Maekrite-- "What's wrong with him?"

Maekrite looks shiftly aside. <Uhm...> -- sighs, then looks at Xatu for a moment.-- <Nothing really. It's just that when you appear... Mons are just "disappeared". Like back then when Hoenn.>

Xatu -preens his feathers dignifiedly: <I only send mons and people where they [need] to go.>

Maekrite frowns and is about to retort something, but cuts himself short from it. He instead returns to sitting on the spot.

Sticy Lips: <You can send him back to his den, right?> :)

Meanwhile, Maekrite mutters something under his breath about his den being where he has to go "or else".

Xatu: -Nods- <I can.>

Sticy Lips: <Great.> :D

Maekrite turns to Xatu and gives a slight nod.

Maekrite: <Okay, can you give me just a brief moment before taking me back?>

Xatu simply stays in place, and Maekrite then turns to Sticy Lips.

Sticy Lips: <You want something?> :O

Maekrite flares his ears. He addresses the other Pokémon in a serious stance. <I hope that you take your role seriously now that you serve a deity. And I hope your Trainer doesn't mind.>

Sticy Lips: <I will.> :)

Crow: "I don't. For the most part."

Maekrite frowns up at Crow but remains in a friendly if still serious posture.

Maekrite: <This job... it was hard on my Trainer. On me. Almost costed me... a family. So you [better] be proud.>

He then bows to Sticy Lips.

Maekrite: <Stay up, you can make a good rusatidra. A “brother of duty”.>

Sticy Lips -looks very surprised: <Really?> :O

Maekrite -nods: <I guess. They don't choose us for nothing.>

Partly looking for support, Maekrite turns to Xatu and speaks to him. <What do you think? ¬¬>

Xatu: <…> -Says nothing, just stares half back at them, half at nowhere.

Maekrite gives Xatu an expression that could read as "please don't tell me it's bad", then sighs.

Maekrite: <I guess I'm ready to go...>

Sticy Lips: <Bye, Maekrite!> :)

Xatu: <Very well.> --spreads wings…

Maekrite manages to wave a paw before being teleported away.

Xatu used Teleport

Sticy Lips waves back at where once the other Pokémon was.

Instantly after that, near Route 35

Xatu and Maekrite just appear there, right in the border of the path that leads to Goldenrod. Maekrite looks around and recognizes the place, then smiles confidently.

Maekrite -turns his ear and eye to Xatu: <...So? That's just it? I have to be here?>

Xatu: <Yes, at least for now.>

Maekrite raises his ear: <...I'll take that. Uhm... thanks.> --hesitates -- <Does it mean there is a danger for my émar or something?>

Xatu -doesn't bother to look back: <The future is constantly in flux.>

Maekrite: <Yes, I have tried to turn it my way.> -- bows -- <Thanks for returning me.>

Xatu: <Very well then.>

Xatu Teleports back to Humilau!

Back at Humilau

Xatu appears right besides Crow, who notices what happened.

Crow: "Hello again."

Sticy Lips: <Did he make it fine?> :?

Xatu: <He arrived where he needed to go.>

Sticy Lips: <Oh, good.> :)

Crow -smiles: "Thanks for that."

Xatu cocks his head and Teleports away, just Good Work of the Day done.

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Skies above the National Park, a couple of days ago

A certain bird, who shall remain nameless for a little while, soars the skies calmly looking around as Shahinne tries some tricks with the updrifts, trying to stabilize her flight. Roc looks down and yawns, thinking it is about the time to return.

Shahinne the Starly♀: <…But dad! I want Whirlwind!> -- and proceeds to demonstrate her lack of training on the move by whipping a small gust of air that barely moves Roc's crest feathers.

Roc the Staraptor♂ -sighs: <Shahinne, whipping out a Whirlwind is not something that one just does.> -- flies a bit lower -- <It takes opportunity and preparation, just like catching a good updrift.>

Shahinne -frowns: <But I can bat my wings strong! Why can't I just whip the air?>

Roc: <Because you're not that well trained yet. Come down, show me.>

Shahinne trills a note and glides down until she reaches a distance from her father's side. The Staraptor waves his crest to secure his daughter's attention then fans out his remiges to brake in mid-air, while the Starly continues onwards. Taking the cue, Shahinne circles the air for a moment before catching sensation of a current of wind she can use.

Shahinne: <I'm sure it's done like this!>

And she proceeds to brake in mid-air as well, losing some stability; she mamages to recover then spreads her wings and starts bating her wings furiously, making sure she can catch and encircle some of the current with steady backturns. Once she has gathered enough power, she bats her wings onwards and downwards to unleash the air current… which promptly dissipates a short distance beneath her, overtaken by the other current winds in the area.

Shahinne trills an unhappy note and her body language changes to a frustrated and irritated tone. Seeing this, Roc takes a mental note that at least she is becoming  more confident, as the Starly had started crying the first few times she tried a Whirlwind.

Shahinne: <...But I'm whipping the wind! Why won't it just [go] where I want! ¬¬>

Roc -flies up: <You are treating the wind like it was an enemy Pokémon, Shahinne.> -- looks at his daughter's confused look -- <I told you a Whirlwind is much like an updrift.>

Shahinne: <But I can take updrifts just fine! And Copahue taught me to fan out my wing feathers so I could tire out less!> -- puts up an angry face -- <This hraka just doesn't work!>

Roc: <Shahinne!> -sternly looks at her.

The Starly's face falls down and she comes closer to her father, flying behind him.

Roc: <…I'll have to have a word with that Nidorino.> -- shakes his head -- <Anyway. You can't treat the air like an enemy. That'll get you nowhere.>

Shahinne: <B-but I'm not... Why am I?>

Roc calls Shahinne forwards and proceeds to demonstrate a (very soft!) Wing Attack on her; Shahinne yells and falls off her course, but manages to recover and fly back up to position. She looks at her parent confused, even more so when he gives a "now your turn" gesture.

Still a bit unsure, Shahinne flies a bit higher, readies her wings and proceeds to swat Roc's left wing, managing to slow the larger bird's flight a little. Shahinne blinks then reaches Roc's side again, feeling disheartened at the obvious disappointment in his face.

Roc: <…You're not training your technique, Shahinne. You're falling behind on Wing Attack. Not to mention Endeavour.>

Shahinne -falters: <I-I just...> -- chirps angrily -- <I don't like my wings being in pain.>

The two birds sense the updrift being left behind and take a turn to the south to return to the city, very slowly.

Roc: <The pain will subside and you will get stronger, but only if you learn [how] to hit your enemies.> -- looks at her -- <You swat your wing like it was a talon -but a wing is not a talon. And that's why you lose stability.>

Shahinne thinks for a moment about how to use a wing differently than a talon. Wasn't she using both to hit her foes? Granted, she couldn't grab [nuts] with her wings, and her talons were not able to sustain her in the air. And she started seeing a bit more of what Roc was talking about when he said that she was using her wings the wrong way.

Shahinne: <…I should not swipe with my wings, then?> -- thinks for a moment -- <But I can't pierce with them, or scratch with them. How do I do Wing Attack then?>

Roc -confidently: <Your wings carry your force when flying. Observe what Copahue does, if he can get into a fight.> -- assumes a more serious tone -- <It's about time they actually teach you something.>

Shahinne: <Harriet tried to teach me how to Pursuit it I just wouldn't learn ^.^>

Roc -wryly: <I can see why not.>

As the two birds start getting closer to the city, Roc sees something parked above a building on the distance. Has to be a zeppelin, he guesses. A closer look reveals some letters written on the side, and that plus the location of the zeppelin gives him all the information he needs.

Roc: <…It seems Silent is back. You should ask to get in his team this time.>

Shahinne: <Oh! Back!> -- chirps happily -- <We can go play with them now! And Copahue will teach me!>

Roc -frowns: <I think we'd rathe-> -- looks as his charge speeds up ahead, sighs.

Shahinne flies a good distance ahead, reaching the edge of the National Park airspace and getting ready to glide towards the city, when she senses something behind her. With a swift motion of her right wing she manages to evade the big claws trying to get a grip on her, but before she can move further away she finds herself encased in another set of claws.

Shahinne: <Playtime! Weeeee~♪> -- playfully struggles to escape.

Roc: <Actually, I was thinking we should take a rest. And by rest I mean a nap. I haven't napped in six hours.>

Shahinne: <...Oh. We can go nap in the trees! :3>

Roc looks behind him to the park, then releases the lil'bird from his grip.

Roc: <Yeah, that'd be good. I don't really like napping on videophone poles. And once we've napped and had lunchtime you can go with your friends.>

Shahinne and Roc start turning away, back to the north. With a motion of his head Roc invites Shahinne to perch on his head, which the smaller bird does, and then he starts gliding safely towards the National Park.

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

PEFE Storage, Goldenrod

After arriving from his mostly off-screen trip to Sinnoh, Silent is hanging around in the lounge while waiting for his interns to gather some things for him.

Orenda -hands over a folder: "And what is the symposium this time?"

"I don't remember. But it's not too soon anyway."

Orenda: "Well here it says it's in... Kalos." -- reads more -- "We haven't ever been there."

"True. Would make for a nice trip. And I bet the rest of the group is enmassing there anyway." -- goes grab a dish of food -- "How are my Pokémon doing?"

Timbú -crosses arms: "Well, [Sol] is missing still. But your birds are all OK. And Roc still hangs around here."

"I see... I think I should be taking them out."

Rodriguez: "Please don't drop Lileep on us again."

"I won't. ¬¬"

At that moment Ichtacya arrives on the lounge and climbs up a chair to rest, looks at the interns around waiting for one of them to pet her but no one takes the cue. Harriet and Copahue also arrive and perch on the roof, looking somewhat nervous, they both chirp a greeting then when Silent asks them about Shahinne they point to the overall north direction.

Silent nods. Then he places his meal - some rice with fish - on the microwave and closes its door.



There is a sound liike a scratching coming from inside the microwave!

Copahue -hiccups: <…T-the food! it's fighting back!>

Orenda -frowns, looks at the microwave: "..What the heck?"

Ichtacya: <The noise!> -- growls, covers ears with paws.

Silent goes open the door of the microwave, which was fortunately not turned on...

…and out comes [Sol the Espeon♀], a half-fish on her mouth, swinging her tail around. While the others stare at her, she simply makes her way out of the very closed space and leaps down to the ground, where she finishes noming the fish.

Copahue: <o.o>

Sol: <Mmmmm~> -- licks her paws -- <Thanks for the welcome.>

Ichtacya: <What is this sorcery?>

"...Sol? Where have you-? When did you-? How did you-?>

Sol: <…? W-what's the problem?>

"You were lost."

Sol: <I was not.> -- sits proudly.

At that moment Roc and Shahinne also arrive. Roc roosts on the table while Shahinne goes glomp her adoptive parents.So

"Well the you were disappeared. For a good while I might add." -- looks at the microwave -- "How did you even...?"

Sol -purrs: <Silly Silent. I'm a psychic cat who likes science. I learn one thing or two... I can go to places when I'm not observed.>

"..." -- stares.

Roc: <…> -- stares.

Shahinne -notices: <Eeeeee~ Sol!> -- and goes glomp.

Ichtacya: <grrrrr.....> -- glares.

Interns: "…?" -- stare.

Sol -plays with Shahinne: <...What?>

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

A week ago

Silent is explaining to his mons (well, most of them) that they might be taking a trip to [Holon] for some fun and study, as he wants to prepare for some upcoming symposiums in Kalos. He is, at the moment, deciding who to bring along.

<…But I want to go!>

<…should really get out of here more often...>


<…not going if you go, someone has to stay here and take care of the house!>

…Or, rather, his mons are infighting over who gets to go. He quickly sets up some basic rules - [Sol] has to go, since she's already requested the trip and there are some things for her to see there, And he's definitively taking Lileep, considering some recent issues.

"But guys, you have to understand this is not just a normal trip. Holon is a different place."

And proceeds to explain about the little detail that Pokéballs don't work there, meaning the Pokémon will have to be in the open and for the most part on their own, unless Silent only brings two or three for the ride.

Copahue: <So, a lot of open spaces? I, uhm… would welcome the time to fly around, yeah.> -- preens nervously.

Ichtacya: <As much as it sounds like a fun place, I'm not sure if I should go.>

Roc: <It's about time you give Shahinne some more serious training.>

Ichtacya: <Speaking of which…> -- looks around -- <I have the feeling Maekrite is not coming along, so- who is going to be the [lead]?>

And all of the mons turn to stare at Silent. Ichtacya and Roc more than the others.


And Ichtacya glares.

And Roc glares.

"Okay, I guess this is as good a time as any. I'm picking Dintel as the lead."

And goes pick up the mon, who is lying by the window.

Ichtacya: <…Come again?> -_-

Dintel the Sandshrew♂: <Eeeeee~> -- swipes at the air -- <I'm  a nice lead!>

"Okay, let's sort this out. Dintel, you're coming around. Can't let you wreck everything at PEFE HQ." -- turns to a certain bird family -- "Shahinne has to come, or Roc will pry my eyes out."

The Staraptor shakes his head and moves to the back.

Roc: <And you need somemon who will train her. Like, say, her adoptive parents, as they should be doing.>

Harriet: <U-Uhm....> -- blushes.

"…Fine. Harriet and Copahue are coming along as well."

Copahue: <Eh, all of us?>

Silent nods and the three birds gather and talk for a moment, after which Silent explains that he's packing some things for them in case they need to spend time separately from the rest of the group. So long as they train Shahinne as well, he adds.

Sol: <And I'm coming as well.>

"Yes, you're coming as well." -- produces some documents -- "I got the papers you'll need to sign up to the public libraries there, if we can convince the people there you're smart enough."

Sol -stretches: <Easy, I'm a cat.>

Ichtacya glares at her for a moment, then raises a paw.

Ichtacya: <Mind if I can get transferred to PEFE HQ now? I'd like to spend some time exploring modules.>

Silent frowns, then shrugs, comments that whatever works. Then he consults Roc, who decides to stay in Goldenrod for a short while. Silent gives him a small radio clip. All the while, Python is slithering around, obviously annoyed that he doesn't get to travel.

"If you feel like you'd rather be transferred elsewhere just send a signal and come here, I'll handle the rest."

Roc -cranes head: <Isn't communications in Holon a hard issue?>

Silent brushes the Staraptor's wings as he equips the clip carefully.

"It's not for Holon, it's for my interns, I'll leave instructions for them on how to handle some of you." -- turns to Ichtacya -- "I'll have one for you tomorrow."

After that the team chatters for some minutes as they make the final arrangements. The resulting party to travel is set as follows:

Dintel, Sol, Shahinne, Copahue, Harriet, Algira, Lileep

The various mons spend some minutes saying each other goodbye or commenting on some random issues, until Silent sends them to feed and rest, except for Sol, whom he calls to follow around, and Dintel, who is returned to his little place by the window.

"Just want to make sure everything marches neatly before I go."

Sol: <Ooh? Okay, I guess....> -- and follows.

Silent and Sol leave the building and head north, out of the city. After scheduling for buying some groceries at a locat store later during the day, he heads out of the city, with the Espeon following nearby and examining various objects spread around the alleys.

Ten minutes later the two find themselves taking an exit out of the Flower Shop District and to the north, out of the city. Sol follows silently, every once in a while twirling her tail and having her head gem emit a barely noticeable pulse. She does this about four times in the next minutes before Silent looks at her.

"Something wrong?"

Sol: <We are being [followed].>

Silent raises an eyebrow, does not look back; neither does Sol. The two keep walking towards the city and disappear between the trees.

Some distance behind, Roc soars the skies behind them, and gives an unamused chirp as he turns to the east to trace the other two's path.

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

A battle facility in ????, Holon

The TV sets spread all across the facility, and in other places of the city as well, have their repeat transmission of Valiant Knight Skarmory v/s Sergeant Seismitoad interrupted by some static, then the logo of the local competition network.

«Ladies and gentlemen, we remind you that today the opening rounds of the Auric Sol Battle Tournament take place. This tournament demostrates an innovative scheme for Full Battles, as you will be able to see...»

-There's a video showcasing two oppossing teams: the first team has Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Taillow, Poochyena and Zigzagoon; the second team has Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Pidove, Minccino and Patrat. The three starters of each team enter the battle in a triples alignment-

«…battles run in full 6-on-6, where the teams are split in two rows of three with the first row entering the battlefield, the same way as in the Triple battles you've seen on TV. There will be no switchouts however. Once the three members are defeated…»

One of the teams of starters smacks the other team silly. You choose which one, I'm not taking generational favourites here ;-)

As a result of this, the images of the three smacked starters fade, just like if this was just a videogame, and the back row -the other three members of the team- step in to continue the battle.

«…to continue the battle. The winning team is the first one to knock down the opponent's back row. Now, let's review some of the rules...»

And a brief exposition of the rules is presented. Various icons resume the different rules:

* A potion within a green circle indicates items are allowed (though the commentator makes a point to not abuse Revives!)
* Two mon icons with arrows are crossed with a red circle, indicating switchouts are not permitted.
* An hourglass is shown with an interrogation sign inside, indicating there is no time limit.

«Also, to prevent some strategies that could provide unfair advantage to richer Trainers, two Pokémon on the same row can't equip the same items.»

«And now let's commence! As the audience cheers and places their bets, the first two competitors enter the stage! Let's welcome…»

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Coulombia City, Shortly Ago

The crowd applauds as the major of Coulombia City walks to the podium, two small plaques in his hands.

"First, we want to congratulate the eight trainers who participated in this exposition tournament and we thank them for their assistance in showcasing this new battle scheme that we hope gains some attention across the globe. Now, for the winners,"

-the TV cameras focuse on the two small plaques, each holding a small [item], one a greenish earring and the other a bronze-colored bracelet-

"we have these two items provided by our sponsors. Here we present to the winners, two special prizes."

A Medichamẟ steps in and takes one of the plaques, the one containing the earring; he walks to a nearby mon standing in the runner-up plate of the podium, bows to the Pokémon in question and hands them over the plaque.

"For our very interesting first Pokémon contestant: this earring, crafted by a specialist from Ravnica with materials originating from the nearby forests, will make its wearer more resilient against Poison-type attacks and poison effect."

Sticy Lips's team ITEM GETs
[Antivenom Earring]!

The Medicham then goes take the other plaque, going to the Pokémon on the winner's plate to repeat the ceremony.

"For our self appointed specialist's team: this bracelet, nurtured by the power of Psychic Pokémon malleating it for a thousand red moons, will materialize protective energy shields of Reflect and Light Screen when its wearer enters combat."

Jacob's team ITEM GETs
[Guard Bracelet]!

"Our lawyers advise we thrown in this disclaimer: this equipment is not cleared for use in League-sanctioned Gym or Conference battles."

The TV cameras focuse on the two contestants.

"People of Holon: our exhibition champions!"

Argentum takes the prize on behalf of Jacob's team and departs.

Applause follows.

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Holon City, like, Right Nao

Silent and part of his team are walking around near the police station. Sol and Algira are wandering around, when Sol notices something of plot relevance.

Sol the Espeon♀: <Oh? Look! It's not that Straw?>

And Silent looks.

"Yes it is. Haven't seen him much since Hoenn actually. Come on guys let's-"

Sol: <…Girls.>

"...Come on girls let's say hello."

And the three approach Straw and the other person that Silent doesn't know.

-to Straw-

"Hey Straw, long time no see. And who might this be?" -- to Ren -- "I'm Silent."

(Answer is here)

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Renard introduces himself to Silent. Straw also greets.

-To Renard-

"A pleasure, Ren. I take you know Straw? And the weirdness he gets thrown into? By the way these are my mons, Sol and Algira."

Sol: *purrs politely* <A pleasure.>

-to Straw-

"So, how's life going? I haven't seen the others since the Alakagross ruins..."

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.


Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Conversation with Straw and Ren continues

Sol: <…For now? Why do I sense [plot] incoming?> -- twirls tails.

-to Ren-

"Ah then good to know you've met some of the others. I work for PEFE, most of the time." -- listens to the Transceiver part -- "Oh yes, I've been meaning to buy one of those, but my bird mons have kept me busy. Know where I can [acquire] any at a reasonable price?"

-Sol meanwhile sits by Straw's side-

Sol: <Hey, which of the others are around?>

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.