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Topic: Extra Straws:Straw's journal

So this is something I've been inspired to write by Full Moon's  Diary of a Blooming Flower.This is basically going to be a sort of post commentary of RP events. Installments of this will be posted when it makes sense in canon. Or if I go back and do one for past events.

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Re: Extra Straws:Straw's journal

Chapter ???(I guess I'll start back at one?)

Well, after not writing in this for a long time, I've decided to pick this up again.

So...today was Valentine's Day. Though, I guess it still is at the time of writing. Haven't seen Crewe lately, though considering I had no idea what to do for her today, that might be a good thing.

A few days ago she started her Obscura training again. She hasn't made a whole lot of progress, but I think she'll get it eventually. Lina's got her Zoroark helping her out. I met a few new people around that time too. I'm hoping that they aren't as suspicious of her as the last few new people we've met. Especially after what happened with Vrang...

Oh well. Not much else worth noting.

I guess that[unintelligible writing and scribbles]

...Arceusdammit Talon, stop trying to read this as I write it. Hell, stop trying to read it in general.


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Chapter 2

So...yeah, I think I am going to start over. I've added several new pages this thing, so it should last a while.

Anyway...Nothing has really happened the past few days. But what else is new. I can't believe I'm saying this...but I feel like we need another crisis to bring everyone together for something, or at least a good number of us.

Speaking of that...I've been having this weird feeling about Crewe. Like she's not here anymore. I dunno why. Though, considering the fact that I haven't seen her in a while, there's a good chance she's probably gone off on her own. I'll probably see her soon, whenever that is.

It's really quiet around Olivine, quieter than I remember. I've been spending the last few days just looking out at the sea. Funny, it wasn't until today that I realized I almost died out there.

I should probably go find the others, maybe they've found something interesting. I think I'll take this with me, Talon'll probably go after it again.

Well, hello there! What's this...? Oh, it's just Straw's j-[long scribble]

How Talon was able to write in this thing again, I'll never know.


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Chapter 3

Well, I'm back. I am no in Blackthorn, possession free, and relatively normal. I still don't know how I got here. But when you're possessed by a teleporting priest of Lugia, what can you expect?

Not much really happened while I was possessed apparently. Though, apparently I had this really creepy Munna that hung around me. So I guess there's that.

You know, in retrospect, I should have seen this coming. Especially after what happened last time I went there. That tribe still appears in my nightmares sometimes.

So, now that I'm reasonably normal again, it's back to my normal life.


...Okay, maybe not so normal. This is the J-Team after all.


Re: Extra Straws:Straw's journal

Chapter 4

Thought I forgot about this, didn't you. Nope. Nothing has happened that's worth noting as of late. Well, except one thing...

I lost Esprit's orb. AGAIN.

I really, really, really don't want to know if he is escaped or not. I really should have just returned it immediately in retrospect. Oh well.

I feel like I'm missing something right now. Guess I'll go look around the league.