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(An attempt at a character study, in many parts!)

"What is magic, to you?"

Thespi: <!!!!>

Ceal: <O-oh!>

Tripod: <...>

-cheerfully launches into a tears-inducing symphony, somehow appropriate for a montage-

Ceal: <W-well...it's the way things work, right?>

Thespi: -excitedly- <It's...narrative!>

Tripod: -it is beauty and light and everything that glitters-

Pollen: -darkly- <It's awful.>

Vee: -snorts- <It's annoying.>

Megan: "Well, uh, it's seemed to vary a lot, wherever we went--"

Vee: <It's so...unilateral.>

Thespi: <You tell a story to the world!>

Ceal: <H-heroes win, n-no matter how h-hard it gets...>

Pollen: <You get everything you ask for.>

Tripod: -tucked between the winding threads of melody and harmony is a string of Morse Code-

Megan: -suddenly- "Wait, do *you* have magic?"

Thespi: -hushed- <And, when every Eye is on you...>

Megan: -enthralled- "Real magic?"

Thespi: -grinning- <You tell them the way things are!>

Ceal: <A-and the day is saved!>

Pollen: -low- <And then you pay.>

Tripod: -it reads FUCK OFF-

Megan: -small- "can you show me"

Vee: -sputtering- <There's nothing to rage against, it's just you and your words and-->

Pippy: -looking up from his book- <"What is magic?">

Pippy: <...>

Pippy: -beaming- <This is magic. Right here.>

Pippy: <Just us, sitting around in camp...>

Pippy: -musing- <...being together. Caring for each other.>

Tripod: -drifts into the coda-

(Thespi: -exultant- <It's the key to everything!>)

(Pollen: -bitterly- <And I can't say which is worse.>)

(Vee: -tapping paw-tips together- <If I could.>
<I'd just tear magic a new one.>)

(Megan: -excitedly- "I have so many notes--")

(Ceal: -hopeful- <And it all l-leads...to happily ever after...!>)

Pippy: -brightly- <What more could anyone wish for?>