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Topic: Final Fantasy 3 Fixed Job Runs!

Well, it isn't for charity or anything, but have something a little fun.


The first FF game I ever played was FFIII on my old DS, and I've never finished it, sadly. Now with the old Four Job Fiesta having been a thing, I got further in FFV than I ever have before. So, here's the thought, I take requests for runs of the game for Fixed Job runs and do them at my leisure. I'll post updates when I want, and I hope it'll be fun! So, without further ado...


Each of the four characters will have one class assigned to them and equipped when they come to it and it'll stay until the end of the game. Now, that''s normal buuuuuuuut-!

-Evolution! Each Character will have a beginning, mid game, and end game class! And they'll upgrade and use those jobs as they come! These jobs will have a sort of natural flow for them, so try and make sure they make sense. Like Warrior going into another Melee class. Or magic classes either going into other magic classes or classes that can use that class of magic. e.g. Warrior OR White Mage into Knight.

Special note:Black/White/Red Mage can go into Evoker then Summoner or Sage. Note if Sage comes up, only one will have it.

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ … =264576217

Above is a list of classes in the game.

And so, the form!

Luneth: Beginning -> Middle -> End
Arc: Beginning -> Middle -> End
Refia: Beginning -> Middle -> End
Ingus: Beginning -> Middle -> End

Simply replace the beginning mid and end with your wanted jobs.

I look forward to see your combinations!

ALSO! No Onion Knight. It's not worth it until high levels and I don't feel like going hardcore grind mode.

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Re: Final Fantasy 3 Fixed Job Runs!

Do they have to be all different jobs, or can I just throw in Black Mage -> Scholar -> Magus for everyone?


Re: Final Fantasy 3 Fixed Job Runs!

They have to be different jobs. Ending in four different jobs, no repeats.

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Re: Final Fantasy 3 Fixed Job Runs!

I'm terribad at planning these sort of things ^_^;

Let's try....

Luneth: Thief>Ranger>Ninja
Arc: White mage>Bard>Devout
Refia: Black mage>Summoner>Sage
Ingus: Warrior>Knight>Viking