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I had a kind of weird game idea earlier. I'm just copying-and-pasting what I said in the chat here, since rewriting the same thing is silly because I'm lazy sometimes:

Zeal wrote:

So I just had the idea for a sort of pointless game.

One person picks a character and gives them a random line, and someone else has to come up with a context in which the line would make sense. It's kinda silly and pointless.

Anyway, to start this off Tangent PMed me this:

Tangent wrote:

Gui: "It's a good thing I packed the fifth knife!"

The first situation to come to mind is:

Zeal and Gui went on a brief trip to somewhere, and they stayed in a small cabin. Gui had recently bought a fancy set of five knives for no real reason other than that they look cool, and insisted on bringing all of them, despite Zeal's insistence that they'd only need four for dinner. Unfortunately, the rental website was wrong about the cabin having a hat stand, since it was broken by previous guests and hadn't yet been replaced. So Zeal was left with no place to put his sombreros. Gui took one of the knives and stabbed it into the wall for Zeal to hang his hats on, saying the line provided by Tangent in an I-told-you-so manner.

So yeah, it works kind of like that, maybe? Maybe other people will have a better idea of how to format the answers.

Aaand now that I think about it I'm not sure how continuing this will even work. Perhaps someone who is better at planning than me should figure it out!


Re: Context game-ish thing!

Presumably, the person who posted the context would also post a line for the next player.

Since you didn't post one, I'll go ahead and add one in.

Butterscotch: <You know what this place needs? More shineys.>


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Merle has gone on a homicidal rampage, and the only thing that can placate her is shineys. Butterscotch wants to let a Pokemon Center know about this, but can't go "THERE'S A MURKROW COMING TO KILL US ALL!" so he subtly suggests it like that.

Mimmy: "Oooh, is this blood? Nice!"

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Re: Context game-ish thing!

Mimmy, enjoying the presence of a properly cooked rare steak.

Rill: <You! Fluffy thing! Make yourself useful and smother that electrical fire!>


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Hm...Rill throwing an overly fluffy Aromatice at a suddenly burning toaster Dezi tinkered with to put out the flames.


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Lane has gotten his tongue frozen to a flagpole. Maria is trying to pull him off, but it isn't working.

Mezzo: "There's a stealthy steel tentacle thing strangling my grenadier. Shotgun lady! Fix this problem!"

This quote is shamelessly stolen from Dune.


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Lily and Mezzo are playing a cooperative online RPG together semi-begrudgingly. Mezzo's character is being attacked and is asking Lily's character to save her.

Glöckchen: <Those who stay up too late might find their nights to become quite chilly.> -kling-

"Welcome. Do you have some... b u s i n e s s?"

"Halt dein Höllesobst mir fern, Versucher." ~ jedesdummisel


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Glöckchen in literally any situation telling Ever to go to bed because it's 3 AM and he's still not asleep yet.

Noelle: "I'll sleep when I'm dead."


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Noelle after spending all night solving a math problem.

RP!Tagg: "I wanted to be manhandled!"

Shamelessly stolen from Awakening. tongue


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A sweat-inducing training session, duh. tongue Except, unlike the source of the "training session" joke, Tagg is the one teaching someone hesitant to give it their all.

Still just as innuendo-worthy though. o3o

Kieran: I am proud to say that I have no idea what I'm doing!

[Spectrum was here!]

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Re: Context game-ish thing!

Kieran trying to do what Dezi does best - warping the laws of physics with technology and SCIENCE!


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Re: Context game-ish thing!

Obviously someone is trying to put their quantum harmonizer in his photonic resonation chamber.

Jason:Now see? This is why we don't mess with the dangling rope.

I am the Blue Star of the night! I fight for JUSTICE!


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I'm guessing this is after barely escaping a trap, and he is addressing whoever triggered said trap.

Lillith: And now they're eating people. Who thought this was a good idea?


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Someone thought the Sythermen were ready to be introduced into human society, only to realize they were decidedly NOT.

Ren: I believe I can safely say that if that ever happens, I'm moving to [Canada].

We shall defeat legions of Cipher Peons... by performing an elaborate musical number!


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Ren hears rumours that a Doctor Who stage musical series will be premiering in Toronto.

Mew: I love this idea~!

Sanity is precious; use it sparingly.


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Blitz, Kerian and Sakura start joking about things Blitz could do if only he was still filling in for Mew without realizing they had an audience.

Tori:  "Think carefully, because I know where you sleep and I'm not afraid to use that information"