Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Somewhere in the Surface

A large purple Pokémon with spikes and yellow-ish spots is curled besides a pile of rubble, sleeping well past the nighttime, as it has been the trend the last two or three days. Maekrite is content dreaming with home and greenery.

And as has been the trend the last two or three days, his dreams are cut short when a smaller furball appears out of nowhere, climbs up the Nidorino's head and growls to his ears.

Silentran♂: <Hey, listen!> -- pokes.

Maekrite -grumbles: <…ngggg, five more minutes, Crerah... we have time for four more kits...>

Silentran♂ tilts head, decides to poke harder a couple of times, not for much effect, and finally resorts to what usually works - nibbling the Nidorino's ear.

Maekrite: <…Ouch!> -- wakes up, looks around -- <awww~>

The Nidorino yawns and pushes the Nidoran♂ away, the smaller Pokémon doing a backflip to land on the ground. After the two Pokémon greet each other with some soft growls and rubbing against each other, the Nidorino takes a look around.

Maekrite: <Uhm... what happened?>

Silentran♂: <You overslept, as usual... but I found something!>

The Nidoran turns tail and tries to quickly run away, but finds himself hanging in mid-air as he has just been picked up by the Nidorino; after flailing for a moment, the Nidoran lets out a sigh and is then let down.

Maekrite -raises a paw: <Can't run around without care! This is not the forest, it's a place of metal and lasers and a friggin' AI trying to kill us!>

Silentran♂ -frowns: <But I checked. That's why I found something. Come on, there are no turrets or cranes around here yet.>

Maekrite: <We should have some food before exploring.>

The two Pokémon stare at each other for a moment, probably mentally infighting over who is the boss in the team (or two). When Silentran♂ fans ears out and Leers, Maekrite simply chuckles and stomps on him with a leg.

Silentran♂: <Let go!> -- flails.

Maekrite: <Don't think so. Now, you're supposed to be under my care so we do as I say.>

Silentran♂: <I'm your trainer and I'm the one who knows this place.> -- growls, flails more.

Maekrite: <I don't suppose you have thumbs or a Trainer card to prove that?>

Silentran♂ looks up at the Nidorino, buffs and then stops flailing. He mumbles something and then flattens his ears.

Maekrite: <Thought so...>

The Nidorino finally lets his charge stand up, then the two spend a couple of minutes cleaning themselves and shaking off some dirt and rubble. When that is done, they walk together along the pile of rubble, inspecting the place looking for any sign of danger or of activity of that particularly annoying AI. After they've cleared the area out, they trot downhill and head towards one of the settlements the mons have made in the island, hoping to find food and equipment before they resort to anything else.

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.

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Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us


Lake groaned in pain as he pulled himself up off the floor, he and Stratus having managed to use Protect to stop themselves from being hurt from the long fall, followed by being showered with debris from the module smashing through the roof of the Holoarena.


Stratus: <Urgh. We haven't even started and we've already nearly been killed! This is going to suck, isn't it?>

Lake: <Is there really any questioning it?>

Lake sighs.

<Let's just get this over with. Hopefully without either of us dying.>

The two leave the ruined chamber, entering the a huge battle arena overlooked by a large amount of bleachers, much like a Pokémon Stadium.

Corrn: "Oh, you're alive! Thank goodness, it would be a shame if you were dead, then we wouldn't be able to get on with the testing! Well, not to say that we wouldn't be able to do any testing with you two dead, but...just wouldn't be as fun, you know?"

Stratus: <Is that supposed to be reassuring?!>

Lake: <Look at it this way: he won't be going out of his way to kill us if that's the case.>

Stratus: <Oh, good point.>

Cornn "So, I was thinking, since you're Pokémon, and you're supposed to be really good at fighting, and all, I thought to myself "Hey, instead of having to build a whole load of complicated test chambers for you guys, I could just give you some holographic opponents to fight! So we pretty much get the same testing experience with barely any effort! Amazing, eh?"

Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad. If there was one thing Lake and Stratus were good at, it was fighting.

Lake: <Okay...what do we have to fight?>

Cornn: "Just a second, let me just turn this thingy on..."

P.A: "Holoarena activated. Creating opponent..."

The floor below Lake and Stratus begins to glow as the holographic generators come online. the whir of machinery filling the air around them with noise.

Lake: <Do you know how this thing works?>

Stratus: <Yeah, I've seen Flare and Wulfric use the one in our universe. Basically, this thing creates hard-light holograms that act just like Pokémon, complete with moves and everything, so they'll hurt if they manage to hit you.

So, it's pretty much the same as battling normally, except you don't have to worry about finding other Pokémon who want to battle with you.>

Lake: <Ooh, that's pretty interesting, actually.>

Perhaps when they got back home, he would look into having a go with this thing on his own terms.

Cornn: "Ooh, here it comes! You're going to love this, it's brilliant..."

Sure enough, the form of a Pokémon begins to materialize on the opposite end of the arena, glowing brightly as it's shape is loaded by the holographic machinery.

Stratus: <What is it?>

Lake: <It's...it's...>

Lake blinks, a look of shock corssing his face as he manages to discren the Pokémon forming in front of them.

<Oh no...>

The holographic projection finishes forming, revealing itself to be what coul be best described as a humanoid Pokémon with a few feline traits such as a long tail and a cat like face. It stood only slightly shorter than Stratus, and was covered in short, pale grey fur, apart from it's long tail, which was a deep purple.

It's face bore a harsh expression, as if it were constantly cowling at something. It's build was thin and seemingly rather weak frail, but Lake knew better than to assume this Pokémon would be a pushover.

While the Feraligatr was staring at the Pokémon with a mixture of pure terror, Stratus just seemed confused, if worried that Lake was having this reaction to it.

Stratus: <Er, Lake? What is that?>

The Feraligatr gulps nervously, keeping his eyes on their opponent.

Lake: <That's...that's a...>

Corrn: "See? Isn't it wonderful? The database calls this one a "Mewtwo." It says here that it was created by these scientists about 600 years ago as a clone of a legendary Pokémon called "Mew", a huge improvement, if I do say so myself! Of course, it ended up going mad soon after it's was born and killing a bunch of people after it was born.

Huh, kind of like a certain computer I just replaced! Funny that."

Stratus: <...What?>

Stratus shudders nervously as their holographic oppoenent, that was apparently a "Mewtwo", assume an agressive stance, forming a Shadow Ball attack in one of it's spindly paws.

Cornn: "Oh, I forgot to mention; I wanted this test to be challenging, so I cranked the difficulty setting on this thing to the highest level, which means that he's not going to stop fighting until either you beat him, or he, er...kills the pair of you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to go and put out a teensy little fire in the fireworks research wi-"

An distant explosion sounds out, shaking the facility.

"...Oh, scratch that. I've got to go and put a fire in what's left of the fireworks research wing. If you can, try not to die before I get back!"

With that, Cornn turns his attention to putting out some literal fires elsewhere in the facility, leaving Lake and Stratus alone with the twice artificial killing machine.

Stratus: <...I don't suppose it's too late to surrender?>


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Mainframe Room

Igneous glances at a screen in the room

Igneous: <Wait, Lake and Stratus are the ones in the Mewtwo room? Maybe there's an intercom thingy here... Ahem... Lake! Stratus! Hey! Can you hear me? If you can't, I'm just gonna end up looking like an idiot, but if you can, awesome!>

[Spectrum was here!]

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Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us


Stratus blinks as he hears a familliar voice over the P.A system.

Stratus: <...Huh? Igneous?>

Lake: <Igneous? What's he doin- WAAH!!!>

The Feraligatr leaps out of the way as the space he was standing in just a few moments prior is blasted with a Shadow Ball. With a fierce growl, Lake drops to all fours as he assumes a fighting stance, as Stratus gazes around the arena, trying to find the source of Igneous voice.

Stratus: <Where are you? Are you alright?>


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Mainframe Room

Igneous: <Awesome! It does work! Listen, I'm gonna try not to talk to you too much while you're testing in there, so I guess all I should really say is, good luck! Oh, and, I'm in the mainframe room right now, if you were wondering.>

[Spectrum was here!]

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Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Stratus: <Oh. Er...thanks Igneous.>

He glances over at lake, who attempts to rush at the holographic Mewtwo and bit him with a vicious Crunch, only to be levitated into the air by telekineses and flung helplessly to the side.




Stratus: <We're really going to need it...>


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Mainframe Room

Igneous: <Ooh, that looked painful... Listen, do you want me to lower the difficulty for you a bit? I could try to find a difficulty knob or something.>

[spoiler]Only if you want me to, though.

[Spectrum was here!]


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Lake: <Urk...>

Lake pulls himself to his feet, aching from having been flung into the wall.

<YES! Turn the difficulty down Igneous, please!>


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Mainframe Room

Igneous: <All right, I'll try to find one...>

He looks around the room

Igneous: <Here, found a control panel for your battle room. Give me a second, I'll find the difficulty knob...>

He kneels down to start deciphering the tiny writing under each knob.

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Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?di … 052#176279


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Lake: <Hurry! This guy's not playing around!>

Stratus: <I'll try and stall him!>

Wreathing his claws in emerald flames, the Stratus flies at the Mewtwo...

Stratus used Dragon Claw!

...Only to suddenly halt in mid-air as Mewtwo grabs him with telekinesis.

<...Uh oh!>

With a flick of the wrist, he hurls the Dragonite over his shoulder, the Dragon slamming to the ground behind him, hard.

<AAAHHHH!!! Ow...>

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Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

In the Bowels of PEFE-B

-the group finally comes across Nazz and Skipper-

Nazz: Hey! Peoplemons!

Human!Ammy: Oh! Two of you! -huggles- You're both OK!

Styx: How did Nazz get here? ._.

Gravemind: The problem, we think, will be getting OUT...

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Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

PEFE-That-Was - Sometime Yesterday, But We'll Pretend It's Now - The Bowels of the Earth, Mercifully Sans Being Pecked By Birds

<"Well... There's a fast way for us to find out...">

-And jumps up on the switch and pulls down using the full weight of my avian body, causing some lights to flicker on-

<Lardna: "Look at the size of that hatch! It's huge!">

<Pepper: "... We're supposed to open that? But... How?">

-Noticing a pair of control rooms located on opposing sides of the hatch-

<Riana: "Do those rooms have something to do with it?">

<Teala: "It might be worth checking out.">

-And we approach one of the rooms, the Salamence among us flying up along with a young Pidove and forcing open the door-

<Toothless: "Yah! Geez, what did they make that thing out of?">

<Lardna: "(Extract of intransigent flowersaurs?)">

<Pepper: "(Har, har, har... Really mature, Lardna...)">

<"See anything up there?">

<Riana: "There's a red button up here...">

-And pecks at it-

<Riana: "And it makes these weird orange lights pop up!">

<Toothless: "One of them keeps changing. Is it supposed to mean anything?">

<"Let us take a look at it...

... How do we get up there anyways?">

<Cleo: "Trigger a resonance cascade!">

<"Wait, where's the entrance to-">

-And notices that the catwalk is missing a large chunk that would have otherwise connected it to a platform in front of the massive hatch... As is the other control room-

-Aiming a portal gun scuffed from the fall-

<Teala: "Well... There's this...">

-And shoots a portal into a portion of wall by a catwalk leading into the control room-

<"Oh right! Actually... Now that you mention it... I think that the wall next to the hatch looks like it could handle one of those...">

-And we go over... Squeeze an opposing colored shot off, and proceed onto the catwalk just outside the control room-

<Lardna: "So, what are these orange lights?">

<Toothless: "Show them, Riana.">

-Riana pecks the button... Which causes some lights on the wall to flash a 4 second countdown-

<"... It's a countdown... But for what?">

<Pepper: "Perhaps there's a clue in the other one?">

-And points out a portalable surface above the other catwalk-

-Squeezing a round off-

<Teala: "Why do they have two of them anyways?">

-Which allows us to pass through, and reach the door of the other control room-

-Opening the door to find another red button-

<Lardna: "Another one? But what does it d-">

-And presses it... And triggers a loud blaring alarm and causes the lights outside to flash-

<Lardna: "AH!">

<Riana: "What's happening?!">

<Toothless: "Yeah! We just tapped this button again! What's going on over there?!">

-Watching the hatch lurch... And start to be lifted up-

<"... I think that we just found our way in...">

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Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Mainframe Room

Igneous: <Aha! Found it!>

He turns the knob labeled "Difficulty"... which happened to be very rusty.


Igneous: <...Um... This is a problem. Well, the good news is, it was set on "Level 9" difficulty. The bad news... The knob broke. So it's not getting any easier. I'm really, really sorry... I might have managed to turn it down to Level 8, so it might stop attacking you once you faint. But I suggest you try not to faint. Because I really don't know.>

He tries to weld the knob back on with his fire. It sticks, but it won't be moving anytime soon.

[Spectrum was here!]

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Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Great. So they were now stuck in an arena with a Hologram of one of the strongest Pokémon ever that might not kill them should they lose in a fight against it.

Suffice to say, this didn't make Lake nor Stratus feel more confident about their predicament.

Lake: <Oh. Well, thanks for trying, at least...>

Pulling himself off the floor, Stratus flies back over to Lake, the match becoming a staredown for the time being as the Holographic Mewtwo simply stands there, it's arms crossed as he eyes the two with a harsh look.

It was rather unnerving.

Stratus: <How are we supposed to defeat him? Whenever we try to attack him, he just picks us up and tosses us away like a candy wrapper!

Lake: <Hmm. Perhaps we should try attacking at range? He might not be able to pick us up if we don't go anywhere near him.>

Stratus: <Ooh, nice idea! Let's do it!>

With a flap of his wings, Stratus flies up into the air, charging a sphere of emerald energy in his mouth.


With a might roar, he fires off the sphere at the holographic Pokémon.

Stratus used Dragon Pulse!

As the ball of draconic energy flies towards the Mewtwo, the articial Pokemon calmly raises a hand, it's eyes glowing blue with psychic energy. To Stratus and Lake's shock, the Dragon Pulse slows, then halts in mid-air, held in place by an unseen force.

<No...NO WAY!>

With the faintest hint of the smirk, the Psychic Pokémon prepares to return the attack to sender, only to have it's concentration broken when it is suddenly hit with a stream of bubbles!

Lake used Bubblebeam!

Flinching from the hit, the psychic hold on the Dragon Pulse breaks, the energy sphere dropping to the ground and dissipating harmlessly. Annoyed, the hologram turns to the source of the attack; a certain Feraligatr who had snuck behind him while he was distracted with stopping the Dragonite's projectile.

Taking another deep breath, Lake launches another barrage of bubbles at the hologram. However, rather than attempting to redirect the bubbles back at him, the Mewtwo's arms glowas two blades of blue psychic energy form over them. Lunging forward, it slashes at bubbles, popping most of them as it flies through the attack at Lake.

Mewtwo used Psycho Cutter!

Raising a blade, the hologram attempts to slash Lake, only for the Feraligatr to block the blade with his sharp claws. Unfettered, Mewtwo attempts to push through and break the block so it can attempt to stab at him, but he holds firm, a toothy grin crossing the Feraligatr's face.

Lake: <Bad move.>

At a blinding speed for a Pokémon with such bulk, Lake lunges forward and sinks his teeth into the hologram's mid-section. Knowing that this wasn't a real Pokémon and there was no need to restrain himself, he delivers the strongest bite he can muster.

Lake used Crunch!

It's super effective!

Had the Mewtwo been real, the Pokémon would have likely been screaming in pain as it's inside were shredded by Lake's sharp jaws. The hologram was lacking those (The Gore setting had been toggled off), so it instead flinched silently. Concentrating hard, the hologram used it's telekinetic powers to wrench Lake out of him, before tossing him high into the air.


However, the Feraligatr was saved by Stratus soaring up and wrapping his arms around his stomach, safely catching him.

<OH! Nice catch!>

Stratus: <Thanks!>


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

The Bowels of The Earth - PEFE-That-Was - Sometime in the Past, But We'll Pretend It's Now

-The hatch lifts and settles... Revealing a yellow wall with a door in the lower right corner-

<"... Whoa... Well... That was certainly convenient...">

<Lardna: "What are we waiting for? Let's get going!">

-We proceed towards the door... Press through it... And...-

<Riana: "Wow... There's an entire sky in here!">

<Pepper: "... How did this place ever become so... Big?">

-See a vast expanse from a concrete ledge catwalk running along a pool of toxic-looking brown goo, an incomplete tower with an elevator, and a massive sphere coming into view in a massive shaft seemingly without end-

<"I think that it was built into a mine of some sort...">

-We head up a flight of stairs, and reach a bent door with a pile of rubble preventing it from being opened-

<Lardna: "I'll get that...">

-And shoots a portal through the gap at a wall in the corridor and one on the wall beside us, letting us pass through to find set of doors with a switch beside them-

<Toothless: "... Is that a breaker? What does it do?">

<Teala: "It looks like the sort that turn on lights or something... I wonder...">

-And pulls the switch. Causing the room beyond to flicker to life with light... And sound-

<???: "Hello, and welcome to PEFE! I'm sure you all got to know each other on the sailboat, flight, or teleport over, so let me introduce myself.">

<Teala: "Wait a minute... Isn't that-?">

<Cleo: "It's the mad scientist founder!">

<"(Technically, it's not mad science...)">

-The voice of a long-departed, but familiar figure continues on from some loudspeakers-

<AU!Tangent: "I am Tangent, headmaster and chief of state of the Pokédex Ext- *static* You have been invited here to employ your craftsmanship or engineering skills to help us get this facility back online, and helping the world recover from this setback. Now. Who's ready to do some civilization rebuilding?!">

<??? + ???: "We are!">

<AU!Tangent: "Haha, those are my parallel-timeline-adopted-sorta-nephews, Mint and Boldo!">

<"Well... I guess that explains what we were up to after everything happened...">

-Scanning surroundings and noticing a wall with a pair of doors, a fenced-off passage seemingly leading deeper into the earth and a raised room cut off where a catwalk would have once been with a strangely inviting look emanating from its windows-

<"... Why did we ever go this far down, though?">


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Near Tracer and co.

- Suddenly,one of  the doors is busted down by a certain Volcarona-turned-human and her group.-

Human!Ammy: Okay, someone CLEARLY didn't want us going through there...

Styx: Tell me about it...

Gravemind: Pah! You corporeals and your doors! That was a piece of cake!

Skipper: Look! more peoplemons!

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Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

The Bowels of the Earth - PEFE-That-Was


<Lardna: "Wait, there's more of us down he- Wait a minute...">

-And notices the very human-looking Ammy amongst the group-

<Teala: "Wait... But I thought that there weren't supposed to be any humans in this universe...">

<Riana: (*chirp*) "Oh, hello!">

-Recognizing the Sableye in the group-

<"... Styx? Is that you? And who is that beside you?">


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Near Tracer and co.

Styx: Yeah, it's me, and Nazz, and Skipper and Ammy. Oh, Gravemind's here too.

Gravemind: We resent being listed last!

Styx: Can it, keystone boy. Oh, and the human is Ammy. Apparently her parents gave her one of those fancy armbands. Lucky Skuntank.

Human!Ammy: -waves- Hi!

My girlfriend is a Volcarona, your argument is invalid.


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

The Bowels of the Earth - PEFE-That-Was

<Lardna: "That's Ammy?">

<Riana: "... Who?">

<"She's a friend that we met in Hoenn... (Not quite sure how she keeps getting around like that...)">

<Pepper: "That horrid personality core threw you down here too?">

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Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Near Tracer and co.

Human!Ammy: No... we came down here looking for these two! -holds up Nazz and Skipper-

Nazz: -mentally notes the inviting-looking space-

My girlfriend is a Volcarona, your argument is invalid.

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Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Irate that it's attempt to throw Lake around had been thwarted, the Holographic Mewtwo charges up, then flings a ball of  crackling Obscura at Stratus, hoping he would drop the Feraligatr for the same effect.

Mewtwo used Shadow Ball!


Stratus: <YIKES!>

Flapping his wings furiously, the Dragonite swoops down, narrowly dodging the attack. Annoyed, the Mewtwo flings another ball, but the Dragonite manages to roll to the side to dodge that one too.

Lake: <QUICK! Put me down!>

Stratus: <Okay, hang on!>

Climbing upwards to avoid yet another Shadow Ball, the Mewtwo decides to try something different. He charges another ball of energy, this one a deep blue instead of purple, then flings it at the duo.

Lake: <Hey that one's different! Wait...>

Lake blinks, realizing what sort of projectile was now heading towards them.

<Oh, MUK! That's an Aura Sphere!>

Stratus: <AURA SPHERE?! I thought only Lucario and Meinshao could use it?!>

Lake: <That's what I thought, too! Hang on, I'll stop it!>

As Stratus dives towards the ground, Lake strains himself to project a shield large enough to encase both him AND Stratus.

Lake used Protect!

The Dragonite comes into a landing just as the Aura Sphere crashes against Lake's Protect barrier, exploding harmlessly against it. Exhausted from the effort, the Feraligatr drops the shield as Stratus puts him down gently.

<Phew...I don't think I'll be doing that again.>

Seeing this as a minor setback at best, The Mewtwo flings yet another Aura Sphere, the ball of energy once again homing in on the the two's Aura like a heat-seeking missile.

Stratus: <EEP!>

Reacting quickly, Stratus charges yet another Dragon Pulse, the two spheres of energy colliding in mid-air, creating a rather large explosion of Draconic and Aura energy.

<Gah! I can't keep this up forever!>

Lake: <Hang on, let me try something!>

The Mewtwo launches yet another ball of Aura energy at the two. Annoyed, Lake cloaks his tail in water...

<Hope this works...>

With the sphere bearing down on him, the Feraligatr whirls around and strikes the ball with an Aqua Tail attack.

Lake used Aqua Tail!

Which, to everyone's surprise, sends the sphere flying away, like a hitting a Baseball/Cricket Ball with a Baseball/Cricket bat (American/British readers can delete as appropriate). Knocked off course, the ball of Aura flies into the wall of the arena and explodes, leaving Stratus shocked at what he had just witnessed.

Stratus: <How did you know THAT would happen?!>

Lake: <You don't remember what happened when Wulfric fought Mr. Fuji's Marowak?>

Stratus: <...Oh! Now I do...>


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

The Bowels of the Earth - PEFE-That-Was

<Teala: "Eh? What are you looking at there, little one?">

-And we turn to get a better view of the inviting-seeming area-

<Toothless: "Wait a minute... That looks like a lobby!">

<"... How do we get across though...">

-Noticing a slanted wall segment that appear to be portalable and match up with a chunk of catwalk leading to the space-

<Lardna: "Well... If we could get a portal there... And come out of it fast enough... I think we could make it over...">

<Pepper: "And just how do you propose making that happen?">

<Cleo: "Oh! Oh! Jump off a cliff!">

-Eying a portalable patch of concrete on the ground, and one on the wall up above below some scaffolding-

<Lardna: "Actually...">

<Pepper: O_O "No. No, no, no, no, no... We're finding a different way across! Preferably one that's not life-threatening!">

<Lardna: "Oh come on, it's not any worse than Mistralton's Gym!">

<"(How has Skyla never been sued for those cannons anyways?)">


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Near Tracer's group

Human!Ammy: Mabye those of us who can fly or climb can go first and find another way around?

Gravemind: Or phase, for that matter?

My girlfriend is a Volcarona, your argument is invalid.


Re: PEFE-B: The Part Where He Kills Us

Bowels of the Earth - PEFE-That-Was

<Toothless: "Sounds fine to me.">

<Riana: (*chirp*) "Yeah! We'll find a place up ahead!">

<"... Wait, are you sure you're going to be able to work a portal gun? You guys kinda don't have hands...">

<Toothless: "Salamence can still hold things! And it's not that hard, right?">