Topic: A Platinum Nuzlocke - Featuring Claire!

Guess what time it is?

Nuzlocke time! This time it's a plain Platinum Nuzlocke in my usual style. But this time, we're throwing Claire into the world of Sinnoh. There's no buying her way out of this one...

"You're doing what now? What the hell gives you the right to--"

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of you being sucked into Platinum. Have fun! Try not to die this time.

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Re: A Platinum Nuzlocke - Featuring Claire!

Chapter 1: Of course I'm a girl!

Claire wakes up in a dark void.

"...What the hell? Why is it so dark here? Where am I?"

Music begins to play, and the room begins to fill with light.

"Am I in a play? Is this some kind of-- OH GOD WHY"

The light grows too bright for her darkness adjusted eyes. As she slowly begins to regain her daytime vision, an old man with a briefcase begins talking to her.

"Hello, and welcome to the world of Pokemon!"

Claire stares at him for a few seconds as he begins going over what Pokemon are.

"...Why are you talking to me like I'm some sort of alien? Of course I know what Pokemon are! I've only lived in this world for about 20 years now. Hello? Old dude? I'm talking to you here?"

The man seems to be ignoring her, instead asking if she is a boy or a girl. Claire shoots him a look of frustration.

"Can you not tell from looking at me?" She takes a quick look at herself, briefly confused at why her clothes are different. "Do you not see the tits? Or the fact that I'm in a fucking skirt? Do I look like a guy to you?"

The man doesn't seem fazed, and asks again. "Are you a boy or are you a girl?"

Claire sighs. "Girl."

"Are you sure?"


"Good. What is your name?"

"Claire. With an E."

The man smiles. "What a fine name." He then shows her a picture of a blonde boy. "Now then, this is your friend. What might his name be?"

Claire raises an eyebrow. "I've never seen him before in my life, how would I know his name?" She sees that the man is giving her the same unchanging look. "I guess you want me to give a name for dumples here, huh? Well how about--"

"Ah, so his name's Dumples."

Claire pauses, then shrugs. "Eh, fuck it. Not like this guy matters to me anyway."

The man nods.

"It is time for your adventure to begin, Claire! You will meet countless Pokemon and people along the way. I'm sure you'll discover many things, maybe even about yourself."

Claire rolls her eyes.

"Now go leap into the world of Pokemon!"


She "shrinks down" to a different size, and her vision goes white...

"Pokemon are by our side, always. I hope you will understand the meaning of those words..."

Claire bolts upright to the sound of the TV show ending.


She takes a look at herself. Everything's normal, although she still isn't very fond of her choice of clothing.

"Seems like I'm okay...but this red coat is just ew. And this skirt seems a bit too short for my liking." She feels her hair, which is still her normal shade of pale blonde, but with a hat(or as some would call it, a sock) on her head. She pulls it off and looks at it. "Forget my clothes, this hat is the ugliest thing I've seen all day. There's gotta be a change of clothing here somewhere..."

Claire begins to open her coat to take it off...and doesn't get very far before being barged in on by a blonde haired boy.

"There you are!" Claire immediately pushes her coat closed, hoping that he saw nothing.


He runs up to her.

"Have you seen the TV? Sure you have! The professor studies a lot of Pokemon, right? So he must have lots. I bet if we asked, he'd give us one!"

Claire stares at him, dumbfounded at how he just nearly barged in on her changing and how he doesn't seem fazed at all. No sooner than the thought crosses her mind, he runs to her computer.

"Hey, is this new--Wait, where was I? OH YEAH! POKEMON! Meet you outside, and don't be late or I'm fining you 10 Million pokedollars!"

He dashes out of the room, leaving Claire alone.

"...That was the blonde guy, wasn't it. Well, I hope he likes the name Dumples. I have other business to attend to before I go outside however. He's got another thing coming if he thinks he'll get my money though."

She walks over to her dresser, noticing that her room has no door.

"You've got to be kidding me. Who doesn't put a door on a person's room, much less a girl's room?"

She opens the drawers looking for a change of clothes. She only finds more exact copies of her clothes that she's wearing.

"...Oh what fresh hell is this. Nothing?!"

She slams the drawers shut in frustration, picking up her hat off the floor as she heads downstairs.

"I already hate this place."


Re: A Platinum Nuzlocke - Featuring Claire!

Chapter 2: Cold Feet

After some brief arguing with her mother over the fact that her room has no door, the fact that Dumples was just let in, and her wardrobe, Claire steps outside. She immediately takes notice of the snow on the ground.

"Wonderful weather to be stuck wearing a skirt...Now where's that guy..."

She checks around the town, eventually finding Dumples' house. The moment she opens the door, she is knocked down by the man himself. He gives her a confused look.

"Ow! What was that about?"

"Like you're one to talk. You ran right into me!" Claire gets up off the ground.

"Whatever. Let's go! Rowan, remember?"

He grabs her arm and starts dragging her along...then stops.

"Wait! I forgot something!"

He drags her into his house, leaving her at the stairs while he runs up to his room. She begins to follow him up, and is almost knocked down the stairs by his bag as he dashes back down and out the door.

"Jeez. Slow down before you kill someone. Or me."

She follows him out.

She finds him waiting outside of town.

"You're late!" He shouts at her, acting like he'd been waiting there more than a few minutes at most.

"Well, I'm sorry I didn't feel like running out here!"

"Whatever! The point is we gotta move through the tall grass. Now, I know what you're gonna say. 'No Pokemon!' I have a solution! We move one tile at a time before wild Pokemon appear!"

Claire is dumbfounded. "That makes absolutely no sense. What is this 'tall grass'? All I see is grass. Either way, your plan is stupid. You're gonna get yourself hurt."

Dumples doesn't seem to care, and begins running towards the "tall grass", seeming to not even take his own advice.


Dumples stops on a dime, seeming to freeze in place as the old man from earlier runs towards him.

"Are you mad? Running through the tall grass without your own Pokemon?" He barks.

"Well, you see I figured if I--Oh, it's Professor Rowan!" Dumples turns to Claire. "Why is he here?"

Claire shrugs as Rowan goes off to think. "How the hell am I supposed to know the answer to that?"

Rowan returns after a short deliberation. "You two truly love Pokemon, do you?"

Dumples nods excitedly. Claire nods as well, figuring she may as well go along with things. Rowan proceeds to ask several more times. Claire gets visibly less patient with him each time he asks.

"Can we get this over with already? I don't have all day."

Rowan nods. "It would seem that you two are sincere. Now, here-- Wait a minute, where are the Pokemon?"

A boy in a beret runs up from behind him, carrying a briefcase. "Professor, you forgot this at the lake!"

"Right on cue, Lucas. I was just about to give these two Pokemon."

"What? You're just gonna give them to two strangers?"

"Oh don't worry, you can have whatever's left." He gives the case to Claire. "Go ahead, pick one."

Claire looks them over, and selects the ball with a blue marking on it. "Piplup. The obvious choice for someone like me."

Dumples nods, choosing Turtwig.

"These Pokemon are practically new to the world. Much like you two. They should prove to be excellent partners for you. Now, I must be off. Feel free to come by the lab if you're in Sandgem."

Rowan walks off, Lucas following. Dumples runs up to Claire.

"Hey Claire! You know what we should do now?"

"Leave you behind?"

"What? No! A battle!"

"Really? But we just---"

Rival Dumples would like to battle!

*One extremely tedious battle later...*

Claire lost against Rival Dumples!

"This is fucking bullshit."