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Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Day 25: Frozen Bell (NiGHTS Into Dreams)

NiGHTS is a game about dreams. Two children named Claris and Elliot are assisted in their dreams by NiGHTS, a jester-like dream spirit. It's mostly a game about NiGHTS flying around and collecting things, and naturally has a very surreal atmosphere.


Frozen Bell is the second dream in Elliot's line, and has a nice coating of snow all around. There are also some train tracks and metal bars around for no explicable reason.


In addition, you can find lots of giant snowballs in midair that NiGHTS can push around slightly. There's also one point where NiGHTS turns into a sled to give Elliot a ride.


This game also has a Christmas level! Sadly I wasn't able to visit it this year, but here's a screenshot from last year.


There are lots of decorations around, and NiGHTS, Elliot, and Claris all wear festive outfits.

And here's the music. The theme for Frozen Bell is Take the Snow Train.


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Day 26: Ice Ruins (The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds)

A Link Between Worlds is one of the newest entries in the long-running Legend of Zelda series. It's a sequel to the SNES game A Link to the Past, and shares quite a lot of resemblances. In it, Link travels between the land of Hyrule and the parallel world of Lorule. In Hyrule, Death Mountain is a volcano, while in Lorule it's an icy mountain.


To reach the Ice Ruins, Link needs the Fire Rod, which he can rent or buy from Ravio's shop. It creates a pillar of fire that moves along the ground, like in the above picture. Using it on the ice statue at the ruins entrance melts it, allowing you to enter.


This is a counterpart to A Link to the Past's Ice Palace dungeon, and even features some of the same enemies. It's mainly vertical, with six floors. You start at the top and travel downward.


There are also lots of narrow paths above bottomless pits here. Some of these are made of ice that will crack under your weight if you stand on them too long, and there are lots of ledge bats and other enemies just waiting to knock you off. You can also see a lava pit in the background, oddly enough. If you search around enough, you can find the Stamina Scroll, which improves Link's energy capacity, allowing him to use items more often.

The end boss is Dharkstare, a one-eyed tentacled creature that will create a shell of ice around itself. You need to use the Fire Rod to melt the ice, then attack with your sword to kill it. Doing so gets you a Heart Container and rescues Rosso, one of the Seven Sages.

Lorule's Death Mountain has a remix of the Link to the Past Death Mountain theme, while the Ice Ruins has its own music.

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Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Day 27: Winter Theme (Worms Reloaded)

Worms is a series of turn-based strategy games where cute worms try to kill each other in extremely creative ways. It also has explosions, lots of them. Pretty much every weapon is explosive, especially the ones that have no reason to be. The maps are randomly generated and have several different environment types to select, one of which is snowy.


I don't actually know what this theme is called, but it looks wintry. As a game progresses, the landscape will usually end up pretty blasted due to various bazookas, grenades, oil barrels, land mines, Holy Hand Grenades, and other things.


There are also more unusual weapons like exploding sheep, exploding buffalo, exploding old ladies, and one of the most dangerous, the Concrete Donkey.


Yeah, this isn't a game that takes itself very seriously.

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Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Day 28: Sherbet Land (Wario Land)

It's-a Wii, Wario! Wario first appeared as the main antagonist in Super Mario Land 2 on the Game Boy. For the sequel, instead of making a Super Mario Land 3, they gave Wario his own game, in which he's on a quest to steal treasure from Captain Syrup and the Black Sugar Pirates. It plays similarly to a Mario game, but more brutish. While Mario collects coins to get extra lives, Wario collects coins because he's greedy, and he powers up with garlic instead of mushrooms.


This level is actually completely optional; you reach it from a secret exit in the second area. It's a big iceberg that has a lot of slippery ice floors and evil snowmen that throw snowflakes at you.


There are also switches that will make snow platforms appear and disappear. These are important to finishing the course and picking up the many treasures hidden here. In addition, there are underwater sections in many of the levels here. Thankfully Wario doesn't suffer any penalty for swimming in ice-cold water.

The end boss is a giant penguin that will attack you by punching with its wings. You can jump on it to hurt it, but after the first hit it'll start wearing a spiky helmet that hurts you. You need to knock it off with a shoulder dash first, then jump. Since this area is optional, defeating the boss grants you a bunch of extra lives instead of opening up the next world.

Oddly enough, multiple Mario Kart games also have courses named Sherbet Land. It's unknown if there's any relation between them and this area.

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Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Day 29: Brackenridge Rise (Trine 2: Goblin Menace)

On this day last year, I visited the ice level in Trine 2. This year, I'm visiting the one from its expansion, Goblin Menace. This game is the second in a series about three adventurers bound together by the Trine, a mystical artifact. Despite starring a fighter, mage, and thief, it's a puzzle-platformer that is very physics-based.


Amadeus the wizard doesn't have any fireball spells, but can conjure objects and move them around with levitation magic. He's not very good for combat, but can levitate enemies around too.


Zoya the thief has a bow that allows her to attack from a distance, plus a grappling hook that can attach to certain ceilings and allow her to climb up or swing across gaps.


Pontius the knight is the main combat character, equipped with a sword and shield. He also has a heavy hammer that he can use to break certain walls. You can switch between the three at any time, and will usually have to use all of their skills to overcome obstacles in your path.

After escaping the innards of a giant sandworm, the heroes arrive on this icy ridge, where they find out the goblins that have kidnapped Amadeus' wife have taken her into the sky. To pursue them, the heroes need to climb the ridge and hijack an airship. It gets progressively snowier as you go forward, and you'll be hampered by giant snowballs, dragons attacking from above, and water wheel puzzles. At the end, the heroes reach an abandoned workshop and steal an airship to ride to the island in the clouds.

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Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Day 30: Stranded Ship (Shovel Knight)

Shovel Knight is a game about a knight with a shovel. That's really all you need to know. Our hero Shovel Knight is pitted against the evil Enchantress and her minions, the knights of the Order of No Quarter. It's very much a throwback to classic NES games, in particular Castlevania and Mega Man.


This stage is an icy Viking-ish ship that's full of slippery ice platforms and snow blocks you can break with your shovel. There are also ice spikes around, plus some snow you can cover them with, making them safe to walk on.


Later in the stage, you come across some floating ice statues. Hitting one with your shovel will cause it to spit out a temporary platform of rainbow-colored ice. By making use of them you can fly around the stage freely, but you have to be quick or else you'll end up falling into a bottomless pit.

At the end of the stage, you clash shovels with the boss, Polar Knight.


This is a huge knight armed with a giant snow shovel. Apparently he and Shovel Knight were once friends. He'll attack by hurling giant snowballs at you along with running around and jumping.


He doesn't seem too hard at first, but once he reaches about half health, he'll start digging up the snow on the floor, revealing instant death spikes underneath! Naturally, you'll have to watch your footing in order to finish the fight. After defeating him, he becomes buried in the snow, and Shovel Knight moves a bit closer to his objective.

This game has some great music too. A Cool Reception is the stage theme, while the Polar Knight battle has The Stalwart.


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Day 31: Icirrus City (Pokémon Black 2)

And here we are at the last day of the month. Hopefully I shouldn't have to explain what Pokémon Black 2 is to a Pokémon RP.

Icirrus City is normally a swamp, but in winter, it's covered in snow as far as the eye can see. Thankfully, December is a winter month in Unova. It's usually snowing here, but on some days you can see diamond dust instead of snow! By lucky coincidence, December 31 happens to be one of those dates.


Yes, that's a B/W1 screenshot, but the city looks the same in both versions. In B/W1, it was home to an Ice type gym. In B/W2, this gym was disbanded, but the building is still there. It's got slippery ice floors and curved walls that send you spinning around.


The nearby Route 8 and Moor of Icirrus also get a fresh coating of snow, along with Twist Mountain. The lakes on the route become frozen over, which is both a blessing and a curse. You won't encounter wild Pokémon here, but you'll slip on the ice. There are also big piles of snow that you can climb up to reach ledges.

Fittingly, this game also has an Ice type cover legendary. Near the end of the game, Team Plasma freezes over Opelucid City with a freeze ray powered by Kyurem. This is a one-time plot event, so sadly I wasn't able to revisit the frozen city.


Icirrus City has some cheery music, while the frozen Opelucid City theme is rather ominous.


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

That was a good read!

Just curious, is there going to be one this year, or was that a one-off thing?


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

There will be another one this December, yes. I'm undecided yet as to whether I'll use this thread or start a new one.


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

My recommendation would be to use this thread, personally.
Also, do you mind if I give a suggestion or two for ice levels to use?


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Feel free to.


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

How about these:

Shiver Star (Kirby 64)
Snowdin (Undertale)
Snowman (EarthBound Beginnings)
Winters (EarthBound)
Freezeezy Peak (Banjo-Kazooie)
Hailfire Peaks - Ice Side (Banjo-Tooie)
Cool, Cool Mountain or Snowman's Land (Mario 64)
Winterhold or the Throat of the World or something (Skyrim) (This probably doesn't count)


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Let's see... Shiver Star, Hailfire Peaks, and the Mario 64 ice levels are definite possibilities, as is pretty much anywhere in Skyrim. I don't own Banjo-Kazooie, either Earthbound, or Undertale (though I will probably buy the latter at some point).


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Well I haven't played EarthBound Beginnings (aka MOTHER) and if you've played through Tooie already you might not get much out of Kazooie (Though it's still excellent), but seriously: I can't recommend Undertale and EarthBound enough.

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Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

So, Slouch's few posts gave me an idea. The event starts in 1 month, and I haven't fully decided on a list. So I thought to myself, why not let my friends help me out in that regard? Basically, what I'm saying is:

Requests are open!

If there's an ice level from a particular game you want me to play come December, feel free to post it in this thread and I'll add it to the list of possibilities.

A few things to keep in mind, though:

  • No repeats from last year.

  • I'm trying to keep things to one game per series, if possible.

  • Obviously, I have to actually own the game.

  • For games with level editors, I suppose it'd be entirely possible for someone to make an ice level and send it to me. I'd be very flattered if anyone did this.

  • Yes, you can make multiple requests. I may or may not be able to get them all in, but you're free to request as many as you want.


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Snowdin, obviously! tongue

Then again, that isn't really a true level...sooooooooo....Snowcap Mountain from Mother 3?

I am the Blue Star of the night! I fight for JUSTICE!


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Obligatory "Snowdin from Undertale" request. ninja'd tongue

Does one of the Mt. Vinter stages in Pokémon Shuffle count? tongue

Sanity is precious; use it sparingly.


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

It does indeed. I should also mention that any type of game is valid, so long as the level/area/whatever has some kind of ice in it.


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Johto's Ice Path?


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Edited in a point to that post for clarity's sake.

  • Yes, you can make multiple requests. I may or may not be able to get them all in, but you're free to request as many as you want.

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Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

It begins!

Day 1: Ice Cap Zone (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic & Knuckles are two games that can be played together as one, the confusingly titled Sonic 3 & Knuckles. It's one of the highest points of the Sonic series, and the first to introduce an ice level. Like any '90s cool dude, Sonic starts the level out by snowboarding!


Unfortunately this sequence is rather short, and you don't get it if you're playing as Tails or Knuckles. Act 1 is mostly indoors and has a lot of icicle spikes, robot penguins, and robots that spit out freezing gas to challenge you with. In some places you'll fall infinitely and land in a previous part of the level, which means you can end up retrying some of them a lot. A particularly annoying one is a narrow shaft late into the act that has springs hidden on the walls.


The Act 1 boss is a robot that surrounds itself with rotating balls of ice. It's pretty predictable and easy to take down, so long as you're careful. After that, you come to the outdoor portion of the zone in Act 2.


In addition to most of the stuff from Act 1, you also encounter snowbanks that will slow you down, ice blocks floating in the water, loops sculpted out of ice, and big springs that bounce you successively higher with each jump. It can be pretty tricky, but it's not too bad so long as you know where to go. The end boss is Dr. Eggman (or Eggrobo if playing as Knuckles) in a machine that spits freezing gas in three directions. If you're hit by this you'll be frozen solid and lose your rings, so timing is important. Once you're through, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles can roll through a snow tunnel to reach the next zone, Launch Base.

Also, I'm posting these on Tumblr too!


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Day 2: Battle Glacier (Freedom Planet)

Following up from yesterday's Sonic level is an indie game that is very Sonic-based. Freedom Planet was originally designed as a Sonic fangame before branching out into its own property, and stars a trio of female characters: Sash Lilac the dragon, Carol Tea the wildcat, and Milla Basset the hound. This stage comes near the end of the game. Team Lilac is ready to make the final assault on the alien warlord Brevon's dreadnought, and they'll tear through anything in their way.


The level starts in a shoot 'em up stage. Lilac rides a dragon, while the other two get to pilot tanks. It can be a bit challenging, but it's not too hard once you realize your hitbox is the tiny character on top and not the vehicle itself. After a short midboss fight you come to the level proper.


This level is kinda low on hazards, but what it does have is enemies. Lots and lots of enemies that will swarm all around you and attack from every direction. You can run from a lot of them, and you probably should because stopping to fight is likely to get you hurt. There are also some points where missiles burst up from the snow, and you need to smack them to send them flying at some nearby destructible crates. About halfway through, you come to a boss battle against Brevon's personal craft.


This thing has a predictable attack pattern, but hits like a truck, and if you slip up on any of your dodges you're in for a world of hurt. It took me quite a few tries to get past it. Once you do, you can head to the second part of the stage.


This half of the stage looks more metallic. It doesn't have quite as many enemies as the first part, but it also has some puzzles based around red and green blocks that you can switch on and off using crystals in the area. The missiles show up again too. Once you reach the end, you enter a boss fight against Prince Dail (which I forgot to get a screenshot of, unfortunately). Dail was once a noble prince, but now he's brainwashed into becoming Brevon's lackey. He fights atop a tower of amorphous creatures, throwing electrified cards and balls of energy at you. Reaching him is difficult on its own, and you also have to be good at dodging his attacks. Once he's finished, his half-brother Spade chases him off, and the team is free to board the dreadnought for the final confrontation with Brevon.

The music for Part 1 is quite intense, while Part 2 has a more soothing tune.


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Day 3: Zone 3 (Crypt of the Necrodancer)

Crypt of the Necrodancer is a rhythm roguelike, two terms that I still have a hard time believing I can use to describe the same game. Cadence's heart is stolen by the villainous Necrodancer, and she's forced to venture through his dungeon to the beat of the music.


The third zone of the crypt is focused on duality: one half is burning fire, while the other half (the one we're interested in) is cool ice. Enemies here include icy slimes that jump in diagonal circles, ice elementals, yetis that clap snowballs together, beetles with igloo-shaped shells, and frost-breathing blue dragons. Most of these also have fiery counterparts on the other side. Many can also freeze over spots on the floor, which you'll slip on if you touch (still to the beat, of course).


Considering that neither rhythm games nor roguelikes are all that forgiving, it took me quite a while to get through. There are three floors to this zone, and after you get past all of them you fight one of four bosses: King Conga, Deep Blues, Death Metal, or Coral Riff. Can you tell that this game likes music puns?

And of course I can't talk about a musical game without mentioning its music. The icy side of Zone 3 has cool techno beats for you to groove to. Stone Cold is the theme for 3-1, Dance of the Decorous for 3-2, and A Cold Sweat for 3-3. The fiery side has heavy metal versions of all these songs too.


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Day 4: Snowdin (Undertale)

You knew this one was coming.

Undertale! The friendly RPG where no one has to die. Or everyone does, depending on how you play it. It’s a game that tells a story of a human who falls into the underground realm of monsters. The internet has been abuzz about this game, calling it a masterpiece. Like many other games considered masterpieces, it has its own ice level too.


When you first reach Snowdin, you’re greeted by a pair of skeletons, Sans and Papyrus. Sans speaks all lowercase, Papyrus all capitals, and both in the respective fonts they’re named after. Papyrus is determined to capture a human, and will come up with lots of puzzles to impede your progress.


Sans basically just stands around doing nothing, occasionally talking to you. In addition to the puzzles you run into lots of enemies here, like the amateur comedian Snowdrake and Ice Cap, who prides itself on its nice hat. You also meet a lot of dogs.


You can pet and play with them, and if you use the stick you started the game with you can play fetch. Or you can murder them in cold blood. The choice is yours, after all.


Once you get through all the dogs and puzzles, you reach Snowdin Town, where you can chat with the locals. There’s a shop and an inn here, like in any self-respecting RPG town. On the way out, Papyrus tries to capture you! If you fail his boss fight, he just locks you in his garage, which is easy to get out of. You can kill him, or you can ask him on a date with you. Either way, once you’re done with him, you’re free to move to the next area.

Undertale is also renowned for its music. Snowy is the theme for the outer areas of Snowdin, while Snowdin Town has its own music. There’s also Papyrus’ theme, Bonetrousle.


Re: Mezzo's Obligatory Ice Level Month

Day 5: Winter's End (They Bleed Pixels)

They Bleed Pixels is a platformer with a creepy cute aesthetic, starring a young girl who turns into a clawed monstrosity in her dreams. It's extremely difficult and unforgiving, with lots of traps and deadly enemies around. And the enemies bleed pixels. Lots and lots of pixels.


Winter's End is a bonus winter-themed level unconnected to the game's story, added after the free Crimson Update. You're fighting against the shambling horrors of the dark, spilling blood onto the snow. There are optional snowflakes of frozen blood that you can collect too.


Spilling enough blood grants you the power to place a checkpoint, which you can drop anywhere you can stand still. Considering all the hazards all around you, just about anywhere that you can stand still is a good place to put one. The spikes and buzzsaws can be used to your advantage, though, as you can kick enemies into them, causing them to die in explosions of pixelated gore.


The combo levels are normally named after Lovecraftian adjectives, but in this level they're replaced with synonyms for "cold": chilly, brisk, numbing, and so on. Note also that the score display says "pints" rather than "points".


While I died quite a lot and didn't pick up any of the bloodflakes, this run was actually a huge improvement over the first time I played this level. My first attempt took over an hour and I'm pretty sure I died at least a hundred times.