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Day 1 and 2

OK, so, thoughts so far...

I've gotten up to Rustboro, and I'm glad to note this game is as much of a nostalgia bomb as it's meant to be. It's basically a steady stream of "I remember this music!" or "I remember you, random NPC!" Awesome.

Also, in addition to getting my Torchic (Who I named Flamebina after the Torchic in my original Sapphire run) and the event Beldum, I hatched the eggs I was donated! I got...

- A male Skrelp, apparently from Pippi. I named him Asparagus.

- A female Sandile, apparently from Dune. I named her Evil Tim.

- A male Fletchling, from Keys but spiritually from Psyche. And it has Gale Wings! I named him Bloop.

- A male Venipede, apparently from Straw. I named him Wuzzles.

As you can see theme here is "terrible nicknames." tongue

I'll play more tomorrow. For now I gotta get ready for Thanksgiving!




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But yeah, I hope you like my Sandile! Though I'm curious as to why you named her Evil Tim.

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Day 3

I've already beaten the first six gyms. XD

Highlights so far include Evil Tim steamrollering Mauville Gym, Wuzzles avenging Flamebina against Archie, and Flamebina taking down Norman's Slaking by the skin of her teeth.

Nearly everyone's fully evolved by now, and Flamebina just got her Mega Stone so she can wreck things even better.

Also, I like how Gamefreak's upped the characterization for everybody this time around. I'm particularly fond of how Shelly becomes the one Team Aqua member to realize "wait, what the hell are we doing?" And of course Steven waxing lyrical about stones~

Also also, Kiki the Latias joined my team at Route 119, and I decided to keep her on it! Sorry, Asparagus - I'll get you back out of the box once I need to Dive. tongue

Dune: Evil Tim is one of the MVPs so far! And I named her that because terrible nicknames theme. tongue

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Kiki is too fitting a name for a Latias in this run. tongue

Also, regarding characterization, Tabitha is surprisingly the one to realize "what are we doing" in OR. Courtney, on the other hand...



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You've made a great deal more progress than I so far, but that's mostly because my time has been fairly split so far.

Also, glad to hear it~ Sandile and Family are great powerhouses, with immunities to two of some of the worst types to fight ever.


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Day 4 and 5

(Oh, because I forgot to say so last two times.  My PC is a girl named Arika.)

Well, after a marathon run, I did it. I beat the game and the Delta Episode.

Highlights include:

- Evil Tim and Megagross taking out Tate and Liza.

- Catching Kyogre... In one Ultra Ball.

- The Wally battle. Especially the music!And Bloop taking out Mega Gallade.

- The Champion battle. Especially MEGAGROSS VS. MEGAGROSS.

- The Delta Episode. All of it. But especially...

* Steven having a hilarious and adorable "Dad you're embarrassing me!" moment with President Stone.

* [spoiler]The reference when Deoxys appears to how you originally got it.

* [spoiler]The conversation Steven and Wallace have at the end.

Overall, really enjoyed this game. Lots of improvements on both the originals and XY.

I'd be complaining about the lack of Emerald elements, but one of those spoilermarked things makes me less worried...

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- Catching Kyogre... In one Ultra Ball.

one Ultra Ball

one Ultra Ball

I don't know whether to hate you or love you right now.


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...Even though my personal challenge was catching Groudon in a single Poke Ball, that still blows my efforts out of the water.

...No pun intended.

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