Topic: Tales from the Styler:Straw's Ranger Days

Straw practices using a Styler: Almia, Marine Cave

-Several people in green vests are standing around, while a man in a red vest talks to them-

Ranger Instructor:Today we will be practicing your styler skills. Everyone will spread out throughout the cave and capture a Pokemon using their styler. Once you have done this, return here.

-The group of green vested people spread out-

Straw:Hmm...where should I start looking.

-A ranger in training runs past Straw, with a very cocky smirk on his face-

Geoff:Capturing one Pokemon? Piece of cake. When I'm done, there won't be any Pokemon left for the others!

-Geoff runs around a corner, running right into a Graveler-

Geoff:Aha! You're mine Graveler! Let's go, Buizel!

-Straw watches Geoff and his Buizel struggle to capture the Graveler-

Straw:You'd think after so many failed capture attempts he'd have gotten better.

Eevee!Aurora:-tugs at Straw's leg, trying to get his attention-

Straw:Huh? What is it Aurora?

-Aurora points to the Gastrodon staring right at him-

Straw:Alright! Aurora, go! Capture on!

-Straw begins to use his styler to capture the Gastrodon, with Aurora's help. Meanwhile, Geoff and his Buizel finally manage to capture the Graveler, but are tired out-

Geoff:Okay, maybe I'll settle with just this one.

-Geoff walks back to the cave entrance. Straw, having finished his capture as well, walks back-


Re: Tales from the Styler:Straw's Ranger Days

Ranger Academy graduation, a few hours after their graduation

The newly graduated rangers are celebrating their accomplishment. They are holding a small party at a nearby hotel's top floor. Straw is on the balcony, looking down at the nearby lake, the moonlight reflecting off the water. One of Straw's friends, a ranger named Taylor goes out to the balcony. She goes next to Straw.

Taylor:So, we're full blown Rangers now.

"Yeah. I don't feel ready though."

Taylor:Same. I feel like there's so much I have left to learn. You know our final exam? I barely controlled that Combee. Artemis had to freeze its wings.

Artemis was Taylor's Weavile. Much like Aurora and Crescent were to Straw, Artemis was her partner.

"Well, at least you passed."

Taylor:Yeah. I heard Geoff just barely missed the mark for passing.


-The two of them look down at the water-

"So, you know where you're being sent?"

Taylor:Yeah. I'm heading home to Orre.

"Oh, nice. I'm being sent to Oblivia."

Taylor:I heard that region is pretty nice. Nice beaches, cool mountains, and a ton of history. Orre's mostly desert. I'm a bit jealous.

"Well, I dunno how much of that I'll be seeing. You know where Caleb is being sent?"

Taylor:He's actually staying here. He didn't seem to mind, but his Wigglytuff didn't really like that.

"You know if any of us are eing sent to the same place?"

Taylor: Unfortunately, no.

Straw notices the fireworks starting to go off. More people come out to watch.

"Looks like the fireworks have started."


The group on the balcony watches the fireworks.

"This will probably be the last time we all hang around together..."

Straw's mind begins to wander.

"I wonder if I'll ever have friends as great as these guys were?

Straw would not have to wait long to find out.


Re: Tales from the Styler:Straw's Ranger Days

Day after Graduation

The  rangers are in the airport, waiting for their flights to come in. Except Caleb. He's not going anywhere.

Caleb's Wigglytuff:<WHY DID HE HAVE TO STAY HERE?! >_< >

Taylor and Straw happen to end up on the same flight. Their flight goes to Orre, but has a stop in Oblivia. They are currently seated on their flight, with a few minutes before takeoff.

Taylor:Looks like we won't be going our separate ways yet.

"Yeah. Probably not for long though. Oblivia isn't too far away."

Taylor:True, but it's still something.

"I bet you're happy to be getting to go home."

Taylor:I am, but I wish I had been sent somewhere I haven't been. I've lived in Orre my entire life. I've seen everything there is to see there.

"Maybe things have changed?"

Taylor:One can only hope.

Not long after their conversation, the plane takes off. It only takes 2 hours before it reaches Oblivia.

"Guess this is where we part ways."

Taylor:Yeah. See you around, Straw.

Taylor gives him a friendly hug.

"See you later then."

Straw picks up his bag, and goes to get off the plane. He stops a about two seats down.

"Oh, and one last thing. Try not to let Orre's dark history affect you."

Taylor: You won't have to worry about that. If it didn't get me when I lived there, it won't get me now.

Taylor waves goodbye as Straw exits the plane.