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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 9: Tourist Trap

So, Style Changes!


As mentioned previously, MegaMan can switch between his current style and his base form. This prevents you from being locked into a style that's weak to enemies or a boss in a dungeon. Good planning.

Styles in this game also level up as they battle, allowing them to go up to V3. This is the only time in the series that MegaMan himself will ever have alternate "versions", so to speak.

Before we talk about Styles, though, it's important you first understand panels.


Three of the four Styles interact with panels uniquely, and we have more types than in the first game, so now's a good time to bring them up. From left to right:

- Null: A standard panel with no effect.
- Cracked: A damaged panel. If hit by an attack that would crack it, or if a Navi or Virus without FloatShoes steps off it, the panel becomes Broken.
- Broken: A heavily damaged panel. Only Navis and Viruses with AirShoes can stand on it. After a short time has passed, the panel becomes a Null panel.
- Missing: A panel which has been completely removed. Only Navis and Viruses with AirShoes can stand on it.
- Ice: A panel that has been frozen solid. A Navi without FloatShoes that moves onto an ice panel will slide until they land on a non-ice panel or can move no further in that direction. Elec element attacks deal double damage to anything standing on an ice panel.
- Lava: A panel covered with molten lava. Navis and Viruses which are Fire element, or have FloatShoes, may stand on it safely. All other Navis and Viruses that stand on it will take Fire element damage. Being hit by an Aqua element attack, having an object placed on it or being stood on by a non-Fire element without FloatShoes will turn the panel into a Null panel.
- Grass: A panel overgrown with grass. Wood-type Viruses and Navis that stand on grass panels heal over time. Fire element attacks turn the panel into a Null panel, dealing double Fire damage to any enemies on it.
- Holy: A panel granted blessed power. Anything standing on a Holy panel takes half the damage from all attacks.
- Poison: A panel covered in a foul sludge. Anything that stands on a poison panel takes damage over time, unless it has FloatShoes.
- Magnet: A panel that has been magnetized. Magnet panels draw in anything that stands directly above or below them.

Now let's talk about the Styles themselves.


Styles tend to come with two parts: Element and Specialization. The Element is one of four, with them being chosen at random from what I can tell. These are

- Heat: x2 damage from Aqua; charged shot becomes a three panel flamethrower; lava panels no longer hurt MegaMan
- Aqua: x2 damage from Elec (x4 on ice); charged shot becomes a quickfire Bubbler; does not slip on ice panels
- Elec: x2 damage from Wood; charged shot becomes a low damage Zap Ring that stuns enemies;
- Wood: x2 damage from Fire (x4 on grass); charged shot becomes an eight hit tornado with short range; heals on grass panels

Charged shot damage caps are 160 (Wood), and 100 (Heat), and 50 (Aqua), and 30 (Elec).


Meanwhile, the Specialization part of it is more directly controlled. Much as there are four elements, there are four specializations:

- Guts: Gained by using the buster. Doubles attack rating, but reduces Rapid to 1. Attacks that don't stun do not cause flinching or reduce Busting Level.
- Custom: Gained by using multiple chips in one turn. Allows the Custom Screen to start with 7 chips instead of 5.
- Team: Gained by using Navi chips. Allows up to eight Navi chips to be used in a folder as opposed to the usual 5. (Called "Brother" in Japanese.)
- Shield: Gained by using defensive chips. Begins every battle with a Barrier. MegaMan can also produce a shield by pressing the back button and B at the same time, allowing him to block attacks if timed correctly.


The four styles listed in these pictures are the ones shown in promo art and also used in the anime. Despite that, they are not the only combination of Styles. My first ever Style Change was ElecGuts, for example.


MegaMan can only have two style changes (and his Normal Style as a "third") at one time, so any Styles you gain afterwards will need to overwrite a previous one.

And that's the gist of it!


Back at his home, Lan complains about the fact that his vacation is already halfway over, much like the game itself.


MegaMan reminds him that he STILL hasn't started his homework assignment.


Lan tries to sweet talk MegaMan into doing his math for him


and it works!? At least until MegaMan happens to notice that they've been summoned overseas to Netopia to take part in a conference involving resistance against Gospel.


Looks like Lan gets to have his foreign food after all. Just not from the country he wanted.


Homework is again forgotten. You can also talk to Haruka to see her feelings on the matter. Apparently, she's perfectly fine with her son taking a flight over to Netopia on his lonesome.


I think this setting might be giving children a bit too much freedom.


NPCs around ACDC are excited/surprised to hear that Lan is going to Netopia. Yai says that Lan doesn't need to get her a souvenir, which is rather considerate of her.


Dex wants a souvenir, though. I also take this time to S-Rank GutsMan V3.


There's also this girl talking about cute things.


I'm sure we'll be fine, but the sentiment is appreciated.


At Marine Harbor, Chaud is loitering around the Metroline.


Ribitta is also conspicuously absent.


Lan is also becoming something of a celebrity around the Official Center.


Mr. Famous has upgraded GateMan to V2 and has sent out an email as challenge to all members of the Official List. He removes GateMan's limiters just a touch to test MegaMan's mettle.


Probably would've gotten S-Rank if I hadn't taken that hit.


Mr. Famous gives Lan a new folder after the battle. Presumably these exist to give you a specialized folder for all of your Styles. There is a third one you can pick up, though that will be later.


Lan picks up his (digital) passport while he's at the center. He can also flirt with the receptionist, though she says he's "too short to date".

Ah, the Winry Rockbell excuse.


Retro Chip Traders have also been erected around the world ever since around CutMan's scenario or so. These are used by linking up with Battle Network 1 and putting one chip from that game into the trader. This can yield the chips Trident, Tornado, Mine, Front Sensor, Double Sensor and Bubble Wrap.

It's worth noting that Retro Chip Traders are RNG-based with their rewards, like regular Chip Traders. Unlike regular Chip Traders, though, they immediately break after one use. That's not annoying at all! Fortunately, the chips given from it can be bought in the post-game, albeit at a high price.


Worth noting that each Element of Style Change has a special chip from these Retro Traders that can only be used by them. For example, only Aqua styles can use Freeze Bomb. If MegaMan attempts to use it as any other form, it'll disappear into a puff of smoke.

With passport in hand, Lan takes the Metroline to the airport.

Music: Begin a Journey


New NPC models!


Mayl wasn't at home earlier, which an NPC outside of her door mentions if you speak to her, because she came to see Lan off. She gives Lan a chip for Roll V2 as well as a wireless jack. Apparently, the latter is supposed to be his lucky item according to his horoscope.


Chaud is here, being as... Chaud as ever. So let's talk to the more pleasant people instead!


Inside of the monitor displaying the flight schedule are two Mr. Progs. One is trying desperately to remember the schedule. The other admits that he accidentally made the first believe he was meant to memorize the schedule.


Mr. Prog owns.


Once you pass this gate, you cannot return to Electopia until two scenarios from now. So be certain you're ready!


Lan heads through the security gate, but


it turns out that recent events with Gospel have people on high alert. As a result, Lan has his PET confiscated.


Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do.


And so MegaMan is taken away from us, begging and pleading for mercy.



Wait, what's this new email?


You have no idea how tempted I was to end this update here.


Lan heads on ahead, finding it tough to continue on without MegaMan.


Suddenly, a man with an exaggerated French accent plows into him from behind, causing him to drop his MiniPET. At least he's kind enough to hand it back to him.


Come on, Lan, that's politically incorrect.

But I suppose it's not factually incorrect.


Also, as it turns out, that guy bumping into Lan somehow allowed him to empty out Lan's PET of all of its money in the span of seconds.

I have so many questions as to how this is possible that I don't even know where to begin. And I'm not even talking exclusively about the amount of time this theft was done in.

This trip is off to a fantastic start.


This man has apparently also been robbed by the same thief.

Where is airport security!?


Nearby, Chaud smugs smugly.


Telling him to take a hike causes him to hand over something.


It's MegaMan!

Unfortunately, we were still robbed and there's nothing we can do about it. Aw man.


I feel like going into a foreign country with absolutely no money should be kind of a problem.


Oh well.


Before long, Lan disembarks from his flight and prepares to leave the airport.


That is a significantly different language from that bad French the other guy was speaking.


On the next screen, MegaMan asks if Lan wants to start up the translation system.

I say no, because I am an expert of speaking Konami Codese.


Lan then proceeds to inexplicably speak flawless Netopian.


This is a silly little scene that doesn't amount to anything. If you activate the translator, the man here tries to speak Electopian by adopting a surfer dialect while asking Lan's reason for visiting.


The people on the previous screen are also translated now.


This jerk is here. You don't need to talk to him to progress, but I want my money back.

Like a dick, he tries to delete MegaMan.


He fails.


ToadMan V3 is a bit more successful. That's what I get for using an Aqua style against him...

At least you don't get a Game Over against friendlies, though!


Meanwhile, Ribitta's cameraman continues to be the sensible member of their pairing. I forgot how much I liked these two.


Lan and MegaMan go to wait for a bus to take them to the city proper, but


suddenly this guy shows up.




This does not seem like a good idea.


ribitta help

Music: Netopia Castle


Surprisingly, the man is actually legit and takes Lan to his destination.


Then he robs him.


He then throws Lan out and speeds off. I think the worst part about this is that Netopia Castle is where the Officials are gathering for the Gospel meeting.

This is basically the equivalent of being robbed in front of what is right now effectively an FBI building.


Oh wait, this is Battle Network. Law enforcement is useless.




Nearby the castle is this elderly woman, who I'm pretty sure is also politically incorrect.


Dammit, Chaud, stop being a jerk and help me.


To the credit of the developers, they gave the mugger a different skin tone from the recurring NPC here.


A kindly woman points Lan in the direction of the hotel, at least.


There's also this girl who seems to have a thing for Lan.


After that experience, Lan finally heads to his hotel room.

https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png Whew...The hotel! Finally! Wait a second... Hey! What kind of a hotel is this!?

I'm not sure what he means by this. It doesn't look cheap at all, and I don't get the implication that it's a, um, "disreputable" establishment.

https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png Well, it's been a pretty rough trip so far...


Yeah, about that. Why didn't Lan's parents or the Officials have someone pick Lan up at the airport? Or have someone escort him?

https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png It's your fault, MegaMan! You were the one that said that guy might be nice!
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png But you only got in because you agreed with me, right?
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png You wouldn't be so calm about it if you were out here!
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png As long as you're safe in your PET, you don't care, do you?

Ow. That's a really low blow considering the Hub thing...

https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png Hey, Lan! That's not very nice!
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png I don't feel like being very nice!
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png Fine! You can be mean by yourself! I'm outta here!
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png Fine! Good riddance! MegaDummy!


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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 10: Snake Eater

With MegaMan discarded, Lan can't do much at the moment. If you try going back into the hotel, he sees no reason why he should speak to MegaMan and refuses to talk to him if you try to interact with the PET.

So, let's go somewhere else. Maybe there's someone we can talk to.


Not this kid.


In a surprising twist, Higsby is here in Netopia!

I intentionally left out a bit of dialogue foreshadowing this, but there's an NPC downtown who mentions how someone who kept saying "huh!" left a Chip Trader nearby.


Lan is, of course, happy to see Higsby in addition to being concerned about not being able to fund their mutual chip collecting addictions.

Conversation shifts to whether he and MegaMan are doing well together, and Lan mentions that he wants nothing to do with him anymore.


Higsby gets upset and starts to cry upon hearing that Lan and MegaMan aren't friends anymore, recalling how the only reason he turned his life around was because of the both of them.


Even while crying, he manages to slip in his verbal tic.


Lan is mature enough to realize that the stress of the situation caused him to "unfairly" lash out at his brother for giving him terrible advice. Either way, he decides to make peace with him.


This, incidentally, is the only time in the series I can recall Lan and Hub having an argument, so I guess Higsby is a really convincing speaker. Huh!!!

Music: Busy Street of a Foreign Country


Now that Lan has spoken to Higsby, a few NPCs have updated dialogue about Lan looking happier. I do like that a number of the NPCs seem to be looking out for him, at least. That's pretty charming.


Here's the NPC I mentioned, incidentally.


This girl also continues to find Lan wild and crazy.

While I can't disagree that Lan does fit the definition of both of those words, I have no idea why she believes this. Maybe she thinks he's going through a "bad boy" phase or something due to his earlier funk?


Lan returns to his room to speak with MegaMan.


As it turns out, someone broke into his hotel room and attacked MegaMan with some viruses before stealing Lan's passport while he was gone.


Lan doesn't care about being robbed a third time, though, and makes sure to fix up the damage from the fight.




There's also an HP upgrade for MegaMan that's in the fridge, for some reason. You can't get it before this point due to the fight. For some reason, Lan will indeed pick it up if you go back to the hotel room and examine the fridge. Kind of undermines the fight a bit, but it's not like Lan was going to ditch MegaMan for good, so whatever.


Higsby is also in town and gives Lan three chips to celebrate making up with MegaMan. Higsby is a cool guy.


Over by the castle, Old Man gives you information on his underground connections in order to help you find out where your passport and battle chips are. He tells you to look for Jim on the back streets.

Who is Jim?

Music: Alley


Why it's the foul-mouthed kid from earlier!


Jim agrees to help Lan if he pays up.


In exchange for his assistance, he wants a Guard *, a "rare" chip that I have multiple of in my pack.

Unfortunately, my pack was stolen and I forgot to save one for this event. Oops.


Jim doesn't expect payment up front, mercifully, and instead says that Lan should jack in and check Netopia area before someone sells his passport on the Undernet.


However, we can't shouldn't jack in because Lan is not exactly well-liked at the moment.

Nothing is actually preventing you from going into the boombox, mind you, but there's a Security Cube at the end that you can't pass.


If you come here earlier, you can find out why Lan isn't exactly popular walking around.


A number of the NPCs will also be unfriendly to you, as we saw with Jim earlier.


At Jim's suggestion, we talk to Raoul, the leader of the minority clan here.


In order to get his assistance, though, we have to prove ourselves worthy of his help.

You know what that means.

Boss Fight: ThunderMan


ThunderMan, another Battle Network exclusive character, is another of those Navis who likes to stay in the back. He also has an annoying gimmick of not only using long-ranged attacks, but also sending his clouds after you. The clouds are more dangerous than ThunderMan himself given that the Navi only has one attack while the clouds use two and can also bump into you, which causes flinching and lowers your rank if you aren't in a Guts Style!

Despite the type disadvantage, you can still fight him with an Aqua Style and do well at this stage of the game if you're cautious. I wouldn't recommend it for V3, though.

- Auto-Lightning: If a cloud's path is obstructed by MegaMan or an obstacle, it will release electricity in a + shape to damage MegaMan or destroy the obstacle.
- Stormcloud Thunder: ThunderMan summons lightning balls in the clouds. When the clouds line up with the player, they release the lightning ball.
- Thunder Bolt: ThunderMan summons three consecutive lightning bolts that track the player and strike down on them.


Raoul is impressed by Lan's skills and gives him the code to his Security Cube after the match.


Nah, that's next game. And Battle Network 5.


The NPCs are now fond of Lan and remain so for the rest of the game.


Into the radio!


Welcome to Netopia area. Or, as I happened to find out upon re-reading MissEchelon's LP, "Ameroppa" area as it says on the wallpaper. It seems that wasn't updated from the original game and still uses the Japanese name!


A purple Normal Navi directs you towards the Netopia Square.


On the way, you can also find NumberMan peddling some wares. He isn't able to be fought in this game, though.


Netopia Square has my favorite color palette.


Here we find some Mr. Progs, presumably making fun of the robber who spoke terrible French. Mr. Prog owns.


Inside of the actual Square, which is made of four squares of the primary colors + green, a few NPCs mention seeing a Heel Navi that left the area earlier. Some NPCs also mention that Netopia Area is very close to the Undernet, a fact we could infer from Jim earlier.


There's also this Mr. Prog, who the robber was lucky to have missed!


In Netopia 3, we find the thief in the middle of trying to sell the passport to someone else. He attempts to attack MegaMan with a virus upon being confronted, but it doesn't go well for him.


MegaMan successfully chases the HeelNavi away


and the other one pleads innocence if you speak to him.

Hooray, we got our passport back!


If you were inclined to try and go to the Undernet, you'll find a Mr. Prog here blocking it off. He will remain here for the entirety of this scenario.

Well, at least we resolved everything before the situation got too bad!


Oh, right.

Jim actually doesn't speak to you here when you leave the net, so you're fine if you don't have the chip. There's also no punishment for saying no (even though I only spoke to him once I got the chip) since he knows where your pack is and won't tell you until he's paid.

To satisfy his request, you can head over to Den Area 3, where the Security Cube is blocking off access to the Netopia areas and fight Mettaurs if need be, as well as fighting Mettaur 2s in Netopia.

But let's say you didn't know these details and were freaking out. I recently learned an alternative method to handle this situation!


Our sauced friend over here gives us a tidbit of advice.

If you journey back to Netopia Castle, you can find a girl and her mother who are sightseeing from Electopia.


Speaking to the girl gets you 30 Guard * chips instantly.


I had a good laugh at this line.


Thanks, buddy!


Giving the chip to Jim seems to make his day. Now that he's been compensated for his help, he gives Lan the last bit of information necessary to proceed with the game.


Oh boy. This part...


To the north of the girl that has a thing for Lan is a jewelry shop.


Inside you'll find a racist old lady.


More importantly, though, the woman at the counter across from her will inform you that there is a millionaire here who is a frequent shopper.

You don't need to speak with her to find Ms. Millions. I just like showing NPC dialogue.


Ms. Millions has actually been here the whole time and will not speak to you before this point. But once Jim sends you here...


You have a few dialogue options here with Ms. Millions, but the only one that will get you anywhere is asking for your chips back. As it turns out, she bought your chips for 500,000 zenny. Not to use, mind you. Just to have.


Seeing as Netbattling is the only law in the Battle Network universe, we have to fight for them.


Boss Fight: SnakeMan


SnakeMan is very easy to defeat given that all of his attacks are pretty slow and non-threatening, barring one that he uses at low HP which comes out quickly. The real issue is that if you're on the same row as him, he'll hide in his jar and cannot be damaged at all until you move up/down. Come out of there and fight me, you coward!

Just use ranged AOE chips, preferably ones that paralyze or freeze, and you should have him beaten easily enough. Zap Ring is also good for sniping him before he can go into his pot.

- Snake Buster: SnakeMan can fire blasts at MegaMan's location, tracking MegaMan as he moves. These do not cause flinching.
- Snake Arrow: Snakes will continuously pop out of the 3 permanent holes in SnakeMan's area, and dart forward.
- Snake Bite: SnakeMan repositions his jar about 3 panels in front of the player, which is pointed towards MegaMan now, and suddenly pops out to bite him.


After the battle's climax, Ms. Millions is satisfied with how thoroughly we've beaten her snake and is now willing to make this a happy ending.


And with that, we get our chips back.


She also throws in some money and her Security Cube code.


And that was the Ms. Millions portion of the story. Thanks, Japan!

Regarding her name, the artbook says Ms., so now I'm going to assume the Mrs. above is a Ms.translation.


Incidentally, from what I hear, only the passport and chips are required to get back. Your zenny will be permanently stolen if you don't get it back from the guy who speaks terrible French in a certain amount of time.

Fortunately, we got everything back, so let's head off to sleep and not worry about such things.


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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 11: What a Night for a Knight


The next day, Lan is actually up on time. Good on him; showing up at a Gospel resistance meeting late would've been a touch more serious than showing up to school late!

In order to prevent the location from being leaked to Gospel, however, the people in charge of the event have opted not to disclose where it is to each of the people meant to be showing up. Brilliant.

Instead, they decide to leave a cryptic clue for everyone to figure out.


I see they got the person who worked on the Mother Computer to come up with the hint.


Back in town, the girl who was interested in Lan is being a bit more direct about it now.


Jim is happy to see Lan, and surprised to hear he's a representative at the Net Castle meeting.

There's also an NPC nearby who mentions that Raoul left for the castle, in case you didn't figure out that's where you were supposed to go.


And there's this line. I have nothing to say about it. I just wanted to share it.


Ms. Millions is also gone from her spot, but she won't be attending the meeting. She has also left her purse behind.


I know that from a gameplay perspective this is because her purse is how you get into her section of the internet, but it's still weird she left it behind.

If you're wondering how Lan jacks into her purse, incidentally, it's electronically locked.


These two old ladies keep talking about Electopia and Yumland, for some reason.


And someone else was robbed in front of the castle. Amazing.


Here's another NPC pointing out where to go. I think it kind of defeats the point of "hiding" where you're going if you have everyone show up as a group at the same time to the point where a kid recognizes something weird is going on.


Inside the castle is this lady, who tells us that she's already solved the mystery of the meeting spot. Apparently she's one of the attendees.


As it turns out, there's a hologram blocking a doorway. This is the only time in the series I recall ever seeing something like this.


The blink animation is finally cooperating with me!

Chaud is here and is as smug as ever, saying Lan should behave so that everyone else doesn't lump him in with a brat.


Raoul is here to represent his clan, and also promoting equality in both real life and the cyberworld. What a stand-up guy.


We also have Princess Peach Pride from the nation of Creamland. We never see this place in the games, but it is visited by Lan in the anime.

This seems to be a good point to mention real world analogues for the countries so far. Electopia is obviously based on Japan, while Netopia is a hybrid of America and Europe. Yumland is based on Middle Eastern countries, which I'm assuming is tied into Lan's interest in the food there. He really likes curry, you see.

Finally, Creamland seems to be based on Greenland, according to its anime appearance.


Johnson is a generic NPC, but not the same one with the bad French.

Once you talk with everyone present, the woman from before walks into the room in the middle of your conversation. This is also the only time in the series I recall something like this happening.


And with that, we've met everyone.


The meeting starts once you've spoken to Jennifer. The speaker tries to introduce everyone, but Jennifer points out that everyone already knows each other and that he's just wasting time at this point.


Johnson also makes an off-hand remark about Electopia sending kids to a meeting, which upsets Chaud. Which one of us was supposed to be the brat again?


Don't challenge Chaud to lay down the funk, Johnson. That's a battle you won't win.

(If there's only one link you click in this LP, make sure it's this one.)


Once Raoul calms things down, the conversation shifts to more meaningful topics. Namely the fact that Gospel is working on creating something called a "SuperNavi". The last one was seen 1000 years ago.

The Mother Computer music plays during this scene, incidentally, which is the only time I can recall a dungeon theme being reused elsewhere in the game.


This guy also likes to use quotations on a lot of words. I'm not sure why.

The speaker turns around to show everyone what information they have on Gospel, and directs them to look at the screen.


Sounds about right.


Especially when it turns out that the room this meeting is being hosted in is full of old traps built into the castle. Traps that can be activated electronically.

Did I mention that law enforcement in this universe is laughably incompetent?

Music: Underground Prison


Despite landing on his back "quite far" below the castle, Lan will suffer no injuries whatsoever.


You may recall me mentioning in the first game that Lan survives something ridiculous in this game.


This is not that thing.


Also, we may or may not be in the middle of an attempted assassination by a Gospel agent.


Raoul decides to take charge and tells everyone to keep in contact so we know what's going on.


In the next room, the way forward is blocked by an arrow trap, so Lan has to jack in to a nearby panel to deactivate it.

Sure is convenient that the system for disabling traps meant to repel intruders is right in front of the trap.

Music: Fear in the Castle


The Castle Comp system has a few gimmicks. For one thing, the network is old, so some panels will start out cracked when fights begin.


Like so. And here we have Dominerds, some of the most annoying viruses in the series. They take one damage from everything under most circumstances. When they are on the same row as you, they teleport to the same panel that you're on and bite you for high damage. This is the only time they're vulnerable to receiving full damage.

Later versions screw you over by using a chip to destroy the panels on the whole field so they can hit you repeatedly while you can't do anything. And in later games, they even turn invisible and block other viruses from attacks.


The other gimmick of this area is that it's haunted by ghosts!

As another anime trivia fact, MegaMan is afraid of ghosts in the anime. He finds them unscientific and freaks out at their existence.


Throughout the network, Zombie and Vampire Mr. Progs will stalk the area looking for you.

Zombies are very slow and easy to avoid given that they don't go down branched pathways. However, if they catch you, they will take you to their grave, which will require you to backtrack to get where you were previously.

Vampires, on the other hand, move at a decent pace and will check branched pathways. If they catch you, they suck 100 HP from MegaMan. I hope you stocked up on Full Energy subchips!


To progress through the area, you need to find CyberKeys in order to open doors that block off skull passageways. Ghosts will not proceed past these, so you'll be safe once you get past one.


Ghosts are also in desperate need of glasses, it seems. This information is basically for vampires since I already mentioned how zombies work.


At the end, MegaMan disables the trap and Lan is able to proceed.


Elsewhere, Johnson dies begging and screaming for mercy.


In the next room we find Princess Pride and the ceiling begins to collapse. Apparently her Navi was injured going through the network and can't battle anymore, so it's up to Lan.


This area introduces Bandits, who are even faster than Vampires. These are orange Mr. Progs who always make left turns at branched paths and steal about half of your money every time they bump into you.

Yep. We're still getting robbed in Netopia.


Fortunately, you can find their loot stash towards the end of a stage in order to get your earnings back.


Once the trap is disabled, Lan and Pride are free to leave the room, but she seems to have dropped something.


The door slams shut and locks just as Lan leaves, trapping the Princess inside and prompting Lan to swear again.


The throne will be needing a new heir.


At the top of the stairs, we find our new friend Jennifer is also dying. She is able to mention that someone in the group is the agent sent by Gospel, though.


In the next room, a fire springs up and tries to cook Lan alive.


This time the plug to the network is a bit farther away and blocked off by the fire. Oh no, the villains are learning!

Lan swears for a third time, and wonders what to do.


But it's okay, because Mayl's horoscope readings that will never come up again saved the day!


Lan then proceeds to not only manage to throw the wireless jack with precision accuracy at the plug-in port, but with enough force that it actually pushes into it and affixes in place.




Inside this network are Shadow viruses that are only vulnerable to sword attacks, much like ShadowMan's blue clones. A Mr. Prog warns you about them in the first network, but I didn't see any until just now. Probably because I started using Sneak Run after a little while.


Midway through the dungeon, Raoul calls to tell you that he's come down with a bad case of being dead.


For the sake of my sanity, I'm going to assume "I don't believe it!" is Lan writing that idea off as ridiculous and not "I can't believe this is true!"

You can also see one of those skull passageways I was talking about to the top right.


After disabling the fire trap, Lan finds a crispy Raoul in the next room. I assume he went through a similar experience.


Chaud then enters from the north room and things get stupid.


Even Lan thinks this is stupid.


Chaud, you dipstick, why would a Gospel agent actively sabotage four prior Gospel attacks?

Just stop and think about this for a seco


Boss Fight: ProtoMan



So ProtoMan's quite a bit different from the last game. As opposed to before where he tended to spend a lot of time blocking with his shield, ProtoMan now opts to try and counterattack you very often. So if you use a charged shot or a throwing weapon, chances are that ProtoMan will teleport right into your face and slice you up.

Aqua Styles, however, have a very fast charged shot, making it easy to bait ProtoMan into being where I want him to be for counterattacks! What a lucky break!

- ProtoMan replaces his shield with Sonic Boom, an attack used from either the top or bottom panel of his back column. This attack will send a slash flying towards MegaMan that covers two rows. He likes to use this back to back in later versions.


After the battle, Chaud tries to go full Sasuke Uchiha despite Lan's apologies.


Fortunately, Raoul nips that in the bud before it can start, revealing that "she" was the culprit.

Oh boy, the pronoun game! And it's with another female character!


Chaud at least realizes he's been a dunce and decides to leave the matter up to Lan since ProtoMan has been deleted.

As a note, that room is called the Confusion Room, which kind of gives away what's about to happen if you happen to check the menu before talking to Raoul.


In a shocking twist, the Gospel agent was the only new person with a custom sprite. Whoever could've seen this coming?


Princess Pride gloats about Officials being stupid. And, I mean, she's not wrong.

But considering who we're dealing with, you're basically bragging about being able to steal a cookie from an open jar that says "Free cookies".


Princess Pride starts to make the floor collapse, but Lan points out that he has a wireless terminal and again ninja throws it into the plug. Despite having the ability to just rip out the wireless terminal, throw it off of the castle, and send Lan falling to his demise, Pride decides to hold the villain ball and give Lan a chance to defeat her.


At the end of the last network, MegaMan finds KnightMan.


As opposed to previous Gospel Navis, KnightMan is neither a sadist nor a professional assassin.


It also seems he isn't happy with his current role in the present situation.


Even Lan can't figure out the logic Pride is using to justify her actions. How does killing Officials help her country in any way?


Despite KnightMan seemingly starting to have a change of heart, Pride tells him not to worry about it and just listen to her. This seems to ease his mind a bit.


MegaMan tries to make one last appeal to KnightMan's sense of honor.


Alas, KnightMan has gone full "my country, right or wrong" and won't be swayed by any further discussion.


Boss Fight: KnightMan


There's a point in the murder mystery game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc where the main villain, Monokuma, says "I could've downed a thousand-dollar full-course dinner in the time it took you to finish your swing!" while dodging a punch from the main character.


That about sums up KnightMan.

His only noteworthy traits are that he doesn't move often, he has Super Armor which prevents him from flinching, and he also Stone Body which reduces all damage to him to 1 when he's not attacking.

- Kingdom Crusher: If MegaMan is standing in front of him, KnightMan fires his mace ball down the row.
- Broken Wall: KnightMan fires his mace ball into the sky, causing rocks to fall down on the player.
- Royal Wrecking Ball: If MegaMan is standing nearby, KnightMan rotates his mace ball around himself.
- Leap: KnightMan jumps one square forward, cracking all panels. This is his only form of movement.
- Panel Grab: If KnightMan is at the front of his area, he will steal one of MegaMan's panels and immediately follow with a leap.


Pride is momentarily stunned that KnightMan was defeated, but begins to reactivate the traps to just try and kill Lan anyway.

So... why not do that from the outset?


In a stunning display of incompetence, Pride activates a trap beneath herself, ending the incident. That'll teach her to get her death traps from Acme, I guess.


As it turns out, no one actually died during all of that. Even though Pride points out that Johnson was crushed in a collapsing room.

Maybe Chaud or Raoul saved him and never said anything about it in an attempt to trick the Gospel agent into saying something incriminating?

Then again, Johnson is the only character here that never shows up again, so maybe he actually did die and the Officials are just skirting around the crushed (Insert Johnson's Nationality Here) in the room. Johnson does, in fact, return in a later game.


Even Princess Pride survives! Though, seeing as she'll be going to questioning for her criminal activities, we won't be seeing her for three games a while.


Chaud says that Creamland being one of the first countries to get on the net made it a powerhouse from the outset, but it got left behind once more countries began to do the same.

Based on that, I'm assuming the ShadowMan attack might have been her plan, given that she is a leader in the organization. And given that the Officials stopped the collapse of Electopia, she decided to deal with the people involved directly, presumably before resuming the operation with another Navi. Probably the SuperNavi?


At any rate, this is only speculation on my part. We don't get a lot of insight into what's going on inside of Gospel. Later games are a bit better about showing the dynamics of the evil organizations.


Heck, BN1 was better about showing the dynamic. I'm not sure why BN2 is trying so hard to be cryptic about it.


Lan momentarily feels inconsiderate for bringing up ProtoMan, but Chaud has memorized ProtoMan's entire code and sets off to restore him


but not before setting off with his usual repartee.


Lan and MegaMan resolve to give Gospel a thrashing, and with that, the day comes to a close.

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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 12: The Hottest Mix-Tape of 20XX


The next day, Lan is ready to head out and go home.

Yes, the game just skips here after you beat KnightMan. It seems like there's less "Go home and go to sleep to progress the plot" moments in this game. I only recall it happening a few times so far.


That sounds like just enough time to get up to some side shenanigans!


For starters, this guy is selling three souvenirs for 1000 zenny each: a Broach for Yai, a RoboX for Dex, and a Golden Ring for Mayl. Because Mayl is the love interest, you see.

Granted, Lan has to give her SOMETHING to distract her from the fact that he's never going to actually retrieve that Wireless plug she bought him from the KnightMan computer.


Sorry, but long-distance relationships are a lot of work.


A number of NPCs are impressed to hear about how Lan resolved what happened in the castle.


Raoul's still recovering, but he's doing well enough to NetBattle with ThunderMan V2.


Makes sense.


The old lady who is racist against Electopians admits that she's not here for jewelry, but is just here for the girls.

I'm not sure what to make of that.


Ms. Millions continues to be inappropriate and also is available for SnakeMan V2 battles.


I think you might be enjoying losing too much!


This is not Jennifer. It's the lady who pointed out the hotel.


The Official back at the castle gives the ONBA Code now, allowing MegaMan to break that last Security Cube between Den Area 3 and Netopia.

Despite doing this, I forgot to check on the BBS in the Square. Aw nuts.


Educate yourself about other countries, you weirdo.


The girl who was robbed tries to give Lan a pep talk in case he still is feeling a little negative about his experience.


I also went on the net and gave KnightMan V2 a thrashing in Netopia 1. Still easy.

Don't mind the higher HP. I put this off until later in my redone Let's Play just to spread out the videos a bit.


During this time in said LP, I took care of QuickMan V2, who I only put off to avoid dealing with his obnoxious V3 before I was ready.


I hunted down CutMan V2 in Yumland 2 as well, who I only put off because I wanted to beat QuickMan first. I like keeping bosses in order.


Curiously enough, while I was heading around to take care of other Gospel Navis I hadn't beaten yet, I found Roll here in Yumland. Looks like Mayl got her ALicense while Lan was away.


After taking care of CutMan, I decide to take advantage of the fact that the Mr. Prog that blocked off the Undernet is now gone.

Music: Fearful


The Undernet is now sporting a new glowing Xbox-esque motif.


It will also have its own unique theme in every Battle Network game going forward.


The Undernet has its own Square as well.


Inside, we learn important facts about how to be a bad guy.


A few people aren't happy about MegaMan being around, though they won't do more than threaten him.


There's an Undernet BBS, but there's not a lot posted now. I'll save this for the next scenario.


normies get out reeeeeee


In some areas of the Undernet, you can find this little dog virus. This is the Battle Network version of Rush, and he gets a slightly expanded role in the anime as Roll's pet who can control/summon viruses.

Later games also have him show up in something of a support role to MegaMan, albeit not in the story.


In a fun bit of continuity, we also find NumberMan here. Remember that he did have a code that unlocked a blocked off portion of the Undernet in the last game.


After taking care of ShadowMan V2, I decided to get back to the plot.


Ribitta is no longer at the arrival airport, but Chaud is at departures. He also has ProtoMan V2.


Despite his boasts, he did not defeat MegaMan next time.


Whatever you say, nerd.


Hmm? Now what's this about?

Meh, I'm sure it's nothing.


Talking to NPCs is its own reward.


In the next area there's a bearded old man who dresses like his clothes were custom-made by Two-Face.

There's also a father with three kids who seems to be feeling unwell.


Also, this kid.




After finishing looking around, Lan decides to board the plane. He ruminates that his trip was a little rough, but there were good times along with the bad.


Quite possibly in a different part of it that looks nothing like what was shown here.


While on-board the airplane, Lan has a dream about returning to Electopia and being snuggled on by Mayl at the airport.

Curiously enough, Mayl is acting like her BN1 self here.

Also curious is that Lan doesn't seem to get love, but is able to create an image of Mayl obsessing over him in his head.


Lan then wakes up on the plane after an announcement from the captain.

Music: Sky Travel


Hub picks on Lan a little bit here, which is kind of funny. It's great when we have moments where MegaMan gets to be mischievous.


MegaMan then wants to see the cockpit of the plane for some reason. Lan says he doubts the pilot would allow that, but MegaMan says that he's sure the pilot will if they ask really nicely.

This game came out in the same year as 9/11, incidentally, so I have to imagine this was written back before certain changes in procedure even though the game's Japanese release was in December.


The plane has a lot of NPCs to talk to. Let's start in the Economy section.


In the back row is a girl who is excited to go to Electopia; I think another NPC earlier in the game said something similar. The scowly kid from before is also to the far right.


The blond man sitting next to Lan gives him a Repair chip for speaking with him, which changes all panels on your side of the field to Null panels. Apparently he learned how to speak Electopian recently, but is excited to visit the country soon. There's also a sleeping scientist and an elderly woman to the right.


The front row is devoted to the kids of that man at the airport who had a stomachache. Apparently he was feeling too bad to make the flight, so he let his kids get on board without him.

Alright then.


Since Lan will be on this plane for the whole scenario, there's a SubChip dealer inside of a television in coach.




There's not much to mention here aside from an entomologist


and the Two-Face suit guy from before, who turns out to be president of Gauss Inc.


First Class!


There's an elderly woman here who made a great fortune, but didn't find her wealth gave her much happiness.


There's also this guy.


This guy is the guy.

I know I said that about Mr. Famous, but believe me when I say that this guy right here may be the greatest NPC in all of Battle Network.




And finally, the cockpit.

As it turns out, the plane runs itself largely due to being connected to the internet, so the pilots just make sure everything is running smoothly.


The pilot is okay with letting Lan look around, recalling how a similar experience when he was a kid made him want to be a pilot. Lan is fairly excited until they hit a patch of turbulence. The pilot urges him to go back to his seat while they head through the rough patch.

After that calms down, Lan resumes talking to everyone. The man next to him mentions the turbulence almost gave him "cataract arrest".


A few NPCs are cool, like this girl who's studying Navis or Dr. Iron Fist, who gives Lan a free Silver Fist chip for talking to him.


So true.


Gauss gives some details about a special program held on the plane when spoken to.


Everyone in first class seems okay.


The entomologist is also here. Poor guy.


After enough people are spoken to, Lan winds up gorging himself on too much airplane food and goes to the bathroom.


While inside, he overhears that a spider happened to get free on the plane. I'm sure this has nothing to do with that poisonous thing the scientist was talking about earlier.

To be safe, though, MegaMan suggests giving the details of the spider to the entomologist.




Gauss tries to give Lan some helpful advice.


The old woman in first class muses on how much she enjoys traveling.


And this guy continues to be the best part of this scenario.


So, as it turns out, the spider is very poisonous venomous. Shortly after this revelation, there's a scream.


The Official Netbattler on board has been bitten by the spider.

Fortunately, most of the passengers seem to think nothing is going wrong.


This might be the best concentration of NPCs I've ever seen in one area.


People in economy class continue talking about Navis. Gauss mentions he's pretty good with his Navi.

Maybe we can Net Battle sometime.


Meanwhile, the woman in first class is warming up to the other occupant.




To progress the scenario, we need to speak to Dr. Iron Fist, who treats the bitten Official.


And also chews out the flight attendant for being flippant about the handling of the spider.

Dr. Iron Fist, you're alright with me.


Lan offers to catch the spider, and Dr. Iron Fist tries to talk him out of it by cautioning him that it's poisonous venomous.

Lan won't be dissuaded, though, so Dr. Iron Fist tells him to at least try and keep the situation as hush as he can to avoid a panic.

It's kind of surreal suddenly having an adult that's responsible in this game.


The entomologist from before is worried about the fact that there's a red-eyed wooly spider on the plane, but quickly sets up a plan to catch it.

In order to get the spider, we need something to catch it in, like a box or a hat, something to prop that up, a string to tug it once the spider is under the container...


It begins.

Lan asks why they need whiskey and the entomologist points out that the spiders like the smell of it due to it being similar to the pheromones they emit.

Sure, why not?


The old woman in Economy has a pair of chopsticks. As well as a story!

"Huh? What is it? Oh, these chopsticks? Well, actually, my husband made them. He and I have been making chopsticks for 45 years now. We have a dream. We want to take our chopsticks abroad... And show the world how great they are. We scrimped and saved for the trip, but he passed away. We were always together. But then we had to break apart. Just like a pair of chopsticks..."

Oh. Well, that got sad suddenly...

"I was very sad when my husband died. But to keep our dream alive... I decided to go to Netopia alone. The Netopias loved my husband's chopsticks... I'm so happy... Sniff, sob... I'm sorry for rambling on and on. Would you like to hear the story of how we met? Oh, you're busy? I see. Too bad. Would you like some chopsticks? Take as many as you want."

Well, that had a happy ending, at least.


This girl in Business keeps talking about her plans for the future. This has nothing to do with anything. I just liked hearing about it.


Whatcha workin' on?


The other two items are obtained without much incident.


Now we just need the whiskey.


The following dialogue has not been altered or reworded in any way.

https://i.imgur.com/m8D9Aya.png Whazzat? You want summa DIS whiskey?


https://i.imgur.com/m8D9Aya.png Wha? You still up in my face?
https://i.imgur.com/m8D9Aya.png ...... A'right, kid. We'll see whassup.
https://i.imgur.com/m8D9Aya.png You want summa DIS? It ain't gonna be free...


https://i.imgur.com/m8D9Aya.png You gotta show me what you made of!
https://i.imgur.com/m8D9Aya.png I'm gonna sing a tune, dig? You join in.
https://i.imgur.com/m8D9Aya.png If you can keep up wit' ME, you'll get yo sip-on!


https://i.imgur.com/m8D9Aya.png A'right! Here I go's! 1.2.123 YO!


https://i.imgur.com/m8D9Aya.png Now Da's freestyle, kid! Right off da top-a my HEYAAD!
https://i.imgur.com/m8D9Aya.png A'right. You got it? It's YO turn, now! 1.2.123 YO!
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png Chicky-chick BABY! Make me go KABOOM!
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png Can ya digit LADY! Oh my Lovefire! Comin' to ya SOON!
https://i.imgur.com/m8D9Aya.png Dang, boy! You got ryt-THEM! Here ya go, kid!


"Rex, you're weird!" - Preschooler, Pokémon White 2

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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 13: Magnetic Personalities


Well, we're not surpassing that anytime soon.


Lan hands over the materials for a spider trap just in time, as the spider is spotted going into First Class not long afterwards.


The two occupants remain fairly calm and cooperate, with everyone hiding off to the side as the trap is set.


The spider approaches set to the danger theme of the game, which makes for some (un?)intentional comedy.


The spider is caught soon enough, though, and properly stored away this time.


And so ends the plane scenario.


Nah, just kidding. Suddenly the right wing begins to fail.


And the only person who could handle the incident was bitten by the spider. What are the chances?

The flight attendant calls for any City Netbattler, and so Lan goes to handle the situation.




This is no time to gloat, Gauss!


This game has a lot more religious references than I remember. I guess that's what happens when your main antagonists are called Gospel.


This guy is still great.


Lan jacks into the plane in order to solve the problem, and so begins the next dungeon of the game.

Music: Magnetic Airplane


Upon entering the plane system, MegaMan is subjected to intense magnetic force.

No points for guessing who today's boss is.


The gimmick of this dungeon is pretty easy. You have blue magnetic paths and red magnetic paths.


The paths can only take you in one direction, and repel you if you try to move the opposite way. As I recall, the blue paths takes you south and west while the red paths take you north and east.


Each area has de-magnetizers. These remove the magnetic paths in the area.


There's one for each color. Once you remove both color magnet paths, you can proceed to the system.


Upon doing so, MegaMan will fix the bug.


At which point another problem pops up. This happens quite a few times during this dungeon.

You need to fix the right wing, the rudder, cabin pressure, throttle, and finally the landing gear.


Also, alien viruses. These guys try to abduct your Battle Chips if you have any equipped.


During this dungeon, it turns out that I did enough battles for MegaMan to get a new Style.

I'm rather pleased by this since it's strong against the next boss, though I feel a little disappointed I'm not getting any Guts Styles.

Then again, I should probably use my buster more if I want that.


Once it's time to fix the landing gear, MegaMan finds the Navi responsible in front of the system.


Surprising no one, it's MagnetMan.


Surprising less people, he's owned by the guy named Gauss Magnus.

Lan wants to know why Gauss is a member of Gospel, prompting a loooooong motive rant.


https://i.imgur.com/gWgggjR.pngIn a raggedy old shack without much food or money. My brother Jack was taken in by a rich family.
https://i.imgur.com/gWgggjR.png After that, my parents got sick and died...
https://i.imgur.com/gWgggjR.png I was suddenly all alone... And society didn't lift a finger to help me.
https://i.imgur.com/gWgggjR.png I hated people... I detested society.
https://i.imgur.com/gWgggjR.png I worked like mad to triumph over society, my enemy. Then, I devoted myself to my status.
https://i.imgur.com/gWgggjR.png I gained power over others, the authority to direct society. But, what I had amassed in life was not what I wanted. What I wanted was a new-found order.
https://i.imgur.com/gWgggjR.png Society is rotten to the core. In order to rebuild this fallen society, we need to destroy everything and start anew.
https://i.imgur.com/gWgggjR.png Gospel thinks along these same lines. I quickly rose through their ranks and became the leader of the "SuperNavi" development project.
https://i.imgur.com/gWgggjR.png When the "SuperNavi" is completed, Network society will be revolutionized. This will also be my revenge on society.
https://i.imgur.com/gWgggjR.png I have been relishing this day for years. When my revenge is over, chaos will come knocking at the world's door and Gospel will be there to provide order.

Goodness that was a lot of long-winded, self-indulgent whining. Incidentally, in case you were wondering who his brother was,


it's Jack Elec (aka Count Zap). In the anime, ElecMan actually fights MagnetMan. This is where the Raditz maneuver scene I mentioned comes into play, as ElecMan gets MagnetMan in a full nelson so MegaMan can delete him with a Program Advance.


Now that Gauss is done with his motive rant, he decides to have MagnetMan delete MegaMan.

Boss Fight: MagnetMan


Wow, a Gospel Navi that isn't Null element. That's new. He's also the only Navi aside from MegaMan and ProtoMan who has a face guard that pops up in the middle of battle.

MagnetMan, like KnightMan, has Super Armor, so he's not going to stop his attacks just because you're smacking him in the face. This is a bit more of a problem than with KnightMan because MagnetMan has a few annoying attacks and a stage designed to keep pulling you towards the middle. He also has Air Shoes and Float Shoes, so he ignores panels entirely.

It's fortunate that Wood Shield style seems to be a commonly obtained style, from what I can tell, because being able to use the Shield to block attacks rather than trying to dodge is very helpful since I don't need to worry about being pulled back into attack range.

A good strategy to use against MagnetMan is to take advantage of the Ball series chips given by the octopus viruses. ElecBall, given by a virus found in Netopia Castle's goddess statue, can soak up one of MagnetMan's ball attack and hit 999 HP, meaning it does 999 damage when it explodes. If combined with Ice Stage, that damage doubles.

- Magnet Panel: MagnetMan changes a row to a Magnet Line, usually if you change any panels.
- Magnet Missile: MagnetMan shoots two curved magnets at MegaMan that turn once to seek him.
- Magnet Hole Blast: MagnetMan shoots a ball of purple electricity at MegaMan. (This is the attack that will instantly charge Elec Ball to 999.)
- North - South Tackle: After creating a blue duplicate of himself, the two MagnetMan poles tackle the opponent at the same time. Does more damage if MegaMan is at the front of the player's area.


After the battle, MagnetMan comes down with a bad case of explosions.


Gauss then says this. Out loud. Around eight other people.


It goes about as well as you might expect.

Incidentally, this might be the last swear in the game. It's the last one I remember, at any rate.


Mr. Entomologist apprehends Gauss, because the NPCs in this part of the story are great.

Also, what was Gauss' plan for not dying in the plane crash? I don't see a parachute on him.


Ah well. At least we got back home safely.


This kid is still grumpy, but it's nice to have a custom sprite character who isn't trying to kill us for once.


Turns out the Official survived his spider bite.




More religious talk from the NPCs.


Goodbye, best NPC. It was an honor to fly with you.


And it's good to be home again.


Gauss, you don't get to say "Just a prank, bro" when you try to crash a plane.

Needless to say, he never shows up again.


Except in the anime, where comes back after the Gospel season to become a transvestite for comedic purposes instead.

I don't know why that happens, but there you go.


Let's not dwell on Japanese humor, though, and instead visit all of Lan's friends and family.


And also this kid, who gives you even more of that extremely rare chip that is really hard to find.


Dex gives you a Guts Punch D for the robot.


Yai gives you 10,000 zenny for the broach.


And Mayl gives Lan a Recover 150 P for the ring.


Mr. Famous is also ready with GateMan V3. As with the other V3s, I will have videos for them later.


Sorry, Famous. Maybe you'll get me next time!

I doubt it, though.


These two are back at Marine Harbor again.


I've been avoiding using a certain GateMan related thing for most of the game. It's cheap and really snaps the difficulty of the game in half.

But ToadMan is annoying enough to make me break it out.




Down in the testing lab, this guy finally got his SLicense. Good job!

Incidentally, I got mine, too. But I forgot to take screencaps of it because it was late and I was tired. It's just a ten round virus battle.


This lady got her BLicense and is now contemplating getting her ALicense next, too. Good for her!


Some say this man is still trying to get his BLicense to this day.


Now that we've hit the Square again, let's check on the Boards. I'm sure we've got a lot to catch up on.

Battle Board

Poster: Kenny
Subject: Heard this?
Heyahs. Lemme tell you about the Atk+10. It adds 10 to the attack of the chip you just selected. You won't notice much of an effect unless you pick this chip after the one you want to add attacking power to. Also note that it doesn't work with recovery chips! So now you know!

Poster: Hoss
Subject: Could it be?
I saw a blue Navi busting viruses the other day. His technique was amazing! Hehe, maybe it's the same Navi that beat the WWW! Nah...

Poster: Yaz
Subject: Surely u jest
Is it true? If so, I want to see it too! Whereabouts did you see it?

Poster: Hoss
Subject: Re:Surely u j
I've seen it all over the place. You will too, with luck.

Poster: Dex
Subject: What else...
Hey, it's Dex! I got a NetBattling question for yahs. It's frustrating, but I have this really tough friend... I've got more power than anyone, but... What is my GutsMan lacking, do you think?

Poster: Famous
Subject: Re:What else.
Yo! Famous here! To Mr.Dex: Even power has its limitations! Support chips play a crucial role behind the scenes. Use easy-to-find one like AreaGrab and recovery items!

Poster: Pow!
Subject: Awesome chip!
My pen pal gave me a "great" chip the other day. It's BrnzFist... Does anyone know if this chip really is that good?

Poster: Kenny
Subject: Re:Awesome ch
That chip was used by a legendary fighter, supposedly. The BrnzFist, right? I've heard there's a secret technique... Why don't you try different things with it?

Poster: Pow!
Subject: Re: Awesome ch
Secret technique...? I'll have to see if I can figure it out!

Poster: Skeeter
Subject: Grass panels
Did you guys know this? When you land a [Fire] attack on a grass square, damage is doubled-and if enemy is [Wood], it's quadrupled! Amazing!

Poster: Yaz
Subject: Re:Grass pane
Really!? My Navi is [Wood]! Its HPs recover while on grass... Looks like a double-edged-sword...I'll have to be careful.

Poster: Servebot
Subject: Lava panels
That's the connection between [Wood] Navis and grass! By the way, my Navi is [Fire] and takes no damage on lava. I guess [Fire] Navis and [Wood] Navis are special that way.

Poster: Kenny
Subject: Re:Lava panel
[Fire] Navis are OK on top of lava!? Hmm, well, I got a LavaLine chip the other day... It changes you line to lava. When I use it, I take damage! I was wondering what the deal was with this chip...

Poster: ShyBoy
Subject: CustomSwords
I bought a CustSwrd from a big-headed green sales Navi... but I lost the manual. What's this chip for?

Poster: Noogie
Subject: Re:CustomSwor
CustSwrd, right. It's a sword with an Atk linked to CusGauge. It's really weak at the start, but as the Cust Gauge goes up, it's Attack power goes way up! But there's more! The effect wears out when the gauge is full. So try to use it just before the gauge is full!

Poster: ShyBoy
Subject: Cool!
CustSwrd has that kind of property!? I wanna try that! Thanks!

Now there's a fun detail about GutsMan V3: Dex got the idea to use AreaGrab and Recover 200 from Mr. Famous.

Street Board

Poster: Alice
Subject: Camp entrance
There was something odd at the entrance to the campgrounds. What was that thing?

Poster: Mickey
Subject: Traveling!
Tomorrow I'm going to Netopia with my mom! I'm so happy! Do you know any good tourist spots or anything like that?

Poster: Zoot
Subject: Re:Traveling!
When you think of Netopia, you think of fancy cities... But it's an old country. Don't miss Netopia Castle!

Poster: Mickey
Subject: Re:Traveling
Netopia Castle... How medieval and romantic...! I'll put it in my schedule for the first day!

Poster: Mr.Ted
Subject: Netopia
I'm also going to Netopia tomorrow. Well, it's just a business trip. So today I'm applying for a passport at the Center! Nowadays the passports are converted to data. So no more long lines to wait in! So convenient!

Poster: Mickey
Subject: That was fun!
I just got back from Netopia. I went to Netopia Castle like you said. I even went shopping in Netopia Town! It was great! When I grow up I'm gonna save up to go with a friend!

Poster: Mickey
Subject: Very fun!!!
Oh yeah, I saw something interesting in Netopia Town-it was a chip trader special! Put 10 chips in for 1 new chip! So sometimes you will get a rare chip for your junk chips! So if you go to Netopia- try it!

Poster: Zoot
Subject: Traders...
No kidding!? I thought they were made in Electopia... I wonder who set one in Netopia. Hope they visit Electopia.

Poster: Mr.Ted
Subject: Well, I'm back
Well, I finished my work in Netopia and just got back. Translation systems sure are convenient. When I was young there were no PETs. We had to check our dictionary just to ask directions! It was so hard, communicating with frantic gestures!

Poster: Mr.Ted
Subject: Still back
One more thing. Someone had their passport stolen at the hotel I was staying at. They took the data right out of a PET in someone's room!

Alice is talking about one of those Retro Traders that trade BN1 chips.

Virus Board

Poster: Crow
Subject: Flameys
I can't steal chips from Flamey viruses. What do they have?

Poster: Noogie
Subject: Re:Flameys
Flameys? I'd tell you what they have, but where's the fun? I won't tell you, but yeah, they are tough. I got the chip when I deleted it with 1 hit of my AquaSwrd. So yeah, [Aqua] chips seem to work the best- good luck!

Poster: Hoss
Subject: Octons
Have you heard of a virus called the Octon? I heard it has a rare chip, but I've never seen one!

Poster: Kiddo
Subject: Re:Octons
Kiddo here! Yeah, I know the Octon! I saw one once in an electrical device at the Center. I forget exactly which one it was at the moment. I seem to recall that it was a pretty nasty enemy... If you run into one, be careful. See yah!

Poster: Cuckoo
Subject: Worms?
I've heard that a virus like a bagworm has rare chips. Anyone know it!?

Poster: Santa
Subject: Re:Worms?
I saw that one a long time ago... Months ago. Maybe they've been deleted to extinction... You just don't see them around anymore.

Poster: Cuckoo
Subject: Re:Worms?
Ah, too bad. I wanted to try fighting a bagworm virus once. Thanks for telling us about them anyway!

Poster: Sarah
Subject: Auras...
Have you heard of virus that have a kind of aura? I hear they have really good chips. Anyone know?

Poster: Tiger
Subject: Re:Auras...
Aura viruses? I've never heard of them. Must be rare.

Poster: Candy
Subject: Re:Auras...
Aura... Look out, you're talking about an Undernet virus! Attacks under the number on the aura have no effect. If a good chip doesn't come up when you're fighting it, your Navi could be deleted. Stay away from the Undernet!

Poster: Sarah
Subject: Re:Auras...
An Undernet virus!? How dangerous! I had no idea what I was posting about! Don't anyone go looking for this one! I'm sorry, Admin!

Poster: Admin
Subject: Forbidden
This is the Admin. Topics regarding the Undernet threaten the safety of Net Navis and are forbidden. Thank you for cooperating.

Poster: Cuz =P
Subject: Everyone!
Let's get back on track and post more virus info!

Poster: Elmo
Subject: [Elec]element
My NetNavi is [Aqua] element, which makes it weak to [Elec] attacks. What kind of [Elec] viruses are there? All I know is the Bunny, so please tell me some more!

Poster: Zoot
Subject: Re:[Elec]elem
[Elec] element viruses, you say... I've also heard of Sparky, Twisty, and Magneaker...

Poster: Scummy
Subject: Re:[Elec]elem
Oh yeah, RedUFO's are also [Elec] element viruses! I like those guys. Does it seem weird that I like a virus? Those RedUFOs are just too... cute!

Poster: Grimace
Subject: KillPlants
Do you know the KillPlants? They shoot seeds. If you hit a seed with water, it turns into a wood spear! Be careful everyone!

Poster: Candy
Subject: Shrimpies
Yeah, I fell for that trick once, too. A water ball from Shrimpy hit one and man, the spears! Blew my mind!

Poster: Kiddo
Subject: Combo strats1
Yeah, some enemies are stronger in combinations. I always lose to Beetank and WindBox combso! With the wind blowing, the LilBombs are hard to dodge. Anyway, you'd better delete one immediately, or look out!

Poster: Kiddo
Subject: Combo strats2
Since we're talking about combos, how, about panel types! When a Sparkler appeared on a magnet panel... ouch! They're hard to get away from!

Poster: Cuckoo
Subject: What to do...
That does sound tough! The Spark series of viruses orbit things that get in their way like a satellite or so I've heard. So RockCube might be handy in your default chip.

Poster: Kevin
Subject: Ratties
Is it just me, or are the Ratties tough!? They zoom around so fast, they are very good at dodging. None of my attacks hit them!

Poster: Alice
Subject: Re:Ratties
Those guys move faster when they are low on HPs. Try to delete them in one blast with a powerful chip.

Poster: Mazeltov
Subject: MotherComp
There's a rumor that something attacked the mother computer. And they say lots of the viruses in the attack were [Wood]. An Official NetBattler jacked into the mother computer heard them talking about it, hehe.

Poster: Mr.beLLz
Subject: Re:MotherComp
Wow, I would sure love to jack into the mother computer! I wonder what kind of viruses are in there!?

Poster: Mary
Subject: Re:MotherComp
Hey, don't talk about jacking into the mother computer! There have been lots of Gospel-related incidents lately, so that doesn't sound like a joke! Watch it!

Poster: Mr.beLLz
Subject: Database
Ah, you're right. Sorry. I was thinking about collecting chips... By the way, my database is still stuck at only 35/250. Where are all the viruses I haven't seen yet?

Poster: Crow
Subject: Re:Database
My database is at 68/250. It'll take a while but I'll complete it & be the Professor!

Much like the Undernet doesn't like having regular people around, regular people don't really like talking about the Undernet.

Chat Board

Poster: Elmo
Subject: Did you hear?
Yeah there was definitely some kind of incident at the Center, but it's resolved already. Those Officials are great!

Poster: Grimace
Subject: Chip Traders
Recently there has been a "chip trader" machine set up at the Center. Has everyone tried it already? I traded 3 Recov10s for a Ratton1! I was so lucky!

Poster: Baldy
Subject: Re:Chip Trade
You got a Ratton!? You are so lucky... I went for broke and put in 3 LongSwrds and got a Cannon. What a bummer...

Poster: Scummy
Subject: Re:Chip Trade
Baldy, no!!! Chip traders don't give better chips depending on what you put in! The chips you get are all luck. You have to put in chips you don't need to enjoy it!

Poster: Hoss
Subject: ACDC Chips
That reminds me, there used to be a Chip Trader Special at an old chip shop in ACDC Town. You'd put 10 chips in it. Looks like that shop is out of business. I wanna do it again!

Poster: Zack
Subject: Battler mtng!
Yesterday there was an Official NetBattler conference in Netopia. I saw it on that nighttime news show with Ribitta. The Official NetBattler's HQ is in a secret location, I wonder where? The room on TV was absolutely gorgeous.

Poster: Alice
Subject: Bug symposium
On the day of the Official NetBattler conference in Netopia, there was also a World Bug Symposium. They say a famous scholar from Electopia participated.

Poster: Candy
Subject: Netopia is
Netopia has a long history, and even has some castles still. Even so, it's cities are global economic centers, and lots of different kinds of people live in them. It's economy is huge!

Poster: Baldy
Subject: Re:Netopia is
The castle has traps that people set a long time ago, and secret passages and things like that. Sounds fun!!! I wanna go!

Poster: Rover
Subject: My husband
My spouse took the kids on a trip to Netopia. I hope they don't drink the water and get tummyaches...

Poster: Tommy
Subject: Exchange stud
A girl from Netopia is coming to do a homestay at our house. She's studying NetNavis! I wonder what she's like. I hope she's gentle and kind...

It's pretty neat that they have a BBS post about that man who got a stomachache and the girl I was chatting with on the plane. I don't think I ever paid much mind to that before.


There's also this NPC who tells our fortune.


That's silly. You're silly.


Doing a few chores around the world, Lan picks up this little number from a quest on the job board. Now he can unlock a few of those unmarked Security Cubes.

And with that, the scenario comes to a close.


That was fun, right? We met some colorful characters, got some upgrades, and had a lot of laughs along the way.

It sure would be a shame if we followed up that 10/10 scenario with the worst scenario in the series.

"Rex, you're weird!" - Preschooler, Pokémon White 2

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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 14: The Ice Age


Not too long after Lan gets back home, trouble starts brewing again.


The scenario starts with Yuichiro and a scientist discussing how Gospel's attacks seem to be getting worse, before shifting to how Yuichiro has been working overtime to try and thwart their efforts. The scientist suggests that he spend some time with his son, prompting the above line.


Suddenly an earthquake!

Both of them find this odd, as natural disasters are supposed to be monitored and suppressed by the Environmental System. More on this in a bit.


However, it seems like not only are there earthquakes in Electopia, but floods in Yumland as well as ozone deterioration in Netopia!


Looks like your time off is going to be a while yet, Yuichiro.


Back home, Lan and MegaMan discuss the earthquake


only to find that Roll is in danger. Again.

I want to say words about Lan's friends here, but I'm going to hold off on that for a good while. I want to at least finish Battle Network 3 before I discuss how I feel about them, which means it won't be until early Battle Network 4 that I'll finally be able to share my thoughts.


I'm sure anyone who has played those games has a good idea of what I think, though.


Anyway, the NAL has decided to give Lan a free pass to let him fly at will. So now Lan can take ten hour flights whenever he want. This means that, hypothetically, you could have Lan fly between Electopia and Netopia 100+ times and cause this scenario to happen over the span of months or years if you were so inclined.


Yai offers her home as a shelter during the earthquakes since it's resistant, which is nice.

I'm jumping ahead a bit here, but when Lan and MegaMan ultimately resolve this incident, everyone's dialogue in ACDC changes except for Yai's due to her house's resistance. That's an amusing detail.


Oof. Having had an appendectomy a few months ago, I know how rough that is.

But that's not why I came here.


No, I'm here for Mr. Match, who is loitering around the airport.

How is he here and not in jail? Battle Network.


He says this after reminiscing about how he almost set Lan and his mother on fire.


But true to his word, he's not up to anything and just wants to have a friendly Net Battle with his new Navi.


I really like this exchange for some reason. It's like MegaMan is struggling to call him a person.


Boss Fight: HeatMan


No, I did not forget to take a picture of HeatMan V1 and have to settle for a picture of HeatMan V2 in the next scenario. Why would you even insinuate that?

HeatMan's tougher than FireMan, of course, but that's a given since he's a late-game boss competing with a Navi who was the first boss of the series. He can retract into his lighter temporarily to avoid damage, leave Lava Panels on MegaMan's field to restrict his movement, and also release fast flame towers. He also has Air Shoes and Float Shoes to ignore panels. Overall he isn't too bad, though.

Incidentally, in the anime, FireMan is converted into HeatMan by Mr. Famous into order to better fight the Gospel Navi responsible for this scenario. In the games, FireMan is just customized and made into HeatMan by Mr. Match for whatever reason. As a fun detail, FireMan and HeatMan share the same emblem, albeit in different colors.

- Flame Tower: HeatMan summons a Flame Tower that moves forward, going up and down depending on the player's position.
- Heat Press: HeatMan will drop at the player's current position, leaving behind a Lava Panel.
- Grand Burner: HeatMan retracts into his case and raises flame pillars from flashing panels on MegaMan's side of the field.


After beating him the first time, Mr. Match gives Lan an HP Memory for MegaMan.

Well, nothing left to do but address the scenario...


All major internet areas now have ice blocking off pathways.


At present, MegaMan can only break white ice, but there are three other colors: red, yellow, and blue.


As the scenario goes on, MegaMan gains the ability to break other kinds.


Every time you break ice, though, you have to fight against a fixed trio of viruses. Sometimes they're annoying and sometimes they're easy. Depends on which ice you're breaking.


Now you might be thinking "I have to go save Roll because that's what Mayl asked me to do!"

You would be wrong.


What you ACTUALLY need to do is talk to this person here in Den Area 2.


You then save this guy, who is trapped behind white ice, and he gives you a RedFrag to take to Lan's dad.


Kotobuki continues to pray for things to get better.


Upon meeting Dr. Hikari, he gets Lan up to date on all of the disasters around the world. You'd think Lan would've overheard that somehow before now, but whatever.


Anyway, the Environmental System. Turns out people made a system that suppresses natural disasters to the point where the pent up energy will destroy the world. Naturally, this system is online, rather than being in a closed network or something, and currently under attack.

I have no words about how absolutely absurd this is beyond wondering how an internet system is preventing holes from forming in the ozone layers.


Yuichiro leaves to go work on the Environmental System. At this point, this music begins playing in the overworld for pretty much the rest of the scenario until you beat the boss.


To simulate my experience, put that song on repeat for about an hour.


Ms. Millions now has SnakeMan V3 available to be fought.


And Raoul is also available with ThunderMan V3.

You don't need to come to Netopia for this scenario, mind you. I just came to S-Rank both. This will be important. Later.


Also, this guy is feeling better and will be able to fly soon. Yay!


Since people can take tests online now, the testing room has been shut down.

I wasn't kidding about that guy still trying to get his BLicense to this day.


Roll is in the exact same spot she was in before the MagnetMan scenario started, which is why I was surprised to see her there so early.


Presumably, the red ice that was blocking the way to Roll prevented her from jacking out. And using proper spelling.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what saving Roll does to advance the plot of this scenario.


The answer is nothing. Because Roll has nothing to do with the plot of this scenario beyond arbitrarily triggering the next event flag upon being rescued.

Narratively, everything could have progressed quicker if you didn't need to save her here. At the very least, Mayl gives you Roll V3 afterwards.


What actually moves the plot forward is looking at the chat boards in Den Square.

Battle Board

Poster: Marble
Subject: Weird ice
Wow! The Net is covered with ice!!! My Navi is pretty strong, so I can break white ice, but super-powerful viruses come out of it! And to top it off, the ground is icy, & hard to fight on. Well, I was able to finally delete them, but without a strat, these guys'll eat you up! Peace out.

Poster: NaviNavi
Subject: Re:Weird ice
Ice panels... Slippery and tricky to fight on... But you know, electricity conducts well on ice, so [Elec] weapons work well here! You could even use the ice to your advantage!

Poster: Marble
Subject: On the ice
So [Elec] damage is increased on the ice? That's great to know! ...But my Navi is [Aqua]. If he were hit by [Elec], he'd take a lot of damage... I'd better be careful.

Poster: Kenny
Subject: [Fire]element
By the way, if you hit a lava panel with water, the lava will disappear, but damage is normal. Try on [Fire] Navis.

Poster: Hoss
Subject: P.A. info
I found an advance! It's called the "Curse!" To use it...hehe, that's my secret! Note the name!

Poster: Cuz =P
Subject: Re:P.A. info
If you link the same series of chips with the same codes, things will happen, like advance. So the Curse advance... I get it now!

Poster: Yaz
Subject: Re:P.A. info
So I link the chips CrsShld1, 2, & 3 in order? Right?

Poster: Hoss
Subject: Get it?
That's right! But don't post that! I want everyone to figure it out for themselves!

Poster: Yaz
Subject: P.A. Info 2
Oops, sorry. Alright, lemme try giving you one! It's an advance I just found. It's called the "HvyStamp!" Sounds like a pretty heavy attack, don't you think! Is this a good enough hing?

Poster: Mr.beLLz
Subject: Re:P.A. Info 2
A heavy attack...? ...Oh yeah! That one that goes BOOM, right? OK, I'll try it!

Nothing terribly helpful here, unless you didn't know how to do the Curse PA.

Street Board

Poster: Marble
Subject: It's like...
There's something odd about Kotobuki these days. You can hear these weird sounds out of nowhere... I'm having trouble sleeping these days, with all the quakes.

Poster: Scummy
Subject: Ice?
There's all this weird ice forming in the Net. What is that stuff?

Poster: Tiger
Subject: Re:Ice?
Yeah, they're talking about it on other boards too. For info on the ice, the Virus and Battle boards are more useful. I suggest you check there.

Poster: Maple
Subject: Den Area
The Net's Den Area has 4 unlit warp holes in one place. What is that?

Poster: Vishnu
Subject: Re:Den Area
I've heard that they connect to some other cybersquare. You need GateKey items to use those, but where are they?

Poster: Tiger
Subject: These days...
Can you believe what's going on in the world today!? Makes chatting so much more interesting, don't you think!

Poster: Alice
Subject: A rumor...
Ice appears in the Net, and natural disasters occur... It doesn't seem like the two are related but... there's a rumor that they are actually related. But there's no way for us normal people to figure out how.

Poster: Crow
Subject: Who is Doc?
Rumor... that reminds me... A friend told me about the Undernet. Do you know it? Well, there's an UnderSquare where nasty types gather. And-get this- they even have a Board Room there too. They say that if you post a keyword there a Navi called the Doc will appear in UnderSquare. He makes cures for any kind of virus. There's a great informant in UnderSquare that they say knows the keyword, but... Well, I'm sure no one is gonna check for themselves, so it could be a lie, or some kind of urban legend...

Poster: Vishnu
Subject: Re:Who is Doc
"The Doc..." Sound's spooky. I'd like to see him... But to call him, I'd need that keyword... and I'd still need to go to the Undernet... Urban legends are fun 'cuz you can't verify them...

This is the post you need to read to advance the plot.

Why is Crow able to talk about the Undernet here now despite previous posts showing the Admins clearly don't like this kind of talk?

Because this scenario is dumb, of course.

Virus Board

Poster: Baldy
Subject: Ice...
Whey is the Net all covered in ice? Are all the regular posters on this board ok? By the way I can see faint outlines of viruses in the ice. Maybe there are viruses in there lying in wait?

Poster: Scummy
Subject: Re:Ice...
Someone posted on the Battle Board that they broke open a white ice! And yes, there was a virus inside.

Poster: Putzy
Subject: Re:Ice...
I read the post on the Battle Board. It was a pretty strong virus, too. Even if they are in ice, they're scary...

Poster: IronMan
Subject: From Kotobuki
Recently lots of viruses come out of Koto Area- why...?

Poster: Kevin
Subject: Re:From Kotob
That reminds me, I can't reach my friend in Kotobuki. I wonder if that has something to do with the viruses. Uh-oh.

Ice continues to be a problem across the net.

Chat Board

Poster: Cuz =P
Subject: Gauss arrest!
Did you guys all see the mail news? They caught the CEO of that Gauss, Inc! What a shocker!

Poster: Vishnu
Subject: Re:Gauss arre
Yeah, and he was a Gospel NetBattler, of all things. Why would someone with all that money and respect help a criminal organization like that anyway? I'll never understand what goes on in rich folks' minds.

Poster: Kiddo
Subject: Re:Gauss arre
Having money is no guarantee of a happy life, you know. Sometimes something in childhood that influences a person later. Mr. Guass was poor when he was growing up, so maybe he held a grudge against the world in general.

Poster: Yaz
Subject: Re:Gauss arre
When you're a kid, making lots of friends and playing a lot is the key to true happiness. I'm all grown up now, but I still think my friends are my real treasure!

Poster: Egghead
Subject: Re:Gauss arre
What an amazing organization Gospel is... What kind of boss could control a man like Mr.Gauss?

And people are reacting to Gauss' arrest.


With our new lead, Lan heads off to figure out how to summon Doc.


This guy here lies to you in order to get you lost. Dick. I already know how to explore this area, though, so it's no big deal.


Incidentally, this is what Undernet 2 looks like in Battle Network 2.

For whatever reason, this location is recycled wholesale in Battle Network 4 as Undernet 6. But we'll see that we get there.


Heading to Under Square doesn't give us the password, but it does give us information from this guy that we have to pay for.


He then directs us to a Navi in Netopia Square.


That Navi isn't there, and his friend instead directs us to where he is in Netopia Area.


That Navi then has us give him a chip for the information we need.


As it turns out, the keyword to summon Doc is WWW.

Despite what you might think, this is not Doctor Wily we're summoning. He blew up, remember?


We then need to go back to the Undernet.


MegaMan posts on the BBS.

Info Board

Poster: Shredder
Subject: Gimme an idea
This is the Undernet Info Board! You got a problem with that? Post Undernet info!

Poster: Killer
Subject: Rumor 1
Here's Undernet Rumor #1. A high-tech Navi called the Doc hides in the UnderSquare.

Poster: Deleter
Subject: Rumor 2
Here's Undernet Rumor #2. Something odd about the BugFrag collector in KotoSquare...

Poster: IronBear
Subject: Re:Rumor 2
Ahh! That dude! I always thought he was hiding something strange. BugFrags in a collection will turn into real bugs! Think he's planning some nasty surprise? But I was still happy to get my hands on AirShoes!

Poster: RareChip
Subject: Re:Rumor 2
You idiot! Trading for a AirShoes instead of a ZeusHamr!

Poster: Claude
Subject: Re:Rumor 2
I got a Recov80...

Poster: Assassin
Subject: Rumor 3
Here's Undernet Rumor #3. The Square's ProtoMan is bad news, I mean he's TOUGH!

Poster: IronBear
Subject: Re:Rumor 3
That red guy? His attacks just don't quit! He looks for an opening then zooms in and SLICE!

Poster: Deleter
Subject: Re:Rumor 3
Wow... I can't believe you fought ProtoMan and lived! Impressive!

Poster: IronBear
Subject: Re:Rumor 3
Heh, you know it! I use a Escape!

Poster: Killer
Subject: Rumor 4
Here's Undernet Rumor #4. Deleted Navis roam the Net as ghosts & attack other Navis!

Poster: Cueball
Subject: A rumor?
You can get to the Undernet from a place in Den Area 1. There's a secret passageway. Heh, guess everyone already knew that...

Poster: MegaMan.EXE
Subject: To Doc

You can't use Escape in boss fights, you liar.


The Navis hanging around the Square have new dialogue after MegaMan posts the keywords.


One even recognizes MegaMan as the Navi who took down the WWW and gets afraid.


The Doc is over by the shops in the Undernet. Initially he speaks condescendingly to MegaMan with baby talk until the topic of a cure for the ice comes up.


He then demands all of MegaMan's power ups and battle chips in exchange for his help.


Just a prank, bro. He also gives an Anti Recovery D.


Turns out he has a YellFrag to make a YeloCure. Not sure why both of those refer to yellow in different ways, but okay.

The only problem is that he needs a HeatData. But we don't have one, so he yells at us to bring one to him.


Where do you find HeatData? Well, for starters, the game doesn't give you a hint at all.

But much like Roll is in Yumland early, there's a Mr. Prog who came to the same area from the grill computer in Okuden in order to take a break. He mentions that he works with HeatData. He gets trapped behind red ice in this scenario and alludes to it, so the only way you'd know where to find HeatData is either by looking it up or going around and breaking every bit of ice that you could given that he's out of the way.


Naturally, that prog doesn't give you the HeatData. Instead you need to go all the way to Okuden Valley to get it.


Another earthquake then happens afterwards.


Lan then gets a message pointing out that natural disasters are on the rise. This doesn't seem like a problem initially


until you remember that earlier in the game, Mayl pointed out that they couldn't look at the news to find out what was going on during the bomb detonation because there was no service out in Okuden.


But never mind that, because we have to go back to the Undernet. Again.

"Rex, you're weird!" - Preschooler, Pokémon White 2

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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 15: Freezing Point


So, a positive is that this family has finally been reunited.


His wife messes with him a little and the kids jump around him excitedly.


Back to the Undernet.


Doc hands over the Yellow Cure.


And then sends us to Netopia. Again.


A gossiping program mentions this little detail.

That's rather odd. Kotobuki seems way too mild to have Undernet ties.


Behind this yellow ice is the brother of a prolific Keymaker, who has left.


He then sends us to look for him in the Undernet. Again.


In Undernet 3, the Keymaker is musing over how to handle the blue ice.

Unfortunately, he has no BluFrags to make a Blue Cure with.


He then sends us to Netopia. Again.


As it turns out, his brother has one of three BluFrags.

We then have to head back to the Undernet. Again.


There's a Gospel Navi on the lower level of Undernet 3, but MegaMan has no idea how to get down there since the blue ice is in the way.

Chaud also sends mail here about that same fact and the fact that Kotobuki is tied to the Undernet. But then he does nothing for the rest of this scenario.




It really isn't!


Alright, that helps things a bit.

GateKey C is from a quiz in Netopia and links to Netopia Square. If you did the quiz, which I did when I went to challenge the Netopia V3 Navis, then you will likely have all of the Gate Keys at this point.


Using the GateKey brings MegaMan to a different part of Koto Square. The arrow above leads to the main Square, but below is an area called UnderKoto that I forgot to take a picture of in my haste.

It basically looks a lot like Kotobuki Area. I guess that confirms Kotobuki is connected to the Undernet, though...


Fortunately, UnderKoto connects to Undernet 3 before long, and we find this guy just waiting around at a dead end for some reason.


He proceeds to unleash these guys.

Incidentally, this is where I stopped playing as a kid, because I found these viruses too creepy and fast to fight.


After the battle, the HeelNavi complains that MegaMan is much stronger than he thought as he begins to fade.


He also mentions that the boss of the scenario, FreezeMan, is preparing to destroy the world or some nonsense.


Lan asks for the location of Gospel's HQ


and gets a surprising answer before the Navi is fully deleted!


We then get a second BluFrag and a Gospel ID.

But surely he was just lying, right? How could Kotobuki be the Gospel HQ? Everyone there is so nice,


always praying.

...Okay, maybe that's just a coincidence. I mean, sure, the evil organization is called Gospel and Kotobuki has a lot of people around praying, but it's not like they're doing anything shady like


collecting bugs.

...Okay, so maybe they're collecting bugs and maybe they pray a lot. Maybe they're even connected to the Undernet.

Do you really think a place like KotoSquare could be the home of a NetMafia? I mean, look how inviting it is!




Dumb scenario aside, I do like this reveal here. It's subtly done over the course of the game.

And the shape of the area is staring you in the face the whole time to the point you might not even realize it.


Anyway, let's try and get rid of that FreezeMan guy before he destroys the world with an earthquake. All of my nice things are here.


The Undernet music plays while you're in this room.


After breaking three yellow ices (because Gospel was too stupid to block the path with blue ice), MegaMan encounters FreezeMan at the end.


FreezeMan states that he's Gospel's Supreme Commander and taunts MegaMan about the fact that he's about to release an earthquake that registers a 10 on the Richter Scale. When MegaMan says he's going to stop him, FreezeMan mentions that he's the third BluFrag.

Which... makes it even dumber that he didn't block the path with blue ice.


Boss Fight: FreezeMan


You idiot.

FreezeMan is a joke. His HP is comparable to MagnetMan's, but he has multiple problems that MagnetMan doesn't have. First, he doesn't move. Second, he doesn't have SuperArmor to make up for that deficiency. Third, he's an Aqua element Navi standing on an Ice Stage. An Ice Stage that he continues to regenerate if you try and change the area. Meaning he is guaranteed to take 4x damage from any electric attack.

It's like he's begging to be deleted.

- Ice Shield: FreezeMan encases himself in an ice crystal, protecting him from damage. Once the crystal is broken, FreezeMan will release a wind effect that constantly blows the player to the back column.
- Ice Tower: FreezeMan summons an Icicle Tower that moves forward, moving up and down as it tracks the player's position.
- Icicle Fall: FreezeMan drops a few icicles onto the player's area.


After the battle FreezeMan says that he wins because the quake is about to happen and there's no time to make the cure.


The third BluFrag also breaks, just to further highlight how collecting the previous two was entirely pointless.


But then the ice breaks anyway, and the Doc shows up to point out that FreezeMan dying broke all of the ice despite his final boast.

Even in death, FreezeMan is a failure.


The Doc then decides to bill the Officials for doing basically nothing this whole scenario.

What a champ.


Yuichiro informs us that the Environmental System is back to normal now.


And the family at the airport go home to have dinner, with the little boy asking his dad to play catch with him afterwards.


I guess there's one more good thing about this scenario aside from the Kotobuki reveal.


Upon going home, Lan finds Haruka, who seems to be so mad that she forgot proper grammar.


In actuality, she's proud of Lan and MegaMan and points out how Lan is so much like his father and grandfather.


I am so glad that scenario is over.

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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 16: Resurrection


For a week after the FreezeMan scenario, everything was fine.


And then they sent in the clones. This cutscene actually starts with ProtoMan deleting copies of CutMan and QuickMan, only for both to show back up again almost immediately after.

I suppose we'll have to do something about that.


Apparently, this incident has been ongoing for three days and Chaud has been dealing with it for that duration.

The Officials and Yuichiro contemplate how to handle this situation considering that Lan was supposed to have destroyed the Gospel base, yet their attacks don't seem to have slowed in the slightest.


Unfortunately, the attacks by ShadowMan and KnightMan have crippled the Official forces, and FreezeMan's shenanigans releasing so many powerful viruses made things worse as well.

The Officials have no choice but to rely upon City Netbattlers at this point.


The next day, Lan finds out about the event in question (and even sees Ribitta on the news!), chatting with MegaMan about how they took care of FreezeMan before deciding to investigate.


Poor Haruka. I imagine she sounds resigned as she says this.


Most NPCs around the world are just worried at this point, and will remain that way for the rest of the game.

There's also a kid at ACDC who has spent the whole game working on his summer project. It was deleted by viruses and now he has to start over.


Others are preparing to deal with the threat. I believe the implication is that while Lan and MegaMan go to resolve the major threat, the City Netbattlers are dealing with the revived Gospel Navis on the net.

If that is the case, I like that. It prevents most of the world from looking useless.


One of the Metroline attendants mentions the StoneMan scenario from the last game and how that prompted them to be more diligent about their security.


Checking the plane from the MagnetMan scenario reveals that some of the inhabitants of Kotobuki have evacuated for some reason and taken to staying on the plane for now.


The airport seems to be understanding, at least.


If one good thing came out of this, it's that the guy who mugged people's chips seems to have found a new hobby.


Chaud also remains here for the rest of the game and has ProtoMan V3 ready for battle.




This girl is still happy to see Lan, but she seems to be focused on helping out where she can.


The Underground is going through a bit of trouble at the moment.


And the dialogue surrounding Ms. Millions continues to be memorable.


One thing I haven't really talked about are NPCs that give quizzes around the world. This is a tradition that continues throughout the series.

This is one of the creepier examples of it, however. A 230 year old ghost has been unable to pass on and possessed the body of someone he found in Netopia Castle to keep giving quizzes. He is unable to pass on until Lan answers all 15 of his questions correctly. When he finally does, the old man he's possessing mentions that he first visited Netopia Castle at the age of 13 and has no memory of his life between then and now. Holy shit, Capcom.


Kotobuki Square is no longer very active.


Gospel HQ, meanwhile, has plenty of evil Mr. Progs and Heel Navis roaming around.

Despite that, the corrupted Mr. Progs from the first game are not able to be fought in this game. Or ever again, actually.


MegaMan finds a portal in the back spitting out Navis and caps one to death. Unfortunately, the portal proves more resilient, so Lan and MegaMan opt to ask their father for advice.


Jennifer is also hanging around the Mother Computer now and will trade Lan a third folder for a Big Bomb *. Speaking to her again afterwards has her inform him that she developed a new program advance of Lil Bomb, Cross Bomb, and Big Bomb.


Yuichiro is worried when Lan arrives and mentions he'd hoped that Lan wouldn't get involved. He even said as much at the meeting earlier when the Officials decided to rely on City Netbattlers.

Lan protests that he's gotten involved in plenty of Gospel events and has come out without a problem.


Lan decides not to elaborate on the times he was almost blown up, barbecued, or killed in a plane hijacking.

Yuichiro decides to be straight with him.


Apparently, Kotobuki is putting out a ridiculous amount of radiation, hence the evacuation of the occupants.


Massive understatement, though Yuichiro does explain that the radiation could kill Lan.


Yuichiro then mentions that the Officials have set up a special car that can absorb radiation and get Lan close enough to Kotobuki. He'll also be fitted with a MagSuit that will soak up to 50k the normal amount of radiation.

However, he doesn't want Lan to do it still.


Lan protests that he wants to do it and that Yuichiro would have a harder time asking someone else to go and do something life-threatening like this instead of his own son. I... don't think that's true.

At the very least, Lan says he'd rather die fighting injustice than let it go on.


The hero theme plays here too, but I'm still holding off on it.


Yuichiro sees that he can't change Lan's mind, so he gives him the KotoPass and MagSuit.


An NPC here helpfully recaps the major plot beat from the first game, even though Lan and MegaMan would both know this.

There is no ridiculous Hub Batch power-up that breaks the final boss this time, though.


Just a bit of sidetracking to take down MagnetMan V2 in Undernet 2.


And I'll bully FreezeMan V2 in Undernet 7 while I'm at it.

I also took out HeatMan V2, since Mr. Match was ready for a rematch.


And with that, we're off!


At the Hall of Doom, the leader of Gospel detects Lan heading towards Kotobuki Town.


It also seems like those Bug Frags I traded weren't disposed of properly at all!

Music: Determination in the Heart


Upon arriving in Kotobuki Town, Lan and MegaMan react in shock.


I, uh... I'm guessing this building isn't normally like that.


Fortunately, while the radiation is intense, it's still within the safety levels of the MagSuit.


These NPCs do not have MagSuits and did not evacuate for some reason. The former guy is seemingly mostly okay.

The latter, however, is walking sideways due to the radiation. I don't think radiation works like that, but yikes.


Inside, Lan finds all of his friends waiting for him. They got the elevator working, but haven't been able to progress past the 2nd Floor.


Lan calls Mayl a dummy and asks if she forgot about the radiation, but Yai's rich dad knows the Netopian king and got him to develop some radiation protection suits.

In their sizes, apparently. Are their parents okay with them being here?

For that matter, when did Yai become a City Netbattler? She skipped out on getting her ZLicense at the start. Maybe she got it while Lan was overseas?

As far as them knowing Kotobuki was irradiated, though, I assume they just watch the news unlike Lan.


Also, apparently the radiation is causing servers to grow from the floor.

I don't think radiation works like that.


At any rate, Dex did most of the heavy lifting here and was thereby exposed to the most radiation, causing him to feel ill.

The trio decides to depart at Lan's behest and he goes to handle the rest. For the rest of the game, they remain just outside of the Kotobuki Station. GutsMan V3 can be challenged there and Yai also gives Lan an Atk +20 * if spoken to.


Sure enough, there are servers growing from the floor. Somehow.

That doesn't seem normal. Lan jacks in, and so begins the final dungeon.

Music: You Can't Go Back


For starters, the music is much better than BN1's final dungeon theme. More immediately concerning, though, is the fact that the radiation is somehow fusing the real world and the internet together.

I don't think radiation works like that. This is probably where the Dimensional Area and Cross Fusion ideas from the anime were born, though. Even the manga has moments where MegaMan and other Navis come to the real world, as well as the opposite of Lan going into the Cyberworld.


The gimmick here is simple in concept. Throughout the area, MegaMan will find warp holes that will teleport him to the wrong floor of the condominium network. These correlate to actual floors you can visit.


Throughout the network are pieces called ElBits.


When inserted into their specific spots, the ElBit will teleport MegaMan back to the spot he originally came from before he was warped to the wrong address and the teleport pad will now work properly.


That's pretty much it. It's not hard at all, and the multiple floors really only exist so that you can visit specific sections of the network that get isolated after you fix the areas.

That said, it does get very disorienting very quickly with all of the warping around that you'll do.


MegaMan eventually makes his way through the network, finding one last place to install the ElBit EV.


This game around, however, he has to deal with an unexpected threat. Clones!

You know what that means.


Boss rush!


They're all V1, though, so they die to a stiff breeze. They didn't even manage to hit me once.


The elevator is now fully operational and can take Lan all the way to the top.

A door on the 9th floor has an HP Memory stuck in it, though, which is the last HP Memory in the game. All others can be obtained before this point.


I also got all of the PowerUps, too, so my Buster is maxed out.


In the Hall of Doom, Bug Fusion begins. I'll hold off on showing off our main villain's mugshot for the moment.


MegaMan points out that the beginning of Bug Fusion has caused the radiation to begin to climb towards 50,000.

Lan won't be stopped by this, though, and decides to proceed.


In the next room, Lan finds no one. When he tries to enter the nearby room, though, the door electrocutes him.

Apparently, the radiation on it is 50,000 times normal, which is causing the door to electrocute Lan.

I don't think Capcom understands radiation.


Lan decides not to give up and jacks into the nearby server to deactivate the door.


So begins another short dungeon.


This one has no teleport pads, though, and is just a winding pair of corridors.

It also has some annoying viruses, as you can tell by my HP.


At the end, MegaMan runs into these jerks again.

ShadowMan is conspicuously absent, likely due to being a hired merc.


I don't remember how I got back to 1000 HP since I didn't heal beforehand and don't have any Recover chips in my folder. Maybe you're auto-healed before the fight? You are indeed auto-healed before stationary fights. I'm not sure if this is true for all V1 bosses, but I can confirm it happens with V2 bosses.

Regardless, they also fell pretty easily.


MegaMan takes out the radiation program, but Lan is feeling woozy. Despite that, he insists that he's fine and opts to continue onward.

Taking out the radiation program also does nothing about all of the radiation surrounding everywhere else in the building.


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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 17: The Super Navi


Lan and MegaMan are momentarily stunned by the number of servers inside of the room.

As they gawp, a voice beckons to them from the back of the room, inviting them to Gospel's main server room.


We then get a glimpse at our main antagonist.


The Gospel Leader confirms that this is the case and mentions that he already knows who Lan is due to his Gospel information server.

I'd assume this is supposed to be impressive and Lan is even stunned that he knows who he is, but... how would he not know? I've already shown multiple instances of NPCs praising Lan for stopping incidents.

Heck, Lan was lauded on television for stopping the bombing at Okuden Valley!

Lan points out that people are suffering all over the world because of the Gospel Leader.


He gives... this excuse. I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.


Lan also brushes that line aside and asks the above. Clearly he never heard about what happened to Arashi.

GL says that people are actors who hide their real intentions behind masks and that his monitor is more honest than everyone.


me IRL


GL tries to convince Lan to join Gospel.


Lan gives the predictable response. GL says that he's disappointed that Lan is stupid like the rest, and that's ridiculous.

Lan is definitely stupider than the rest.


Seriously, though, Lan's not going to take any more of this guy's nonsense and jacks in.


The last comp. It has the same music as the previous two.


Midway through, a dumb scene happens.


Despite the fact that MegaMan has just fought clones of every Navi that he's defeated, all of which only said "DELETE!" or some variation thereof, he now fully believes that these are his friends trying to kill him.


His real friends then show up and kill their own clones.


A ProtoMan clone then shows up and oneshots all of them, while MegaMan is helpless due to being noodled furiously by the Roll clone.


So ProtoMan shows up to save him.

I recall EPM mentioning that he didn't like the friend characters (Chaud excluded) due to moments like this. I'm going to hold off on my opinion, as I previously said, but I will say that this moment? I don't like it compared to Lan's friends showing up to clear obstacles for him in BN1, even if some things like the random rock or the pathway that conveniently didn't work with batteries were clearly forced to allow GutsMan and Roll to do things.


Anyway, somehow all of Lan's friends managed to get into the room without GL noticing. Despite the fact that he's looking in the direction of the door.

Chaud boasts that he took out the "foreign defense force", which I'm assuming were the QuickMan and CutMan clones that were continually spawning in Netopia, and almost broke a sweat doing it.


Chaud is also easing up on Lan a bit.

However, Bug Fusion completes at that moment and GL begins to boast that he's won with just the push of a button.


Dun nun!


Chaud explains who Bass is for Lan, which was alluded to in BN1 if you recall, and GL mentions that he's going to create an army of cloned Bass.


MegaMan gives the predictable response.

After venturing through the network space, MegaMan reaches a final platform containing the Super Navi.


GL commands Bass to begin "Project World Domination" by deleting MegaMan.


Someone was really proud of this joke.

If you don't get it, Forte is his Japanese name. Bass' chip code is also often F as a result.


Boss Fight: Bass


Nice Super Navi you got there. Would be a shame if he was almost as pitiful as FreezeMan.

Bass has two attacks. Which wouldn't be bad on its own, were it not for the fact that every attack has a long start-up where he hops around slowly, waiting patiently for you to hit him in the face. The one attack he has that's threatening has such a long charge up that you'll undoubtedly be able to interrupt it before you see it.

- Air Burst: Bass shoots a powerful green energy sphere down his current row.
- Explosion: Bass' charged attack, forewarned by his arm glowing yellow. Bass shoots over a dozen Air Burst attacks down all rows in patterns that seem impossible to dodge, but can be avoided with frame-perfect movements.


Immediately after Bass' defeat, the GL suddenly changes appearance, prompting Lan to express shock that the leader of Gospel is, in fact, a child.


If you don't remember this kid, go re-read the MagnetMan updates. He's the scowly kid who was on Lan's plane.

His name is Sean.


This seems like a good time to bring up a fact that I've been building to the whole LP.


Gospel is a very stupid organization.


I'm not just saying this because it's run by a child. That certainly factors into things, but it's only part of the issue.


The real issue is that Gospel is just acting without any kind of sense whatsoever.


Arashi's plan was fine enough, assuming he actually got through to Yai's parents, but everyone else was just absolutely ridiculous.


Dave wants to blow up a dam in order to protect nature. Even though he's destroying a dam. And a valley. And the forest therein. And the various wildlife.

Not to mention anything between the valley and the city, which he fully said he expected to submerge with the water.


ShadowMan did his job well, but again, I'm assuming this was done on Princess Pride's planning. Never mind the fact that setting back every country in the world is bad for a myriad of reasons, the fact that Gospel HQ is stationed in Electopia means that the Mother Computer's destruction would have likely set back the NetMafia.


There was also the earthquake that was going to split Electopia in half, by FreezeMan's own admission.

And the implication is that FreezeMan is Sean's Navi and thereby operating under his direct orders. Battle Chip Challenge, a later game in the series, confirms this.


And then there's Sean boarding the very same plan that Gauss was hijacking, despite the fact that they're both the most high-ranked individuals in Gospel. Meaning the organization would've likely collapsed had Gauss succeeded and the SuperNavi project would've remained unfinished.

Now, granted, the exchange at the bottom of the last update of the previous page suggests that Sean was on-board the plane to steal the program while MagnetMan ran body guard duty, so presumably they would have parachutes to escape. But considering the rest of the evidence I've provided...


tl;dr: This is not a very well-planned out world domination scheme.


Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled terrorism.


Sean begins to power-up the servers to 200%, however that works, and his hair begins to glow with radiation.

Lan also can't move his legs at this point. That seems a bit worrisome.


Sean boasts that he's created the real Bass, even as he's violently electrocuted.


And sure enough, Bass returns. Lan states that he can barely move, but his arms are still working well enough to handle his PET.


MegaMan gets angry and starts to get ready to lay a beating on Bass,


when suddenly he starts making baby noises. Um.

Bass then suddenly transforms!


In a shocking twist, the final boss will not actually be Bass, but this giant virus named Gospel.

Fans of the Classic series may realize that Gospel is the Japanese name for Bass' robot dog Treble. Given that the organization uses a clear G motif throughout the game, they left its name unchanged this time around. Understandable, otherwise they'd have another Netopia/Amerropa situation on their hand.


Lan's dad calls to inform Lan that he's discovered a flaw in Gospel's plan. Only one?

Seriously, though, it seems that Bug Fusion didn't actually succeed at creating Bass, but instead a giant Multi-Bug Organism that has the power to swarm the net in bugs.

Curiously enough, this concept does come up again later in the series. Not for a very long time, though.


Lan promises to defeat the Multi-Bug Organism and hangs up before MegaMan can tell Yuichiro that Lan is being exposed to what is essentially a nuclear reactor meltdown.


Gospel then proceeds to hike up the radiation.


You may recall me mentioning that Lan survives something completely outlandish in this game.


This would be it. The radiation was already at 50k times normal before it was 100%.

Now it's 600%.


You may also recall me mentioning that I was holding off on playing the hero theme.


This is the moment I was saving it for.

Music: Proof of Courage


Lan doesn't seem to be doing very well, to put it mildly.


Fortunately, MegaMan pulls out a deus ex machina from nowhere.


Somehow, Lan will be able to use his psychic twin powers to operate MegaMan with his heart.

I'm assuming his heart can also slot in Battle Chips, because otherwise this final battle should just be MegaMan plinking Gospel with his buster.


But psychic twin powers don't care about silly things like logic, so game mechanics will not be hindered.


Besides, this is kind of a nice moment.


Final Boss: Gospel


Gospel is not what I'd call a hard boss, but it's also not a pushover like the Life Virus. It's going to make you work for your win, and I can appreciate that.

Whenever Gospel's mouth is closed, it will not take any damage from non-breaking attacks. It also continues to passively release bits of junk at MegaMan, which I believe increase in speed once Gospel's HP lowers. The main strategy for dealing with Gospel is to use attacks that are quick in order to take advantage of the period where his mouth opens. Throwing weapons would need to be better timed, otherwise, you could wind up burning through your folder wastefully.

- Shockwave: Gospel fires a shock wave from its mouth that goes only down the middle row.
- Poltergeist: Random objects that travel from Gospel's side of the field to MegaMan's. Passive effect that fills the gap between its attacks.
- Break Shockwave: Gospel fires a stronger version of a shockwave that breaks panels and homes onto MegaMan.
- Head Drill: Gospel's head turns into a giant drill and flies forward, detaching itself from its main body. The head then via brief pixelation reappears onto the main body as normal.
- Giga Breath: Gospel unleashes a 1 to 6 panel breath that inflicts large damage. The element varies in accord with MegaMan's element, so as to be his weakness. If MegaMan has no weakness, it uses a random breath.
- Darkness Creator: Gospel's head turns into a simulacrum of either AirMan, QuickMan, or CutMan, following up with one usage of Triple Tornado, Quick Boomerang, or Scissor Chop respectively. Hitting the copies damages Gospel.


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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 18: Epilogue


So you might be wondering: "What kind of consequences will result from Lan being in all of that radiation?"


The answer is none. Not the slightest bit of effect. Not so little as a mild cough upon awakening.


Lan and MegaMan celebrate how they've stopped Gospel and the servers have shutdown. I don't know what this means for the servers growing out of the floor.


Sean's desk apparently disappeared into the aether at some point during the final battle. Probably because Lan needs to notice something for this next scene.


That being a book detailing Sean's tragic past, of course!


So, as it turns out, Gauss' scenario isn't the first time Sean's hand to deal with bugged planes.


I've seen people suggest that Sean wanted to die in order to be with his parents, and I suppose that makes sense.

But at the same time, that seems to contradict his desire to make the SuperNavi project and control the world.


To sum up Sean's backstory quickly since I already have a ton of images to cut down on: his parents boarded a plane, said plane was bugged by some criminal, plane crashes, they die, Sean is depressed, his extended family keeps him around but is cruel to him (presumably only keeping him because he inherited his parents' fortune), he grows to distrust everyone and winds up feeling alone in the world.


Lan and MegaMan are pretty easily swayed to compassion by this. And, I mean, it is very pitiable and all, but it's a pretty big turnaround from how Lan was at the start of the last update. Keep in mind that Sean has tried to kill him at least four times at this point.

Then again, Lan has friendly Net Battles with Mr. Match, so this is probably a silly point for me to get hung up on.


Sean comes to, conveniently after Lan has read the entirety of his tragic past, and believes that Lan is going to murder him.

He will also have no negative effect from the radiation, mind you.


Lan says he's not going to do that, and Sean whines a little, saying he doesn't want to live. Lan tells him that he's going to be punished for his crimes and Sean starts whining about how that's more proof that everyone hates him


but then Lan throws this in at the end, saying that after Sean's done his time for what he's done, he'll be there for him.


The scene fades out before Sean can give a coherent response. If you look closely, you can even see that Lan is holding out his hand for a handshake.


And with that, Gospel has been disbanded forever.

Sean is arrested, because duh, but everyone gives him some leniency, likely due to him being a kid. Lan attributes it to the fact that he told people about his past.


Sometime later, Lan and Co. are at Okuden Valley for another camping trip.


Dex gives Lan the business for being late with the firewood, and Lan complains that Dex is being rude.


Dex admits that's probably true and there's no reason for him to complain after all that Lan's done, and calms down.


And then starts crying while... quoting one of Whiskey Guy's songs, apparently?


Yai wants some BBQ fish again, so she sends Lan to handle it.


I'm assuming the radiation gave Lan superpowers, because he's able to catch multiple fish from the stream with his bare hands. That or the person that taught him how to fish earlier is some kind of carp whisperer.

Also, Higsby is here.


He doesn't fish too well and falls into the water.


Lan brings the fish to Yai, when Mayl chimes in that she's forgotten her knife again.

Honestly, how do these kids even function without Lan?


Lan calls Yai short and goes to get a knife from


his parents. Who are being all lovey-dovey, much like the last game.


This exchange gets me every time.


When Lan returns with the knife, he finds that Chaud has already beaten him to the punch and gotten one for Mayl. When she thanks him for it, he says "Anything for you."


I'm not sure why he asks Mayl this instead of Chaud. Or why Lan, who is supposedly oblivious to love, is getting flustered at the idea of her accepting Chaud's knife over his own.

Regardless, this is the only time Chaud and Mayl are ship-teased to my recollection, aside from a moment in Okuden earlier shortly after Chaud gives that "I-It's not like I came here to see YOU" response to Lan.


Fortunately Roll doesn't overhear this!


While Mayl vacillates on whether she should use the knife that Lan brought after all, Lan and Chaud go for a walk to talk about things. Lan groans that he really hates having to say it, but he's grateful for Chaud's help and extends a hand to him.


Surprisingly, Chaud accepts.


It's also at this point that Chaud goes from putting himself over Lan to seeing them on more even footing. Character development!

Lan and MegaMan claim they won't lose to Chaud or ProtoMan.


ProtoMan gives the above response, which is a little funny.

Seems like the whole being friends with his operator thing is still a work in progress, though.


As Lan leaves Chaud behind, he finds his dad ruminating on something off to the side.


As it turns out, he wants to talk about Sean.


Yuichiro states that "Every time he accessed the Net, someone was working his unconscious." I'm assuming that's meant to be sub-conscience.

Now this line here is rather interesting, since it implies that Sean was being mind-controlled. Assuming that is the intention of the line, that could explain the inconsistencies in Sean's behavior. Sean himself admits that he wants to die when the radiation stops, which would be consistent with his plans' potential to be fatal to him. Presumably, then, his NetMafia actions were the result of someone else controlling him.


But, in that case, why would that person continue to use someone who was clearly at risk of ruining their plans at so many points? It seems rather risky.


Well, never mind plot hooks for Battle Network 3; we have food to eat!


And so everyone has a grand old time at the barbecue.

Nothing could possibly ruin this moment.


Oh. It looks like school resumes tomorrow.


Maybe demonstrating MegaMan's new Style Change abilities granted by a program from another country would count?


Lan tries to pull a fast one.


It doesn't work.


That doesn't stop him from committing to the shtick, though.


You know you're still there and everyone can still talk to you, right?

Credit Roll

Music: Peace Again


Sometime after the events of 2, Lan and friends go through ACDC.

I'm assuming the NPC girl there is the one that's always outside of Mayl's house.


MegaMan and friends meet at the entryway to the Square, with GutsMan suddenly logging in in the middle of everyone and surprising them.


Ribitta is doing some kind of report at the cafe in Marine Harbor, something intriguing enough to draw Mr. Famous' attention.


Meanwhile, Lan and Dex use the chip trader. Lan seems to get something good, while Dex begins to cry when it's his turn.


Mr. Prog finally manages to get past the valve in AirMan's stage with support from MegaMan.


Unfortunately, MegaMan himself doesn't fare too well immediately afterwards.


Presumably, this is a continuation from the camping scene above, with Higsby again falling into the water when Dex and Lan run past.


In more positive news, Yumland's net seems to be repopulated and CookMan has been restored as well.

Granted, since the game has been saved before the fight with Gospel, this won't reflect in the YumSquare once I resume.


Lan, Chaud, and Raoul sightsee on top of Netopia Castle, along with some NPCs.


For some reason, ProtoMan decides to visit KnightMan's stage and is accosted by the three ghosts.

But since he has cutscene powers, he destroys them all in the field instead of having his HP sucked and his money stolen. Wish I could do that.


Whiskey Guy sneaks into the credits as we see the spider ran around under the hat for a while after it was caught.

Don't ask me how that works.


In a rather cool moment, we get MegaMan and ProtoMan squaring off against ShadowMan's minions.

In the spot where ShadowMan V2 is located, no less!


And after a quick recap of the final scenario,


we're shown that everything with Sean is going to be just fine.


https://lpix.org/3453042/BN2BassMug.png Hm... still another buffoon over here...
https://lpix.org/3453042/BN2BassMug.png That rotting weakling... Human!
https://lpix.org/3453042/BN2BassMug.png Manipulating brats as if I really cared.


https://lpix.org/3453042/BN2BassMug.png Humans... worthless creatures.
https://lpix.org/3453042/BN2BassMug.png One day they shall face my judgement...


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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 19: The Chosen One


Well, that's that. Gospel's been defeated and the world has been saved again.


After doing a bit of searching, I managed to find a RegUp 2 I was missing inside of Yuichiro's monitor. It's not even listed in any of the FAQs on GameFAQs.


Now I have 1000 HP, 50 MB, and I'm almost maxed out on SubMems as well.

Not sure if I mentioned those, but SubMems increase the amount of SubChips you can hold. You start out being able to have four of each initially, but that cap can rise to eight.

Before we get into the post-game, let's see what information we can get from the boards.

Battle Board

Poster: Elmo
Subject: FighterSwords
My friend showed me his folder and he had a funky chip. It was called the FtrSword, or something like that. He wouldn't tell me where he got it... Anyone know?

Poster: Famous
Subject: Mystery chip
Everyone doing their best? It's the NetBattler Famous! Mysterious chip... Hmm, what could it be!? I want to tell you, but it would be better to guess! The world of BattleChips is one you must study! Famous is always looking forward to your challenge! See you at the Center!

Fighter Sword and nine other chips are obtained randomly by winning battles in multiplayer.

Street Board

Poster: Zoot
Subject: Those traders
I couldn't wait any longer so I went to Netopia... ...just to try out the chip trader special! And then you know what I found out!? They have them all over Electopia now too! Arrrggghhh!!!

Poster: Yaz
Subject: Re:Those trad
I tired a chip trader special in Electopia, but... I think the chips you can get are a little different from the Netopia ones-you'll have to try both chip trader specials out yourself to see the different patterns.

Poster: Crow
Subject: Trading chips
Sometimes you'll run into someone in the street who wants to trade BattleChips. A boy in a plane asked for a doozy... Yeah, he asked for one that there's NO WAY I'm gonna have...

Poster: Baldy
Subject: To Quizmaster
Yeah, I've been asked for BattleChips. And one boy at Den Airport even asked me a quiz! What if you know every answer?

Poster: Marble
Subject: More Kotobuki
Everyone may know this already, but... ...there's big trouble in Kotobuki at the moment. It looks like everyone has taken cover. A kid in my class is still in Kotobuki, apparently. I'm so worried...

I've already mentioned the quiz NPCs briefly. The kid on the plane wants to you to trade him ShadowMan V1, V2, and V3 chips for an Anti-Damage S. This is actually part of a Program Advance series with ShadowMan. I'll be saving PA talk for the last update, though.

I'm also assuming that last message might be about Sean.

Virus Board

Poster: Santa
Subject: Uber virus!
Hey everybody! So which virus is the strongest anyway? Lemme know which virus everybody thinks is the strongest!

Poster: Vishnu
Subject: Re:Uber virus
A "Strongest Virus" poll- sounds fun! I think it's the Dominerd-nothing is worse than its bite!

Poster: Cuckoo
Subject: Re:Uber virus
The strongest virus is Shadow, no doubt! That sneaking shadow is creepy, and only swords beat it!?

Poster: Cuz =P
Subject: Re:Uber virus
It's Spikey3! I mean look at the hideous virus face! What do you think Kiddo? You know so many viruses! Tell us which virus is the strongest Kiddo!

Poster: Kiddo
Subject: Re:Uber virus
Kiddo here! There strongest virus, eh... As far as I know, and I've never seen it myself, that would be the LifeVirus, which has its perfect aura...

Poster: Comicker
Subject: Life viruses
Was the LifeVirus the virus in the WWW incident? Wow, the Center sure is tough to delete that virus!

Poster: Oozy
Subject: Re:Life virus
Actually it wasn't a Center guy who deleted the LifeVirus. It was an ordinary kid, living in DenCity. Amazing!

Poster: Candy
Subject: Re:Life virus
Yeah, the LifeVirus is definitely the strongest virus. I've never seen one but... this is the winner of the poll?

Poster: NO NAME
Subject: Life viruses?
The LifeVirus was deleted. But that doesn't mean it's extinct. Once of these days it will return to terrorize the Net.

Poster: Hoss
Subject: Mischief?
Hey... This post under mine, is it a prank...? Even if it is, it's too creepy for a joke, so cut it out!

Poster: Chuck
Subject: Please delete
Yeah, no kidding. I just mailed the Admin and asked him to delete that post. It'll probably be deleted right away.

Poster: Crow
Subject: Maybe...
Maybe this is a prediction that the WWW will come back? Hmm, well, I *think* it's a prank, anyway. ...But it still freaked me out. Hey it's not deleted?

Poster: Admin
Subject: Notice
From the Admin: To everyone who uses the Center's boards. Regarding the post you asked that I delete... For some reason my delete command is rejected. We don't know why yet. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Poster: Yaz
Subject: Re:Notice
Doesn't the Center run this board!? Can't delete it...? It's protected by fancy programming? That is unsettling news. Let's drop this subject. ...Oops! A virus just infiltrated my system. I have a little virus busting to do! See yah!

Poster: Kiddo
Subject: Virus busting
Kiddo here. Virus busting has to take priority. Make sure that you are always ready to bust viruses. Anywhere, anytime! And that includes me! Good luck, all!

Despite what the mysterious poster there says, the Life Virus never returns again after Network Transmission.

That being said, its little mini viruses do continue to appear in this game and the next, though they've gone extinct by BN4.

Chat Board

Poster: Noogie
Subject: Scary quake!
Well, it looks like the earthquake has finally ended. I was so terrified, it took me forever to get to sleep. I'll let you in on a little secret. Electopia's environment is protected by a special system against quakes etc. So why was there a quake? What was it? a net crime!?

Poster: Candy
Subject: Gospel...
I heard it was all Gospel's dirty work. Maybe the reason the quake ended was because they defeated those Gospel jerks.

Poster: Mickey
Subject: That quake
It looks like the lost Navis went home to their operators. Was Gospel really destroyed? I don't know if they are in Gospel or not but I see bad Navis.

Poster: Zoot
Subject: From Kotobuki
I feel strange EM waves from Kotobuki. What's going on?

Poster: Marble
Subject: Re:From Kotob
I work part-time at a convenience store in Kotobuki, but... I haven't been able to reach work since before yesterday. What's happening!?

Poster: Scummy
Subject: Re:From Kotob
Our relatives from Kotobuki are taking refuge with us. For some reason, the town is falling apart! I can see it from outside my window... The sky over Kotobuki is painted an unnatural color... There are some weird flickering lights... Doesn't look good!!!

Hopefully Kotobuki will recover just fine from Sean's machinations.


Now that the game is finished, I can show off the Undernet's boards as well.

Info Board

Poster: Claude
Subject: The Doc
I've been reading all the posts so far. Somebody called the Doc out for the first time in a long time! Looks like the guy who posted it is from the regular Net. What a brave fool he must be.

Poster: IronBear
Subject: Re:The Doc
Yeah, I saw that too. He was talking to a blue Navi from the regular Net. He's the same tricky goat as always. Now, that blue Navi... is pretty amazing, to reach the Undernet. He's so relaxed and confident, it's kinda scary actually. I get the feeling he is one tough customer...

Poster: Cueball
Subject: The blue Navi
Hey, don't forget we're programs. We don't get stronger. He just thinks he's stronger, that's all. And that will cause him to mess up processes and misjudge. That ProtoMan has superior control, so he seems stronger. A Navi with Human genetics programmed in would synchronize with its operator and feel invincible. They say that raises a Navi's fighting capabilities.

Poster: Deleter
Subject: Rumor 5
Here's Undernet Rumor #5. The Megalian virus has an aura around it, and unless you hit it with an attack more damaging than that number, the virus itself won't take any damage at all.

Poster: IronBear
Subject: Re:Rumor 5
The Megalian's aura is elemental, so if you attack with the right element, you can break through with a weak attack! The now-defunct WWW developed a so-called "LifeAura" that supposedly had no element, and so no weak-points.

Poster: Claude
Subject: Re:Rumor 5
Grr, I want my own LifeAura! Anyone got one? I'll trade you my PanlOut1 for it!

Poster: RareChip
Subject: Re:Rumor 5
The program data for the LifeAura was delete along with the LifeVirus. And why would I trade it to you anyway?

Poster: ExWWWNav
Subject: Re:Rumor 5
I've heard this underground rumor before. A Navi stole a copy of the LifeAura from the WWW lab before the LifeVirus was deleted. He snuck into the WWW lab without anyone realizing it! If that Navi stole the LifeAura too, then it's definitely the strongest Navi anywhere. Do you think this is true?

Poster: Assassin
Subject: Re:Rumor 5
Heh, so which one is strongest? That aura thief, ProtoMan, or that blue Navi everybody's talking about? LOL

Poster: Demon
Subject: Rumor 6
That blue Navi took out Gospel. Ok, just kidding. But I dreamed that that happened...

Poster: Claude
Subject: Re:Rumor 6
If you're gonna post jokes like that, at least don't make them so obvious! Are you sure that was just a dream!?

Poster: Killer
Subject: Rumor 7
That Center Navi ProtoMan is a sword specialist. If you combine sword chips that require a refined technique with that guy you'll activate THAT...

Poster: Naviman
Subject: Rumor 8
Girl Navis have the ability to heal. Combine the maximum healing of a holy light with a girl Navi and you'll activate THAT...

Poster: TheSneak
Subject: Rumor 9
Hey what's up with that Undernet 4... Something fishy...

Poster: Claude
Re:Rumor 9
Yeah there's a freaky door you need star ID or something to get through. What's
up with that door?

Poster: (no name)
Subject: If you...
grave... war... space...

Poster: (no name)
Subject: read this...
then he will appear...

Poster: (no name)
Subject: you will...
then the truly powerful one will take all

Poster: (no name)
Subject: be deleted...

How the heck do these guys know about the Hub plot twist?

Regarding girl Navis having the ability to heal, there are three custom female Navis in the series. Of them, only one doesn't have healing capabilities and she's from a spin-off game. We've already met Roll, of course, but the other two will be around in time.

Also, anyone who would trade Life Aura for a PanelOut deserves to be slapped upside the head.

Secret Board

Poster: K.I.
Subject: Secret Board!
This is the Secret Board! No ordinary people allowed!

Poster: Gummy
Subject: Ice Navi?
I get no response from an ice Navi in KotoSquare recently. Do you think someone deleted it? Nah... That Navi would have been a pretty tough fight, even for me. Does anyone know what happened to it?

Poster: Kramer
Subject: Re:Ice Navi?
What, you mean that ice *$@&#!? That guy was never up to any good! I hope he was deleted.

Poster: Informer
Subject: The Ice Navi
Yes, it looks like that Navi really was deleted after all. I saw that ice Navi's ghost in Undernet 7! But forget about the Navi- that Gospel organization in KotoSquare was totally wiped out! And get this- a single Navi did it! What a fighter!

Poster: Claude
Subject: Gospel gone!?
One little Navi did in all of Gospel!? Heh... Only Navi I know that could do that sort of thing is the dark assassin Navi, ShadowMan! But ShadowMan disappeared on a job for Gospel, and is still missing, or so I hear. So... Who did it?

Poster: Informer
Subject: Blue Navi
You know, a blue Navi from the regular Net has been seen going in and out of Kotobuki... Didn't they say that the Navi that defeated WWW was blue?

Poster: Kramer
Subject: Re:Blue Navi
Nah, no way a Navi from the regular Net could do that! But with Gospel gone, I gotta say the Undernet's a nice place.

Poster: K.I.
Subject: Some new Navi
Gospel... That was one bad-news organization... First we saw strange Navis in Undernet 4, then they started talking about some "revival project," to restore life or whatever... I have a bad feeling about the whole mess...

Poster: No NAME
Subject: Heheheee...
Hehe, you guys scare too easily. If there is someone you want gone, give me 100000 zennys. Gospel or not, I'll delete him with a busting level of S! Hahahahaaaa!

Poster: Cindy
Subject: Yowsa...
Watch what you say, you're gonna ruin the Undernet's rep! I bet you're a punk that likes to strut around the regular Net, spreading viruses all over! Unless you wanna wander the Net as a ghost, never post here again!

Poster: DarkWar
Subject: Info wanted!
Anyone know where Handy 1, 2, & 3 hang out? I knida need some data they got.

Poster: Gummy
Subject: Re:Info wante
Heh, I can imagine why. The Handy virus has data that causes "advances". This is good info. I'll check it out right away. I'll look for the Handies myself.

Poster: hAcKeR
Subject: Money w/ viru
This guy I know makes his own viruses. He developed a virus that eliminates all intruders. It instantly heals any damage to full health. It can't be deleted unless all HPs are taken out in 1 hit. Not only that, even if you delete it, its pals will revive it! Insane, isn't it? He sold lots of them to some organization and made a fortune, the lucky dog!

Poster: Enforcer
Subject: NetBattlers
I checked out the Square! It was boring. Just a bunch of peaceloving geeks. Well, Famous's Navi, GateMan, did have a different aura... I did challenge him, but he blocked all my attacks with a huge gate. And I could tell he wasn't even trying hard!

Poster: Cindy
Subject: Re:NetBattler
Mr.Famous, eh... I took him on when I used to live in the regular Net. He smacked me down with a major advance... I think he combined GateMan with a chip that blows wind...

Poster: Kramer
Subject: PA for Navi?
What did you say!? There's an advance that uses a Navi!? You'd better post more details, punk!

Poster: Cindy
Subject: Re:PA for Nav
Ah, shaddup, you! Find it yerself!!!

Poster: SirBaldy
Subject: Re:PA for Nav
Hey, I wanna know more about the Navi-using advance too! Kramer, you'd better post some more solid info! How about we trade info. I'll tell you about the advance ShadowMan's operator Dark told me about a long time ago. How about

Poster: Cindy
Subject: ShadowMan's?
ShadowMan's advance? That'd be great! OK, let's trade! The chip Mr.Famous combines with GateMan is the one in the virus that blows and sucks in wind, and never attacks. You know the one I'm talking about?

Poster: SirBaldy
Subject: Re:ShadowMan'
I see, he combines that and, that with GateMan eh, hehehe... OK, I'll give you ShadowMan's advance info, the combo is: ...I dunno. But don't be angry! I do have an idea. The effect of that advance is that ShadowMan hides somewhere above the roof and fires a volley of shurikens! Think of likely chip combinations and you may figure it out.

Poster: DarkWar
Subject: Ceiling?
There's a DropDown chip... A virus like a red bagworm has it. Not only is it extremely rare, it won't give up the chip unless you get a really high busting level. It's even rare in the Undernet now...

Poster: K.I.
Subject: Worms
If it's a blue bagworm you need, you can still find them in the Undernet. The other day I was waling along and one appeard outta nowhere. And there was lotsa grass growing.

Poster: Informer
Subject: Command chip
This is secret info. Some chips have power ups you can activate by quickly entering a command with A Button still down. Sometimes that increases the chip's power.

Poster: Kitty
Subject: Re:Command ch
Those chips take quick fingers on the operator's part. So I guess that weak chip I have that only looks powerful may be strong after all...

Poster: Peon
Subject: Hooded Navi
Hey, the other day I saw a hooded black Navi- who is that!? ...Toughest-looking Navi I've seen in the Undernet ever...

Poster: CrAcKeR
Subject: Re:Hooded Nav
I saw it too! It was in Undernet 4... It was like it was in some kinda warp hole...

Poster: Peon
Subject: Re:Hooded Nav
If you guys value your lives, stay away from that hooded guy. There's no human being operating that Navi... Dangerous business!

Poster: CannonB
Subject: Re:Hooded Nav
I shot that hooded Navi with a HiCannon. Then it bounced off this kind of an aura and he wasn't even scratched. That was the most powerful weapon in my folder, and he didn't even blink. I still can't believe it.

Poster: Claude
Subject: Re:Hooded Nav
I think it's time for you to rethink that folder. I'm amazed you even made it back alive. Quite a feat...

Poster: Informer
Subject: SuperNavi?
Wasn't that Gospel incident about them making a SuperNavi? Maybe that has something to do wit that hooded guy?

Poster: SirBaldy
Subject: Re:SuperNavi?
Make a SuperNavi... I heard they did an experiment where they merged bugs... But they failed in that one. Pretty sad if you ask me, actually. A program born only to be used...

Poster: CannonB
Subject: Programs
Well, we are programs too, after all. Doomed to live our whole lives obeying Human commands... Not much difference between us and that Multibug Oragnism.

That regenerating virus sounds like a pain. Hope I never have to fight it.

It's kinda weird that NPC asks "Kramer" for information on the PA instead of Cindy, but that is the actual in-game text. And yes, those are actual Program Advances I'll be showing next update. I just have to grind chips some more to finish my PA Memo before I move on to BN3.


Well, that's enough messing around here.


After defeating Gospel, a path in Undernet 4 opens up that was previously sealed.


This Navi nearby tries to warn you about the danger, but ignoring content is for nerds.


Upon stepping on this panel, the area begins to flicker between light and dark several times before MegaMan suddenly warps into...


A very familiar looking area.

Music: And You Will Know the Truth


As the Navi outside informs you earlier, this area is deep within the Net, so you cannot jack out. If you want to leave, MegaMan has to return to the warp hole from Undernet 4.


Needless to say, all the viruses here are very rude and want to chew your face off.


On the other hand, if you can beat them, a number of them drop some very valuable prizes. As mentioned previously, the spawn of the Life Virus still exist and can be found in this area.


They have Auras protecting them now, though, unlike in the final battle of the last game.

Powerful viruses are not the only danger you need to be wary of, however, because set in fixed locations around the area are...

Mini-Boss: Protecto


Remember that Hacker on the Undernet Boards that mentioned a virus that instantly heals to full HP and automatically revives any of its defeated allies if they're not killed in one move?

That would be these guys.

There's a finite number of them around the secret area, but they appear in the same vein as V2 bosses in that you walk onto their tile and are suddenly thrust into a fight. I hope you have a folder ready that can kill them, because otherwise they continually explode every 10 seconds until you die.

Had to borrow a screenshot from MissEchelon's LP since I forgot to get a picture of them.


I also forgot to screencap this when I picked it up, but There is also a portal to Den Area within this secret area. Entering it leads you to ArmyData, which allows you to take the SSLicense exam. This spot also serves as an emergency jack out spot if you need to leave, but you still have to come back to the first zone of the secret area to get to it.


Upon checking the description of ArmyData, I remembered that Lan never gave Yai back that fan from her collection.

He also still has that bottle of whiskey.


The SS License Exam isn't terribly memorable.


All you have to do is delete four Black Navis and then do a 20 round virus battle.

I also have no idea why they are continually referred to as "black" when they're more purple than anything. Perhaps to differentiate them from the purple Normal Navis? Or maybe it's just "Black" like "evil"? Either way, I think this is the last time in the series they use this term to describe them.


The SSS License is at least a touch more notable for involving a clue hunt that leads to a Net Battle with Yuichiro. Granted, he has no Navi of his own, but he has data he's studying from all of the friendly Navis in the game, whom you have to fight back to back in their V2 forms (GutsMan, ToadMan, GateMan, ThunderMan, SnakeMan, HeatMan, and ProtoMan in that order).


After that is a thirty round virus battle, and then you get the final license of the game. With this, the Codes from your friends, and the Gospel Code, there are no security cubes in the game that you cannot open.

Which is good, because parts of the Undernet and Secret Area are blocked off if you don't have the last three licenses.


This door only requires you to be Level 70 to pass it, though.


https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png Wh-Who's there?


https://lpix.org/3453270/BN2PharaohManMug You have trespassed and defiled this sacred place!
https://lpix.org/3453270/BN2PharaohManMug And you will pay... with your lives!
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png MegaMan! Ready!? Battle routine, set!
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png Execute!

Boss Fight: PharaohMan


This is definitely not a screenshot of the V2 fight.

Ah, PharaohMan, returning for another non-canon postgame boss fight after his appearance in BN1.

Yes, it's unfortunate, but I do believe the Secret Area of BN2 is non-canon as far as the series is concerned. This is due to not only an upcoming boss that will be shown below and something that will happen in the next update, both of which are not commented on in future games where certain events occur, but PharaohMan himself also being (retroactively) fought and deleted in Network Transmission's story.

That aside, PharaohMan is more annoying than difficult. His coffins are his main method of attack while the Navi himself only occasionally throws down a trap on your area. With the panels out on some parts of your area, his main goal is to limit your movement so his coffins can shoot you with Ancient Egyptian Laser Beams. And that's not a Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series joke; he actually does that.

By this stage of the game, you should be able to bury him with powerful chips or Program Advances before he can really get any kind of damage flowing, provided you have a workable folder. If not, you might need to rethink being in the Secret Area so soon!

- Sarcophagus Laser: A laser beam shoots out of a coffin down one row.
- Pharaoh Cube: A gray cube is dropped onto MegaMan’s field, dealing damage if it lands on him.
- Ratton: A Ratton projectile comes out of one of the coffins. V3 releases two.
- Wind: A gust of wind blows from an open coffin, pushing MegaMan into his back column.
- Pharaoh Trap: PharaohMan sets a switch in MegaMan’s area. When it’s stepped on, one of the following occurs:
   - Anubis: A jackal statue falls on PharaohMan’s field, poisoning MegaMan as long as it is intact.
   - Meteors: Meteors will randomly fall on MegaMan’s field.
   - Snake: A snake will briefly wander MegaMan’s field, dealing damage should it hit him.


https://lpix.org/3453270/BN2PharaohManMug Even should I die, my spirit will serve in my place!



https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png I hope there's no more like him further in...
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png What is this place, anyway?

It is a mystery!


The next area has a lot of arrow panels to lead you down automated paths, kinda like Rocket Hideout in Celadon City.

There are also

Mini-Boss: Protecto2


upgraded Protectos. Whereas the first variant had some different ways to be killed, this version pretty much mandates the Ultra Bomb Program Advance.

I hope you have it!


The next gate requires you to have every Navi chip, save for those given in the Secret Areas. This is basically a low-key "S-Rank every boss" gate as a result.


https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png W-Who are you!?


https://lpix.org/3453271/BN2NapalmMug.png See, it's like this. I guard NapalmMan's turf.
https://lpix.org/3453271/BN2NapalmMug.png So I'm supposed to take out anyone that makes it in here.
https://lpix.org/3453271/BN2NapalmMug.png Not that many people do make it this far.
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png MegaMan! Watch that guy!


https://lpix.org/3453271/BN2NapalmMug.png Ah well, this'll be fun. I need a bit of exercise, anyway.
https://lpix.org/3453271/BN2NapalmMug.png Well, shall we get on with it, as they say?


Boss Fight: NapalmMan


Barring one other character, NapalmMan is probably the boss I had the most trouble with in this game. He likes to overwhelm you with offense. Every time you step onto a row, a turret pops up from the ground and locks onto you before unloading if you remain on that row. Additionally, NapalmMan himself will throw down support fire that breaks your panels. This can get really hectic if you don't keep him stunned with your attacks, so it's best to use something multi-hit that won't give him invincibility frames, like Yo-Yo chips or ZapRing.

- Vulcan Gun: He summons a turret onto a panel on his side of the field to shoot the player with a crosshaired vulcan.
- Napalm Bombs: He lobs bombs at random across the field. These set the panels on fire for a short while and crack them.
- Napalm: A pink crosshair sweeps MegaMan’s field. If it locks on, NapalmMan fires a bomb that explodes in a 3 x 3 pattern.


https://lpix.org/3453271/BN2NapalmMug.png N-Not bad... I see why PharaohMan bit it now...
https://lpix.org/3453271/BN2NapalmMug.png You got skills, boy. You... you must be "the Chosen One"...


Interestingly enough, despite this scenario being non-canon, this term and MegaMan being one will pop up again down the line.

That's all for now, though. Look forward to the next update wherein Program Advances are demonstrated, the Secret Area is concluded, one last bonus is shown off, and we say goodbye to Battle Network 2!

"Rex, you're weird!" - Preschooler, Pokémon White 2

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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Part 20: The Ultimate Navi

Before heading to the next area, I make a quick retreat in order to activate the V2s of the previous bosses.


PharaohMan V2 is in WWW Area 1, still.


Ditto for NapalmMan V2 in WWW Area 2.


The final area brings in a lot more pink than the preceding ones.


There's even a Rush virus variant here that is pink. Unlike the one in Undernet 6 that only has 10 HP but takes 1 damage from everything, this one takes normal damage from everything but doesn't take additional damage from multi-hit attacks.


We also see a new type of Scuttle virus: a Scuttlest! These silvery crabs inherit the Life Virus' laser beam attack in addition to a stronger than usual Aura.


There are two staircases that lead downward that result in the area becoming green again, though it gets pink again as you head back up.

Seeing as I have clearly run out of things to say about this area... Program Advances!


As I touched upon very briefly when Higsby was introduced, Program Advances are created when you align chips of the same code in a certain order.


The result is a stronger than normal move that typically relates to whatever chips you put into it.


Big Heart, for example, looks like the usual usage of a Roll Navi Chip. However, as opposed to recovering 60/80/100 HP like Roll V1/V2/V3,


Big Heart is a full heal to MegaMan's HP, plus a few moments of invisibility. Very handy for emergencies, though it's obtained somewhat late!


There are a few other Navi Program Advances as well. Guts Shoot, a PA that's easy to put together with early-game chips, involves GutsMan throwing MegaMan at one enemy for 400 damage.


Gater, a mid-game PA that you can very easily put together by the time you first get to Netopia, is a lot more broken. Cindy of the Under Square's board mentioned that Mr. Famous used this on her, though he doesn't actually use it in his boss fights, mercifully.

If he did, you'd have to contend with a 100 damage attack that hits 9 times for 900 damage, and is unable to be avoided by most enemies in the game. Keep in mind that you can use this up to five times per battle if you have enough GateMan chips!


Bodyguard, one of the late game PAs, is absolutely ridiculous. This attack involves 18 shuriken being thrown at your opponent, each dealing 100 damage. Each shuriken also stunlocks the enemy, making this an absurdly good boss killer.


Finally, there's Double Hero, also a late-game PA. This is the signature PA of the first game, involving MegaMan and ProtoMan teaming up to blast/slash the whole enemy field for 8 hits of 70 damage, totaling up to 560 damage.

Keep in mind these damage values are just base damage. Each of these attacks can be boosted. And in the case of the multi-hit attacks like Gater, Bodyguard, or Double Hero, that makes each individual hit do more damage, resulting in a significant increase in overall damage to the PA!

One Atk+30 on Bodyguard raises the damage from 1800 to 2340!


A welcome addition to Battle Network 2 is also the addition of a PA Memo that shows you the various combinations you can use to make a Program Advance as soon as you use it once. For example, if I used Gater with the Wind, Fan, and GateMan battlechips, the PA memo would still show me that I could put that same PA together with GateMan V2 or GateMan V3 in lieu of his base chip.

Mini-Boss: Protecto3


One last upgrade of Protecto is introduced in this area, though there is only one enemy configuration. This specific group requires the usage of the Life Sword 3 PA plus an Atk+20 at minimum or the combo I demonstrated in the above video.


The final door in this area requires 200 chips to open.


https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png The final door... opened.


https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png Well then what was that "final door" thing all about?


https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png A test? You were testing me?


https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png You... are "the Chosen One!"
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png "The Chosen One?"
https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png You have won a seat among the future rulers of the Net!


https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png With your skills, you'll shoot right up the ranks, really!
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png The WWW!?
https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png Correct. This is the new HQ of the restored WWW!

In case the WWW wallpaper and skulls on the ground didn't give it away.

Also the location being called WWW Area in the menu.

https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png And leading the restoration of our proud WWW...
https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png ...is I, inheritor of this land's great power, PlanetMan!
https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png And our first act in this, the dawn of the WWW era will be...


https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png Whaaat!? Not while I'm around you don't!
https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png My my... have you no... ambition?
https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png You show such promise, it seems a shame...
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png I won't let you get away with this!
https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png I'm afraid you don't have a choice, for if you don't join us...
https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png You will be destroyed... A fitting...
https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png ...if regrettable sacrifice to the glory of the WWW!
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png MegaMan! We can't lose this one!


https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png Let's rock! Battle routine, set!
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png Execute!

Boss Fight: PlanetMan


The WWW Area's leader is another EXE character with no Robot Master counterpart. You may notice that PlanetMan, who is a planet, has two planets circling him, making him a physical representation of World 3.

Visual puns aside, PlanetMan is not terribly difficult. He stands in place the whole battle and mainly attacks you by having his planets throw attacks your way and occasionally sending out a tiny space ship. He's also Wood element, so fire attacks really burn him up. The only noteworthy thing about him aside from his nifty design is that his V3 is the enemy with the most HP in the game at 2200. At low HP, he also will summon a Green Planet, which will passively heal him while it is on the field.

- 2X Planet: If any planets are destroyed by being hit by their opposing element, PlanetMan will spawn two new planets after some time.
- Fire Tower: When the red planet is on MegaMan's row, it will fire a series of flames down that row.
- Aqua Tower: When the blue planet is on MegaMan's row, it will fire a series of water eruptions down that row.
- Zap Ring: When the yellow planet is on MegaMan's row, it will fire a series of paralyzing sparks.
- Wood Tower: When the green planet is on MegaMan's row, it will fire a homing Wood Tower.
- Black Hole: PlanetMan creates a black hole and sucks in rocks from the back of MegaMan's area, which fall into the holes.
- Paper Brigade: PlanetMan sends a tiny paper airplane at MegaMan which fires tiny bullets.


https://lpix.org/3453339/BN2PlanetMug.png Somewhere, sometime, somehow, the WWW will rise again!!

He explodes after this and never reappears in the series again. A shame, given he had a cool design.

https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png Man, those WWW guys just won't stay down, will they?


Lan and MegaMan assure each other that they'll handle the WWW on the unlikely chance that they pop up for a fourth time. Lan then gets hungry and decides to go get a snack after jacking MegaMan out.

Of course, given you can't jack out in this area, MegaMan has to go back to Area 1 first. You are perfectly capable of going to the Army Data spot and jacking out with no problem.

However, whether you do so or not, the next time you return to the entryway...


MegaMan senses a fearsome power approaching as the screen begins to dim to an oppressive blue.

Then suddenly, a figure appears behind him.


https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png Um, Lan... this Navi looks the same as the one we beat...
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png But I've never faced anything that felt this powerful!
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png This one blows the last one away... totally away!
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png You one of PlanetMan's cronies!?


https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png Well, then, what the heck are you!?
https://lpix.org/3453042/BN2BassMug.png Bass! I roam the Cyberworld and fight the strong!
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png He means business! I've never felt this much hate before!
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png I know! I can feel it through my PET!
https://lpix.org/3453042/BN2BassMug.png Yes... you are strong... you are worthy opponents!


https://lpix.org/3453042/BN2BassMug.png Yes... I'm looking forward to this very much!
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png Heads up, Lan! Here he comes!!
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png I'm ready!! Battle routine, set!
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png Execute!
https://lpix.org/3453042/BN2BassMug.png Now, my worthy foes! You shall learn the joy that is battle!

Boss Fight: Real Bass


I've been spending the whole game avoiding using Program Advances if I could help it, typically because I wanted to try something new. Instead, I've been trying to use an A-code folder that revolves around stunning and setting up multi-hit attacks. It's gotten me through the game, and it's been pretty fun to use.

Then Bass shows up with this Aura and I have to build a new folder.

So the real Bass. If you thought the one in Kotobuki was too easy, then get ready to be pleased/horrified by the real deal! Whereas the copy only had two attacks, Bass mixes up his patterns a lot more, though he still typically spends a lot of time using Air Burst two or three times before bringing out one of his bigger moves. Still, he can get away with it now due to his Aura.

The main thing you need to be sure you can do is pull off 100 damage attacks consistently. V3 Heat Styles have the advantage here since their charged busters do that without the need of support from chips! From there, it's just a matter of wearing down his HP, being mindful that his Aura will pop back up after he recovers from flinching or finishes one of his big attacks.

- Life Aura: Any damage that is lower than 100 will have no effect on Bass while he is within his Aura.
- Air Burst: Bass shoots a powerful green energy sphere down his current row.
- Explosion (Y): One of Bass' classic charged attacks, forewarned by his arm glowing yellow. Bass shoots over a dozen Air Burst attacks down all rows in patterns that seem impossible to dodge, but can be avoided with frame-perfect movements.
- Explosion (B): One of Bass' classic charged attacks, forewarned by his arm glowing blue. Bass sweeps MegaMan's field with Air Burst fire in a horizontal figure-eight pattern.
- Explosion (R): One of Bass' classic charged attacks, forewarned by his arm glowing red. Bass shoots six individual panels in MegaMan's field at once, and then he shoots again in a different pattern; he repeats this up to twelve times, with the interval between each volley shortening.
- Earth Breaker: Bass will hop around his area quickly and then attempt to smite MegaMan with an overhead-slamming arm strike. This attack ignores most if not all defenses and will break an entire column of panels. Bass drops the Life Aura for the duration of this attack, making this attack his biggest vulnerability. It is only used at lower HP.


After the battle, Bass is noticeably NOT exploding.

https://lpix.org/3453042/BN2BassMug.png That a Navi outside the Cyberworld could even wound me!
https://lpix.org/3453042/BN2BassMug.png Next time, I might even try really fighting you...


"That meeting will actually be canon, though, so we can finally have something more meaningful than these post-game encounters where you barely wound me."

Seriously, in Network Transmission it's considered an accomplishment for MegaMan to put tears in Bass' cape.


MegaMan is initially concerned, though Lan perks him up. The both of them resolve to deal with whatever problems thrown at them by the future games.


And with that, the game well and truly ends.

Almost. There's still a few loose ends to tie up.

First off, Bass leaves behind his V1 chip after you defeat him.


Second, PlanetMan V2 is available to fight in WWW Area 3, assuming that you have jacked out since beating Bass.


Third, there's this girl. I believe she appears near ACDC Park come the final scenario, or perhaps after beating Gospel. Either way, she wants you to S-Rank every Navi in the game (Bass excluded).

This seems like a good time to share all of those V3 videos I've been withholding. For the sake of entertainment, I've made specialized folders for each of the bosses, some themed with allusions to their scenarios.


After S-Ranking all (non-Bass) bosses, something interesting happens the next time MegaMan does enough battles to achieve a Style Change.

https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png What's this...?
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png A style change!?
https://lpix.org/3446737/OSS%20Mega.png ...It must be...
https://lpix.org/3446735/OSS%20Lan.png But what style...?

Yuichiro then calls.


As Yuichiro explains: "During battles with strong Navis, with a continuously full-synchro state, MegaMan's subconscious runs hub.bat, which was supposed to be switched off before. Call it... Hub Style! MegaMan is probably very powerful now, but... his body is in worse shape, with 50% of the usual HPs. So he does a lot of damage, but is weak. It's up to you, Lan!"


Despite the sheer power and importance of Hub Style, its in-game appearance unfortunately doesn't look as grand as was envisioned in concept art due to GBA limitations.


That doesn't stop it from being completely BONKERS, though, in that it has attributes of every Style.

- Normal Style: There are no V2 or V3 upgrades. The buster is also unchanged from normal, doing non-elemental damage.
- Guts Style: Attack power is doubled, while rapid-fire is reduced. SuperArmor also negates battle penalties caused by flinching.
- Custom Style: Every round of battle starts with ten chips available.
- Team Style: Eight Navi chips can be put into a folder.
- Shield Style: MegaMan begins every battle with a 10 HP Barrier, and can make a shield with the back button and B at the same time.

The only cons to this form are the non-elemental buster, the fact that your HP is halved (maxing out at 500), the Style can never be obtained again if it is overwritten, and Hub Style cannot use the Normal Style exclusive chips like Fighter Sword for some odd reason.

As a fun bit of trivia, Bass also winds up getting Hub Style in the manga. MegaMan isn't Hub in that universe, though, so it's just a super form called Hub Style there. For some reason. More on manga Bass later!


On the topic of Bass, he wasn't kidding about intending to fight you for real next time. He now shows up as a random encounter in WWW Area 3, much like PlanetMan V3. Yes, it is a little annoying when you're trying to find a specific one of them and the other shows up instead!

Boss Fight: Bass Deluxe

This fight with Bass isn't too different from the first, save for the increase in speed, damage, and his Aura getting a little beefier.


However, he now drops new chips on defeat. In addition to the Life Virus' signature aura, Bass can also drop his V2 chip.


And his V3 chip! This is the only game in the series to give Bass V2 and V3 chips, incidentally, as all other games figure just having a Bass chip is powerful enough!


On that note, let's talk about the final Program Advance on the list.

Chances are that you probably won't see it in a normal game. It requires BassV3 X, AntiNavi X, and one of four Gospel chips that only were released at events (FireGspl, AquaGspl, ElecGspl, WoodGspl). The WiiWare re-release of Battle Network 2 does make the Gospel chips available by just accessing the Network menu, though.

Putting these three chips together makes


an obscenely overpowered Program Advance!


This is Darkness, the signature PA of Battle Network 2.

How much does it do? Oh, just a paltry 6000 damage.


The final thing of note are stars on the title screen. Upon completing objectives in the game, stars are added to the title menu to signify your progress.

These are:

- Yellow: Defeat Gospel.
- Green: Defeat the real Bass.
- Red: Obtain all 250 normal chips.
- Purple: Obtain all 10 multiplayer chips.
- Blue: Complete the PA Memo. (Darkness is not required.)

The final challenge comes when you have all five stars.

Highlight (point to, but don't select) New Game and enter the following button commands: Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right.


Doing so causes the New Game option to become orange, which unlocks the game's Hard Mode, which gives enemies more HP and the ability to inflict greater damage. Mandatory virus battles also have new (and significantly more difficult) formations, such as the solo virus that attacks the Square being updated to having a faster poison and two HardHeads that provide support in locking you down.

So, how do I feel about Battle Network 2 in the end? It's pretty fun, I'd say. You could probably tell, but I was enjoying this game a lot more than the previous one. Y'know, until FreezeMan's scenario caused a dip in quality. That aside, the only other problem I can really think of is that collecting chips is still a pain seeing as there were still times where I'd get Zenny from an S-Rank, though not as frequently as OSS subjected me to.

Fortunately, this should be the last game in the series where I have to endure dealing with that kind of thing!

As far as positives go, you've probably got a good idea of what I like so far. The incidental dialogue was entertaining, the characters were far more memorable, the boss fights were much improved so you didn't have nonsense like SharkMan (even if some boss gimmicks were a little obnoxious TOADMAN), areas were given so much more life, the soundtrack was nearly double the first game's, the Square was a fun addition and also a playful nod to 2chan and other such boards, etc.


I was even pleasantly surprised to find that Hard Mode has its own save file and doesn't overwrite your previous clear! Apparently, you also get the special Sanctuary battle chip on both of your files once you beat it, though later games would go on to make that a chip that you can obtain normally.

Speaking of which, I've never given Hard Mode a spin before, but perhaps I will in the future. I still have four more games to go, though, so I'll let that wait for now, much like 100%ing OSS.

For now, I'm going to dive into Battle Network 3. After a small break, of course.

"Rex, you're weird!" - Preschooler, Pokémon White 2

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Re: Let's Play the MegaMan Battle Network Series

Important Notice!

The lack of responses on this forum have resulted in multiple updates clogging up pages with a ton of pictures and slowing down loading times. Given the seeming lack of interest, I will be revamping this Let's Play to be more professional and redoing/finishing it via my SomethingAwful account, the preliminary results of which can be seen in my Battle Network 3 updates.

Hopefully, the final product of these Let's Plays is more enjoyable than what I provided here, given that I will have my own content to use and hopefully a co-commentator or two as well. This series is near and dear to me, so I'd like to give it the love that it deserves rather than half-assing it.

That said, I do have some IRL responsibilities, so it might be a bit before I can get things off of the ground. Assuming all goes well, I'm hoping to start things off in August 2022.

"Rex, you're weird!" - Preschooler, Pokémon White 2