Topic: Entralink Arc: Suocéverse Happenings

(Because Tangent says I should do this, and it seems like it's a good idea)

(The general idea is to just kickstart stuff related to the Suocéverse via the Entralink arc, and see what grows from there. There are a number of potential plots waiting, which will be linked in a later Discussion post. For the time being, this is mostly exploring for grabs and maaaaaybe some important plot events with certain prearranged players)

Relevant Planning Thread: http://forum.waapt.tropi.us/punbb/viewtopic.php?id=220

Some time ago, Alola

-During an operation by Team Mobius, a special beam is fired at a wormhole, causing a rupture in the very concept of the Multiverse. All throughout spacetime, things start leaking into one another, portals opening leading to different parts of the universe, to different timelines, to different universes...-

-...or even beyond-

(1) OU, near Five Island Meadow, some days ago

-A bright, yellow coloured [portal] opens somewhere in the beach near the meadow. Most Pokémon stay away from it.-

-A few hours later, a sole Dunsparce emerges from the portal carrying a small rough crystal; at first shy, the Dunspace soon gains some confidence about its new surroundings and starts wandering around, rolling the crystal across the beach as it goes-

-Some wild Pokémon, seeing the Dunsparce having fun, decide to give the portal a try and cross it...-

(1) Valley Windworks, year 3735, "SV"(?) Universe

-...and end up in a different place, a depression in a valley. As they look around it can be seen that there are various wind turbines in the surroundings. Perhaps more notoriously, a [dark cloud] covers the entirely of the sky, beaming down ominous blue streams of light at random points. Mighty roars come from the distance, and every once in a while the earth shakes...-

-Some random Dunsparce can be seen flying around, hiding among the bushes, and they seem to be hushing a lot and trying to reach a cave to the east leading who knows where...-

[spoiler]Players who take this portal will land in Sinnoh during the Suocéverse events in Generation 4, and might have a chance to meet one of Dialga or Palkia. Warning: not a friendly meeting.

(2) OU, near Majolica Town, Sinnoh, two or three days ago

-A bright, black coloured [portal] opens somewhere near the town. A loud rumble persistently emerges from it. Some wild Pokémon venture into the portal, and some different wild Pokémon from a different world walk out, looking as if they were somewhat battered from a fight-

-A short time later, a group of Bug-type Pokémon all wearing simple armor and rings in their legs / horns, emerge from the portal. The leader among them, a Pinsir, looks down to the nearby town then leaps up a ledge-

Pinsir: "All right everyone! The [master] wants the beacons set up and ready here and it has to be fast! So don't mind the cold!"

All Pokémon around: "Yeah!"

-The various Pokémon walk into the portal and emerge with some ropes. Together they start pulling the ropes as they try to drag [something] through the portal-

(2) Unknown location, Unknown future time, "SV" Universe

-The wild Pokémon who crossed the portal can be seen battered and tied up, being led by other Pokémon into cages; however, beyond their capture they do not seem to be mistreated.-

-Various bug Pokémon organize themselves around the portal, from which some ropes emerge leading to a large machine made of wood and plastics, and featuring a prominent triangle-shaped silvery plaque on top. The Pokémon are trying to drag the machine towards the portal-

(3) OU, near Paniola, Alola, about two or three days ago

-A bright, violet coloured [portal] opens somewhere near the town. A loud rumble and smoke persistently emerge from the portal, and most wild Pokémon don't want to approach it-

-During the night, the rumbling recedes until a mysterious figure emerges from the portal, followed by a Tropius. The woman, dressed in black robes with green stripes covering her entire body, takes a look around the place and observes the pastures. Unsure of where she is, she readies two Pokéballs in her belt; she produces her phone and tries to speed dial a number-

The company you are calling does not exist in this universe.

Woman: "...Universe? This- this is not where I was informed we would land. Ygen?"

-The Tropius, aswering to the name of Ygen, growls and approaches his trainer. She pats him on the head while she takes some pictures of the surroundings in her phone, and then gives the Tropius the phone, which he grabs-

"Return the way we came. Find the leader and bring me the rest of the team. There's a town close, so I'll go there and see if I can find anything about [Pokefutures]."

-The Tropius seems to complain for a moment, but in the end he nudges the woman and turns tail, walking through the portal. The woman, meanwhile, grabs one of the other Pokéballs and heads down to the town-

"...If there are remnants... Could this be Cipher, or the so-called 'extended Pokédex' project... no matter, they must be stopped."

(4) OU, location to be determined in Alola

-A bright, black coloured [portal] opens in the middle of a clearing. Just like in the case above, some Pokémon emerge from the portal and start trying to drag something big, which they call a beacon, through it. The leader, a Yanmega, observes the surroundings curiously as the wild Pokémon in the vicinity hide away and watch with some concern-

(5) OU, location for grabs

-A bright, green coloured [portal] opens somewhere in a quiet place, enough that it could be undetected for a couple of hours. A while later from the portal emerges a single Dunsparce, who starts flying cautiously around, looking for wild Pokémon to mingle with and infiltrate-

(6) OU, Rt.2, Alola

-A bright, salmon coloured [portal] opens somewhere in a quiet place, enough that it could be undetected for a couple of hours. As some local Dunsparce approach the portal to examine it, suddenly a Dunsparce also emerges from it-

Wild Dunsparce Uno: <...Oooh? Hello?>

Wild Dunsparce Dos: <Wait, a-are you from around here?>

Foreign Dunsparce -flutters around: <Uhm... n-no, I don't think so... did you also come along?>

Wild Dunsparce Uno: <What? No, we are from around here~> -- giggles.

-The Dunsparces take down to the ground and start inspecting each other-

Foreign Dunsparce: <...Oooh? Wait, so you are not from our Wyrm Lord's reign?>

Wild Dunsparce Dos -: <Lord? First I hear of it. Is that a nice Pokémon?>

Foreign Dunsparce -wiggles: <Our Lord is the best there is! He monitors and takes care of our world!>

Wild Dunsparce Uno: <Well, that sounds like a nice Pokémon. But why are you around here anyway?>

Foreign Dunsparce -looks around: <I don't know really, I was [totally just exploring~].... hey!> -- hops around -- <Would you mind sparing a few minutes to talk about our Great Wyrm Lord?> ^.^

(7) OU, location for grabs

-A bright, yellow coloured [portal] opens somewhere in a quiet place. A couple of Dunsparce emerge from the portal and start engaging the local wild population, asking various questions about food, whether there are humans in the world, what time of the day is it, and where to find more Dunspace "to support our Lord's cause".-

(8) OU, location for grabs

-A bright, silver coloured [portal] opens somewhere in the sky, not too high, maybe about a hundred meters above ground, but still somewhat hard to reach. A few Noivern and Dunsparce have emerged from the portal and cautiously inspect the surroundings. Every once in a while, some of those Pokémon return to the portal to report back to the other side...-

(8) Dragonspiral Moors Sovereignty, years past G5-G6, "SV" universe

-...where they fly across some swamps and ridges to reach a hill where various dragon Pokémon are positioned, looking tense. Some Haxxorus and Druddigon seem to be the laders among the group. The dragons start exchanging information about what seems to be a different world beyond the portal, and show concerns that such a vulnerability would open this close to the shrine to the local gods-

-The various Pokémon look to the west in reverence. No more than five hundred meters away the Dragonspiral Tower is erected, and the figures of a [White Dragon Pokémon] and a [Black Dragon Pokémon] can be seen pacing atop.-

[spoiler]Players who take this portal will land in Unova during the Suocéverse events after Generation 5 and 6, and might have a chance to meet both Reshiram and Zekrom. Warning: not a friendly meeting, though not as bad as tryign to meet Palkia / Dialga.

PMD!????, year ?????. Somewhere in the Multiverse

-A giant [Crystal] can be seen floating in the middle of the sky, various floating islands orbiting it at a fair distance, each featuring a small biome with various Pokémon living in it. The sky is a faint blue and extends for miles, to meet oceans and mountains in the horizon, though there is also a barely visible [spiral] also floating in the sky far in the distance, above some moors. While most of the sky is blue, todayw e have a rare occurrence, for as one looks to the north it is seen that it is rapidly becoming green brown red teal just make your mind already, sky.-

-Deep within the Crystal, which is actually a huge fortress, there are various crystalline chambers, where various Pokémon go around performing various duties.-

-Inside one of the central chambers, dimly lit, a large and flat snakelike Pokémon circles around, monitoring. He watches various Pokémon come and go, and focuses his attention on a few crystals on the walls projecting light and serving as makeshift screens, displaying various portals opening all around this world, and others-

????!Wyrm: "One of these portals... could bring [it] back. And with it... war."

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.