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Topic: 1000 Blank White Cards

Anyone up for a game?

For anyone not familiar, 1kBWC is a card game where you make up the cards as you go. The rules you just sort of make up as you go along, and the cards determine your fate.

Since we're playing this online, the cards are images uploaded to your favorite image hosting site. Here are some examples I've used in a prior game. (Don't feel like you have to copy my style either.) Generally a card has a title, image, and text, though really, none of these are required.

Some basic ground rules:

  • You draw one card and play one card per turn. Each player starts with six in their hand.

  • If you can't play any cards in your hand, make one and play it instead.

  • Importing cards from other games is allowed.

  • I may add other addenda to these rules if needed, but generally, the rules on the cards take precedence.

I'm standing in as GM and will be managing the deck, dealing cards to people, and trying to puzzle out rules interactions. Anyone who wants to play, please make and submit 6 or more cards to me via PM, and I'll get a deck going once we have enough players.

(Also, thanks to Zeal for giving me the idea.)

Registered players:

1. Zeal
2. CorvusAtrox

More people are welcome to join!