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Letters to Hook

Blind Dates

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Time with Titanium

Titanium was thinking it was a pretty normal day. She was around doing nothing of consequence in the cave module she spent most of her time in when at PEFE HQ. It was based mostly on Unovan cave systems like Twist Mountain, though admittedly less confusing direction-wise. It was a bit to get adjusted to from her time in the Dream World cave systems and time on Mt. Ohmeg, but it quickly grew to become her favorite module, largely because of the peoplemons there. Déagol and Habakkuk usually being in a different cave module was nice too.

She felt like she spent most of the time doing stuff with Nacrene, as he's known now. She admits Gargoyle was simpler and less liable to get confused with the location, but was ultimately used to the new name by now.  Something else she was used to by now was the occasional appearance of Gumbomb with Nacrene. In all honesty, she found him a bit odd, but he was ultimately alright, more or less. Other common peoplemons to talk to were Audilith and Vanilluxe, along with their kids, even if it was a bit weird to call them that at times considering they were all older than her. She'd met some others, like Rotor, but she didn't feel like she talked with them regularly. They're nice enough, though.

After a while, Nacrene approached with a wave, this time alone. They talked for a bit about the usual stuff before the topic shifted to what was going on with their trainer. Apparently she'd gotten 6 of those Crystal Star things and was close to rescuing Squealer, but was unsure if she could do it in time. Titanium admitted Maggie had been acting a bit weird about some of the aspects of it, but since she does have a good idea of what's going to happen, she can't really blame her for being nervous. She'd probably be rather nervous herself if Nacrene or Ferris were in a similar situation. She admittedly was still kind of peeved on some level at Squealer because of their first encounter, but couldn't really stay mad as a whole because of the whole situation.

But, then with that discussion, the topic somehow shifted to kids. She admitted sometimes she considered it, especially because of Audilith and Vanilluxe, but didn't think now was the best time regardless.

Even if Ferris hassled her in the next 5 minutes to say she had just made an egg.

...But seriously, if that happened, she'd eat her horns.

But, yeah, she wasn't going to try and get nervous about her sister doing stuff anymore. The reason it happened in the first place was because of differences in their trainers and she wasn't going to fault Maggie for that. Besides, it did end up causing a bit of conflict and she'd rather avoid that in the future.

Titanium gave a slight sigh. Nacrene paused for a bit, then put his arm on her upper back near the shoulder area. Titanium smiled a bit in response and the two decided to try walking around for a bit.

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Re: Corvus' Side Stories Thread

In the middle of a tropical forest on an island where time never seemed to pass, a Carvanha was looking around angrily for something.

<Rgh... Why'd the captain have to send me out to look for Pan's hideout? And alone, too?> the Carvanha grumbled, as he searched, <We haven't found it in all the time we've been here, so why would I->

He suddenly stopped as he spied a young Basculin wandering around, looking kind of lost. The Carvanha turned around and started thinking to himself for a bit.

...That's one of the kids Pan always brings here, isn't it? He isn't with the rest of them is he?

The Carvanha started to grin.

This is my chance... I'll just ask him where Pan's hideout is and we can finally leave this miserable-

<Hey, are you a pirate?>

The sudden question surprised the Carvanha, who froze for a bit. He then looked behind himself and noticed the kid's eyes staring at him. He quickly composed himself and turned around while making his expression look more threatening.

<Yeah, I'm a pirate,> he growled, <and you're comin' with me.>

<Oh, I am?>  the kid replied with a jovial expression, <Great! I always wanted to meet the pirates here!>

The Carvanha was a bit surprised by his enthusiasm, which caused his expression to soften for a bit before he went back to intimidating before he said more.

<Yeah, you're gonna tell us all you know about Pan!>

<I am?> the Basculin asked, confused, <But, I don't know much about him. I don't even know where he was taking the others.>

The Carvanha paused for a bit, somewhat peeved.

<You don't?>

The Basculin shook his head, which elicited a sigh from the Carvanha.

<Well, he'll at least come looking for you at some point,> he sighed <So we can at least hold you for ransom.>

<Oh, cool! I get to see a pirate ship!> the Basculin exclaimed as he gave a toothy smile.

The Carvanha shook his head.

This kid has no clue what he's in for...

<So...> the Basculin started, <what's your name? Mine's Jones.>

The Carvanha paused for a bit before answering.

<Chum. Call me Chum.>

<Nice to meet you, Chum!> Jones said, grinning with excitment.

<I can't believe I'm going to get to be on a real pirate ship!>

Chum gave a slight eyeroll before commenting. <Well, we won't get there any sooner if you don't follow me. Unless you want to be
bound and gagged.>

Jones stood at attention.

<Aye-aye! I mean... nay-nay!>

<Just come.>

Jones nodded and followed Chum, who began leading him back to the ship.

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Re: Corvus' Side Stories Thread

[spoiler]Thanks to Silent for Spagging this series of posts with me

Route 35

At the edge of Route 35, right by the fence that leads to the forest, there are a couple Nidoran wandering around, watching the Trainers from afar; sometimes they get closer to the road and rawr at the wandering Trainers though they don’t seem to garner much attention this particular day.

One Nidoran♂ hops on to the road and follows a Trainer. “I’m pretty!” he growls.

"Oh look, a Firebreather!" says the Trainer not even noticing the Nido, and then goes away to see the performance Trainer practising with their Pokémon.

A nervous-looking Nidorino, meanwhile, is coming up the road, keeping away from the fire being breathed out when he sees that, but soon spots the Nidoran.

Nidorino: <W-wait… you… look a lot like me.>

The younger male turns and takes notice of the Nidorino. He flares up his ears and looks around the road then approaches cautiously.

Nidoran: <Ahem I am prettier!> -- circles around -- <A-are you one of the guards? I’m totally not doing anything wrong.>

The Nidorino looks a bit surprised.

Nidorino: <Ah, n-no! I'm not guarding anything. Far as I know. I just… kinda wanted to see what's around in this area and I'm surprised… not used to seeing anyone who looks like me who isn't my sister.>

At that the Nidoran’s whisker twitch and the Pokémon gives the larger Nido a half-hearted leer.

Nidoran: <Yeaaaah nope. There are always Nidoran around! Like, right now there’s like uhm…> -- stares at his paws -- <four Nidoran hidden in the bushes!>

He points to the bushes where of course more than four Nidoran are wandering around and noming herbs but this Nido can only count up to four.

Nidorino: <Uh, well… this is my first time here.>

<And huh… lot of you… that… must be nice.>

Nidoran -snorts: <We are, if you promise not to tell our parents we were here. Let’s go see!>

And he hops away to the fence, motioning for the Nidorino to follow. In the distance by the first bushes a few other Nidoran males and females can be seen peeking out from the bushes, though they remain silent.

The Nidorino follows and looks at the other Nidoran, nervously smiling at them.

The first few Nidoran, however, are far less receptive.

Nidoran 1: <Eeeep!>

Nidoran A: <Oh noes! We are found!> -- scurries away, sounds the alarms.

Nidoran 2 -climbs up a tree: <HIDE THE BERRIES!>

Nidoran 3: <It was all Miska’s fault!> -- points at another Nidoran female who is just sitting nearby, blinking.

Nidorino: <Ah! Hey, hey, it's fine, don't be scared!>

<...Man, never thought I'd be saying that to someone else.>

The first Nidoran meanwhile facepaws and points to the Nidoran female calles Miska. <Hey,> he asks, <can you help me explain things?>

Miska: <Hey, I don’t know what’s going on.> -- approaches and stares at the larger male.

Nidoran -puffs chest: <Well that’s because I’m cool and surprising. See here I just brought… uhm…> -- turns to the Nidorino -- <uhm… some help here?>

The Nidorino looks confused.

Nidorino: <...Wait, I'm help?>

Nidoran: <No! Like…> -- blinks, turns to the female who is staring angrily at him.

<Uhm…> -- hushes -- <Like, who are you again? I have to tell her we are totally friends.>

Nidorino: <Oh, uh, right.>

<I'm Yarne. One of the last of the Taguel.>

The younger Nidoran nods. Then puts up his best poker face and turns to the female.

Nidoran: <Like, this is Yarne. And he’s a… uhm, Taguel? Which means he’s TOTALLY not a guardian!>

The female gives her friend an annoyed gesture and turns to the Nidorino.

Miska: <Well then my brother better not be lying, unlike that time with the Heart Scales. You come with us, it’s not a good idea to be on the road anyway.>

Nidoran: <Yeah follow us, we can go to where the good food is!>

Yarne, curious at hearing this, perks up his ears.

Yarne: <Good food? Lead the way.>

With that the two smaller Nidos rush towards the fence at the edge of the route. Once they get there they pass through the fence without much problem as they are small; however Yarne might have some issue getting past it. Maybe.

He has to squeeze a bit, but he manages. Helps that a little bit of wood from the fence got taken on one of his spikes to open the way for the rest of him.

Nidoran -hops as he hears the fencepost crack: <Way cool!>

Yarne gives a sheepish giggle in reply.

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Re: Corvus' Side Stories Thread

Off Route 35, Where the Nido led the Other

The two Nidoran continue into the bushes, leading the larger Nido to higher terrain. As the trio gets past the forestline, Yarne might sense that there are various other Nidos hidden all around.

Yarne: <...You weren't kidding about there being a lot of you.>

The two Nidoran nod at unison and drive Yarne into a trail, through it and off into a much denser part of the forest where there are various berry trees. Though there are also a number of Nidos eating the berries.

Miska: <You’ll have to eat what you can grab. It’s nom time so that means the one who wins wins.>

With that, she looks as her still unnamed sibling plucks a Pecha berry from a tree and is about to nom it, then she tackles him out of the way.

<Like this o3o> -- grabs the berry for herself.

Yarne: <O-okay, I'll try!>

He spies a Nanab Berry bush and goes for it, trying to pluck some fruits and eat them.

Nidoran -still face on the ground: <That’s the way!>

While he struggles to get up, Miska goes to sit by Yarne and stares at him.

Miska: <Oh and you still have not told us where you are from. Are you with a Trainer?>

Yarne: <Well, I do have a trainer, yeah. Se apparently was born in the city around here.>

<But for where I'm from… I'm from… another world or something. Thanks to that big hole in the sky.>

Nidoran -walks in, wiping the mud from his whiskers: <Told you he was TOTALLY not a guard!>

The female nods at the mention of the holes in the sky; though then she turns around and sees, as would Yarne, that the various Nidos around them have taken note of the mention of the holes and there are various Nidos eyeing Yarne cautiously.

The younger male just shrugs at that and turns to them.

Nidoran: <Hey, what do you care? He’s a friend who came from the road, so it’s not like we are getting in trouble.>

One of the other Nidoran around approaches fast and before Yarne can do anything she scratches him on one leg.

Yarne is Scratched and recoils back.

Yarne: <Ah! Hey! I d-don't wanna fight! I don't wanna go extinct!>

The random female angrily screeches at him.

Random Nidoran♀ <Hey I want my experience! Parents said you can get lots of experience fighting trained Nidoran like you!>

Miska facepaws visibly and turns to Yarne.

Miska: <Okay first you are not going to go exact or whatever you said. This GIRL> -- turns to the smaller female and Leers at her -- <is just being annoying! Scram! It’s food time!>

The other female stands in her place, prompting Miska and the male sibling to both facepaw.

<Anyway, look Yarne you might have to get used to some things. There’s many Nidoran around here and most of them want to learn to fight like their parents.>

Yarne: <Not exact! Extinct! Like, no more of me around any more.>

<Though… yeah, true, battles here don't seem to be as… potentially deadly as back home.>

Soon as that’s said tho Yarne might notice a sudden silence has taken over the place. Almost all of the random Nidoran have stopped eating and are now staring at him, some of them hushing and commenting on what’s going on.

A random Nidoran male, just a bit larger than Miska’s sibling, walks up to the group and calls for Yarne’s attention.

Another Nidoran: <Wait wait, you mean like, there can be places with no Nidoran?>

<That sounds ridiculous!> - Another female speaks.

<Only the city has less Nidoran,> complains another male.

<I’m too young to not exist!> - starts crying a female.

Yarne sees the distress the other Nidos are going through, but decides he should probably continue.

Yarne: <Well, uh… yeah, where I'm from, almost all of my kind were killed off. I know a bit about warrens but… nothing like you all have here.>

Another, somewhat disheveled Nidorino from the group approaches and sits with the group.

Random Nidorino: <Well, we.. thought you said you were Trained so we thought you… fought a lot?> -- the other Nidos nod in unison -- <Battles between Trainers are hard, but I hear they are not bad…>

Miska -looks around then takes on a more serious stance: <In reality, around here it is only the Guardians who fight harsh and bloody.>

Yarne: <Oh, that's good. I… guess I have fought a lot, but most of that was before I was trained… Used to be more like what the Guardians go through. Glad it isn't gonna be like that… Guess I could try and show my stuff if anyone wants if it's not gonna be that bad.>

A few of the Nidos gather around at the mention of a fight, their attention caught. They start yelling and prodding and running circles around both Yarne and some of the other Nidorinos around, chanting for a fight.

Random Nidorino -sweatdrops: <Now now, not here I don’t think it’s a good idea…>

Random Nidoran♀ <Wheeeee~ Then somewhere else! Let’s go~>


The other Nidos soon join in the chorus and start poking the larger Nidos and Yarne to head off to the hills to the east.

Yarne chuckles nervously and heads over to the indicated area.

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Re: Corvus' Side Stories Thread

Off Route 35, Nido Battle Arena

The Nidos and an assortment of various other wild Pokémon in the routes lead the group to a hill that is mostly devoid of trees and obstructions; most of the Nidos remain in the border of the hill forming a circle, while Miska and her sibling push on Yarne and a couple other wild Nidorino inside the circle.

Yarne: <O-okay. What are we gonna do here? How does this work here?...>

One of the Nidorinos in the group hops around inside the circle then turns to Yarne with a half amused expression.

Fighting Nidorino: <Oh that’s easy: ''we fight''.> He then steps back and spreads his legs, flattens his ears against his head. <Come on, show the kids your fighting leer.>

He starts by training his eyes on Yarne; they let out a glint of eerie gold light.

Yarne is sufficiently frightened and his defense lowered.

Yarne: <...Right. Let's try this!>

He puts his own eyes on the other Nidorino and sends a glare at him in turn.

The foe Nidorino’s defense fell! reaction to this is to fall back one step and stiffen his body; he struggles to remain in his position for a moment and decides to start by circling around Yarne, looking for a good position to ram from.

The kittens watching are for the most part holding their breath, though a particular Nidoran female is going from place to place running bets on the contenders.

The foe Nidorino meanwhile decides to try baiting Yarne.

Fighting Nidorino: <By all means then, do get started!> -lowers his horn.

Yarne looks for a bit and then, seeing that he's getting baited, tries to do his sort of thing, rush by the Nidorino, sideswiping him with a Peck, then getting out of there.

The other Nidorino seemed to have a similar thought as he rushes at Yarne; of course with the two approaching too fast he only gets to land one half of a Double Kick and get Pecked in exchange before Yarne gets away. The Nidorino growls in annoyance and circles around as he listens to the hurras and the growls from the audience.

Yarne huffs a bit from the kick, not hurt too much but a bit pained.

Yarne: <Looks like we had the same idea.>

Yarne gets ready to see if he'll try something like that again. Granted, so soon after the first one, maybe not.

The other Nidorino shakes his head a couple of times and loosens up, hopping from place to place for a while not taking his eyes off Yarne. After a moment and at the prodding of the younglings, the Nidorino attempts a strafing run horn up, to try and land a hit on Yarne’s left flank.

Yarne sees the horn coming and decides to try sticking mostly where he is, turn and kick the Nidorino in the face.

Granted, this also leads to him getting poked in the butt, but...

...it does result with the other Nidorino bouncing off from the kick and being sent skidding ground a couple feet until he trips on his own leg and falls, groaning.

Some of the various kids growl and screech in excitement and if Yarne looks at the audience he probably can see a number of berries and other items of trade being passed around; Miska is laughing at her sibling while he groans at both the Nidorinos’ performance.

Still sprawled on the ground, Yarne’s opponent laments in a low tone about how his face hurts, and he busily tries to shake the pain off.

Yarne remains focused on his opponent, only getting bits like Miska's laughter.

Yarne: <Now, *you* go extinct!>

Yarne rushes at the Nidorino with a Horn Attack, not actually hard enough to do more than faint him, to be clear.

Fighting Nidorino: <What the->

The Nidorino only manages to notice the charge too late and he can’t get off the ground soon enough: he swings with his front paws to take the hit and try make Yarne trip on him as he rushes in, while a few of the younger Nidos in the audience try and move away to make room in case one of the two is sent out flying.

Yarne does indeed trip, and due to the momentum he's sent flying and lands flat on his back. Not directly on it, though, because that'd certainly hurt his spikes.

Yarne: <Oogh… I… think that's it for me.>

The other Nidorino manages to right himself up, panting, and looks with eyes wide as Yarne is surrounded by a number of kittens inspecting him. A number of them are trying to shove him to the side so he rights himself up, mostly complaining on how he’s making them lose their berries.

A particular female though, gets close to Yarne’s right shoulder and after glaring at him for a moment, scratches him.

Younger ‘ran♀: <...Well? Where’s my experience?>

The fighting Nidorino from before just walks in and shyly asks if he missed out on something.

Yarne is a bit surprised at getting mobbed, but is thankful for getting helped up.

Yarne: -to the Nidoran- <...Please don't Scratch me.>

<But, I dunno, maybe you didn't damage me at all?>

Yarne just looks at the other Nidorino sheepishly and shrugs.

The Nidorino just starts shooing the younger Nidorans away; the female that scratched Yarne just hisses at him that she’s not a weakling and goes to sit by a nearby tree.

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