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Topic: HeartGold Randomlocke...?

I have no idea what I am doing. This is mainly for funnies and other kind of entertainment.

The background/concept of the Nuzlocke inspired by this Nuzlocke. GO READ IT, IT'S AWESOME.


N1. Nicknaming!

N2. Fainting = death; goes into the Box

N3. First encounter only

N3a. Negated until I have received Poké Balls

N3b. Negated if a Shiny is encountered. Cannot be used unless it's my actual encounter, though.

N3c. Places with multiple floors like Union Cave are counted as one area.

N4. If I were to caught a legendary, there might be a surprise...

R1. Trade evos are changed into something possible with one game. The same applies to Feebas evolution, and the Coronet/Eevee rocks evolutions, which are impossible in the original game. The evolutions are changed to high enough level, level with the trade item, or using the evolution stone.

R2. Starter is a random Pokémon with 2 evolutions.

R3. Trainers's Pokémon are randomly assigned. There's no early Wonder Guard, rival evolves his starter. Legendaries are allowed... (what I am doing). Their names and Trainer classes are random, as well... most of the time.

R4. Wild Pokémon are randomly set, in Catch Them All mode (it always choses a Pokémon not chosen before.
Once all are chosen, it goes over the list once again). Time-based, random helds, legendaries are in the wild. Unfortunately, it seems Pokédex's locations are hardcoded. Gift Pokémon seem to be randomized as well.

R5. Overworld encounters are random. Legendary<->Legendary, Normal<->Normal

R6. TMs and Move Tutors are random, compatibility prefers typing. No Dragon Rage and Sonic Boom, though.

R7. In-game trades are 100% random. Pokémon, OT, nicknames, IVs, items...

R8. Field items are random. Throughout the entire game, there should be at least one instance of all TMs, and all vital items (HMs and key items) are not randomized. Gift items are not randomized (like TM70 in Sprout Tower), although if it's a TM, the move is still random.

I think I didn't miss anything.

Day 1

[spoiler]This was supposed to be uploaded yesterday, but Internet went dead on me. ._. Expect to see more today, because of that Internet derp

Welcome, soldier! Before you go onwards to the battle, you need to introduceyourself! Who are you, and what is your pseudonym, soldier?!


So, you call yourself 'Warlock', eh? Fitting, I guess. You'll be deployed in our base in New Bark. You'll receive more instructions as the situation changes. That's the end of briefing. Dismissed!

Engineer: So, you're finally brought, huh? Well, before you go anywhere, you should receive this.
A hi-tech bag! It's incredible; it's smaller outside than it's outside. Talk about compression. Next is this card. You can use it to identify yourself whenever needed. If you ever have to stop somewhere that isn't anywhere close to our base, here is a basic kit to set up everything. Anyways, 'Warlock', the briefing room is next doors.

...well, I guess I can first acknowledge myself with this place.

Random Person A Wow! It's one of these high-tech bags, isn't it? They're so awesome.

Random Person 1: Apparently, our dear beloved scientist has researched more on the whole powers thing. He discovered things wecould only dream of few years ago!

Random Person 2:...you're on the wrong floor. The briefing room is below.


-Sometime later-

Scientist Elm: Welcome, 'Warlock'. I'll be straightforward as possible - You first order is to receive a package from Route 30 anddeliver it here. So, what was your power again?

Warlock, Lv. 5 Starly, New Bark Town
Keen Eye - Prevents others from lowering its accuracy.
Mild, good perseverance
Note: Physically (and for gameplay purpsoes) female; mental gender ambigious

Scientist Elm: So, you can quell over the wind, hmm? Very well. You shouldn't have too much of the trouble, at least in the beginning. Go onwards,soldier!

-But before I exit the room-

Scientist A: Before you go, have these. They'll help cure injuries and alleviate the pain. They can't bring from dead, though. Remember that, and do not put yourself at larger risk than needed.

Warlock received Potion ×5!

Now, onwards to Rout-

???: Hey, you.

Wha, me?

???: Yes, you.

Who are you?

???: Pvt. Lyra, sir... ...Madame...?

Just call me sir.

Lyra: Engineer Thomas wanted you to have this. It's yet another useful piece of equipment. It contains a map of the region, and a radio to communicate with other. Or catch enemy's transmissions.

So, who are you?

Lyra: A scout, sir! I am good at reconnaissance among other things, you see. Anyway, I am needed somewhere else. Goodbye!

-So I exit the base, reaching Route 29. There were some guys there and here, but they didn't seem to be
combat-oriented, easy target. Soon I reach Cherrygrove, via which one can enter Route 30. In a rather
short amount of time, I find the camp.-

Messenger Edward: Ah, there are you, soldier. This is your package. It contains useful info about the powers of such as you, that we have stolen from the enemy. [beat] You look tired. Take this. It's nutritous and should give you enough strength, in case anyone feels like attacking you on the return way.

-However, when I am returning to my base, a surprise awaits me... Crash!-

Ugh... what the hell.

???: Hey you! You look weak. Betcha I can get something from you.

-I take a closer look at the guy. His skin seems to be bit toned towards blue. Notably enough, he has a what is presumably a lily pad on his head... Huh. Presumably he has some power of nature... That's an easy target for someone who can use wind to his joy.-

[You are challenged by Rocker Leo!]

-Truly, this was a piece of cake for me. Few swift attacks wind punches, and there he lies. He is too slow compared to me.-

Leo: ...D-don't be so smart! You just had luck... Ugh.

Yeah, totally.

-After fighting that guy who totally had no idea what he was doing, I return to the New Bark base. However,
soon I learn that the one who I fought wasn't just a random overconfident passerby.-

Scientist Elm: Warlock! We have bad news. While you were off on your mission, a pesk grassy guy broke in and stole some of oursupplies! He ran away before we could do anything... Wait, what is it, soldier? You say you saw him? And you battled him! But then he ran away?

He calls himself Leo. And he doesn't seem to be too much of a threat.

Scout Lyra: Sir! I've overheard and I know where the guy is going! I've seen him going towards the Violet City.

Scientist Elm: Very well. Warlock, your next order is to catch that pesky thief. We have some of our soldiers at Violet, they might help you if you need anything.

-I take a closer look at the whole Lyra girl. She seems unable to stand in one place.-

...are you always that... lively?

Scout Lyra: Most of the time, yes, sir.

Warlock hands over Package to Scientist Elm.

Scientist Elm: ...! Interesting... ...so the genetics are involved in this?!

-I try to go towards Violet as fast I can go, but I am interrupted.

Scientist Elm: Warlock, I forgot one thing! There we've been reports of some freelancers. If you meet one, be sure to try andrecruit them! The more power we have, the better. At least, that's what we've been told.

-Now I can go. As I go through Route 29 and pass by the bordering Route 46...-

???: Ow! Stop this! Unhand me! Please!

???: Kekekeke. Why we should?

???: Humph. This guy is a freshie. Reallly fresh.

???: What do you want from me, then?!

???: Not your interest!

-Someone's picking over a weaker one, huh? I'll probably regret this in the future, but...-

You two! Leave him alone!

Guy A: Oh look, someone tries to be a hero.

Guy 1: [beat] You greenhorn... We'll take care of you later.

Guy A: And whatcha you're going to do? Give us some cool bree-

-Before he finishes the sentence, he takes a wind punch. Really hard. Sent flying into the trees, into the woods.-

Guy 1: ...I've never liked him.

-The other one seems to be one of these who have... extra things. In his case, a tail, with which he tries to squeeze me. I try to break his focus by punching him; he recoiled a bit, but by not much. Meanwhile, I feel as my hand hurts a bit. This guy's skin seems to be hard like iron!-

???: Miss... Stop that!

-He tries to kick, punch, and all other stuff, but to no avail. Even I had some trouble penetrating his armor, and he doesn't seem to have as much experience as I do have.-

Guy 1: You pesky!

-He turns around, leaving himself open to my attack. PUNCH! Right in what seems to be a weak spot. The guy runs away before I can do anything more.-

...you okay, young?

???: It's just few bruises, nothing too serious... But thank you, Miss.

...to clear any confusion in the future, I am not a lady. Yes, I look like one, but I am not.

???: So you are a Mister that looks like a Miss?

...I don't think that's correct, either. But if you want to, you can refer to me as if I were a sir. What is your name, and what were you doing here, anyway?

???: Well, my name is... Forte. That's what my parents called me. And... I went find something, maybe find what my powers are... But then these showed up.

If you want to, you can join me. Travelling alone wouldn't be the best idea, anyway.

Forte: Really? Oh, maybe I'll learn something from you! You seem like you had bunch of fights already.

Forte, Lv. 2 SwabluM, Route 46
Natural Cure - When not currently fighting, user can naturally heal any burns, numbed muscles, frostbites or toxins in his body. He also wakes up faster from deep sleep and can melt ice on its body, if someone were to freeze it.
Jolly, likes to fight

Cmon, Forte. We need to heal you up.

-We get back to Cherrygrove, where we are taken care of by medic. We also get some more field medicine,
just in case something goes wrong.-

Forte: So, you have to go to Violet, huh? I've never been there, honestly.

I have to go there to catch someone who has stolen our supplies. He's been going towards that point.

Forte: Sounds like a cool mission! I'll try helping y-


-Someone has jumped from the trees, into me. And it kinda hurt-


-The person visibly flinches back-

???: ...umm... I... don't knoww.... Please don't hurt me!


???: ...I thought... I thought you... were some bad guys! Or something... Stupid me. I don't really know what to do, to be honest.

...it seems you'll be better off with joining us, if you don't even know what you're supposed to do.

???: Oh, really? [glint in the eye]

Forte: The more, the merrier!

Byte, Lv. 4 Porygon, Route 30
Trace - Copies special trait of whoever it's fighting against.
Modest, likes to fight
Note: Female for storyline purposes

-As we travel further, we're assulted by some guys. One of them can use electricity. Other two seemed like they could fly, and respectively wield over fire and ice. The ice one was weird. Just looking at him made me feel tired.-

...let me take care of this one.

-As I lung at him with a high speed, it tries to electrocute me. It doesn't take hit too well, although I get a bit injured from the electricity, as well.-

Forte: Electricity! Watch out, Mister!

-Although it proved to be somewhat dangerous, it was soon taken down.-




Very well, Joe.

Breeder Joe added to the list!

-Forte tried to take the fire guy, but he got bit unlucky, so stepped in. The ice guy meanwhile, was unlucky himself... I hit him in the weak spot, and he flinched for a longer while, only to collapse. Fire guy ran away.-

Forte: Just take the time. And look around you... Never forget: This is a beautiful world

...what are you doing?

Forte: Singing. Mommy and daddy taught me a song. I think it's nice.

...you might want to tone down. We don't wanna any attention.

Forte: Oh, okay.

-Soon we reach the Violet City, and then we hear a familiar voice from behind.-

Scout Lyra: Oh, hey, sir! Someone's ahead of me, huh? I see you have gathered some people for our side!
Keep up the job, sir! And don't worry about me, just passing by.

-We heal up in the Violet City camp, then we decite to train the Byte on Route 3–-

Wild Registeel used Explosion!

-...God thanks I shielded that hit. All we need is more exploding people. It was anything but nice, but I'd definitely take it better than her. The area didn't end up pretty, though.-

...well, that was close. Anyways, I think we should go to Violet. I mean, I have the order.

-We decide to check the tower standing in the city. As we go through it, we gain a comrade.-

Bob, Lv. 3 Sandlash♂, Sprout Tower
Sand Veil - Can "blend in" with sandstorm.
Relaxed, likes to run

-Then some rather tough guy showed up. He created this weird heat and had tough skin...Ugh! He... or she? It sac rocks at me... It wasn't nice. Fortunately, it quickly got tired and I knocked it out.-

[spoiler]fucking Ancient Power Heatran brought him to 1HP. Thankfully, no boost. Plus low PP quickly made him (her? I didn't pay attention to the gender) Struggle

...ugh... I feel... like someone... punched me really hard in the guts... I don't feel good.Gimme some of the medicine!

Byte: Ah! H-here!

...so much better.

Forte: Umm... Mister... Why are you... why are you glowing white?


Congratulations! Warlock evolved into Staraptor Staravia!

[spoiler]why this said Staraptor

-The glow fades... For me to notice that... I changed. I think I mostly become bit.. more bulky,and in consequence, visually larger. I think that makes me more intimidating than I'd otherwise be. I also grew tiny feathers between hands' fingers. Could this be...-

...sometimes, people told that our power can... 'evolve' under certain conditions. I guess that'swhat just happened.

-Unfortunately, the celebration soon ended, as some guy sneakily blew a shockwave against Bob, which send
him flying across the room, through the window, falling to the level of ground floor. The view wasn't too pretty. I took care of the sneaky guy before he did anything more.-

R.I.P Bob: Lv. 3-10
Cause of death: Killed by Electrode's Sonic Boom

[spoiler]Ironically, it was the Elder, who was called Preschooler Bob. ;-;

Byte: ...B-Bob...?

...we need to go on. No "But"s. We'll take care of him later.

-After some climbing, we finally make it to the top of the tower-

???: Stop him! He's stealing a Technical Machine. EVERYONE, STOP HIM!

-I notice the whole thief guy... It's the grassy guy!-


Leo: What the- You, here? Why- Ugh, I don't have time for this.

-And then he jumps out by the window.-

Sen. Mst. Sgt. Eld: ...this guy stole a TM. Dammit!

Well, I know him. My order is to get that guy caught. Unfortunately, he escaped.

Sen. Mst. Sgt. Eld: Well, if that's true...

Warlock received TM70! It contains Body Slam.

Sen. Mst. Sgt. Eld: You'll find this more useful than me. Though, the stupid things still break after a single use. Why can't they fix this, for the sake of God?!

...Forte, I think you're bleeding from the nose.

Forte: Itch nofsing, aj chan tsajke it.

-As we exit the tower, we take Bob's body... or whatever left of it, and bury it in the woods. It's probably one of the least visited places, so I guess he can peacefully rest here. The grave is marked with provisory tombstone. Shortly after that, my radio picks something up-

[To everyone of ours who can pick it up... There's a skirmish in the Violet City Barracks!We cannot lose it. It is very well equipped, it's a strategic point! Everyone who can, get there as fast as possible!]

...I guess that's our priority now. Get moving!

???: Hmph! You think can defeat us like that? Pfffft. Try defeating me and my comrade!

You are challenged by Leader Falkner Kate!
Leader Kate sent out Cascoon!

... ... ... ...is this a joke?

Leader Kate: Ugh! You don't pick comrades, okay?

-Forte quickly takes down his comrade... which can't do much.

I meanwhile take on the whole Leader guy. He's bit more of a threat, but hardly the fire/metal guy at the tower.-

Leader Kate: Retreat! This place is no use for us... you can keep it, whatever!

...whew. I guess now we can help other finish whatever they started.

Scout Lyra: Congratulations on the victory, sir! The HQ told me to give you this.

Warlock received TM51! It contains Attack Order.

-We decide to explore the cave until we receive further instructions-

Byte: It's so dark here... What if someone sneakes on us?!

I'll take care of him. Ha! Just they try to sneak on us...

-Then, there's suddenly a flash of light... And I instantly aim my attack-

???: Whoa, whoa. Calm down. Ain't meaning harm.

What are you doing here?

???: Just taking a trek. It's so calm here... You could take a good rest here.

...I see you're one of these guys who can use the whole bioluminescency thing.

???: Yep. By the way, my name's Quentin, you are?

Quentin, Lv.4 Lanturn♂, Dark Cave
Illuminate - Attracts potential freelancers.
Mild, often dozes off
Held Bitter Powder

-We find one more freelancer nearby Violet City-

Anthony, Lv.4 Voltorb, Route 32
Static - Physical contact with the user can numb down muscles of the attackers. Also seems to attract potential freelancers who can wield electricity.
Docile, strong willed
Held Smoke Ball
Note: Male for storyline purposes

Byte: ...


Byte: ...He kinda reminds me of that... That g-guy who killed Bob.

I've noticed. Anyway, it's getting late. We should be returning to Violet. We don't have any orders, anyway.

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Re: HeartGold Randomlocke...?

Day 2

-After resting for a night in the Violet, we were to move closer to the enemy's lines. Our next
base is at Azalea. We went through Route 32, kicked some people's asses, and found a Technical
Machine #19, seemingly abandoned by someone. It contained Fire Fang. Then we found the Union Cave and small camp of our people nearby it. We talked there and here, and entered Union Cave... only to get lost inside.-

Dammit! Where is the exit? Quentin, any help?

Quentin: Nope. Even with my light, I can't see the other side.

Well, shoot.

-Byte trips over something, falling flat onto the ground.

Byte: Ouch! ...Huh? Guys, I think I found something. It looks like a CD. Is it anything useful.

...CD? Another TM! Good job, Byte.

Byte: Yay.

Warlock found TM73. It contains Muddy Water.

We still need to find the darn ex- -Bump!-

???: It seems you need a helping hand...

...yet another freelancer?

???: Well, I was thinking, and decided: Why not help a girl in need like you?

...I might look like a girl, but I'll prove you that I fight anything but like one.

???: Oh, really? That's even better.

Anthony: ...this is not the time for chit-chat. Do you know how to get through this cave, and into Azalea?

???: Sure. Follow me, I can dig through and make our way.

???: Here we are, Route 33. No need to thanks. Even though you can.

...stop that.

???: -ignores me- Well, I could join you. But first, I need to do something. I'll find you later!

Lucas, Lv.6 Marowak♂, Union Cave
Jolly, hates to lose.
Rock Head - Cannot hurt itself via recoil moves, unless the user is really tired.

[spoiler]Note: Knows Headbutt. This is important, as the tutor is randomized, and the only way to have encounter in Azalea is Headbutt. The reason why he goes? Those who played the games might know.

-Soon, we arrive at Azalea City's camp, where we learn more-

Wrnt. Off. Emauel: You are Warlock, aren't you? Well, soldier, I've see you've gathered a small group. Well, we have two problems. There seems to be some enemy forces in the greenhouse... But we have sent people there. The other problem is that, they've decided to kidnap some of the civilians. Agh! Son of a- [beat] You know where this is going, right? Go to the Azalea Underground System, and rescue them. Oh, and by the way. There's this girl over here. She says she wants to join you. She heard of your success in Violet City. Heck, she comes from Violet!

Girl: Jean Amethyst, ready to help!

Jean, Lv. 1 Seadra♀
Egg received at Violet City
Egg hatched in the Union Cave
Sniper - The user can use opponent's weak spots more effectively than normally.
Lonely, somewhat of a clown
Note: Knows Extrasensory (hardcoded into the Egg).

Wrnt. Off. Emauel: Hint: She seems like she is totally inadept in the combat. You should train her a little bit before she does anything. Also, everyone else you've got is now listed in our data base, as well.

-So we are going towards the whole underground, only for me to notice...

...Huh? There's someone on that tree. Right over there.

Byte: H-hello?

...the person seems to be sleeping.


Lucas: Oh, hello, dear. I said I'll be back, and so am I! -turns around, sees the person- Oh,  I see. You need that one down, eh? Sure. -punches the tree, which makes the person fall down- Anything for you.

...I won't comment that.

???: Ouch! I was sleeping there! Why you knocked me o- Oh. Whatcha want? Join you? Kay, but I am not really the battling type. I'd probably be better off somewhere else.

Juliet, Lv. 6 Spearow♀, Azalea Town
Keen Eye - Prevents others from lowering its accuracy.
Relaxed, mischievous
Held Persim Berry

...what is that you're holding?

Juliet: That? That's a Persimm Berry. It has a weird taste, but if your head feels dizzy, or you're confused in any other way... It's a natural medicine!

...I think the group's getting kinda big. 8 people? Yeah. Lucas, you can take this sleepy girl if you want. The rest, follow me.

Lucas: Ain't having anything against that, captain.

-So we enter the underground system. Of course, the whole place is guarded, but they're not strong enough. Jean stays behind and mostly watches.

Then we get into a forking path... And Lucas is back.-

Lucas: Sorry, but someone forced me to ignore your orders.

Juliet: What, missing the action? Nyeeeh :3

...I've seen you brought a friend, eh?

John, Lv. 7 Shellos-East♂, Route 33
Storm Drain - Redirect water-affinitied offensive attacks, as long as they're small enough.
Adamant, quick to flee.

Okay, you'll actually be really useful. You and your group go left, we go right. Understood?

-We soon find more of them. Kinda too many.-

Forte: Look, some of them are kinda... sleepy? I dunno. Maybe I can lull them to sleep with my song.

-To my surprise, it did work. Here we come, civil- [shwiiing!]-

What the-

???: Looking for someone? Surprise!

...of course, it couldn't be that easy.

???: We won't commit mistake this. Fight me!

You are challenged by Executive Proton Rich Girl Cammie!
Rich Girl Cammie send out Metagross!

Forte: Let me handle her! I know how to!


-We slowly wear them down. Jean actually takes down a corallike one, while Forte surprisingly defeats the leader of this group. They escape before we can catch them. At least the civilans are safe.-

Lucas: H-hey! I've seen some dudes running past!

Eh, these couldn't do much. Forte, you.... actually aren't that bad. You could totally mow the ground with these two guys who picked on you earlier.

Forte: Well, you trained me a bit, so I guess I grew stronger ~

Lucas: Among the rescued civilians, I found a volunteer.

Aria, Lv. 7 Froslass, Union Cave
Snow Cloak - Can "blend in" with a blizzard.
Lonely, somewhat vain.

Wrnt. Off. Emauel: Good job! The civilians are now safe here. If you want to, you can go help ours in the greenhouse. The fight is nearing an end, but you still might get your share.

[spoiler]Trivia: Bug Catchers are now called Elite Four. lol what. The Twins new name makes some sense, as they are "Sr&Jr" - One of them is older, one of them is younger.

...I've seen you use some kind of psychic power on some of the guys we faced. You can do that? You don't seem like someone with psychic powers.

Jean: I am not sure. Grandfather from father's side had some psychic powers, although they weren't as strong as on the guys who can do psychic stuff. Guess it passed down the generations! -Then she "honks" me in the nose with a ball she levitated with telekinesis.-

Huh, so that's what Elm meant by genetics... Parents can pass down the powers...

[spoiler]Assuming the Pokémon would have the move as their Egg move, it would be possible to get Extrasensory Seadra by eg. having Vulpix and Marill have a child, then Marill side child having a children with someone from Horsea line, or if you're playing Generation VI, you could directly pass it down from Greninja. This is not possible in the actual games, as it's not programmed as Egg moves, but if it was on Horsea line as Egg move, it'd be possible.

-After taking down bunch more guys, we finally get into the more hectic part.-

Sgt. Ronald: ...dammit, they have got tight guard there...

...Need some help?

Sgt. Ronald: ...! Reinforcement! Finally. What took you so long? It's so damn hot here!

There were some civilans to rescue. But we're ready to kick their asses.

Sgt. Ronald: Okay, you can help us get through their tight guard. Onwards!

You are challenged by Leader Bugsy Zoey

-Jean goes after the two rocky guys, who get quite wet...-

???: Bravo! You got here. That took a while.

-This one leader seems to be more casual. Blue jacket... and some weird red gem in the bracelet.-

-Before I can say anything, Forte assaults her. He is thrown around the place, but it doesn't bother him much. Unfortunately, she proves too powerful for him, and I have to save him... or so I thought so. Even I am thrown around.-

Quentin: Try throwing me around while you can't see anything! [focuses light into her eyes]

Zoey: ARGH! The light is burning! Son of a mo-

-The blinded leader couldn't do as much. But even after THAT, she still proved to be a very bulky, durable, and quite strong opponent.-

Zoey: You're something... Kid. I am not that easy to take down. You'd be so useful on our side.

Quentin: Sorry, but ain't a kidnapper. Get back where you belong!

-They escape... Sigh.-

[spoiler]Azelf. Confusion hurts. In total, it Rested SEVEN times (including once when I critted it to the last sliver of bar), plus the Super Potion. It also got a crit and almost killed Quentin. ._. In the end, it KOd itself in confusion... that anticlimax lol.

...Wow. You're hell of a durable guy. But man, you look AWFUL. We have to fix you ASAP.

Quentin: It's n-nothing... I still can *cough* go on...

I wasn't asking you. THAT WAS AN ORDER, SOLDIER. Meanwhile, take this, It's bit bitter, but will help until we get more serious help.

Everyone else, you did good job as well. Let's go back.

Wrnt. Off. Emauel: Splendid! From what I've been told, you did a splendid job! You helped take down a rather tightly guarded spot. It's a work to be appreciated.

...if there's anyone to thanks the most, it's him. Quentin. He took down the whole leader girl while the rest of group was struggling.

Wrnt. Off. Emauel: Very well. Mister Quentin... For your bravery even in the tight and grim spot of the battlefield... I promote you to Private First Class! Keep up the work, soldier.

Quentin: Thank you, sir!
-After taking a good rest and fixing everyone -- mostly Quentin -- we decide to get into the woods, as this is where the enemies apparently hide currently.-

You again! -I jump on him and prevent him from escaping. I take a closer look. He has changed, like me.- Oh, and what do you think you are doing? On whose side you are, anyway?!

Leo: A side? Pffft. I decided to ally with neither. So I'll be able to get everything for myself!

I don't think you can do this on your own.

Leo: Very well. [whistle]

-Two guys appear. One wields some muddy powers, other... is trying to breakdance us to death? Huh.-

You are challenged by Bug Catcher Leo!
Bug Catcher Leo send out Whiscash!

...that's doesn't seem like someone who could wield powers related to bugs, insects, and such. Your title is not correct.

Leo: Shut up! Someone like you wouldn't know the difference!

Well, whatever.

-As Jean goes on confronting the muddy guy, I take on the whole Leo. But soon I have to help Forte, who got surprised by the breakdancer... Forte's lying there, bit beaten up, but alive.-

Leo: Tactical retreat! To Goldenrod!

-We try to follow them, but to no avail. In the end, we find a bunch of vinethorn bushes that hinder us.-

...anyone can cut them down?

Forte: I can! I can! [creates a blade made of air that cuts through vines like knife through butter]

-Just as we are reaching Goldenrod, I spot Lucas in the far away... who apparently has one more person in the group. He runs off somewhere.-

Benjamin, Lv. 6 Feraligatr♂, Ilex Forest
Torrent - Water-type powers are stronger when the user is heavily injured.
Naive, likes to run.


Scout Lyra: Sir! I've heard of your accomplishment! Now you should go to the Goldenrod Radio Tower. There are enemy forces coming to it! It's the main source of our radio transmissions, sir! That's the order from the HQ, anyway.

-We instantly get there. Lucas and his part of group seem to take another part of Radio Tower. Well, the more, the merrier, Forte said. Sweeping through eeeem! Well, almost. We got some bruises, but nobody's dead since the Bob incident back at Sprout Tower. And that's good. But I fear, our luck might run sometime soon.

Soon, we face yet another important guy behind the enemy forces.-

You are challenged by Leader Wheatney Jasmine!

-And it was fast. Nothing too much to describe. Unlike the whole Zoey, this one was hardly a combatant at all.-

Is anyone hearing us? There are some guys trespassing Route 36. If you can, help us get rid of them! The place is a shortcut between Violet and Goldenrod!

-We indeed go there. But just by the National Reserve, we are assaulted...-

-Then the dragon guy spews a weird, purple flame at Anthony... who then collapses.-

Quentin: YOU MOTHER-  -He punches the. Enough that he is sent flying through the trees, even harder than when I punched the whole bug guy at Route 46.-

Byte: Anthony...? He's not breathing!

R.I.P. Anthony: Lv. 3-19

Cause of death: Gabite's Dragon Rage

-I have no idea what is left of that dragon guy. But suggesting by the messy trail his flying body left... he's probably dead as well. Someone tried helping Anthony, but to no avail...-

...another casaulty. -I look down.- I've heard there's a graveyard by nearby. This seems to be one of the few in the region. I guess we should bury him there... In case of Bob... we didn't have luxury and the time.

Lucas: Oh, guys, there you ar- ...what happened?

...casaulty, what else could happen? Radio said they need people at Route 36, so we went... but we got assaulted... And now he's dead. We want to bury him in the graveyard.

Lucas: ...I'll take care of it. They need you at Route 36, lady.

Byte: ...sniff... Why...

-I try to pat and calm her down- ...hush now... He at least doesn't have to worry about more of this darn war. I'd be surprised if nobody of our group died. Two down...

Lucas: If you want to, I can give you one of my to replace the m

Byte: Oh, who's thaaat? -She points at a kid with a shell on his back-

Lucas: Him? Dunno, not really talkative.

Kenya, Lv. 20 Kabuto♂, Route 35
Swift Swim - User is faster and more agile when it's heavily raining.
Hasty, proud of its power.
Note: Outsider, gains 150%

Lucas: Oh, and one more thing. [throws a TM] Take this!

Warlock received TM40! It contains Meteor Mash.

-Sometime after that, we get through the Reserve and into Route 36. The group is kinda big. We take most of it, opening back the shortcut... Then we notice a hostage-

Quentin: -unties hostage- You okay, girl?

???: Umm... Yeah... ...! Brother?!

Kenya: ...sister?!

You're siblings, eh?

Kenya: ...yeah. [beat] Wait, sis, what are you holding?

Inuyasha: Some kind of... I dunno... plate? I am not sure. It seems nice. It's so chilly.

I think we'll make a better use of it.

You... I'll send your sister to the Lucas, is that okay?

Kenya: ...fine. He seems okay.

Inuyasha, Lv. 20 Smoochum, Route 36
Forewarn - Telepathically warns user and his allies of user's opponent's strongest move.
Naughty, sturdy body
Held Icicle Plate

-After that, we go north and arrive in the Ecruteak... only for the Juliet to catch up to us-

Juliet: Hey, hey! Captaaain! Wait.


Juliet: Lucas send me and Ben on some treasure hunting... I had this Dowsing Machine! And he crushed some boulders. We found a bunch of items! And found one's guy thing, for which he gave a disc... You can also have the Dowing Machine.

Warlock received:
Dowsing Machine!
Full Incense!
Revive! 750 Pokédollars!
Thick Club!
Star Piece!
Occa Berry!
Apicot Berry!
Iapapa Berry!
Custap Berry!
Wacan Berry!
Babiri Berry ×2!
Figy Berry!
Light Clay!
Insect Plate!
Super Repel!
Water Stone!
Leaf Stone!
Pink Scarf!
Net Ball!
Quick Ball!
Timer Ball ×2!
Red Shard!
HP Up!
Escape Rope!
Space Mail!
X Accuracy!
Power Weight!
Big Mushroom!
Damp Rock ×2!
Muscle Band!
TM05! It contains Mean Look.
TM44! It contains Iron Tail.
TM82! It contains Mirror Shot.

Juliet: Treasure hunting is fun! Hope we do it again someday.

...you reallylike it, eh? It might be your specialty or something.

Juliet: Maybeeee... Who knows. See ya later!

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Re: HeartGold Randomlocke...?

Day 3

-We've taken rest at the Ecruteak after we arrived. That girl... She kinda surprised me by how many things she had in that bag... Even three TMs. She really has talent, I can say.-

Forte: Wait, where's Byte?

Quentin: Said she went off somewhere in the city.

...here? But this is where the border line currently is! Go anymore deeper, and you're on enemy's territory.

Quentin: Well, she seems strong enough to survive here. I mean, sh-

-Wham! We see a fishy guy flying out of the local theater into the trees, then someone coming out.-

???: You didn't have to help, child. I'd be fine on my own, Still, thank you.

Byte: Well, I just helped in throwing out trash. :3

Byte! Where have you gone off?

Byte: Well... I helped with "trash."

???: That girl... -points at Jean- We could teach her a very useful trick, as a reward for the help. That is, if you want.

Jean: Me? Oh, really?

I do not have anything against teaching new tricks. Just remember to get back as fast as possible.

-A weirdly dressed man approaches us-

???: Excuse me, do you know where the famous Burned Tower is? I am looking for it.

???: It's that destroyed tower on the opposite end of city. Right... there. -points towards northwestern part of city-

???: Thank you. I'll be off, then.

-Something gives me a weird feeling that the tower is where we have to go, for it's an important place for people. It might be a target for enemy attack. Well, I was half-right.-

Leo: So here l can find some very useful people to rec-



Leo: What! Why in every place I go, I find you?

I think the fate plans me to capture you. Y know, so you can be. Oh, where are your old guys?

Leo: Unfortunately... they were caught. But I have more people! ATTACK!

-We then try our attack formation... But then suddenly Byte telekinetically throws three of them into the wall, and then THROUGH the wall, including Leo. All left is that dragon guy... which Quentin simply took on, as he's the most bulky of our group, so he has no problem taking the whole weird flame of theirs.-

Leo: [in the distance, somewhat audible] ...Ah, whatever. I've got what I want.

Forte: ...what did he mean?

???: This tower has a legend associated with it. You see, long long ago, this city had 3 warriors. They were very powerful and were famous all over the region. The warriors protected city from dangers... until a terrible thunderstorm stroke. It hit this tower, inside which were many people. Warriors sacrificed their lives to save everyone inside... But something brought them back to the life, as they began a new life. Infused with the power of water, fire, and electricity, respectively. Nobody knows what happened to the warriors afterwards, as they simply left the city in search of something. Each in their own, separate way. Now excuse me, I need to investigate this place. -And so he goes off.-

Forte: Is it true that this place can bring dead people?

Well, from all I know, it's just a legend. I mean, nobody has witnessed people coming back from the life.
Nobody. Even the most powerful of people weren't able to bring people back from the gra-

???: Hi. My name is Bob. Nice to meet you.


Bob, Lv. 13 Sandlash, Burned Tower
Sand Veil - Can "blend in" with sandstorm.
Naughty, often scatters things
Note: Physically female, mentally male

Byte: You're really alive! ...but you don't exactly look like yourself.

Bob: Well, someone there at the up got whole process wrong. I am a girl now! Oh, whatever.

Lucas: O hey guys, whatcha doing here? [beat] Who's this girl?

... ... ...

Lucas: What's wrong with her?

Bob: You know, I am supposed to be dead. And a guy. [looks upwards] WHY YOU GOT THIS WRONG?!

Lucas: You mean she's-

Byte: Yup, came back from dead!


Lucas: Yes?

The whole Leo guy... had someone similiar to you...

Lucas: Oh, it's just a coincidence! Don't think too much about it. -He then tries to mess with my hair.-

What are you doing?!

Lucas: Oh, calm down. Just playing with you.

Juliet: Hey, group, what is this? -She picks an egg-shaped object.-

Bob: Looks like an ordinary egg to me.

Juliet: It feels so warm.. and so light! ...now I feel warm, as well!

I have no idea what this is. We need Elm's diagnosis. You go contact him and ask what this is.

Juliet: Kay!

-And there they go off. We go off back to the camp to heal up... only to be informed that the tower was suddenly attacked after we left.-

Gee, nice timing.

-The whole tower is now foggy, so it was kinda hard to navigate, even with Quentin's light. We kick some asses, including one Angel of Death wannabe, I think.-

You are challenged by Leader Ann!

Quentin, watch out! The whole Ann seems to turn some of your attacks against yourself! Wait for the gaps!

-Quentin proves capable. Then Byte is left... she is fighting against that weird three-headed bird... mutation. She uses a rather quirky power and turns herself immune to its last attack...  BUT THEN IT USES DARK POWERS. And she doesn't take the attack well. But... she is brave... she can... she did. Then she falls on her knees. The tower is defended.-


Forte: Ms. Byte! Ms. Byte! Are you all right!

Byte: I-I am not sure... it hurts so much here... right here in the hand...

-She reveals her hand... in which is a rather deep injury. We take her to heal her up. It's not as bad as Quentin, but it's still not good. Meanwhile, Jean returns.-

Jean: Hey guys! I am back! The trick is really nifty, as she said. I know how we can use i- Oh, what's happening?

Forte: Byte is badly hurt... Look.

Jean: Oh... I hope she'll be alright. [beat] Oh, one thing more! The whole Lyra girl passed by me, and gave me this.

Warlock received Lucky Egg and TM30! It contains Magma Storm.

...Lucky Egg?

Jean: She said that Elm said that whoever holds this egg, will faster grow experienced with his powers. So I guess it's a must-have if you plan training.

So... Do you know any orders we have to accomplish?

Jean: Our next goal will be Cianwood City. We need to get through Olivine, then through the water. How we can walk on the water, you say? Well, guess what I've been taught.

But both Cianwood and Olivine are enemy territory. How are supposed to get past that?

Jean: There's apparently a way around that. Let's go!

-Somewhere on Route 39, after finding TM54 with Submission...-

Haha, we're sneaking around them, and they don't know what. How funn-

-rustle rustle-

...who's there?

-swoosh! windblock! Then someone else tries to levitate me, but Quentin grabs that one.-

Who are you both?

???: Not your interest, girl. -This only makes him get a close look of my face-

Really? How about now?

???: ...I told you, that was a bad idea. This guy over here is Abel. I am Gregory. He's self-proclaimed ninja... and I somehow got into this. Don't ask.

Gregory, Lv. 16 Exeggcute♂, Route 38
Chlorophyll - User is faster and more agile when the sun is brightly shining.
Lonely, mischevious.

Gregory, Lv. 16 Sneasel♂, Route 39
Inner Focus - User's focus cannot be broken most of the time.
Quirky, often dozes off.

...you two, go to Ecruteak. You wait there. And my alais is Warlock, you little brat.


"Aaaaaargh! You son of a b- YOU MOTH-"

Hey you! What is going over there!

???: These idiots kicked me out of my lighthouse! How I am supposed to operate it at nighttime when they are there? I'd take it myself, but they took the best spots! I'd probably have a better chance spotting a difference between identical twins.

Quentin: Sounds like we need to clean someone's home.

???: You sure? They aren't just some random passerby!

Yes. Quentin for sure. He proved he can take a hit.

Anabel, Lv. 18 Scizor♀, Olivine City
Swarm - Bug-type powers are stronger when the user is heavily injured.
Docile, likes to thrash about.
Held ???.

-Lighthouse 1F-

-Kenya's going through first guys like nothing... And then that guy summons a miniblizzard. And then blows with cold wind... Which I have to take on... Very coooold. Brrr!-

TAKE THIS! -windpunch directly in the face. Through the wall, into the sea, drifting into open sea. Blizzard follows him... wait, what?-

...ugh... I think I got frostbitten by that temperature. It hurts... But I should be able to go on.

-Lighthouse 2F and 3F were more kicking asses, nobody remarkable. On 4F, there was TM21, containing Spike Cannon. Then more ass kicking on 5F!-

Look, there's a turned off elevator here. Quentin?

Quentin: Yes, I can charge it and turn it on.

-BZZZZTTT! Beep boopity boop!-

Anabel: Well, that was quick. Ye surely are good. Here, take this.

Warlock received the unknown item!

...what is this.

Anabel: I have no idea. Won it in a raffle.

-We pass over the object to everyone. It changes shape depending on who holds it. I get a bow, Quentin has a lantern, Kenya a book, Forte a flute, Jean diving goggles... and Byte gets a ribbon... That starts to glow... Then she starts to glow. The glow soon fades...- And she looks different.

Congratulations! Byte evolved into Porygon2!

-The ribbon is now in her hair, she has gain a red-blue dress and her overall body shape is... Well, the best word to describe is that her body is more... smooth, curvy, or something along the lines.-

Forte: Oh oh! Byte did the whole evolution thing, didn't she?

...yes, yes she did. It seems this weird object was vital in her case.

Byte: So... what that means for me?

You became more powerful, presumably. So that's a good thing for us.

Forte: And she also changed! She has this new, nice dress... And the ribbon suits, too.

Byte: Oh... um... -Her cheeks gain a pink hue. Someone likes compliment, huh?-

-After taking the lighthouse... I hope nobody'll notice... We go through sea! Well, Jean made some... water... bridge? Not all of us can swim, so it's useful. We kick some random people's butts... and then this happens

There's a strong flash of light... and there's a weird whirlpool forming in the center of water.

A weird guy... or a thing. He looks a human... yet he doesn't seem like one. He has weird blue-yellow armorlike body... where would be his feet there seems to be swimming fins... In one arm he wields a harpoon... the second arm is not even an arm. It's more like he had a high-pressure water cannon instead of second arm. He also has a crown-like crest on his forehead.

His mere appearance causes rainclouds to gather over the place... His sudden whirlpool throws out TM05 and TM07, containing Mean Look and Defog, respectively.-

Wave Man, Lv. 15 Kyogre, Route 41
Drizzle - Causes rainclouds by mere appearance.
Naughty, thoroughly cunning
Held TM05.

???: What is this place? Where am I?!

This is Johto... you're on Route 41.

???: What is this Johto you speak of?

...a region... in the world... on this planet... Earth.

???: Earth? There's no place called Johto on Earth!

...oh. Interdimensional traveler? Gee, great.

What do they call you?

???: Wave Man. Programmed by Dr. Wil- I mean, Dr. Light. Serial number #034. Specialized in water pollution cleaning.

...I've never heard of such a place. [beat] I don't think you're where do you think you are...

Wave Man: What do you mean? I don't have much time to waste talking with you!

...you might have travelled between two different Earths. Yours, and ours. Yes, you have just travelled between different dimensions... or something. I don't know. I am not too scientific of a person.


Quentin: Calm down, dude.


Byte: Um... Mister... Wave Man? Could you... please... tone down? You can go.. um... with us... Or something.

-Soon we arrive in Cianwood... to spot the Burned Tower fancyish guy-

...you. That guy from. What are you doing here, and what is your name?

???: I am Lilliana. I am here to investigate something... There's apparently a legend associated with the nearby archipelago of islands, and I'd like to know more about it.


Lilliana: ...I know, I know. Feminine name. Could I battle you? You seem like a very strong group of people. I want to test how strong I am. Oh, and them. -Shows two more people are behind him-

Very well.

You are challenged by Poet Lilliana!

-Well, either the whole "Lilliana" guy is either weak, or we are strong. Me and Quentin wiped the floor with him and his pals.

Lilliana: You are... very strong, indeed. I want to give you this as my token of appreciation for cooperation.

Warlock received a Yellow Shard and Flame Mail!

...weird guy with a feminine name.

Wave Man: What are we doing here?! This is no useful for me.

There's a certain research facility here, dedicated to aquatic areas. Searching deep in the sea for life, clues of history, trying to find a good resource of clean energy... And more refined process of purifying the water.

Wave Man: You meant clearing water! From toxins! Well, least it has something useful.

But there's one problem.

Wave Man: What kind of problem?

...we're at war in this region, and this is our enemy's territory. They're probably occupying the research center.


Sssshhh! We have to be anything BUT loud. This should be a sneaky action.

-But Wave Man already charged in the place...We follow him... somehow...

-We take on some of the damn guys. Then some guys puts half of the team drowsy... including me...I can see her being stabbed from behind... where her heart whould be... What the guy is doing... It seems he is literally sucking out her life force... Then Forte punches him into the ground... preventing him from doing anymore harm... Jean collapses onto the ground...-

Quentin: ...! Jean!

Jean: Tell... tell... my parents... that I was brave... That... I did something... useful... And that... I love them. -She gives us a last, faint smile. Then her eyes become hollow, sign of that she's now... in the better world, to be honest.-

R.I.P. Jean: Lv. 1-26
Cause of death: Spiritomb's critical Dream Eater.

-Then we got to the leader... who's a familiar face-

...haven't I've seen you in the Goldenrod?

Jasmine: Yes! But this time, I won't make the mistake of fighting you. I'll give that job to my people!

???: Did you miss me? I missed you


You are challenged by Leader Chuck Jasmine & Leader Zoey!

-The other person summons a sandstorm... that hits everyone but him. Quentin takes on Zoey, as usual. But he's much stronger, so she's not much of the threat. Sand guy is quickly down..-

Quentin: YOU. YOU! Argh! IF NOT YOU, SHE'LL BE ALIVE! -punches Zoey through the glass window of center.-

Jasmine: Ah... It's too crowdy here. Byaaaah!

-She runs away.-

...fuck you, Jasmine.

-Then Wave Man comes in... with some blood on hand. Well, he did fight, it seems. Then Lucas goes in.-

Wave Man: What happened? Why... the mood is so grim.

Lucas: I came as fast as possible! Is there anyone left?!

Forte: It's over, dude.

...I actually started to like her. Perky, but strong... and unique in her own way. And now... she's gone.

Lucas: ...Who's dead...

...Jean... that... girl volunteer from Violet.

Wave Man: A fellow fighter... is dead? She seemed young... -His voice, compared to what he was like before, is now very quiet... Awkward.-

...she indeed died young.

Lucas: Do you want to bu-

No. -I grab Jean's body.- I'll go to Violet myself. This is what I must do... myself. You everyone... including Wave Man... You go after the whole Jasmine. She has stolen something from here... I've seen her carrying something...

-I go out, grab a drift of the wind... and fly to the Violet. Afterwards, I find her family's home... and knock.-

Mr. and Mrs. Amethyst?

Mr. Amethyst: Yes?

Your daughter is... ... ... ...dead.

-Although there is a silence as they don't say too much... I see in their eyes... That something died in them.-

Mrs. Amethyst: No... this can't be...

This is her body. Least I can do is return daughter to her parents.

Mr. Amethyst: [sigh] ...of course it would happen. She didn't knew anything about the battle. Why I allowed her?!

...actually, she proved brave and strong... It's just that the enemy proved too strong. And too sneaky. He simply stabbed her from the behind while she was battling... She also said... that she loves you. -I turn around, and stop speaking.-

-Her mother takes the body and goes off somewhere. -

Mr. Amethyst: ...this war will kill all of us if someone doesn't put a stop to it. All of us. In that case, you may find this useful...

Warlock received TM01! It contains Sacred Fire!

Mr. Amethyst: It contains an old, ancient technique... It's a physical attack which uses the power of fire. It's very likely to cause burns on the target's body. It has been apparently been blessed by a God himself... Please... put stop to the war... For my daughter.

I'll promise that I'll try doing so. I hope you'll give her a good, well-deserved funeral. For me... I have to go. Farewell.


Re: HeartGold Randomlocke...?

Day 4

-I am still in the Violet City, sitting on the bench...

Juliet: Still sad.


Juliet: It's not your fault - she volunteered on her own. What are you going to do now, though? Do you have any orders?

No. [beat] ...you know what? We could go treasure hunting. You found some useful items.

Juliet: That's the spirit!

-Cherrygrove City-

Quentin: I've managed to somehow mimic the whole bridge thing... So yeah, we're safe.

-We also found a guy who was drowning there-

Chris, Lv. 13 Chikorita♂, Cherrygrove City
Overgrow - Grass-type powers are stronger when the user is heavily injured.
Quiet, likes to thrash about

-Dark Cave-

Juliet: Wave Man, you lift these boulders like they're nothing! You must be strong.

Wave Man: ...you haven't seen what Guts Man can do.

-Route 46-

Heh. We're kinda high... Up down there, it connects to Route 29... Somewhere there, I met Forte.

-Ruins of Alph-

Juliet: We've already been here! In... that part!

-I finish the puzzle, only to get a weird feeling passing through my body.-

What the...

-Slowpoke Well-

Juliet: Isn't this where we rescued the people? Well, mainly your part of the group.

Yeah, this is the place. There's another level, past heavy boulders and deep water.

Wave Man: You mean they kidnap innocent people?! That's not exactly honorable.

...there is a saying that there are two occasions where anything is allowed.

Love... and war. Kidnapping defenseless people is a way to hinder enemy's progress.

-Much later-

Warlock received a lot of items!

[spoiler]I lost the list of what I found while backtracking. ;-; Among the more notable items are Spooky Plate, Icicle Plate, PP Max, Odd Keystone, TM18 (Icicle Spear), TM62 (Teleport) and Skull Fossil.

...a lot of stuff. Well, I guess that's a successful hunt, then!

Juliet: Celebrating tim-

You may or may not hear me but... We are preparing to attack Olivine. Who can join in, he/she should.

...Olivine, huh? Lighthouse.

-At Lighthouse... Forte and Byte join us. We arrive fast, and get up to the top via the elevator. Soon, there are fights down there... But we are reached only by the whole Leader and his two pals,,.-

You are challenged by Leader Donna!

-...only for Wave Man to splash them away with a miniature tidal wave. Swooosh, through the window!-

Anabel: Well, it's not exactly the most dry option... But it worked! Oh, and they dropped something.

Warlock found TM23! It contains Light Screen.

-Sometime later-
Wrnt. Off. Emauel: Well, good job. You've done quite a lot for us. You and your group. I guess I should promote you. You're now a Sergeant, Warlock! Your next goal is Mahogany. If you find out anything strange, report it! Is it clear?

Yes, sir!

-And so we go on.... through Ecruteak... onto Route 42! And then someone throws TM08 with Copycat in it, at me. He disappears as soon as he appeared. Oh well, whatever. We soon arrive by Mahogany... Then a bush starts to rustle!-

Aaah! -I point my attack towards the bush-

???: Wow, hold on! It's me, Scout Lyra, sir!


Scout Lyra: I see you have arrived on the borders. Well, you should focus your attention on the nearby settlement, Lake of Rage.

-So we arrive at the Lake of Rage. -

???: Ah... where

A red-haired guy?

???: Oh, it's you... Warlock, right? I've heard about your doings. I am Maj. Gen. Lance. We're currently investigating the whole disappearance of the people here. Do you know anything?


???: But I do! ~


Maj. Gen. Lance: Hmm?

???: You see, the whole guys have kidnapped me! But I escaped. Silly guys, can't catch me, too fast :3 Anyways, the whole gift shop is just a coverup. There should be a secret entrance there. Underground... There is something. I can't describe it, didn't see too much.

Maj. Gen. Lance: ...gift shop, you say? [over radio] We need as many people possible as we can in the Mahogany. This is important.

Who are you?

???: My name is Victoria! I live here. I am bit different from my family, though. We don't know why, but my colors are not the same as my sister's. Weird, isn't it?

...different colors?

Victoria, Lv. 30 Clefairy♀, Lake of Rage
Cute Charm - May influence opposite gender within closer proximity.
Careful, mischievious.

Victoria: Oh, I also took these two discs from the base!

Warlock received TM08 and TM09! They contain Copycat and Miracle Eye, respectively.

-Indeed, there is a gift shop... in a bad state. The guy's already down there.

So get inside... and get through B1F, arrive at B2F... Where the red haired guy is here!-

Maj. Gen. Lance: You finally caught up! Hmm... You look kinda bruised. Here, take this medicine. [beat] I don't know what is happening here exactly, but it's our job to find out. Go go go go!

-B2F is not to much say about... except for that weird door. But it has no lock, be it normal or electronical. We just go on. We soon arrive in B3F.-

Maj. Gen. Lance: I've managed to get som information out of these guys. You've probably saw a weird door while coming here, right? Well, it activates only with a voice command of a certain person. He didn't tell me his name, only that he is in their office. Which itself is protected with a password... Thankfully, this one is normal.

-After some... "persuasion", we learn the two passwords are RaticateTail and SlowpokeTail. Finding the office takes a while, but we do that, as well. We enter the room... to find Leo.-


Leo: You!

???: Wait... You each know each other?!

Leo: Screw this, I am out! -makes a hole in the wall and escapes-

???: Well, the password is... 'Hail New Order!' But it will be useless, since the door responds only to my voice.

You are challenged by Executive Petrel Rich Girl Leader Marshall!

Note: Marshall waz here, Warlock iz a lozer.

-The whole Marshall seems to be able to both fly, use wind and electricity... Wave Man takes on him... with success!

Marshall: You expect me to surrender and go activate the door? Ha! Cya, losers. -escapes with the hole before anyone can react-

Shoot... Now how we're supposed to open the door?

???: I can help.

Huh, you? How.

???: I am Elisabeth... And I am very good at mimicking voices. -She mimicks my voice- Like this! -Now she mimicks Marshall's voice- Or this. I can help you, if you direct me to the door.

-We direct her to the door.-

Elisabeth: -Mimicking Marshall's voice- Hail New Order!

-The door opens... but we can't celebrate, as more people are coming here.-

???: You... you little idiot! Argh! You are in so much trouble. -She tries to punch the girl but I block her... well, it somewhat works.-

Maybe fight against someone of your league?

Jasmine: Hey, it's you, once again!! Boss, this is the girl I've been talking about! She's been making all our plans fiascio so far!


???: Really? Well then... So, you want to fight against us? Hah! As if you could. There's far too many of us here for all of you seven to take care of.

Maj. Gen. Lance: Well then, how about twenty? GO GO GO! -A squad of people is charging. Everyone starts their own part of fight.-

You are challenged by Executive Ariana Rich Girl Leader Florentino & Engineer Leader Jasmine!

-There are some powerful guys there, but there's enough of us to take all of them without any losses.-

Florentino: Ah, whatever. Well, I think it'd be nice if you learn that I've set up explosives all over the place. If you want to save the people, you have to let me free and focus on disarming the things.

Maj. Gen. Lance: ...you... You heard her... Get down these explosives!

-Florentino and Jasmine freely leave the place, as we try to make this place safe. It took a while, but everyone's safe.-

Maj. Gen. Lance: While searching the place, I found some TMs and a HM. You may want to make use of them.

Warlock received HM05, TM23 and TM36. The TMs contain Light Screen and Nightmare, respectively.

Maj. Gen. Lance: The place is safe. I still don't know what they tried to do with the civilians, though...

???: Oh, it's simple. You see, we research the whole 'evolution' process... and experimented with it.

Maj. Gen. Lance: You what?

???: The gender, the age... it doesn't matter. Everyone has their own potential. We can and force people to 'evolve'. The results are various... But I don't care as long as we get an army of useful soldiers.

This... is.... sick...

???: So, what? This is war. Everything is allowed.

This... is... not.... humane... I WON'T LET YOU DO IT!

-As I scream these words, my body starts to glow... I grow even more bulky and larger... My handfeathers grow thicker andlarger, my nails are as sharp as claws... On my usually black hair, there is now a red streak.-

Congratulations! Warlock evolved into Staraptor!

...further evolution?! How much of this I can do?

???: Interesting...

Byte: Does that mean I can evolve further, too?!

???: Well, anyways. I am Jill. I am here to finish you!

You are challenged by Leader Jill!

-Another crapton of enemies show up... but Quentin takes on most of them, proving that his bulk is really something...-

Quentin: Ha! What you can do? We outnumber you. You can just surrend-


-...but there is only that much of the bulk to have...-


Wave Man: What you have done... WILL NOT BE PUNISHED! -Wave Man does... things. Lemme say they weren't the prettiest things ever. Everyone escapes, but Jill stays for a while.-

Jill: Oh... someone's dying? Well, too bad for you.  About you... Warlock... For showing me that you can evolve even further... Take this! It's a gift from me. -He then disappears-

Warlock received TM07! It contains Defog.

Quentin: ...I guess it's my time now... Well, I wonder if I can find Jean there... -cough- I kinda liked her... She had nice attitude, despite everything... Bye, everyone...

R.I.P Quentin: Lv. 4-32
Cause of death: Absol's Pursuit.

Maj. Gen. Lance: ....one of us have fallen. He certainly helped us here... For that... posthumuosly... I promote him to Leading Private... Let us honor what he has done here with a minute of silence.

-After the minute of silence, we leave the building with civilians.-

I turn the radio on, and try to say something...

Lucas... Can you hear me?  ...I need someone from your group...


Re: HeartGold Randomlocke...?

    Day 5

    Scientist Elm: Since you've been... losing people recently... Take these.

    Warlock received Exp. Share and TM83! It contains Ominous Wind.

    Scientist Elm: Exp. Share is a learning device. It's not as effective as the Lucky Egg... but it's much more safer, as the holder doesn't have to fight. I hope it makes the things safer. The TM meanwhile contains a Ghost-type technique... Not sure if you can't learn it... But as the name suggests, it creates a weird kind of wind... which once in a while, temporarily increases overall strength of user. Very nifty... [beat] Since we have taken Mahogany from enemy's hands, your next target is Blac-


    Scientist Elm: -kthorn City... Or not. You know what do, right?

    Yes, sir.

    -We are by the Radio Tower... But it's tightly guarded by the enemy forces! And we can't just blew up a hole... There are innocent people inside the tower. We can't risk...

    Thankfully enough, there are some lone guys down the Underground Tunnel. We knock them out and take their outfits.

    Somehow, there is an outfit that matches Wave Man... I have no idea why, but I don't care.-

    Not really my style... But oh well, whatever. We need to defend the Radio Tower!

    -So we get to the second floor of Radio Tower... or so we think. Just as we're going...-

    Leo: YOU!


    Leo: You're not New Order!

    Random New Order Soldier: Wait wh-

    -PWNCH! It's a KO!-

    -More pwnch! It's a critical hit! Leo faints!-

    Another New Order Soldier: THERE ARE MORE OF THESE DOWN!

    ...well, that was fast.

    -Our uniforms are now useless, so we throw them away... We had too many layers of clothing, anyway.

    On 4F, we notice the whole Florentino guy... who escapes to 5F as soon as we notice him...-

    Forte: This is kinda creepy... Some of the enemies looked similar to Jean and Quentin... or Byte... or others we've meet! This is unsettling!

    Their powers were similar... It might have relation to their somewhat similar appearance... I can't see any other explanation.

    -We go to 5F and take down Marshall.-

    Marshall: Ha! So what if you've beaten me? I've disabled the door to higher levels. How are you supposed to help your people now, hmm?

    -This guy is pissing me off. So I just grab him and pin him to the wall.-


    Marshall: As if you would do that.

    ...want to bet? This is a fifth floor. Even if you were to survive, you'd get crippled for the rest of your life.

    Marshall: ...Tch! Fine. This is the key to a secret entrance in the Goldenrod Underground.

    Warlock obtained the Basement Key!

    Marshall: I hope you enjoyed the ride, because it's going to end soon!

    -We get into the underground... and find the entrance he was talking about. We are about to enter, when...-

    Leo: And where you think you are going? This is my plan! I am going to take over the Radio Tower as first step. Be prepared to be defeated!

    You are challenged by Rocker Leo!

    -While he this time, he actually did gather a decent team, we weren't too shabby, either. He simply didn't predict that... we might have tricks that do not suit our powers. So we took him down. Ah, close-ranged combat is so sweet...-

    Leo: ...again! You're ruining my plan... Changes in plans! We're going somewhere else!

    -So we kicked the New Order's ass... and found the keys! Plus a TM disc.-

    Warlock received Card Key and TM47! It contained Splash. an empty TM disc!

    -We insert the Card Key into the door... And we encounter a face not seen for a while.-

    Cammie: You! You messed up our plan at the Azalea. And more! And now you're here... I'll stop you here

    You are challenged by Executive Proton Rich Girl Leader Cammie!

    -Down. We go further... finally catching up to Florentino-

    Howdy, Mr. Florentino. I think you forgot a daily dose of pain.

    You are challenged by Leader Florentino!

    -Well, that was fast.-

    Florentino: Very well. But there's one more challenge awaiting you here...

    -We reach the observation deck-

    ???: Isn't this a beautiful view? So sad it has to be plunged in the war.


    ???: Pardon me. I am Pi. And I am the mastermind behind this plan! If you want us to retreat, you need to defeat me and my guard!

    What? You coordinate them?

    Pi: You could say so... Azalea... Violet... Goldenrod... Lake of Rage... You name it, I am behind it.

    Forte: Y-you! You did it! If not you... no one would be dead!

    Pi: Oh, and what a little boy like you can do to me?

    Forte: I'll show you what I can do!

    Forte... Wait... That glow!

    -On everyone's eyes, Forte changes. He grows larger, and his neck becomes surrounded by a coating that's... fluffy. His hair grows bit longer, too. But most important is that one can now mistake him for a young adult. Well, that's one of a change...-

    Congratulations! Forte evolved into Altaria!

    Pi: Very interesting... But we shall no longer delay the unevitable!

    You are challenged by Executive Archer Rich Girl Leader Pi!

    -...well, his guard went down rather fast. As he did.-

    Pi: ...very well. We'll retreat our forces. But this is not the last time we'll see each other! Farewell.

    -He escapes. Meanwhile, someone of ours reaches us.-

    Wrnt. Off. Emauel: Another job well done! Here, take this.

    Warlock received Bright Powder and TM11! It contains Slash.

    Scientist Elm: They've also left this...

    Warlock received Rainbow Wing!

    Scientist Elm: I have no idea what it does. It's just a wing that seems to gleam in colors of rainbow. Maybe you'll find its use. Anyway, now you can go towards Blackthorn.

    -We reach Mahogany, where we meet Lucas once again.-

    Lucas: Long time no see! [beat] Huh, you've changed. Not that I have anything against the new look. I've also trained up the person you wanted to have here. Weird thing happened, though...

    Lemme guess, he started to glow white and then changed?

    Lucas: Wha- How- Whe- How did you-

    That already happened to me twice. Once before I met you, at the Violet... and more recently, at the Mahogany. Oh, and Forte did change as well, like hour ago or something. -I point at Forte-

    Forte: Hi! :3

    Lucas: That's Forte? ...he doesn't look like him at all! Well... Okay, there are some similarities, but he looks as if he suddenly gained few years!

    Okay... Thank you for the whole training thing... But we must go. See you later... or something...

    -After travelling through Route 44, we reach Ice Path-

    Forte: Brrrrr... It's cold here!

    It's called Ice Path for a reason, Forte.

    -In the middle of getting through it...-

    Scout Lyra: It's me, Lyra, sir! We meet once again. Take this!

    Warlock received HM07!

    Scout Lyra: It's a special technique that you may find useful later. Oh, also these two want to join you.

    Bernard, Lv. 22 Larvitar♂, Route 44
    Shed Skin - User might naturally heal any burns, numbed muscles, frostbites or toxins in his body. He also can also wake up faster from deep sleep and might melt ice on its body, if someone were to freeze it.
    Naive, capable of aking hits

    Spectra, Lv. 22 Drifloon♀, Ice Path
    Aftermath - Upon receiving lethal blow, the attacker is damaged, as well.
    Naive, often lost in thought.

    ...send them to Lucas, is that clear?

    Scout Lyra: Yes, sir!

    -And there they go. Further the path, we discover that there was a... rockslide. Wave Man clears up the rubble and boulders. Under everything, there was TM88, which contains Dragon Breath.

    As we arrive in Blackthorn... we notice Dragon's Den, the local temple, is under attack. You see where this is going.-

    ...why's there lava everywhere?

    ???: Dunno, ask the locals.


    ???: I see you had the bravery to come so far... Well... [gives a tongue] I hope you can take me down, elsewhere this'll be boring!

    You are challenged by Leader Anne!

    -...not much of a threat. People she had by herself were more of what you could classify as cute ones, rather than powerful ones. We go further into the temple... and then find someone!-

    ???: Who are you?

    Forte: Wait... Lilith?

    Lilith: ...are you... are you maybe... are you who I think you are?

    Forte: Yes, it's me... Forte!

    Lilith: Glad to see you! I thought you were gone forever... There were bad people here!

    Forte: They're now gone. -hug-

    So wait, who are you to each other?

    Forte: Cousins. By... grandparents, I think.

    Lilith, Lv. 15 Sunkern♀, Dragon's Den
    Chlorophyll -  User is faster and more agile when the sun is brightly shining.
    Lonely, quick to flee
    Note: Knows Extreme Speed (hard-coded)

    [spoiler]Sceptile<->Torterra; Torterra<->Sunflora and Sceptile<->Altaria

    Lilith: I have found this. Is it anything useful?

    Warlock received TM59! It contains Withdraw.

    ...not for us, but maybe for someone else.

    -After that, we received order to wait. We've taken back every major city. In Johto, they don't have much place to hide in. We need to wait...-

    [spoiler]that was slow

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    Re: HeartGold Randomlocke...?

    Day ???

    -Ugh... Where... where am I?

    How many days passed? We just got knocked out one by one... like that...-

    My head still hurts...

    Forte: You're here, too?!


    Forte: Yes!

    Wave Man: Wave Man reporting in. All systems working.

    ...that's everyone here. Where's the other half?

    Forte: Dunno, everything went black.

    Wave Man: What kind of trick is that, even?

    They used stealth to pick one by one. Like that.

    -We go out... and kick some asses, as we were guarded. One guy had a particulary quirky item...-

    Warlock found Soul Dew!

    Forte: Guys... I think we are... high. Look here!

    -There's a window... and we are indeed high. We're in a tall tower.-

    Well, at least we know we are in... Ecruteak? Huh.

    -We try to get down the tower... but to no avail. We instead get to the summit. I swear we were going down. What.-

    ???: What are you doing? Ugh! Unhand me at once!

    Wave Man: That voice!

    More people to rescue?!

    -Well... another robot.-

    Wave Man: ...Plant Man? What are you doing here?

    Plant Man: I'd like to ask you the same.

    Wave Man: Long story.

    Plant Man, Lv. 45 Shaymin, Bell Tower
    Natural Cure - When not currently fighting, user can naturally heal any burns, numbed muscles, frostbites or toxins in his body. He also wakes up faster from deep sleep and can melt ice on its body, if someone were to freeze it.
    Careful, likes to run
    Held TM70.

    Forte: Look, they've held something!

    Warlock found TM70! It contains Body Slam.

    We need to find others.

    -Well, the tower wasn't too large. It took some time, but we found the remaining people... and exit. BUMP!-

    Scout Lyra: Here you are! And I thought we lost you.

    ...how long we were away?

    Scout Lyra: 'bout 3 days, sir.

    Three days?!

    Scout Lyra: Not too much happened in past 2 days, though. Until now. You see, we discovered that there are some actions of New Order being planned at Mt. Mortar, somewhere deep in the Ilex Forest... and west of Cianwood. You may want to go to these places.


    [to the other obt] Plant Man, right? Well... you should stay here. Or go to Azalea, whatever you prefer.

    Day 8

    -Mt. Mortar's a large mountain, but nothing too interesting here. Other than the TM17, which had Cotton Spore.

    Next up is Cliff Edge Gate, and anything past it...

    Well, it turns they were trying to siege a school there... But pffft, they didn't stand a chance. And we actually got some new recruits.-

    Aqari, Lv. 22 Bronzong, Route 48
    Heatproof - User's resistance to Fire-type powers is increased. Any kind of burns is half as effective, as well.
    Naughty, strongly defiant
    Note: Female for storyline purposes.

    Jeremy, Lv. 15 Nidoran♂, Safari Zone
    Poison Point - Physical contact with the user may inject poison into the attacker's body.
    Modest, scatters things often
    Held Lucky Punch

    -Ilex Forest... well, this is interesting-
    Scout Lyra: Sir! Good to see you here...

    ...oh, you look different.

    Scout Lyra: Yep! I guess that's what they call... evolution. We need you here! There's a lot of people heereee! BUnch of enemy forces.

    [rustle rustle rustle]

    ???: Ah, you. Warlock, right? My subordinates told me about you... and how much problems you cause.


    ???: I knew you'd get here. You and your heroic deeds.

    ...so you're man behind the man?

    ???: Yes. I am Alex, the leader of New Order. And I am here to end you!

    You are challenged by Rocket Boss Giovanni Swimmer ♂ New Order's Supreme Leader Alex

    -The battle... was anything but pretty. There was basically everyone... Ugh... There was no easing up there... I could only see people dying... including mine...-

    -Slash! Splash!-

    ...what... the.... fuck... was.... that.

    -I can only see as I fall to the ground... my vision... ending... no... this... cannot.... be...-

    R.I.P. Warlock Lv. 5-35
    Cause of death: Tentacool's Hydro Pump

    R.I.P. John Lv. 7-36
    Cause of death: Tentacool's Hydro Pump followed by poison.

    R.I.P. Kenya Lv. 20-35
    Cause of death: Piloswine's Earthquake.

    ...what? Nothing happens... As if...

    ???: As if the time stopped.


    -A short, feminine figure covered in grassy clothes approaches me.-

    ???: I am Celebi, the guardian of this forest. This battle... was very bloody. You died... but the fate still has plans for you. In that case, we need to rectify something... We need to bring you back... as a spirit, at least.


    -Before I can say anything... a flash of light! Everything's back to normal... b Except I can see my body. I am on the sides... and I am all blue. Also, the battle's over.-

    Forte: ...sir? ...are you okay...? Sir... wake up... Please... wake up...

    Byte: ...what are we going to tell Kenya's sister?

    Scout Lyra: ...John's not responding...

    Wave Man: ...they're dead, aren't they? Yet another... casaulty. I can't help but to... cry.  I haven't done so in a while.

    -...funeral happens. Some take it worse than other. Some care for some of us more than other... Forte and Byte  got attached to me... This gives a warm feeling.-

    Maj. Gen. Lance: It's sad day today... but I have good news. There's one, final raid to do. Their final base is at HQ. Take down that, and they're done for good.

    Forte: ...for good?

    Maj. Gen. Lance: Yes. For good.

    ...In that case... Get Juliet. Ben and Plant Man. We need to go there.

    Maj. Gen. Lance: ...!

    Forte: ...?!

    Wave Man: ...what?


    It's me. Ahahaha. Someth ing decided to give me a way to talk to you. That's all, though. Can't help, other than by commanding you.

    Forge tries to hug me... but I just phase through him.

    Sorry, Forte. I am a ghost.

    [to Lance] So... the plateau. You mean... Indigo Plateau?

    Maj. Gen. Lance: Yes. That's the very last thing.

    ...let's end this goddamn war.

    Warlock Juliet somehow found TM37! It contains Thrash.

    -Since this was going to be the final battle, we finally used some of the TMs. Plant Man learned Ominous Wind, Byte can use Muddy Water... and Forte can now use Attack Order. Talk about using that fluff for offense! Yeah.

    ...of course, just before Indigo Plateau we find... Leo-

    Leo: You! Again. And again. and aga- Wait, where's the girl?

    Right. Over. Here. And technically dead.

    Leo: ...you, dead? Wait, how. Who? I was supposed to defeat you.

    The whole Alex guy from New Order. Apparently, he is behind EVERYTHING. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g

    Leo: ...very well. If you can defeat me, I'll help you. But only for this one time.

    -The battle was over rather fast. But not because he was weak. No, he actually was durable this time. It's just that the battle was too small to take any time.-

    ...well, you improved, man. Also, you actually have a buggish guy now. I guess that's some kind of Bug Catcher.

    Leo: ...humph... As if... ... ... ...nevermind. We need to take down the whole organization. I hate them even more than you or your side.

    -We soon start battling... and get to a familiar face.-

    Ann: Oh wook. Isn't it the whole Leo guy? Did you... ally with them?

    Leo: Shut up!

    Forte: We've had enough of you! We are here to put you to final end.

    Ann: ...very well.

    You are challenged by Elite Four Will Performer Leader Ann!

    -First one goes... and it squeezes Byte like a potato... She kinda moves... but can't do much.-

    [spoiler]>Clefable used Metronome!
    [spoiler]>Clefable used Wring Out!
    [spoiler]>It's a critical hit!

    Forge: Byte!

    Wave Man: Squeezing a lady like that... THIS IS UNACCEPTAB-


    -There was an explosion... shielded by Plant Man... or whatever left of him.-


    R.I.P. Plantman Lv. 45
    Cause of death: Clefable's Metronome'd Explosion

    Wave Man: PLANT MAN! ...don't worry... we'll... repair you...

    -Then we go o--

    You are challenged by Elite Four Koga Performer Leader Ann!

    ...wait, what?

    -Well, she brought more people. No one died, this time, however.

    Next leader!-

    You are challenged by Elite Four Bruno Performer Leader Marcellus!

    -...this was one closer... But we still won. Not much left.-

    You are challenged by Elite Four Karen Performer Leader Wayne!
    Leader Wayne sent out Umbreon!

    [spoiler]dat Umbreon, lol.

    -...this one was a tough cookie... but we did... One... more... fight...-

    Alex: Look who's here. Even Leo. The whole guy... Who escaped from us.


    Alex: Aren't you supposed to be dead? Oh well, I'll make your friends join you.

    You are challenged by New Order's Supreme Leader Alex!

    -One down! Another down! Yet another down... But then...


    -Into the wall. Dead... Byte...-


    -...into the ground. ...Forte...-


    -Wave Man...-





    -...the guy is too strong...-


    -...my link... here... ends... can't tell more...-


    Final team:
    Lv. 39 Wave Man; Muddy Water/Water Pulse/Ice Beam/Strength
    Lv. 39 Byte; Conversion 2/Muddy Water/Psybeam/Signal Beam @ Wise Glasses
    Lv. 6 Benjamin; Waterfall/Surf/Rage/Water Gun [spoiler]lol HM slave
    Lv. 37 Forte; Attack Order/Dragon Breath/Sing/Cut
    Lv. 45 Plant Man; Synthesis/Leech Seed/Magical Leaf/Ominous Wind
    Lv. 31 Juliet; Peck/Fury Attack/Aerial Ace/Fly

    [spoiler]Yes, that fucking Alakazam wiped out everyone left.

    Day 9

    -The war... is over. They've been taken down. Although the whole leader guy was strong... almost everyone he had was taken down, partially thanks to us. This was case of quantity over quality.

    We've died, but I guess that's the price of freedom...

    The whole Ecruteak Tower has been turned into graveyard, in memorial of those fallen in war. Including us.

    Everyone has their own grave, as bodies were identified. That's one relief.

    For now, it's going to be peaceful. But for how long? I hope it'll be as long as it's possible.

    The last day was the most bloody. We've died. But... I knew that. I knew I'd die.

    Other? They don't mind this too much. Some can spend time with other in that state... as long as they want.

    Wave Man and Plant Man

    I think Forte has feelings for Byte, can't really tell. Neither what can they do here, since they're ghosts. ...are we even in the afterlife yet? Or is this some intermediate state.

    Anyways... This is where my story will fold.

    As I mentioned... Peace won't last forever, unfortunately. Here, on Earth... war will be there always. Somewhere, there will be war. Someone will die. Someone won't. Someone will survive. There will always be blood, grief... sadness.

    I can tell you one thing about the war, though. War...

    ...war never changes.-


    Re: HeartGold Randomlocke...?

    [Before war, there was... peace.]

    (Aka what I am doing here, why is this a thing.)

    The rules are the same, barring that TMs and Move Tutors are unchanged from original game.

    Additionally, catch rates are "buffed" for some Pokémon. A low health legendary has 15% chance to be caught, normal Pokémon 25-30%. This obviously doesn't apply to things with catch rate already high.

    Pallet Town

    ???: ...told you for like tenth time, call me Red, not Krisztina, Kris, or any variation of thereof!

    ???: Maybe if you stop calling me Drago... Kris.

    Red: ...oh for the sake of-

    Blue: Geez, calm down. Just joking. Anywho, I am off. See ya later... Red! Hah!

    Krisztina "Red", Lv.5 Larvitar♀, Pallet Town

    Guts - Physical power is increases if user is under a status condition.

    Impish; held Fluffy Tail

    ???: You aren't going to let him go just like that, are you?

    ???: Wait, you think she would?

    Esme, Lv. 3 Rayquaza, Route 1

    Air Lock - User, and anyone else user is fighting with or against is not affected by the weather as long as user is in the battle.


    Note: Female for storyline purposes.

    Merit, Lv. 3 Umbreon, Route 22

    Synchronize - Any status conditions inflicted by anyone else are also inflicted on whoever inflicted them.


    Red: Of course not...

    [Sometime and somegrinding later]

    Red: Here we go... the Pewter Gym. First one. Let's go take care of it.

    Merit: This looks like a job for me...

    Merit used Sand-Attack! Merit used Sand-Attack! Merit used Sand-Attack!
    Merit used Tail Whip! Merit used Tail Whip! Merit used Tail Whip!
    Merit used Tackle! Merit used Tackle! Merit used Tackle!

    Dudley: ...well, that is some kind of tactic. Well, you defeated me, so here, take the Boulder Badge. Oh, and the Rock Tomb TM. You might want to teach it to someone you'll likely meet along your journey. You know where to go now, right?

    Red: Yep. East of Pewter is Cerulean.

    [Sometime later, by Mt. Moon]

    Esme: Well, it's getting late. I don't want to wander around this large mountain in pitch-black night.

    Mt. Moon's Pokémon Center

    Esme: So as you know, past the mountain there is Cerulean City. The second Gym, yadda yadda all that stuff.

    Merit: There's also the house of whole Bill, the "maniac" guy.  He might have something interesting.

    Merit: HUh?

    Milda: ...can I join you? You are a group of battlers, right?

    Esme: Yes, yes we are. Red?

    Red: [still munching] ...shure, wahy snot? [swallows] We'll go tomorrow, though.

    Milda, Lv. 10 Omastar♀, Mt. Moon

    Shell Armor - The user has no weak points. [spoiler]There's no Mold Breaker in G3, so...


    [Next day; in the Mt. Moon]

    Merit: The guys are everywhere. I swear every ten steps, we are assaulted by someone.

    ???: You! You are challenginge the League, aren't you. Poor, misguided you. We can give you a better future...

    Red: ...who is this?

    Merit: Eh, some guy from the whole... what they call them again?

    Esme: Something along the "New Order." Yeah, pretty innovative.

    [The guy is shoved away]

    Red: I don't have time for the likes of you.

    [The Mt. Moon is exited, and Cerulean is reached]

    Blue: Oh, hello... Kris.

    Red: ...Drago.

    Blue: So, this is your team, huh? Well, I surely have better one. Look here!

    [Indeed, there were some people there...]

    Red: Oh y-

    Esme: Yeah, and then what? Try me.

    Esme used Twister! Esme used Twister! Esme used Twister! Esme used Ancient Power!

    Red's team has won!

    Blue: ...ah, whatever. I've already got the Gym Badge for this place.

    [The house of the maniac Bill is reached sometime after this]

    ???: Buh, let me in!

    Red: Hey... What is going on there?

    ???: I want to get in, but they won't let!

    Red: What? Bill's a j-

    ???: It's not Bill... it's someone else!

    Eireen, Lv. 7 Taillow♀, Route 24

    Guts - Physical power is increases if user is under a status condition.


    Red: I guess... it's time to break in, huh?