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Remember that one we made for  B/W 2? I figure it wouldn't hurt to make for for X/Y. So...yeah.

How about that Monorpale? If I didn't have a Caliburn, I'd probably name one of them that. tongue


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My mind already seems to be in the process of figuring out how to work one in as a character in the next PMD fanfic I may write, or coming up with a mini-plot thing for the RP involving one that accidentally ended up in a museum somehow.

Not sure if I'll use the sword thing as one of my team members in the games, but I certainly already like it a lot.

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Definitely looks interesting. I might try using it in game, but I'm already going to try using Froakie, Fletchling, and Flabébé, so I'm probably not deciding until we find out if its English name begins with an F about more Pokémon.

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Monorpale will likely become a member of my team, if only for a little while. I'm probably going to name it Vorpal. It'll be weird seeing It and Jabberwocky the Noivern on the same team though. tongue


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I'm just glad that it's a ghost~

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What do I think about Monorpale? Well...


Seriously, this beats out Noivern for title of my favorite mon introduced so far.

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Damn straight. It ties with Clauncher for me.

Because as cool as snapping shrimp and mantis shrimp are, haunted swords are cooler.

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I read on tumblr that it's french name comes from mono and vorpal. Vorpal is the sword Alice slays the Jabberwocky with, so it might be based off that.


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And now we have its English name, Honedge, as well as some information that I assume is it's Pokédex entry.

And it can learn Sword Dance. (although that probably isn't that surprising tongue)


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I want a Honedge so I can call it Sting. Or maybe I want to go with "Killyou" (which is a LOTR in-joke of mine). Not sure yet. All I know is that is made of awesome.

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CoroCoro just released a buttload of X and Y info! Here's an overview:

Please note that none of the new names have be localized. All WMG gave been wrapped in spoiler tags.

Well Xerneas is now officially a Fairy type and Yveltal is now officially Dark and Flying. Their abilities Fairy Aura and Dark Aura respectively. Their abilities power up Fairy type attacks or Dark type attacks respectively.

Xerneas' special move is called Geo Control. Yveltal's special move is called Death Wing.

Two new Fairy type were also introduced; Shushup and Peroppafu.

Good news for our resident Dark-type trainer! We finally got a Dark/Psychic Pokemon line! Maika and its evolution Karamanero (they're based on squids btw)! They both have either Suction Cups or Contrary for their abilities.

Good news for Umbra and a lot of others, Honedge has the ability No Guard!

And Ren is catching the Dark/Fighting type Goronoda (Pacham evolves into it via a new evolution method) because it gains a FREAKING TAIL COAT UPON EVOLUTION!

And The evil team has also been introduced as well. Team Flare (Flair?) wears flame-orange tuxedo-like outfits and matching sunglasses - and yes, you did read that right. Their hair styles look have tufts that look like fire balls. This team's lofty goal is... MAKE MONEY! [spoiler]WMG:Unless of course they pull a Team Plasma, and that's just a cover motive.... ... ... I'M NOT MAKING THIS UP!  (RP WMG: They will all be camp gay.)

[spoiler]WMG: And it looks like may we FINALY get a Dark type gym!

With a gym Leader whose name is Zakuro how could GF pass that up? (Oh, yeah, it's Troll Freak we're talking about...)

And another gym leader whose name is Shitoron (black and white, get it?)

This region's professor has also been revealed. Purataanu looks like he's around late 20 to mid 30's and he'll actually challenge you to Pokemon battles!

We shall defeat legions of Cipher Peons... by performing an elaborate musical number!


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So, the orange guys' goals are just to make money? Well, I suppose it would've been hard for them to top the evil plans of Team Magma/Aqua, Galactic and Plasma anyways. I guess it is probably a smart on the part of the orange guys to not make their plans too big and complicated, assuming they're not planning to make money by selling Xerneas or Yveltal or something like that. tongue

So, Xerneas is fairy type and Yveltal is dark/flying. Cool. Plus, that's at least one fairy type legendary confirmed.

And wow, Pancham's evolved form looks pretty badass. I get sort of a Large Ham wibe from it, you know? (and now I have the strangest idea to see one of those wrestling against Crasher Wake. I wonder if any of the fanartists have already drawn such an image by now?)

So, now we know of some of the Pokémon exclusive to these games, such as Clauncher being exclusive to X and Skrelp being exclusive to Y. And then there's the new fairy types, which are both pretty cute, I guess. For some reason I also like their classifications, namely the pink Y exclusive bird being called the perfume Pokémon and the puffball exclusive to X being the cotton candy Pokémon. (wonder how well the latter would get along with Vanillite and its evolved forms? tongue)

Not sure what I think of the new gym leaders. Is the nerdy one with the robot arm things a steel or an electric type leader? And is the other one a boy or a girl?

Also, the new professor occasionally battles us? Cool, I guess.

Oh, almost forgot to comment on the squid thing. The first stage is kind of cute, and its evolved form, I like that too. It's "hairstyle" sort of reminds me of Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

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-Looks at Serebii-

Ooh, Shushup looks nice! I might make that my Fairy-type instead of Fla-

-Notices that it's going to be exclusive to Y and he already preordered X-

... >_>

But, seriously, I hope I didn't preorder too early. I don't know whether I prefer Clauncher or Skrelp and I still prefer Xerneas' design to Yveltal's, but I also like Dark/Flying types and I don't think I'm too fond of Peroppafu's design even if some of it's battle avbilities look nice. Might end up liking it more than Shushup if I decide to use it instead of Flabébé, but we'll see. (Though on that note, one Dark and one Fairy? Maybe the types are going to end up counterparts to each other.)

On non-exclusive comments, the Maika line looks nice, its typing looks nice, and Turn Over sounds like a fun move. After thinking about it a bit, I'm probably going to try and get one.

Gym Leaders look nice. I think I'll like the guy with the robot arms and I'm kind of curious as to what those red, blue, and yellow things in the other guys' hair are. Wonder what Team Flare/Flair will be like if they're mainly going for money or if their name means they might be using Pokemon like Fire-types rather than the typical Dark and Poison.

Also, Pancham's evo is part Dark-type. I KNEW IT!

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Also, the new criminals are getting back to the basics. MONEY!

They also sound like they're going to be nicknamed Team FABULOUS!

Heh heh.

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Gotta say, I really like the squids.


Crow: I preordered them both. o3o

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Lemme just squee some more over Goronda.

He chews on a stick!

He has a waist coat cape thing!

He's dark fighting!



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English names:

The professor shown is named Sycamore

Shitoron is now Clemont, and Zakuro is Grant. Clemont's sister is named Bonnie.

Panchum's evolution is Pangoro

Peropuff is Swirlix

Shushupu is now Spritzee

Maika is Inkay, and its evolution is Malamar.

Then there's the move changes.

Drain Kiss = Draining Kiss
Turn Over = Topsy-Turvy
Geo Control = Geomancy
Death Wing = Oblivion Wing


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Hm... I'm probably going to get Y too, actually, so I can get a Spritzee and so I can easier pick out the new mons for Crow's and Maggie's teams without shafting either.

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And now we have hologram technology


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Ooh, apparently we have their Pokédex entries now.

So, apparently Swirlix is a Sweet Tooth? Guess it might get along with RP!Mezzo then, assuming the idea of something resembling sentient cotton candy doesn't creep her out. tongue

I also found Inkay and Malamar's entries interesting, if a bit creepy. So, Malamar is said to have the strongest hypnotic force of any known Pokémon... Sounds like a good villain Pokémon, although I still might have RP!DS obtain one. I have sort of a "friendly, but odd" personality in mind for one.

Still far from deciding what Pokémon I'll use for either game, and I'll probably wait a bit longer before I start making any decisions regarding teams.


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I will call it squishy and it will be mine it will be my squishy

There are no words for how much I love it and Malamar aaahhhhhh


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I already have a few planned for the teams of a few characters. Plus a few in-game ones, too.

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I only know that I'm using Sylveon and Fennekin for certain. Noivern might end up on my team as well.

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Going to be using Froakie, Fletchling and quite possibly Inkay for X and probably Chespin and  Spritzee for Y. Not sure about anything else.

Also, Serebii says there's apparently another Pokemon named Oorotto that appeared in a trailer even though they couldn't get a photo of it.

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