The Wanderer Chronicles: Memories of Ikana

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The Wanderer Chronicles: Memories of Ikana

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(Originally wrote this back in April 2017, may come back to it someday, but posting it here anyway)

So, I decided I'd try writing about one of the many adventures the Wandering Trio has gone through not involving observing the WAAPTverse, this time co-starring Pamela from Majora's Mask.

"Day after day, it's just the same old grind," Pamela said as she sorted letters.

In the more than ten years following what the inhabitants of Termina would later describe as the Moon crisis, Pamela and her father had returned to Clock Town after her father's research of Ikana's paranormal activity had concluded, but after her father got another hunch upon Pamela reaching adulthood, he'd headed back to do more research on the beings of the Canyon.

Pamela, for her part, wanted no more to do with spirits or anything paranormal after she'd nearly lost her father to the Gibdo's curse, and decided to simply stay put in Clock Town ever since rather than return with her father. Only two years ago had she gotten her letter sorting job at the newly expanded West Clock Town Post Office, and it kept her quite busy, especially with the new telegraph that was all the rage in Termina nowadays. Plus, her father still regularly kept in contact through mail, so Pamela wasn't too worried about a second such incident happening.

Of course, little did Pamela know at that moment, that by the ring of the doorbell she'd be confronted with a reminder of those days yet again.

An odd trio then came inside. The first, a black-haired, pale-complexioned woman, wasn't all that weird, though humans with round ears tended to be rare in general. The second was what she could only describe as a Keaton-faced rodent with a lightning tail. The third, however, was probably the oddest with his rounded ears and dark brown skin that reminded her somewhat of the tales of the Gerudo Pirates she'd heard of, but he lacked their red hair and golden eyes, his dark hair matching his companion's in color, if not necessarily texture.

Then Pamela took a closer look at his face, finding it oddly familiar, and for a brief moment she found herself back at the Music Box House in Ikana Canyon, being held back by the person in question while a blond with ears like her own played a soothing melody.

"...Richard", Pamela asked apprehensively, "...Is that you?"

"It has been a while, hasn't it Pamela?", Richard, better known as the Wanderer said as walked over, "Roughly more than 14 or 15 years by my count, I'm surprised you still recognize me."

Now, Pamela was certainly more than grateful to both Richard and Link for helping free her father of the Gibdo's curse, and even for the drop in evil spirits in the region that she was pretty sure could be attributed to them. That said, she was a bit concerned about being around them for too long, since it seemed like the paranormal tended to be drawn to them like moths to a flame, and even asked them not to tell her father about their part in curing him, lest he do something even more foolish while subjecting them to tests. Especially Richard, he seemed particularly interested in her father's work from what she could remember overhearing of their conversations on the lower level, and not just in the sense that it made killing them easier with that magic sword of his.

"You're kinda hard to forget Richard," Pamela said, her letters temporarily forgotten, " I thought I'd never see either you or Link again after the Moon went back up in the sky and you said you had to go back home before the Festival of Time ended, but where is Link anyway? And who are these two?"

"Well…," Richard replied while scratching the back of head, "Link's a bit too busy to hang around me as often as we used to, so he told me to tell you hello for him if I managed to see you again. Which I have, I thought I'd have to go all the way to Ikana Canyon again but I was directed here."

"I'm Judith", the woman said, leaning against the wall and pointing down, "and this little guy here is Pikachu."

"Pikachu" gave an affirmative nod before climbing right on top of Pamela's stall and staring directly at her.

"He seems like just the sort of thing my father would want to research, if he were here," Pamela said as she started to return to sorting letters after staring right back. "But what does bring you back to Termina after you've been gone for so long?"

"Honestly," Richard said, "It's mainly me wanting to see how the place has progressed since we were last here in general, and Ikana in particular. So I really came in here to say, would you like to come with us? From what I've gathered from town gossip you haven't seen your dad in the flesh in forever since he headed back there, and even now the path's still kinda dangerous…"

"...But with the three of us," Judith continued, finishing her partner in more ways than one's statement, "You have nothing to fear."

Pamela just stared at the trio for a few seconds as she mentally mulled over the Wanderer's offer. True, she still felt a little apprehensive being around the paranormal after having sworn off it for so long, but on the other hand, she did miss actually having her father near even if they still had mail correspondence. Also, certainly Richard, Judith, and Pikachu seemed like they'd easily crush whatever monsters that could possibly show up on the way.

"I'm still funny about the paranormal stuff… but I haven't seen my dad in forever, so I'll join you.," Pamela said, her mind made up.

"Glad to hear it," the Wanderer said, happily, "Though I hope you won't get in trouble or anything doing this."

"Eh," Pamela replied, waving her left hand dismissively, "The boss will be fine with me taking a couple days off, there's other people to pick up the slack. Though I still need to finish up this stuff first so I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Okay then," Richard said, turning to leave, "We'll see you tomorrow in front of East Clock Town's gate."

And so the post office was empty again.

As for Pamela, she went back to sorting mail, her thoughts were filled with the fact that she'd thought today would be a day like any other, only to meet a blast from the past and prepare to go off to see another, as well as her father.

Of course, things were not going to be as simple for them as a mere day trip...
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