Intro and General Rules

General Rules for the WAAPT Forum

Rules for the WAAPT Forum.
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Intro and General Rules

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Welcome to the WAAPT Forum, the sovereign home of the WAAPT Community. The rules are more or less the same as those in Spectra Castle, if modified for the change in environment. New rules may be added as needed.


Registration on the forums is currently disabled, and so admin contact is required in order to gain an account, and is limited solely to current or former members of the WAAPT community.

Forum Sections

  • Important Reading: Contains rules and other important readings
    • Forum Rules: Lists the rules for the forums in general as well as for sub-fora.
  • WAAPT Content: WAAPT-related subjects
    • Stage: Posts, plotlines, and content that are in-universe to the WAAPT RP go here.
    • Out-of-Universe: OOU discussion for WAAPT-related plotlines.
  • Author's Content: For non-WAAPT related writing.
    • Stage: Works made by WAAPTers that are not related to WAAPT.
    • Out-of-Universe: Discussion of non-WAAPT related works made by its players.
  • Off-Topic: Discussion of anything that doesn't fit into the above categories.

Special Groups

  • Registered users: Can post in most forums, save for those that are locked.
  • Writers: Writers of non-WAAPT based media. Users in this group can post and create new topics in the Author's Content forum. Joining this group is done via request to the mods and/or admins.

Mods handle discipline and if necessary, banning.


Admins can do all of the above but can also change usernames and passwords, alter permissions, and do whatever else is needed to keep the forum running.


  • Current and former members of the We Are All Pokémon Trainers community are welcome here by default unless they've been banned from the community.
  • It should be clear that intolerance of any national, racial, ethnic, religious, LGBT+, neurodivergent, etc. group will not be tolerated in and of itself, especially if you pull stereotypically politically incorrect arguments out of your ass trying to defend yourself.
    • As an addendum to our rules against racism, please refrain from using the term 'spirit animal' to describe things outside of its proper context amongst Native American cultures (ie. Using the term to describe character traits or someone's behavior), as doing so falls under cultural appropriation. Instead, use other terms that get the same point across such as Patronus/x-sona/daemon/familiar/etc. Even phrases such as "big mood" or "I relate so hard to x" would also suffice instead, for instance..
    • Triggered jokes are banned from being used in the forum due to being ableist and in poor taste.
    • Eugenics apologia, including but not limited to Malthusian "overpopulation" arguments and ecofascist "Humans are a virus/the real monsters" sentiments, is forbidden in this forum due to furthering all types of bigotry, in particular racism and classism.
  • If you couldn't tell by the above rules, this is a pretty left leaning forum, with a large number of minorities making up its userbase. We are not going to ban you for having slightly different political beliefs to the mod team, or if you disagree with other users on this or that issue, that's just a given when interacting with people - they're gonna have different opinions and worldviews. However, if you voice your support, coddle or play devil's advocate for ideologies, beliefs, public figureheads, or political groups which actively seek to do harm against marginalized groups, then we don't want you here.
    • This includes support for some major political parties such as the US's Republican Party or the UK's Tories. These parties go beyond merely conservative & right leaning to being outright dangerous and hateful, either tacitly endorsing fascism or outright embracing it, and overall working overtime to make life for minorities a murderous hell. Voiced support for/defending of these parties will be met with a swift ban. No ifs, ands, or buts.
    • None of this contradicts our "No ostracization, bullying, or harassment" rule mentioned below. Haranguing someone about why their favorite anime character sucks, or aggressively filibustering about why this children's cartoon is Problematic™, is just petty and mean. Believing or arguing in favor of ideologies, political groups, or figures that believe someone's right as a human being is to be debated, revoked, or outright destroyed is straight up abominable. Treating political differences on human rights as if they were pizza topping preferences is irresponsible, inaccurate, and dangerous.
If you're reading this and thinking that any of this is too unfair, too harsh, or too close minded, then this probably isn't the place for you, and your time is better spent elsewhere.
  • Harassing people for their tastes other than the above is out of line. We do not care if your least favorite fictional character is their favorite, vice versa, or if their favorite show has problematic sociopolitical context, or something along those lines, people are not to be bullied or ostracized on this forum over fandom stuff. IRL political issues, including those tied to fandoms, are another matter, see above. This rule is more about preventing cringe/purity/etc culture and NOT "you can express whatever political beliefs you want and not get criticized".
    • TL;DR: Don't bug people just because they like a fandom you don't or has problematic aspects you don't like, but if they start going to bat for the problematic aspects in and of themselves, call the mods.
  • Spamming the forum with shitposts, constantly asking Captain Obvious questions that can easily be answered through pins or the rule doc, intentionally trying to get a rise out of people, being unnecessarily negative during something positive or gushy for no reason but being a joykiller, being cold, inconsiderate, or worse flippant when someone is genuinely upset over an issue that’s legitimately wounded them… yeah, all that is not allowed.
  • Excess negativity is strongly discouraged due to encouraging a lot of the above and rubbing people here for a good time the wrong way. You can definitely say that you don't like something and why; however, shitting on something to the point where someone who likes the thing would start to feel insulted and unwelcome is not okay. Constructive critique is better than snide mocking, and negativity should not dominate the conversation. It's more fun to talk about things you like anyway.
    • Like things, dislike things, but if you start coming off as less "I just don't like this property" and more "Stop Having Fun Guy" or "Complaining About People (Not) Liking The Show", it's best to take a step back for a moment.
    • Critique of a given person's work (Writing, art, music, etc) should only be given if directly asked, and even then should be done as politely as possible, whether for WAAPT or anything else. Non-constructive critique is strictly forbidden.
      • This however does not mean that you cannot call someone out who has made something bigoted, even if they haven't directly asked for critique.
  • Religious debates are not allowed on the forums. Additionally, theophobia in general and antisemitism, Islamophobia, etc. in particular are very much frowned upon and may result in a banning based on mod discretion.
    • Jokes about religion are fine, so long as they do not descend into painting entire religious groups as idiotic or bad.
  • Please do not import or export drama. If you feel the need to talk about something happening elsewhere, please do not name names. Mods and others are willing to listen if you want to talk privately and indicate such.
  • Swearing is fine as long as it 1) doesn't contain slurs, 2) isn't used excessively, and 3) is not used to aggressively target or harass other users.
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