Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Johto Nidoran Colony

Silent is in the middle of a small patch of forest that has been cleared out, in the higher ground right next to the mountains. There's a pickup there loaded with some machines, wood and bricks and a lot of stuff. Dëvich and Rodríguez, two of Silent's interns, are there helping him unload the stuff. Dintel and Roc are contributing too on their own way: Dintel carries small things like bricks from one place to the other while Roc is nestled on top of the weather vane, "guarding" the pile of stuff.

"Thanks for helping me here, guys." Silent gives his two interns a thumbs up then walks out to an end of the clearing to check that the Pokémon around there are not too annoyed.

Algira -from a tree: <...Are we there yet?>

"Not yet, Algira, sorry..."

A couple of Nidos peek in from the bushes and walk in, start poking at all the things. One of them starts climbing the pile when he looks up and sees the large bird on top.

Nidoran♀: <...Oh!> -- presses against the pile, scared, spikes blistering.

Roc: <...Shoo!> -- waves his crest.

Nidoran♀: <Meeeep! Mom! Mom!> -- jumps and runs away, screeching.

Roc watches the little Nidoran run away to the embrace of a... certain Nidorina with blood red eyes who is resting near a tree.

Roc: <...Oops.> -- pretends to be sleeping.

Inka, a bit annoyed that her latest litter of kits are having too much fun at Silent's expense, orders the elder son to step up and take care of the group. Ears down, Maekrite calls up his siblings and offers to tell them a story about an island where it rained chocolate milk.

Rodríguez -starts mounting some machinery: "So... how soon do you think we can get this ready?"

Dëvich: "It'll just take us five hours or so. This is not like building a fort in untamed land, fortunately." -- points to some meteorololgy sensors -- "I'm a bit unsure of how Silent  plans to power up and secure this stuff though."

Silent is about to answer, at this moment his Pokégear rings and he checks it out to find a message from Rex(?). "Poor boy," he comments, "sooner or later he was going to end up in this mess too."

To: Rex(?)

Want me to send some help? Where are you? How many of them are there? Are there any fangirls?

Silent sends the message and returns his attention to assembling the data bus and sensors of the microstation with Dëvich.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this)

A random Furret pops out from a hole in the ground and points at Yarn sadly.

Furret: <I warned you bro. I warned you about telling children stories!>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In  response to this post)

Silent frowns. "...Nimbasa? How the heck did he get there? And fangirls, they keep popping out... neutral"

Silent sits to think for a moment of what to do while Maekrite finishes telling his siblings a story about a very smart Sewaddle who escaped death-by-Masquerain.

Maekrite -raises a paw: <...and that's why being a stealthy rabbit is important. Now go practice stealth, uh... away from here.>

The litter of six quickly scramble and rush away, disappearing between the bushes. Inka stares at her son amusedly.

Inka: <...Great, now I'll have to go collect them. Oh well, your father can help me. Hopefully those kits will be moving out of the burrow soon with the spring coming.>

Maekrite flattens his ears and goes to Silent to be petted. The trainer distractedly spends the time thinking of how to sort out the last details. Maekrite meanwhile rolls on the ground and demands to be petted on the back of his ears, he is feeling very playful.

Rodríguez -walks up to the pile of rubble and looks up: "Uh... R-roc, mind getting out of there? I have to get those sensors and batteries ready."

Roc frowns at the human, spreads his wings and with a little impulse glides out of the pile...

Rodríguez: "Thanks!"

...to the small desk Rodríguez was working on.

Rodríguez: "..."

Meanwhile, Dëvich starts assembling a small cabin for the weather machinery, with Dintel watching nearby and handing him small tools from a toolbox as the human requests.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to this)

Azalea Observatory

No sound comes from the inside of the building, despite the only light coming from the inside, a reddish color, being turned on. Nothing happens for a full minute, though then Woolly might be able to feel a very faint vibration in her body, in particular her tail and head jewel, as if something as small as a Joltik was gently trying to push them away.

The vibration comes from somewhere around the house.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to this)

????#2: ~pong~

A very (very, very) faint screech can be heard from somewhere right above the door.

????#1: <Oh, a-are you an Ampharos?> -- the voice inquiries, followed by another, very very faint screech: -- ~ping~

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(Reply to...)

????#1: <Oh then you are a visitor or perhaps you are loo->

????#2: ~pong~....~ping~

????#1: <-oh excuse me for a small moment?>

If she looked up right above the frame of the door, Woolly would be able to see small fangs showing off a small, open mouth, as their owner releases a supersonic call.

????#1: ~pong~

The figure then returns its attention to Woolly.

????#1: <...Uh, so perhaps you are looking for shelter? The human in charge of this building is busy in the [red room] so he didn't heard you knock.> -- the sound of small wings bating can be heard -- <Are you in a hurry?>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this post, gasp!)

Silent is unpacking some things to attach them to the small computerized center of the weather station when he hears his Pokégear ringing.

"Let's see.... GASP!!!! Rex(?) is in danger!"

Ichtacya -hops in from some bushes: <Oh noes! We have to do something!>

"...But how? He's in Nimbasa..."

Ichtacya sits for a moment as she watches Silent think. After all of impressive five seconds she decides Silent is taking too long to come up with a solution and goes call Sol in.

Sol -can be heard hissing and fighting: <Back off! Back off, dog!>

Ichtacya: <Get down that tree!>

Some "That Poor Cat" noises can be hears, as well as some barks and attacks; before Silent can react and ask Ichtacya to be orderly, she appears from the bushes dragging Sol by the tail. It's pretty obvious the Espeon is NOT happy because of this.

Ichtacya -sits Sol near Silent: <Well? THINK!!!>

Sol: <Be glad I don't feel like Psychic'ing you today...>

Ichtacya "delivers" Sol to Silent and sits in front of him, wagging her tail proudly.

"....Uh...." -- sweatdrops. "Rex. Nimbasa. Danger. Sol please forgive Ichtacya just this time, I'll try to teach her better..."

Sol sighs and starts concocting a very complicated plan for transportation.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this call for help, gasp!)

Goldenrod, Police Dept

It is a quiet morning at the department while the pending cases of yesterday are being processed. A Typhlosion and a Mienshao, both wearing cop caps, are drinking something near one of the desks.

Stoatine Officer Stokes: <It has been very calm the last few days...> -- slurps -- <Not even the Murkrow are causing much trouble...>

Ermine Officer Errin: <Oh, it has been calm kinda everywhere. After what happened with Sinnoh, it's like the world is taking a rest...>

The two Pokémon continue drinking when suddenly the Mienshao senses something and turns to the door, gesture that his accompanying human officer follows. As soon as they do that, something bumps on the door which is then opened wide when a Leafeon charges in, a human and a Espeon walking behind.

Ichtacya -goes to a cop and barks: <Quick! This is a PEFE Emergency! We have to do something now!!!!>

Ichtacya stops and blinks, seeing some officers with tazers aimed at her and a couple of Pokémon watching at her with a mixture of anger and annoyance. Silent peeks in, walks.

Ichtacya: <...Well?> -- growls.

Random Officer: "Uh, calm down, calm down!" -- turns to Silent, who sighs -- "W-what's going on? Who are you?"

"Uh... PEFE staff, we have a problem."

There is a short silence, prompting Ichtacya to bark at Silent.

Ichtacya: <Show him that fancy card you have!>

Silent rolls his eyes then produces his PEFE badge and speaks in a monotone voice.

"This is a PEFE emergency, I need a teleporter mon ASAP."

Officer -raises an eyebrow: "...Oh, another one of those?"

Sol meanwhile examines the place and greets the Mienshao and the Typhlosion with a wave of her paw.

Sol: <...Does this happen often?> -- sits besides Silent.

Silent watches Ichtacya bark at the officer and tail him as he goes ask his superior for a teleporter mon. "Sort of," that's all he says.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Near the Entralink Entrance, Unova


A trainer, two Eeveelutions, a Masquerain and a Kadabra materialize somewhere.

Algira -flutters around, buzzing: <...Are we here yet?>

Sol: <Well, it seems so. Thanks, random Kadabra.>

Random Kadabra: <...I have a name...>

Silent thanks the Pokémon, gives him a small berry (which is apparently too spicy for the Pokémon, but he looks like he appreciates the gesture) and walks away, the Masquerain following. After a short conversation on how awesome would it be for an Espeon to be able to teleport, Sol walks away, with Ichtacya following.

Ichtacya: <Now we have to find Rex! And it has to be soon because of danger!>

Sol -narrows eyes: <And what do you propose we do? Go around calling?>

Ichtacya: <That's a good idea, Sol! As usual!>

Ichtacya runs ahead and starts barking Rex's name in all directions, Sol is about to interrupt her but decides not to.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Nidoran Colony, some minutes ago

While Rodríguez and Dëvich are building out the cabin for the weather station, a Nidorino is inside the tent with the materials, having some fun inspecting the various boxes with stuff, spreading the contents everywhere, sniffing and poking random objects, reminding himself of his times as a kit when he was taken to ye [olde] PEFE HQ and other places. At first he does not notice a Nidorina has leapt in through the small window-hole and sits nearby, smiling as she looks at him.

Maekrite finds a small bag that seems to have another bag inside. He sniffs it, senses something [familiar], if lost to time; his curiosity piqued, he forces his muzzle in to reach the inner bag and starts dragging it out, first carefully, but after seeing no meaningful advance, then with more strength, he roars and buffs as it seems the stuff above the bag is all too heavy.

Outside, the two interns are setting up a small computer, a newly produced Razz Berry φ, to control the operations of the weather cabin. They start debating how to give a good power input to the systems, as they need a power source that is reliable considering the area is prone to accidents due to rampaging mons and weather, and also pretty hard to reach from the city. At some point Rodríguez stops and listens, thinking he's heard something, but shrugs it away and returns to the conversation.

Inside the tent, Maekrite has finally opted for the wise, from a mon perspective, choice of tackling the pile of objects above the bag away. This has produced a noticeable noise and also increased the already hardly navigable mess of objects all around as the pile dismantles and the objects fall in random directions. Maekrite leaps aside evading a pair of badly bitten shoes and something round than rolls past behind him to crash against a toolbox, then pokes the last surviving object, a small red microscope, away.

The Nidorina sitting some distance behind him amuses herself with his efforts to pry the bag open, finally revealing a small box enveloped with a piece of fabric from a vest. The Nidorino sniffs the vest, ears flicker... it smells like himself, like his parli and marli but it's from long ago... most of what he remembers from that time is [warm] milk and a texture that he would later learn was of a large carton box.

Remembering something, Maekrite picks the vest fabric up, turns back to go for the bitten shoes, thinking that will allow him to remember. It is then when he sees [her] sitting by the other end of the tent, her eyes fixated on him. She eyes him and then turns her attention to the piece of fabric, and stiffens her ears in a curious, welcoming gesture. The male abandons his frantic research of all the boxes in the tent (yet still holds the fabric) and walks up to her for nuzzles.

Maekrite: <♥~>

Crerah: <♥~>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this post)

Entralink Area


The Leafeon rushes ahead trying to find any sign of Rex on the clearing.

Sol -walks besides Silent: <...Does she even know what she is doing?>

"I think she does, to a point. Let her explore, if we spread around we rule out if Rex is inside or outside faster..."

Sol: <Oh well... I'll take the obvious approach and go try to get to the inside. Seeing you later~>

Silent starts checking the open area and its surroundings as Sol rushes to the center and sits there. Ichtacya meanwhile is running a circle around the area, drooling to the wind.


Ichtacya: <REEEEEEX????>

Sol: «...Rex?»

After a while, Sol bores out of sitting there and stands up to go with Silent. Seeing this, Ichtacya also returns, a bit tired.

Ichtacya: <....Well? Can we enter or not?>

Sol -looks annoyed: <...I tried but no...>

Ichtacya: <Oh can I try? Pleaaaaaaase? :3>

Sol looks up at Silent, who shrugs. The Espeon agrees and proposes the Leafeon to switch places, then eagerly rushes to the surrounding area to mentally scan it while basking on the sunlight.

"What do you plan to do, Ichtacya?"

Ichtacya: <... I have no clue~ But hey, we have to find Rex! And [Minty]! Because they're in danger...>

"Actually, Min-"

Before Silent can finish the sentence, Ichtacya glows for a second and then an entire building appears behind her. She turns around, surprised, but then yips at the interesting effect. Sol looks from the distance, tail twirling in annoyance.

Ichtacya: <Oh this will be great! REX WAIT HERE WE GOOOOOO~>

Ichtacya rushes in, barking. Silent and Sol calmly follow.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this post ~ping~)

The creature above the door seems to randomly move for a moment, as if examining something, then speaks down to Woolly.

????#1: <Should not be a problem to host an Ampharos for the night. Hang on, we'll call our human's attention.>

Before Woolly can inquiry anything, the [Zubat] leaves the door and flies to Woolly's shoulder. Then he opens his little mouth...

Zubat#1: ~ping~

Zubat#2: ~pong~

Another Zubat flies in to the group from a hidden spot near a well.

Zubat#1: <I'm Reydare>.

Zubat#2: <And I'm Sonare. Who is the Ampharos?>

Zubat#1: <Comes in looking for shelter. She looks nice and has this little tube or something on his hand.>

The two Zubats fly ahead and motion to Woolly to follow then as they go to a window from where a reddish glow is emanating.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this post)


Ichtacya rushes into the building and starts searching around, ignoring mostly everything that is not Rex up to and including the random sleeping Espeon while she sniffs and barks around.

Ichtacya: <...Wait, Espeon?>

She brakes and turns tail to go check the sleeping Espeon. She decides to poke him with a paw.

Ichtacya: <...R-r-rascal? Wake up! I'm here to RESCUE Rex!>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this post)

Somewhere near Azalea

The two Zubats lead Woolly to a small window. Then they start rhytmically bumping on the window while screeching. This has the effect of triggering some noise inside the house, and after a moment the red light turns off.

Zubat#1: <Is he moving yet?>

Zubat#2: <Hang on...> ~ping~

The World: ~pong~

Zubat#2: <...The door is opening! Come on, let's move~>

The two Zubats now call Woolly to follow them back to the door, as the door is opening. A moment after, a man in a lab coat peeks out.

Lab Guy: "...Reydare? What's going on, little thing?" -- sees Woolly -- "...Uh? What might you be doing here"

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this)

The scientist could not help but blink and greet back by waving a hand, not exactly understanding what was going on. His two Zubats were there, flying around the Ampharos freely, which had to mean something considering they were in charge of the security while he was busy. But why would an Ampharos suddenly appear in the observatory?

Scientist: "Uh... you seem to need something, food perhaps. H-here, come in, I'm not going to catch you or anything..."

The scientist steps back and shows Woolly the inside of the building, which looks mostly like a cabin, only much taller and with a lot of random charts and graphs lying or hanging around. The two Zubats flew in freely and perched on a chair, next to a small bookshelf.

Scientist -examines Woolly: "...You might want to drink something hot first?"

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this)

After some random commentary on not usually seeing Pokémon apparently abandoned in the area, the scientist goes to another room and returns with two dishes with food. He leaves one on the chair where the two Zubats are perched (they start screeching and flapping wings but don't move down to eat) and another one for Woolly.

Scientist: "Poor little Ampharos, you are quite far from your flock. Don't worry, tomorrow we'll take you to the town and there you'll get to stay in the Pokémon Center..."

Zubat#1: <That reminds me...> -- turns to Woolly - ~ping~

Woolly's body: ~pong~

Zubat#1: <What kind of object do you have there? I can only hear it's some sort of tube...>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]


Zubat#2: <...Oh, it is larger now!> -- decides to fly around.

Zubat#1: -turns at Woolly, interested as well: <...Why do you have a telescope?> ~ping~

Woolly's telescope: ~pong~

The scientist does not seem to notice in the beginning but when he goes move some charts off his desk and he turns around to call "the Ampharos", he notices the small object. Does not say anything in the beginning though, he just calls "the Ampharos" to come to the chair.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this)

One of the Zubats flies around Woolly as she is led to the chair.

Zubat#2: <Really? What are the stars anyway? Every time I look up I hear nothing...>

Zubat#1: <And when we ping up nothing comes back...> -- flies down to his plate of food.

The scientist leads Woolly to the chair and goes for a notebook and a pen.

Scientist: "Now you are a very interesting Pokémon to have arrived here on your own. Here you'll stay with my friends the Zubats and you'll make me some company while I finish with the [negatives], what do you say?

He points to a door with a brown frame. There is a (currently turned off) red light above the door.

Zubat#2: <Oh, the room. He always looks at hanging paper when he is inside, and we take care of the house in the meanwhile...>

Zubat#1: <Yeah, any evil Houndoom could easily come in when you have a large gap on the roof...> -- returns to chewing his food.

The Scientist collects some documents on the table to make some room for Woolly and the Zubats. Among the documents there are constellation charts, a tech brief of the telescope, a printout of an [email], and some star lifetime graphs, among other things.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(This was suggested by Rex...)

Entralink, Universe-A (or Universe-1)

After a good while, perhaps an entire day, of probing the Espeon and getting no answer (wow, must be sleeping really well~), Ichtacya decides that she has to save Rascal, whether he likes it or not.

Ichtacya: <Okay... that leaves me one choice~>

Espeon!Rascal: *barely opens an eye*

Ichtacya -pics Rascal up by the scuffle of the neck: <....And up we go~> -- and lifts him to slide under him.

Espeon!Rascal: *is abducted by Ichtacya; yawns and goes to sleep*

Ichtacya -hops away slowly: <Wheeeeee~ uffff>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Nidoran Colony, (to be) Weather Station

Dëvich and Rodríguez, pretty much done with the construction of the cabin and the installation of the Razz Berry φ controller, decide to walk to the tent to start fetching some of the equipment as well as the weather vane.

When Dëvich enters the tent though, he is surprised as he is met with a mess. Everything is in disarray, sensors and boxes spread around everywhere.

Dëvich: "....What the------"

He starts looking around, trying to fetch some pieces of equipment and dragging them outside. A surprised Rodriguez enters as well, swearing he did nothing wrong.

As the two humans turn around some boxes to start moving some pipes, they see a certain Nidorino lying on the ground, in a sort of trance, his ears being nomed by a Nidorina by the side. She turns and sniffs at them, her discomfort at the interruption patent. Since the humans just stand there, she decides to stare at them.

Rodríguez: "Wait, wait, I can reach for my came-"

With only a growl for warning, the Nidorina hops ahead at their feet. Dëvich steps back a bit amused but the smile in his face fades when the Nidorina thumps a couple of times then starts making her spikes and ears blister in anticipation for an attack.

Dëvich: "Forget it, we can continue later. Silent is off in Unova anyway..."

The two humans step back and outside of the tent; the Nidorina stood there for a moment, ears flickering for a moment to confirm that the intrusion was ended. Content with the result, she sat on the ground for a moment. Maekrite stood up and went to sit besides her, their faces rubbing each other's.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Somewhere near the Entralink

Ichtacya has left the Entralink, holding a (apparently still) sleeping Rascal(?)'s body.

Ichtacya: <...And now where?> -- starts looking around.

Silent and Sol appear a moment after.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to this)

Near the Entralink

Ichtacya carries Rascal(?) over to where Silent and the Kadabra from before are. She senses the Espeon's hesitation and confusion and wonders why doesn't he choose to put it in words, but that's not what matters now!

Ichtacya: <We came here to [rescue] him, but Sol says he already took off to Goldenrod.>

Sol -walks nearby: <Not on his own volition, mind...>

Ichtacya: <Anyway, we are taking you to Goldenrod now!> -- yips.

Silent asks Ichtacya if she is ready, to which she answers by simply pointing to Rascal(?). The trainer then gives the Kadabra a nod...

Goldenrod City -- Dept. Store

...and they are teleported near the gates of the Dept. Store.

Sol -looks around: <Well, at least we are here now...>

Ichtacya: <We are not done yet! We must [escort] Rascal back home!>

The Leafeon immediately starts carrying the Espeon away, the other Espeon simply looks up to Silent inquisitively.

"...You girls go have fun. I have to return to the colony and keep working. Sol, would you please explain to Rex?"

Sol: <I'll handle it. Buy me a book!> -- points to the Dept. Store, then walks away after Ichtacya.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Goldenrod City

Ichtacya carries a very comfortable looking Rascal(?) on her back as she and Sol walk towards the house of one of their friends, Rex, carrying one of his Pokémon, Rascal. Or at least some sort of Rascal, for Ichtacya it's all the same.

As the duo walks past a park, a certain Honchkrow and Fearow observe them.

Harriet: <...Hey, that's Ichtacya...>

Copahue: <Oh?> -- peeks out from a tree to see better -- <...What? Is Silent back already?>

Harriet: <Looks like they are going to Faith's place. Hey...> -- nuzzles her partner -- <what do you say if we go there too?>

Copahue -blushes a bit: <...Uh...> -- points down.

Harriet looks down to see a small Starly with her big eyes looking up at them as she noms a Burmy.

Shahinne blinks and smiles at her parents.

Shahinne -swallows her Burmy: <...I want nuzzles too!>

Harriet: <....A-awww,> -- brushes Shahinne's crest -- <my little bird, I had almost forgot about you~>

Shahinne leaps up to her mom's plumage and gets some nuzzles. Copahue looks at the two.

Copahue: < ›.‹ >

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Goldenrod Colony, one hour ago

Silent and his backpack arrive to the soon to be weather station, where some small devices are already running. The human takes a look at the cabin, which still lacks the actual window and door and has some wires sticking out of it. Dëvich and Rodríguez are there packing their stuff.

Dëvich: "Hey boss… how did it go? Was that emergency at Unova solved?"

"More or less..." Silent drops his backpack and recovers his Pokébelt from it. "It was kinda almost solved when I arrived. That tends to happen to me a lot."

Rodríguez -raises an eyebrow: "You at least got to do something?"

"Uh, Ichtacya did. She was pretty insistent at it. So... how are thins going around here?"

Silent sits around and takes a look while the two interns explain some details about the construction of the cabin and show off some of the devices, mostly the Razz Berry φ central unit. They show, however, their concern at how to give a reliable, permanent, clean power source to the small facility without impacting the habitat beyond the cabin.

Dëvich: "We would have finished sooner, but, er... Maekrite kinda made a mess of the tent..." -- rubs back of head -- "So we had to start sorting out the electronics from scratch."

Silent nods and stays quiet for a moment, resting. The aforementioned Nidorino peeks out from the cabin and goes sniff around, looking confused.

Rodríguez: "...We also had to tidy up the boxes with your old stuff you were moving boss... did not want to intrude in your privacy, but there was kinda no other choice..." -- points to the Nidorino -- "He kinda kept some of those things to himself, though."

"Ahhh... So he did?"

The three remained in silence for a moment while the interns kept picking up their stuff.

Dëvich: "Well, it's time for us to return to the city..."

"Don't worry..."

Silent observes the Nidorino frantically sniffing and scratching around, then smiles as he reminds himself of when the big Pokémon was just a little furball attacking such dangerous opponents as his shoes. Or worse, one of his colleagues's. At the end he took a look at the tent where some old boxes and a slightly rusted rabbit wheel were still on view..

"...Well I think I have an idea for the power source," Silent explains with a grin.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(Mostly directly after the above, but a couple of minutes later)

Silent has finished setting up a couple of power wires, a dynamo, a coke, some mentos and a rabbit wheel right by the wall of the cabin. Then he goes look his Pokémon up at a nearby creek; the aforementioned Nidorino is drinking some water, a couple of herbs by his side. Silent decides to go sit nearby, which the Pokémon has noticed if his ears flickering are any indication.

After a moment, Maekrite noms a berry whole then turns back and heads up to Silent, ears down and evading his gaze.

"Are you feeling OK? You looked disoriented."

<I guess you saw the tent?>

Silent takes a look back in the direction of the tent, he says nothing for a moment. After that he simply shrugs, which somehow makes Maekrite feel more uncomfortable. The human responds by stroking his Pokémon's head and ears.

"You scrambled all of the boxes and the equipment, the interns said none of it is damaged, just... scrmabled everywhere I guess..."

<I was having fun tearing stuff up and poking my nose in random old stuff, just for a little moment...>

After taking a look at his watch, Silent stands up and decides to pick his Pokémon up and carry him on his arms. The Nidorino does not object, though he does (unusually) slip away just a bit and raise his ears at his Trainer rubbing his shoulder and chest then picking him up; then he just relaxes and enjoys the trip up the creek. The walk is slow, not like any of them is in a hurry (and at this point Rex(?)'s message has not arrived yet).

<How did things go anyway?> -- the Nidorino inquires, lending an ear to his trainer.

"Pretty well. Ichtacya handled everything. Might as well have just sent her alone... thought she and Sol seem to appreciate mutual company."

The human keeps walking for a couple of minutes until they are in sight of the cabin again.

"What did you do the rest of the afternoon anyway?"

<...Uhm...> -- The Nidorino's ears flicker and he looks away. -- <I-I dunno... I think I fell asleep.>

"Didn't sleep well? You looked really disoriented when I got back..."

The Nidorino doesn't answer, just falls into silence, his ears still betraying a certain sense of confusion in him. He stutters and mentions, in a very low voice, something about not noticing.

After a while Silent reaches the cabin and lets his Pokémon loose, not before rubbing his head in a more or less congratulatory manner. After a brief moment of confusion, Maekrite goes check the place around and recover his new-old-new favourite fabric from a box, looks around for a moment wondering if he felt something out of place, then comes back to notice the entire wires-and-wheel apparatus.

Maekrite: <...W-what is all of this?> -- eyes focus on the wheel.

Maekrite strafes around the entire apparatus, going into a half-battle, half-run stance. Neither he or Silent notice from behind the cabin a certain Nidorina is peeking, her attention also fixated on the strange device.

"I was thinking about how to give this place a good power source, and decided to do a little experiment..."

Maekrite -steps back, taking a look at Silent: <....Experiment?>

Silent kneels by the machine, gives a wide grin. "...Experiment..."

Maekrite -eyes open wide: <....N-no, no, no, just no. I'm not going to run a wheel!>

Silent moves quickly at his Pokémon and catches him by the neck before he can back more than a couple of steps. The Nidorino flails for a moment, then starts grumbling.

"It's just a little experiment, Maekrite, come on. And perhaps a picture or two for the family album..." He playfully pins Maekrite down to the ground and talks to him, trying to convince him.

"...Come on, you didnt think I wouldn't notice those scratches on your flank, huh?"

Maekrite -blushes: <...I'm not going to do it... let me go...>

"Come on, just a short test run... for science...."

Maekrite: <You monster...>

The human keeps trying to talk the Nidorino into giving the wheel a run for a couple of minutes, which Maekrite spends mostly being exasperated.

Maekrite: <Hraka no! I'm a warrior Nidorino! I would [never] run a wheel!>

About four years past, old PEFE HQ

In a carton box, a worn out Nidorina and an angry Nidorino are trying to sleep. Emphasis on the trying, as their ears periodically flicker to check up on a persistent mechanical shriek coming from a nearby place in the room.

Baluarkos -grumbling, covers Inka's ears: <...Is he ever going to just tire out from running that thing?>

Inka: <...Ugh... and then he's going to come back and suck milk for hours again!>

The two Pokémon curl and nuzzle each other, trying to calm down even if for a moment. Nearby, a furball is running on a wheel someone, Silent perhaps, has set up near the wall so that the eager Nidoran♂ has something else to do than chew shoes.

Nidoran♂!Maekrite: <Wheeeeeeeee~>

Thou hast forgotten the face of thy Lord. Remember, mortal, and fear pet me.