Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to this)

Sol: <Oh... that's good. Hey, get this: I transferred over to Silent's team! It's weird though, shhhh....>

Sol narrows her eyes wondering if there's anything strange or unusual, but discards the idea and leans against Rex for pets while purring.

Maekrite -ears flicker: <Hey, for one, house is Faith's. So tell thank you to her.>

Ichtacya: <I'm always grateful~> -- stops besides Rex and looks up to Jemma -- <We could all meet and play something sometime... you still live in that house that Shahinne talks about, right?>

"I see, Rex... that's good, I guess..." Silent nods relieved. "Was returning to the city to put everything in order before leaving to meet the others as Gee... Gui... the Shiny Salamence told us to. What about you?"

Ichtacya starts looking around trying to find the direction to Faith's house.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to this post by Rex)

Ichtacya: <...Oh! More pets! That will be good! And with Rascal and Aqua as well!> -- rolls happily on the ground.

Sol turns to a random direction that conveniently turns out to be where Faith's house can be seen.

Sol: <So you live there... oh?> -- squints -- <...Why is there something like a big pistol coming out from the window...?>

"Ditto here, haven't seen the others for a good while..." Silent meanwhile checks his Pokégear and turns back to Rex. "Hey, I have the understanding Copahue and Harriet have been visiting the house frequently... they haven't caused problems, right?"

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(after the post linked above)

Maekrite -tilts head: <More like her? Have you seen how much she drools?>

To Rex:

"Ah, I see... I should be making sure that Harriet and Copahue raise Shahinne adequately or Roc will have my head... so perhaps I should tell them to not spend too much time at your place. By the way, I guess you can pet Sol, since she wants..."

Sol: <And tell me about that pistol thing...>

Maekrite -eyes Jemma suspiciously: <...Pistol thing?>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this post by Rex)

Sol -shakes head, smiles contently: <I want to make sure you're fine, that's all. How's Blossom doing?>

Maekrite rolls his eyes at Jemma then looks around, forgetting about the "pistol" thing. Then he absentmindedly asks Rex how is Lian doing.

Silent looks in the direction of the PEFE building in the city.

"Are you going somewhere? I need to gather some food and supplies for the trip, however it works, and then would like to leave some things at the Colony. But I guess I can keep you company until then."

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to this)

"...Wha? What do you mean, you are not awesome Rex?"

Sol -twirls tail: <Oh, nifty. I almost suspected nothing!>

Ichtacya: <....Oh noes! Someone has kidnapped Rex! You... are... a.... DITTO!!!> -points at Rex(?) dramatically.

Sol: <...>

Maekrite: <...>

"Errr... OK, let's... do this from the beginning..." Sighs, turns to Rex. "Who are you and why do you like exactly like Rex?"

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(Continued from here)

"...So, hang on... you “are” Rex..."

Maekrite: <....Well, smells likes him.> -- sniffs more.

Ichtacya -growls at him: <Could be a trap. Perhaps they have Minty too.>

"Uhm... I guess this would not be exactly unheard of." Silent steps back for a moment and thinks. "Wasn't there this guy who was being stalked by his alternate universe self?"

Ichtacya -calms down, sits: <...What, you mean the guy with the Monferno and the weird Chatot?>

"...No, I'm sure it was another one." Waves to Rex. "Anyway... where do you come from? And how did you reach here?"

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(Continued from here)

"...Oh... That incident over Sinnoh."

Sol -looks back to Silent: <That was what happened back when Sinnoh got iso-....!>

Sol and Ichtacya notice as the Pokéballs open releasing Rex(?)'s team.

Sol: <...B-b-but...>

Ichtacya: <...Hey...> -- looks at Maitake and Abelle alternatively: <...None of you is Pierce!>

"...Wha-? These are your mons?"

Maekrite -waves a paw at Maitake: <H-hello there... I'm... Maekrite.>

Sol -notices the other Espeon, blinks: <...Rawr? ♥> -- tilts head curiously as well.

Ichtacya -walks around the group, greets Lian: <...Hey, none of those is... well, perhaps the Ampharos...> -- points at Ohm.

Sol -narrows eyes at the other Espeon: <..Is... is something wrong with your voice...?>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(Continued from here)

Sol blushes a bit, holds a paw up. Her attention picked by the other Espeon's particular choice of communication, she clears her figurative throat and projects an image of the same Espeon playing with the baby Eevee while the Leafeon watches them contently. Then Sol waits for a moment and  hesitantly sends the psychic image of a small, cute Vaporeon♀ (Aqua) followed with an interrogation sign.

Maekrite -smiles to Maitake, then turns an ear to Rex: <...More energetic? That sounds like the Lian I know...>

"Hmmm... so you came here with your own team... This makes me wonder what happened to the other Rex, perhaps he travelled back to your world..."

Maekrite, meanwhile, plays with Maitake although he stops for a moment to check on the other Pokémon in the group.

Ichtacya -walks up to Ohm: <...Excuse me? A-a-ae you "not" the Ohm I know?>

"Hmmm... what to do, what to do... have you got any idea about how to return to your world or contact them, Rex?"

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Still somewhere in Goldenrod

(Continued from here)

Sol :3's at the mental image of the little Vaporeon, purrs contently.

"Hmmm.... that might mean that Rex moved to the Pokémon-only universe with the others... so perhaps Faith is still going to kill me. But hey, if he's with Tagg..."

(Silent reimagines for a moment one of the Orange Islands on fire as Nihilist!Tagg destroys everything)

"....Hmmm... the others are there... the others are there... the others are there..."

Ichtacya carefully grabs Ohm's tail and observes it curiously. She suddenly gets an idea out of nowhere and lets the tail light go to sit besides Ohm.

Ichtacya: <...I'm Ichtacya, I'm a friend of Rex...> -- blinks -- <Well, another Rex. You... you look worried. But don't worry, I'm a very fun mon to be around. >

Maekrite -notices  Maitake, hops to catch up with him: <...Hey, what happened? I was just... checking around.> -- waves a paw in front of Maitake playfully.

Ichtacya -points at Ohm's tail: <Can you do interesting stuff like that? A Flash? A Sunny Day? :3>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(Continuing from here)

Silent is about to mention something about the overall Johto area when he notices Jemma. "Awwww, what a cute kitty~"

Sol -perks ears, looks at Silent: <Thanks, Luke took good care of my fur...> -- twirls tail proudly.

Maekrite goes away following Maitake, sits and playfully wonders how much to play chase. He takes a couple of glances back to check that Silent is OK then flickers ears and hops after Maitake.

"Sorry, was thinking of a friend..." -- shakes head -- "I was thinking about your mons getting comfortable... I don't know how different is your verse but we have a [National Park] some distance north of the city, it has guards and stuff so your mons should be able to explore more freely."

Sol: <...Wait, is the [National Park] currently important for any reason?>

Ichtacya: <Uh? Why would it be?> -- returns her attention to Ohm's tail, playfully seings it back and forth.

Sol: <We-... forget it...> -- waves a paw, returns his attention to Rascal -- <Uhm... let's see...>

Sol concentrates in some of Silent's surfaced memories; after a moment she manages to find a memory of Silent, Rex and their mons, Rascal included, setting up a cabin somewhere in the Orange Islands. She projects this mental image then projects her attention to each one of Rex(?)'s partners around, followed with her own feeling of enfranchisement towards Silent and Luke, essentially wondering how are Rex(?)'s mons as teammates.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After [this] post)

In Goldenrod

Sol: <...Hey!> -- flickers ears, scans her surroundings with jewel powers -- <...What's going on there? Are those... Mareep?>


A certain Pidgey that got his life saved by an Ampharos (mind, the same Ampharos kinda caused the heartstroke too) hops around now in a calmer manner.

Pidgey: <Oh well thanks, I'm sure I can do something with my new life now... It's good to have visits some time, but I had never heard of a flock that travelled this far...> -- starts preening feathers.

Random Nidoran -still pestering Yarn: <...So you are from very far? Have you seen the sea?> -- softly pokes at Yarn -- <Do Wooper live in there? Have you ever fought a Trainer? Why is my mom always annoyed at me?>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this post and this post)

In Goldenrod

Sol -tail twirls: <...Am I seeing double? @_@>

Ichtacya -yips: <We can take care of good mons! Not her though ._.> -- growls at the sleeping Jemma.

"...Fine I guess, my Pokémon seem to be having fun as well. If you need me perhaps I should give you my number or something..." -- digs in bag to reach Pokégear.

Maekrite meanwhile is chasing after Maitake, and bumps on him, probably causing him to lose his concentration on the mental image being projected.

Sol: <...Hey!> -- growls at Maekrite -- <I was watching that!!!>


Annoying Nido -looks proud: <I always do everything my mom says except shutting up. But that's because she never answers my questions. Why is your neck so long?>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

PMD-B verse Orre

A nondescript Pokémon is leading a small group of Pokémon across the landscape as they roam around sniffing and digging, trying to find something.

Water!Kecleon -lifts a rock: <...We'll never find something like that around here...>

Nuzleaf: <Just keep trying...> -- walks away.

Suddenly one of the Pokémon sees something in the distance, has to squint to try and distinguish something.

Numel: <...Guys, do we have two suns?>

Water!Kecleon -turns around: <...Nah, that's a Volcarona... hang on, there's some peoplemons around.>

The Kecleon makes a gesture to the group to keep working as he goes meet the Volcarona and its group, while the nondescript mon figure watches from behind some rocks.

Water!Kecleon: <...Hey, you! Er.... the.... going-around mons!> -- waves arms.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to...)

Sol: <...Uh? What am I looking at? @_@>

Somewhere in PMD-B Orre

The Kecleon examines the group for a moment, greets Ammy with a nod.

Water!Kecleon: <Hello back, nice to see some peoplemons around... We? We are, uh,> -- looks back for a moment -- <spending our vacations here.>

A facepalm can be heard coming from behind some rocks. The other Pokémon in the group however are quick to stop digging for stuff and trying to get their muzzles and claws clean, one of them picks another one, who is unfortunate enough to  be a Voltorb, and rolls him at a partner as if they were playing some sport from the ancient times.

Water!Kecleon: <...Yeah, there's ample room here for vacations. And what are you doing around here anyway? You don't look like you are from around here...>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to...)

Greenfield Grasslands

Random Nidoran: <Well it's a pretty neck, just like your tail. And it looks so imponent... so you must be a very good... er, whatever a flock keeper is!>  -- stands on his hind legs paws the air playfully -- <Do I get experience if I can beat you?>

Meanwhile, the random Pidgey has finished preening his feathers and starts looking around for worms or seeds to eat. Then he remembers he was having a talk and flies back to where Woolly was.

Pidgey: <Thanks for saving my life, by the way. Unfortunately, I don't think I have anything I could give you in return. Mostly rumors and good wishes...>

The two Nidos at the ledge nearby are interrupted in their arguing when a random Nidorina comes around and smacks both of them then berates them for a while. Then she looks down to see the annoying Nido talking to Yarn.

Goldenrod City

To Rex:

"Ok, hang on... my number is 1-800-........" -- spells the rest of his number. "Id'd be fun if you somehow had the same number as the other Rex. Let's see.... have this one as well, just in case it's different than your verse's..." -- hands over Prof. Radek Elm's phone. Yes, he has a first name in this continuity~ "...Maekrite! Don't go around attacking friends's mons!"

Maekrite -blinks: <...B-b-but...>

Sol tries to focus herself back and "tune in" into the shared memories. She observes the memory of Zubat!Ari, takes a look at the Pokémon.  She amuses herself with the idea of Rex trying to find his way in the dark and with the appearance of Ari echolocating, and shares her contentment with Rascal.

Sol: «....Oh... I wonder if what I saw was...»

Then she asks via mind link, transferring the image of a blurry, weird desert with a Volcarona and a Kecleon talking, followed by a question mark and a tooltip that has a picture of Sol, separated from the picture of a psychiatric wing in a hospital by a glassy barrier.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

In PMD-B!Orre

Kecleon: <...Your... parents?> -- tilts head -- <I'd guess if you are asking about those Volcarona you are...>

The Kecleon thinks for a moment and turns around, calls for one of the other mons. The Voltorb, seeing a chance to escape his unfair punishment, rolls towards Ammy's group... still angered and releasing sparks.

Water!Kecleon: <Hey, you OK?>

Voltorb: <...Yeah... I'm peachy...> -- releases more sparks.

Kecleon: <Hey, do you recall that place by the northeast? The one with the weird tower?>

Voltorb: <...Oh, that one. Uhm... the kite... keen... key.... kingdom....>

Water!Kecleon: <...That's the one!> -- pats the Voltorb -- <Thanks, pa-OUCH!!!!>

The Kecleon rubs his arm, mutters something as he berates himself and then turns to the others.

Electric!Kecleon: <You'll have to continue to the northeast. There's this really big, weird building that you can't miss. Don't know if that's yo-er, the kingdom you are looking for, but at least it's a kingdom!>

The Voltorb, meanwhile, nervously rolls around releasing more sparks.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Right after Ammy, Umbra and their group are gone, the Kecleon, still waving hand in goodbye, mutter something about how envious he is that even though he can become Flying-type, he can not actually fly. The Voltorb's anger slowly defuses.

However, as the two chat around for a moment, an unnerving presence approaches them.

Electric!Kecleon: <...O-oh!> -- turns around to see the nondescript figure from before -- <Err.. we-we were just about to report, boss...>

Nondescript Mon: <……>

Voltorb: <Er, they were some travellers asking around for a kite or something, boss...>

Electric!Kecleon -raises a finger smugly: <A kingdom, actually. The Volcarona was looking for her parents, that's what she said.>

Nondescript Mon: <……>

Electric!Kecleon -blinks: <...Well, actually, because she was looking for her parents and was heading to that kingdom... and... I know I am trying to go to somewhere I have it in the tip of my tongue...>

Voltorb: <That kingdom is a Volcarona kingdom... I think.> -- buzzes and rolls away.

Nondescript Mon: <……>

Electric!Kecleon: <...Oh that's interesting! I'll see if the Shiftry can handle it! Right away, boss!> -- darts away.

Nondescript Mon: <……>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to...)

Greenfield Grasslands

Annoying Nidoran♂: <Oh it's OK, I'll be a good mon and let you back down~> -- swipes the air proudly a couple of times.

The Nidorina approaches and growls a oh hai to Yarn, more concerned about her kit's ability for annoyance. «If he goes around like this... one of these days a Growlithe will nom him

The young Nidoran hears a sigh and turns to see his mom. He goes to her for nuzzles.

Annoyed Nidorina Mom: <I hope you are not annoying that poor Pokémon. He looks tired.>

Annoying Nidoran♂: <We were just talking. He didn't want to fight...> -- nuzzles.

Annoyed Nidorina Mom -flattens ears at Yarn: <Sorry...>

Meanwhile the Pidgey hops around until he nests in front of Woolly.

Pidgey: <Oh I respect if you don't think you deserve a compensation, but well, at least let me try something...> -- looks up to the sky -- <Have you seen the sky? It has many many shining holes. I wonder what is past them... perhaps [someone] is flashing lights trying to send us very important news...>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this and this)


Silent is still making smalltalk with Rex(?) after he receives the number that coincides with Rex's. Since this introduces a little reduncancy trouble, he adds a "Rex2" contact to his list...

Noticing Rascal seems to be confused about the images she has transmitted to him, Sol "washes" the images out of her mind and mentally sends an apology to the Espeon, explaining that she doesn't know who they are but she got the mental picture from... somewhere. (She then leers at the screen)

"Uhm... right, I'll have to test later how to call you... anyway, I should be going with my mons already."

Maekrite: <...Already? But I'm playing!>

Silent sighs, notices Ichtacya and Sol are having fun.

"...Fine, five more minutes..."


Silent has arrived to the birdhouse to go check on a certain bird family. He starts climbing the fire escape, with Sol following. Maekrite stays below.

Sol: <...and then we can pick more books! You have a lot of room after all!>

"...If you want so many books, why don't you store some of them in your Pokéball, Sol?"

The cat mon leaps a floor above and twirls tail, looking down to Silent in a catlike, superior manner.

Sol: <Because the room in my ball is for me to sleep and read comedies! I can get the SCIENCE at your building!>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(In response to this)

Greenfield Grasslands

Nidorina: <Oh, it's good if he is not being annoying at least not more than usual...> -- turns to her kit -- <Now, say bye to your new friend, because we have to return to our burrow.>

Annoying Nidoran♂: <Awww...> -- ears flatten -- <...but he was telling me lots of things...>

The Nidorina LEERS at her kit!

Annoying Nidoran♂: <Meeeep~> -- curls into a ball.

Meanwhile, the Pidgey listens to the explanation about the stars from Woolly. He coos then flies to a nearby tree from which he points to the southwest.

Pidgey: <There are humans using a big tube to watch the sky, and I hear them talking about flashing lights before. Perhaps they know more about that stuff...> -- looks to the west -- <Oh my, look at the time. I should be looking for a Caterpie or something...>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

(After this)

Goldenrod, at the Storage House

Sol -sniffs the air then peeks down the building: <...Maekrite would feel very good if he knew how proud Pierce is of him...>

With the flock

The Pidgey examines the small telescope from afar.

Pidgey: <Yup, no offense, but the one the humans have doesn't fit in a house. They get it of their roof on the nights through a giant hole to peek to the stars!> -- ruffles plumage -- <Well, it has been interesting, but now I must go...>

The bird waves a wing.


Sol: <...Oh? Did someone mention a trope by name?>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

The Pidgey coos amusedly.

Pidgey: <...I don't have idea of what you're talking about, but at least it's now obvious you do. Good luck with that, then~>

He flies away...

Nidorina -goes grab her kit: <...Whoa, that worked. Anyway, sorry for the intromision random Ampharos and your herd. Oh and could you ask them to not nom the entire of the grassfield? Here the Arbok teach their offspring how to sneak and hide in the grass sometimes...>

Annoying Nidoran♂ -shakes, still curled into a ball: <Tobi is a good Nido...>

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]


Silent has climbed up to the rooftop of the storage house and walks to the birdhouse, noticing some feathers and berries around. Sol follows in, has noticed them as well.

Sol -walks around, sniffing the berries and feathers: <Those were spread out here recently.>

"Oh... you mean they removed from inside the birdhouse?"

Silent cautiously peeks inside, notices Copahue and Harriet moving all sorts of things around the birdhouse in a frenzy while Shahinne observes from her small nest.

Shahinne: <....oh! Oh! Trainer!> -- chirps.

Copahue: <...Silent!> -- turns around and comes to see Silent -- <Oh, you came visiting! Uh... we kinda...>

Harriet -sheepishly lands nearby: <Uh, h-hi... we were kinda... looking for some things we lost.> -- notices Sol -- <...Hey, you are visiting too?>

Sol: <No, we are teammates now :3> -- tilts head.

Harriet: <...R-really?> -- blinks.

"Uhm... it seems I interrupted something important... " Silent looks around the birdhouse, takes notes of all the [nuts] stored inside. "How have things been going? Not pestering Faith, I hope..."

Copahue and Harriet look at each other, blush slightly.

Copahue: <...We're fine... Shahinne is having a lot of fun.>

Harriet: <Although we haven't been able to teach her Endeavor...>

Silent frowns at the two birds but says nothing else. Sol goes say hi to Shahinne, who is tidying her nest.

Sol -looks at the feathers quizzically: «...Those are Harriet's...»

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Silent starts explaining to Harriet and Copahue the situation with Tangent and the others.

"...so they went to this alternate timeline where there are only mons. I think Luke was there before."

Harriet -a bit worried: <...You want to take Shahinne there?>

Copahue: <I'm... not sure of this...> -- lowers head -- <We admittedly haven't given her much training as parents.>

Shahinne chirps from her perch on Silent's head.

Shahinne: <...But Endeavor is very easy! Dad told me...> -- puffs chest proudly -- <It goes like this->

Silent's Pokégear suddenly rings and the Trainer produces it from his pocket. "Oh... excuse me, I'm going to check this, it's from the main building..."

Shahinne "hmph"s.

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Re: Silentposts [currently: the Wedding 2020]

Goldenrod City, Today

In a backyard near the PEFE building Silent is watching as several boxes and a weather vane are being loaded on a pickup.

His team rearranged, he looks at them, Ichtacya (<Yay! I'm team leader again!>), Dintel (<...So do we go somewhere else? I can has see Vlad?>), Algira (<...Are we there yet?>), Sol (<Awww, what a cute little Ekans! Remind me of this big serpent that lived in a building. I read it in a book...>), Python (<...Unknown cat? Screentime! *hiss*>) and Roc (<*snores*>).

"...Aaaand I think that makes an adequate sextet for the moment." Silent closes the lid of his laptop and gives Ichtacya and Sol some food to nom. "Assuming you are OK with your assigned roles, because I don't know if I can bring this many mons to the mon-only world or what will happen to you afterwards."

Algira: <Oh I'll be fine, I'll just find Helios~> -- goes flutter around.

"...Well don't go too far, you have to give me instructions!" Silent turns to the others. "As soon as you are finished nomming you will go with me to the Colony for the night, to help me set all these thins up at Inka's place."

Roc -shifts in his place: <I'll rather stay, thanks.>

Maekrite meanwhile has gone to the colony to do Owsla stuff (and to get up to speed with his gf). He's already reaching the colony borders and decides to go drink water from a creek before continuing his way.

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